Leo Hedgwick

Leo was born the son of a candle maker, and at age 103, doesn't know what to do with his life. Should he get married? Bear children? Become a guard? He is fresh off of the boat in Black City, with new people to meet, new journeys to undertake, a new life.

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a character in “Black Mist Plague”, as played by erikgeorge


Hair: Platinum Blonde, wavy, long.
Eyes: Ocean Blue, rounded lids.
Complexion: Clear, apart from several small facial scars acquired in early childhood. Pale and flushed.
Race: Vampire, Human.
Age: 103.


Cunning, naive, jesting. These are words that come to mind when describing Leo Hedgwick. He uses his wily charm to tempt women to his lair, to feed on when necessary. He lives nowhere as of the moment, as he was exiled from his old clan by the clan leader, because he was reckless and made stupid decisions.


Armor: Tempered steel
Weapons: Hunting bow with quiver of steel arrows, tempered with dark magic and crafted from the ores of the mines of The Labyrinth Jungle.
Surveillance: A single telescope, used to look into houses and other areas from afar. Leo generally relies on his vampiric sight for these kinds of things, but you never know.
Accessories: A heavy pendant with a sizable green emerald hangs from his neck, in memory of his family from long ago.


103 years ago, Leo Hedgwick was born. He had a loving family consisting of a mother, a father, and two siblings, a younger brother and an older sister. This all changed when he contracted Vampirism. Seeing as he could not go out into the sun, he stayed in the cave in which he contracted the disease for months, eventually gaining the trust of the clan there. He became second-in-command eventually, after many years, but, since he was reckless, he was banished from the realm and resorted to breaking and entering people's houses at night when he could and simply sleeping in the stables in the day when he could not find a suitable house by night. Eventually, this grew tiring, and he decided to start life anew, in a different land. He decided the Black City because it was heavily populated, which gave him many victims to feed upon, and the fact that the Black City was untouched by the Plague.

So begins...

Leo Hedgwick's Story