Vincent A'thena

"A gentleman is simply a patient wolf"

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Vincent Ju A'thena
Vince, Vinn
Age - 24
Gender - Male
Species - Mix breed; Werewolf & Demon.
Accents - A slight Italian slur.
Occupation - Works at a delivery service, for both humans and other beings.
Relationship status - Single.

Personality - On the surface Vince is a friendly person, not really caring for much in the world and often seems distant towards others. He is neither happy nor sad, he is a very content person to those who meet him or even those who have known him for a time. Deeper into his personality Vince is troubled and rather angry, feelings that are out of his control. There is constantly a tugging feeling in his mind and it becomes very difficult to tune it out, because of this he often gets agitated and nervous at the best of times. He is always worried that at any minute he would transform into the being that makes him so angry, the inner demon that takes his wolf form into a whole other level.


+ Lamb (food).
+ Running.
+ Shaping into his wolf form (not his demonic one).
+ Silence, the night.
+ Sunlight.
+ Any type of animal, even cats.
+ Full moon (an instinctual feeling).
+ His demonic werewolf form taking control of his body.
+ Chocolate.
+ Full moon (as his demonic form takes shape during a full moon).
+ Loud noises/Thunder storms.
+ Foul smells.

+ Sleeping in warm sunlight.
+ Often taking care of stray animals, feeding them, teaching them or making them a home.
+ Hunting.

Vinn is great at running long distances and is rather fast and agile, being an instinct of his, as well as hearing oddly well, sense of smell working (too) well and having a great hunting instinct.
In his demonic werewolf form he can control and conjure up blue fire, though he doesn't see this as a talent.


Vince fears hurting or killing people in his werewolf form, as he has no control over his actions whatsoever. He is scared of loving another or getting too close to people in fear that he may turn and hurt them.
Ways of coping
When the full moon arrives he hides off into some place deserted so he doesn't hurt anymore, because when the full moon comes his demonic werewolf takes control and he cannot stop it. Only when the sun rises is he able to take control again.
He also is very conservative as to stop himself getting hurt and then angry and uses breathing techniques to calm himself down.


Crush - N/A (yet)

Vincent was born to an Italian mother and father, both werewolves, and he grew up in a small family house near the woods. His mother and father were part of a pack in which he called his family. Every full moon the pack would stretch out their full transformations of werewolves and hunt together, though Vincent was not yet of age and only tagged along during these midnight ventures.
When Vince turned 16 he slowly began his aging period where he gained his full werewolf transformation, but only two years later through the end of the aging period he became cursed by a terrible demon while he was in his full transformation. It took over his body and terrorized everything that got in it's way, afterwards the pack threw him out, not wanting the curse to be brought to them. The demonic curse now resides in Vince's mind and is released during the full werewolf transformation, taking control and killing anyone or anything it sees. It is it's own person entirely and has gained some of the demons powers, including conjuring blue flame. Vinn found out that even if he gets angry it will force itself out of his control and he will become the demonic wolf, unfortunately he found out the hard way by killing a young girl, only a few years older than himself, when he got mad.
Some nights he sees the girls face, full of fear and sadness. He wonders if her spirit is mad at him for killing her, bringing out memories that haunt his dreams.

So begins...

Vincent A'thena's Story

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In the shadows of an alleyway, a dark figure paced around impatiently with a very important decision. A smaller figure watched the larger one pace and mewed curiously, the larger figure, a black dog or wolf to be precise, stood still and looked gently at the little one. His fur, a dull misty black, reflected no light but seeped the shadows, making it seem almost as though the shadows were moving.

Vince had just come back from a job, to take a mystery package to a client, small but the destination was far and he felt tired. He wanted to rest but a small grey and white kitten caught his eye and made him stop in his tracks. It mewed continuously and while Vince wasn't particularly fond of cats, this little one was hungry and alone, causing compassion to rise up in his chest, but he didn't know what to do. Pups he often took care of, knowing exactly what they needed and able to commune with them, but cats? No, he had only come across stray adult cats and they knew how to look after themselves, but a kitten? It looked at him with hopeful, curious and starving eyes. He wasn't sure how old it was, too young to be taken from it's mother? Perhaps not, it had a large body and looked old enough but he wasn't positive.
He paced tiredly, wanting to sit and relax, to turn back into his human self but...the kitten mewed again and stood up on it's hind legs attacking his tail. He swished it curiously and the kitten played.
Not far away was a not yet broken cardboard box next to a trash can. Vinn moved towards it and picked it up with his teeth, bringing it back to the small cat and laying it so it was like a small house. He went back to the trash can and, reluctantly, searched for something soft, cotton or...ah, a small ruined t shirt, good enough. Laying it on the cardboard box while the kitten watched tiredly, he pushed his nose towards it, signaling the kitten to lay and rest. The cat did what he told...obedient, he thought.

That's all he could do for now, hopefully tomorrow it would still be here and perhaps he could try to find it a home. He trotted off, looking back only once at the kitten who watched him walk, and made his way to his next, desired, destination.
Vincent walked tiredly to a small cafe, but stopped at the side of the building where no one could see. A small brown suitcase lay there, full of his clothes. Vinn put it there not too long ago, it was the only other place that he would change (other than his home) straight away. A small pair of glasses lay in a glasses case next to the lump of clothing. He changed back, with some strain, into a human being, clothing himself and putting on his glasses before stretching and entering the cafe. His shoulders cracked slightly from the feeling of being cooped up in a wolfs body and the constant tugging feeling in his mind nagged him but he ignored it. Today the feeling hadn't been too bad, he wasn't about to let it get to him.

The cafe held sweet smells and a range of different people, a small poster hung up in the corner with information about his delivery service. Only a few days ago had he asked to put it up as business had been slow lately and he was getting broke. The only thing he could eat lately were noodles and he craved some meat. He sat down and sighed, stretching his legs, relieved to be relaxing for now.

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shaking her head yes she sat up straight as two new customers came in. but she immeideatly recognized the werewolf as Vincent who had commercialed his delivery business here. but the other young man she didnt recognize him, her eyes narrowed as she looked him over while he quietly got out of the doorway only to stand there staring at the other night creatures. "ahh Ellie please go seat the genlteman at the bar please while your at it,we have a human costumer"she said quietly to Ellie.

Ace grabbed a clothe quickly wiping down the bar before placing it on her shoulder. she went into the kitchen to grab a few things and went into the kitchen to tell Nwella about the human customer. after Ace told him she went back to the bar and waited patiently for him to be seated.

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#, as written by Inno

"Ah, excuse me, can I order?"

Her blue eyes followed Ace’s gaze that landed on the wolf that had entered. He seemed familiar enough to her, though Ellie had rarely spoken to the man, on his regular visits. Her eyes widened, however, at the sight of another unfamiliar male that entered. He was human. It was obvious in his eyes and stance. Her lips curled up in a large grin as she watched him curiously glance around the café at the others. She angled her head to the side, ash waves brushed against her shoulders with the sudden movement as she listened in to the soft whispered order from Ace.

“Ahh, Ellie, please go seat the gentleman at the bar while you’re at it, we have a human costumer.”

With a nod, Ellie, grabbed her forgotten tray, and smoothed her free hand through her hair, before making her way towards the awkwardly placed male.

“Got it. And Ace, could you please take care of him...” Her gaze shifted toward Renier before focusing back on the bartender. "While I seat the other guy?"

With a smile of thanks, Ellie walked towards Vincent’s seat, and greeted the exhausted male with a slight wave and smile.

“Hello, Vincent, I’ll be right back to take your order.”

She walked around the café until she stood in front of the silent girl with red horns. The girl looked no older than fifteen, but Ellie had soon learned, in the café, that looks could very much be deceiving. And with her pad in hand, she greeted the young girl.

“Hi, my name’s Ellie. I’m gonna give you a few minutes to decide if you want anything else all right? I’ll be right back after I seat the gentleman by the door.”

With a short nod toward the girl, Ellie turned on her heels and moved for her main destination.

It was very rare and incredibly exciting when new human faces made their way into the café. Most assumed that the individuals around them were in some sort of game or play that required them to “dress up”. That bit of information always made Ellie chuckle and shake her head.

If only they knew…

But she was always disappointed when they never returned; claiming that those around the café were odd for constantly dressing up and playing a character.

Once she stood in front of the other only human, Ellie’s smile only widened.

“Welcome to The Black Lotus Café, my name’s Ellie. Would you prefer the bar, table, or booth?”

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nodding her head Ace walked kut from behind the var and iver to the Reiner taking out a pen and a small notebook. standing at the end of the table, her eyes closed "what would you like sir"her voice emotionless. after she had taken his order Ace would have walked back to the bar telling Nwella who she belived was still in the kitchen what Reiner had ordered. turning her head forwards she set the pen behind her ear, ripping out the piece of paper with the order on it placing it near the kitchen in case Nwella didnt hear her.

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“Hello, Vincent, I’ll be right back to take your order.”

Vince didn't have time to reply before the rushed female, a pretty woman named Ellie, hurried towards the next customer. He nodded and watched the man she was serving, a human by the looks. Occasionally when he came in he saw few humans, most were too scared to come back Well I don't blame them he thought as his eyes shifted to a man wearing bright pinks and purples. A cat-like demon, he assumed, and sighed exhaustively. Cats seemed to be following him today, not particularly a great thing but at least if there weren't any black cats...but Vince didn't believe in superstitions, er well, sort of. Werewolves were a superstitions in themselves and if he existed...he didn't want to take the chance that perhaps a black cat may cross his path one day and give him bad luck. He had enough of that already.

He remembered his wallet already conveniently placed in his pants pocket and searched it out. Expecting to have more money than he thought, a sigh let from his lips. Enough for a coffee...but no meat.
Back to noodles again, he guessed.

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#, as written by Inno

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Ellie.”

He didn’t seem to exactly know what he wanted to say. His words, much like his actions, seemed hesitant and new; as though learning them in his mind’s eye for the first time. The thought made Ellie smile, and as she waited patiently for him properly express which seating arrangement he better preferred, Ellie allowed her eyes to scan his figure without seeming obvious about it. He was tall; taller than her petite self but then again almost everyone surpassed her in the heights category. And he was built; a fighter maybe, she wasn’t too sure. But with his pronunciations, she immediately knew he was American. The realization caused her smile to widen.

When he was through speaking, she offered a short nod and turned on her heels.

“Great! Well, if you’ll just follow me, I can get you to a lovely booth.” As she spoke, she curved around tables and moved toward the booth area, before stopping at an empty seat. “Here we go. Now, would you like to start off with something to drink or do you need a moment?”

Whichever he chose, Ellie was completely happy with, as long as she was able to move around to her other customers and help them as well. The unfamiliar girl with horns –A pixie, an elf?- seemed content with simply sitting back and sipping at her tea, so that meant Ellie would circle around and take Vincent’s order, hand it back in the kitchen to Nwella or the bar to Ace, before moving over to the were-feline, then the human male, and finally the silent girl.

Yup, that sounds about right, she mused with an inward chuckle.

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#, as written by Inno

“If you serve sweet tea, I would like that. And I will think about the rest of the order as I look at the menu. Thank you very much.”

Ellie smiled at the customer’s slowly spaced words. The poor guy was obviously struggling to remain in proper conversation with her, and that made her smile. Her first arrival from home had been much the same; with struggling to understand what was said and reply back with respect. Eventually however, thank goodness, she had gotten and her job at the cafe, and slowly but surely she learned to communicated with others around her. She nodded her understanding and quickly placed a rectangular shaped menu in front of the man.

“One sweet tea, coming right up.”

With a smile, Ellie turned away from the customer and started towards Vincent—only to stop short at the soft spoken quiet girl began talking to her. Blue eyes widened in surprise, and with a slight head tilt, Ellie moved to sand beside the girl to hear her better.

”But, thank you, it’s nice to sit here. If I need to pay for the tea in any way, I’ll gladly work.”

With that oath spoken, Ellie carefully looked the shy girl over, her lips pursed in a thin line as she ran through the possibility of the girl walking out of the cafe without paying her bill.

Slim to none...

“Well that's great to know. I could use an extra set of hands around here anyway. I hope you have some steady arms, because you'll be lifting a few times today.”

Glancing back over at the bar, Ellie nodded towards Nwella and Ace before focusing her attention back on the girl still seated.

“Now, I want you to go over to the lovely woman behind the bar, that’s Ace, and I want you to tell her you’re looking for a little job to do around here. Either she or the beautiful Nwella should be able to help get you set, if they agree to hiring you. I see no issue with trying you out.”

She nodded, and then smiled warmly at the girl before finally stepping away, only to stumble over a scarlet coloured cat that sauntered past.

“Oh! I’m so sorry.... what is a cat... I don’t want to know.”

Shaking her head, Ellie moved over to Vincent’s table with her tray under her arm and her pad at hand.

“Sorry about that Vincent. Now, what would you like to start with?”

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Vince smiled at Ellie approached his table, she looked tired but seemed to be feeling alright. He felt his small amount of money inside his wallet burning in his pocket.

"Hey, Ellie, hows work today?...I'll just have a coffee thanks," he was about to finish his sentence when he remembered "Oh, uh...this may be a strange question but, do you like cats?"

The kitten was stuck in his mind and he desperately wanted to find it a home. Sometimes Vinn would rescue animals and try to find them homes, it was a weakness and a strength of his, but occasionally he couldn't find them a place to live and would reluctantly give them up to the pound. More often than not these animals would not live to see much longer and it burned in his heart. As much as Vincent would like to keep all of the abandoned or lost puppies and kittens he could hardly afford to feed himself these days and already had two dogs living in his apartment. So, he resorted to asking people he knew.
Perhaps he could scrape up enough money (he was sure he had at least a dollar in his pocket somewhere) to buy a small bowl of milk...the kitten would have to live with that for the night until he could bring it some more food in the morning.

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#, as written by Inno

....I’ll just have a coffee thanks.”

While he spoke, Ellie neatly and efficiently wrote down his order next to the previously odered lemon tea.

“One coffee, got it—“

But she was cut off when he suddenly remembered something.

”This may be a strange question but, do you like cats?”


Ellie frowned down at the wolf, mind deep in thought as she reconsidered his question. She had never thought about animals before. Sure she loved dogs, and was capable of keeping a fish alive, but cats?

The overfluffed ones are always so prissy... Emily thought with a frown. She glanced over at the bar, studying the coloured cat seated on lady Mokoto’s lap, and she shrugged.

”I guess I do. I prefer when they’re kittens though...” Ellie stuffed her pen and pad back in her apron pocket, before glancing back up at Vincent with a smile. “That way they aren’t sassy with me from the beginning, ha. But I’ll be back with your order ok? We can talk more about cats.” She giggled and turned away from Vincent, smiling as she made her way back to the bar.

Blue eyes focused intently on the two females behind the bar as Ellie dropped down on a stool. She sighed, and placed her tray on the countertop before reaching into her pocket and pulling out her pad for Ace.

”One lemon tea, and one coffee please.”

After giving her two orders, Ellie turned her attention towards the red horned girl with a smile as she leaned forward in interest.

”So...” she started, ”Are you hired?

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#, as written by Inno

Ellie waited patiently for the humane customer to answer her question. When he ordered for soup, she nodded and quickly wrote the order or on pad before glancing back up at him. She found the customer adorable, with his awkwardly sounding words and quick smile, Ellie couldn't help but chuckle inwardly.

“One Miso soup coming right up.”

With a smile, Ellie turned on her heels and moved for the bar, silently smiling at Ace, she side stepped customers and moved towards the bar before placing the order on the bar counter. She quickly scooped up a cup of coffee- placing it on her tray- and hoped whomever was cooking would look on the counter at her next order.

”I need one Miso soup please!”

She happily called towards the kitchen. As she walked about the café, she smiled and greeted
people as she moved toward the silent Vincent. She paused with a sigh, and placed his order of coffee on the table before dropping her order pad in her pocket before resting her tray on her hip.

“All right, Vincent, here’s your coffee. Now…what about a cat?”