Aleister Crowley VII

"They cannot shun me. They cannot erase who I am, merely because I have what they cannot have, should it be by want or not. Despicable, really, they are!"

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a character in “Black Order: Necromancy”, as played by reveries



-Age: 37 at death.
-Gender: Male
-Height: 6'2"
-Weight: 147 lb.
-Hair Color: Black
-Eye Color: Golden Yellow

-Necro Class: Black Necromancer

-Personality: A dominant character, Aleister carries an aura of unquestioned authority, a natural leader. Cunning and clever, he is an intelligent man who can easily play out many situations and black up plans should the time be needed. There is a broken layer of kindness beneath the surface, now corrupted into a dark and stirring fury. He is quite demanding, his presence holds that to have only the very best, seeing the glass as half empty, he seeks out perfection, only to be satisfied when he finally has everything the way he wishes as so. He sees past the simple things, seeing only the bigger and better futures that the society could have, "for there is no need for those who cannot use the magics and could look down upon those who can."

He finds himself a superior being towards non-magic users, and its concept has been become twisted, no longer humble, as it was his pride and joy, his magic. He cannot understand why he is consider inferior and a being to become forgotten by the rest who cannot use this power, as his magic makes him "more powerful and better than the rest who cannot master the art as [he] can", in his own words. An egotistic and sadistic man is what Aleister is, a once purer human broken by the ignorance of the rest, he is blinded by hatred and the need for revenge.

-Bio: When he was shunned by the society that he had once loved and was compassionate for, he was devastated. Over time, he began to grow bitter as he took care of Melaena Leine, his apprentice. Slowly, he began to plan. He gathered supporters of his cause, and plotted to show the society that Necromancers such as he were far superior, for he can perform the magics that they cannot. He went insane, and practically obsessed over it. He wished revenge onto the society that betrayed him. He had been killed by a Necromancer, having originally supported his causes, but in the end, had betrayed him as well. Aleister was revived and conjured back from the dead by his apprentice, Melaena. Perhaps it was once upon a time when he truly cared for the girl who he trained hard and had study into the dark arts, but having being blinded by hatred, he cannot think of no other better candidate to become his vessel for his plans. She is only a tool.

However, his possession is incomplete, and he is unable to do anything, other than terrorize her dreams, as he stays to wait. He protects her when he can if his vessel should die, he would be taken to the dead lands along with her, therefore having his business towards all of the society and the opposing Necromancers not yet finished. Waiting for the day in which he can take the required energy from Melaena, in the irony that she is a Healing Necromancer, so he may take over and finally continue with his plans to take revenge on the betraying society that had shunned his existence.

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-Other: I read everything.

Aleister has a great fondness for crows. His first appearance is how he appeared before he died. The second is how he'll look like now as his spiritual form, I suppose.

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Aleister Crowley VII's Story


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Not wanting to be left behind and merely left to just observe, she walked behind Christine. She made a mental image of a duckling self following after a mother one, though who was in this case Christine, it made her shiver slightly, and took cautious steps. Not a good image to be thinking of. Melaena's eyes immediately noticed an array of skeletons - slightly altered, and immediately knew that the orange haired woman before her was being much, much more serious now in her demeanor. So she tried to advert her attention else where - to the will'o whisp that she oh so wanted to dissect open and see what they're made of exactly, seeing as they were so rare in where she came from.

But she pulled her eyes away to look at the blonde intruder. She wasn't familiar, so she was obviously a stranger. But the girl reminded her of something, rather, someone, but she didn't speak. Merely, now turning attention away from the will'o wisp, Melaena carefully observed some more, and deciding when exactly to take action or to make some move, she merely watched. Her head had a throbbing pain, mostly near her right eye and majority area of her head, but years of concentration made it seem so much less. There were whispers and jumbles and mumbles that she kept picking up though around her right ear, and it bothered her.

"So they've found me. So they've found me. So they've found me. So they've found me. So they've found me. So they've found me." She began to mumble it too, chanting it in a daze as her mind merely focused on the scene before her. It really hurt though.