Black Mist Plague

Black City


a part of Black Mist Plague, by Lzo.

The Beacon of Hope.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over Black City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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The Notorious city for surviving the plague years ago. Travelers and other tourists visit the city just to see it's massive structures and dabble in it's beautiful art.
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Black City

The Beacon of Hope.


Black City is a part of Black Mist Plague.

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Xain Tiberius Zeh [1] "In the end death sets us free, till then, it's you and me against the world..." ~Xain Tiberius Zeh~
Leo Hedgwick [0] Leo was born the son of a candle maker, and at age 103, doesn't know what to do with his life. Should he get married? Bear children? Become a guard? He is fresh off of the boat in Black City, with new people to meet, new journeys to undertake, a new life.
Nyssa Farelle [0] "Someone once told me that things happen for a reason. What reason could I have for being what I am? Living as long as I have?"

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Character Portrait: Saito Jorn

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The velvet evening sky rested upon the horizon, a gently breeze caressed the monuments that stood in the distance. Pieces of light escaped the darkening sky as the stars began to make themselves comfortable in their rightful place in the coming night sky. The mountainous terrain surrounding the "Beacon of Hope," or Black City, was a barrier that kept many out. Black City was known for escaping the Black Mist Plaque, many thought this to be an anomaly of sorts, others preached that the mountainous terrain kept travelers at bay and the infected from crossing into the city.

His stride of confidence was unmistakable, his appearance was glamorous, dressed in a dark black tunic that hugged him tightly. His long bronze trousers rested on the top of his shoes, the silver stitching in the pockets was an unmistakable clue of the quality and value of these specific pants. A light brown satchel rested on his right shoulder the purpose of which is unknown. Protruding from his tunic upon his upper chest and neck was a white undershirt which gave a perfect contrast to Saito's dark appearance. Definition is the word used to describe the body that harbored this outfit, his hair rested upon his eye brows and the back of his neck. A dull red color radiated from his eyes as he walked ever closer to Black City.

The air held extra weight tonight, always feeling extra conscious after completing the blood rite. This was a ritual that Saito used to maintain his mortal appearance, because he is no mortal being, but a Lich. Years of study, research and strength placed him on this current path. Being able to travel where others of his kind before him could not was an amazing opportunity that could not be ignored. The city gates began to slowly gain on him as he moved towards his destination. The guards in front of the gates that blocked his path was not a concern in the least. Having been entangled by his mind and being distracted by his thoughts Saito reviewed the upcoming situation to achieve the outcome that suited him.

"Hello stranger, what is your business here in Black City?" The guard on the left inquired. From looking at these men many conclusions could be drawn about them. Their older attire was a hint that either they have been on the job so long that their armor was battered, or that they are new and still must prove themselves to their commanding officer to earn the honor of fitted armor. Being new to the job meant that Saito had a greater lenience to how far he could stretch the fabrication of his journey. The guard on the other side of the gate avoided eye contact, a weak, non-confident individual avoids the unknown. Upon reaching this conclusion hastily Saito answered with confidence.

"I am a Sage researcher, sent here to study the ancient records of the 'Beacon of Hope'. The rest of my business can not be discussed I hope we do not have a problem." Saito replied as a sly smirk began to reveal itself from the corners of his lips. When entangled with rookies the best course of action is making yourself seem more important then them. The fear of being humiliated for leaving someone of such importance out would only lead to scolding and slowing down the advancement in the ranks. This united with timid men leads to one definite outcome.

"You may enter the city of coarse, I hope you find what you are looking for and use your knowledge to help rebuild this world." the guard responded. Saito did not reply but simply smirked as he pasted the guards and entered the giant city. His outrageous claim was not such a stretch considering his attire and true intentions of study within the city walls. Saito is very sociable and very different from others of his calling; growing up being practically shunned Saito considers himself catching up for lost times. The first order of business is finding an Inn. Sleeping on the ground never bothered him considering he raised minions from that very soil. This does not mean that anyone would not take the opportunity to sleep on a bed if the option was available. The night is long, reserving the room is just a matter of precaution, exploring Black City is where this night truly begins.


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Character Portrait: Xain Tiberius Zeh

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#, as written by Lzo
The dark grey smoke rose to the air quickly, flames erupting in the distance. The sky fell to a ashy black. The silence of the city quickly vanished, screams so horrific even the most confident men would tremble. The smell of rotting corpses rose to his sense's and with it came a shadow like figure approaching through the grey smog ahead. A young man with a vibrant green shirt, proceeded forward.

Xain's body tightened and with it came a gentle voice, "Brother?" He inquired.

Then it happened. Falling back from a rough push, Xain awoke. Falling to the ground and breaking the library chair he grinned. Looking up he examined a taller looking man, Seta. Seta was a very interesting friend always watching out for the group that he hung out with, and obsessed with studying magic. His outfit was always the same, a long trench coat and baggy pants. Chains hung from his hips, underneath his coat rested a blue plan shirt. Bending over Seta extended his hand, smiling with sarcasm.

"Sleeping on me again?"

Xain reached out with his hand and pulled himself up. His hair slid across his crimson-yellow eye for a slight second and pushed it out of the way. Taking a deep breath he nodded towards Seta, reaching for his books he walked away.

"Thanks for waking me Seta, I'll catch you tomorrow. Hey what time is it!?"

Seta turned and began laughing, interrupting his own laugh his voice spit out like a volcano.

"You've been sleeping for about, hmm..3 hours? So that would make it almost eight?"

Xain turning towards the odd shape window to his right, grinned. It was close to nightfall and lately the crime rate had been through the roof, it was dangerous to even walk home. If it wasn't the plague it was something else. Reaching for the exit door handle, he pushed it open with little effort. His body was hit with a soothing breeze, one of the perks of living next to an ocean. Walking along the street he had almost forgot, night shift!

Xain tucked his book into his backpack, running for the Moonstone Inn. It was on the other side of town and getting there in time would be quite the feat. Wrestling with his backpack, in mid sprint, he grabbed his spare clothes for work and threw the back pack over his shoulder. His red hair gleaming as it slithered through the quite night breeze. His black and white outfit, fit him well.

His neck was almost covered by a nice button up collared shirt, a shirt he owned many of. Around his neck, however, rested a loose red tie, accompanied with his regular everyday swung-on jacket. His pants were nicely fitting and the leather belt that held them up matched just as nicely. His tie weaving in the breeze flapped up and hit him in the face, leaping over the back alley fence.

Sliding across the dirt like road that lead to the inn he caught his breath. Bending over he coughed, exhaling lightly. He hated it, coughing, it was one thing he couldn't stand, especially when around others. Coughing again, and then once more he decided to walk the rest of the way, he had made decent time anyways in the allotted time given. Looking to the sky the moon's faint haze mocked him, and with it came the stars.

"Ugh..Being late, Shit!"

Sighing he reached into his pocket and began playing with a necklace, metal and in the middle of it rested a silver ring. He twirled it about his index finger and thumb, lightly smiling he tucked it away.

"First time for everything..."