Takuma Cavallone

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a character in “Black Moon Tavern”, as played by Bani


Name: Takuma Cavallone

Age: 21

Appearance: Image


To Takuma, life is nothing but another day in the sun. His unrivaled optimism is the stuff of fables and fairy tales. At a first glance, he'll appear to be just really cheerful and carefree. However. Takuma is extremely efficient when it comes to 'work', his work being....well, being the Head of a Mafia family. He hates awkwardness, and will often initiate what appears to be inane conversations or downright rambles in order to avoid an uncomfortable silence.
Despite appearances, he's unusually perceptive and a surprisingly good listener, extremely loyal to those who he considers friends.
He loves sake to a fault, and if he runs out of it, he simply goes out of control, rampaging till he manages to find some. Although he seems to have built up a resistance to alcohol and is almost never drunk, he doesn't touch anything other than sake and red wine.
Being brought up in a rich family, he's addicted to the finer things in life - his luggage consisted of three trunks full of the finest silken clothes and three more filled with books ranging from classic Greek literature to mangas. His addiction to books is rivaled only by his addiction to sake and wine.
Even though he appears to be extremely spacey and naive, he can be quite mischievous if he wants.


Takuma is superbly skilled with katanas, and carries his trusty katana around everywhere he goes. He also carries a whip and has various knives hidden in his boots and other parts of his body.


Takuma's mother was the daughter of Asato Ichijou, the Leader of a Japanese Yakuza group. She eloped with Takuma's father, the Head of the Cavallone Family. When his parents died, Takuma's grandfather asked him to come live with him, forgetting his grudge. Or so Takuma thought.
It turned out that Asato only wanted to avenge the humiliation Takuma's mother had caused him by killing Takuma. He barely survived the attempts made on his life with the help of some men of the Cavallone family, and while trying to escape to Italy, somehow ended up in this tavern, separated from his companions.

So begins...

Takuma Cavallone's Story