Selena Christoff


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a character in “Black Out”, as played by LoveMeMaybe


Selena Christoff

Age: 17

Silky brown hair, usually tied into two fishbone braids. When hair is out of the braids, her hair reaches to her shoulder blades. Her eyes are the color of mountain glaciers, with little spots of darker blues around the pupil. Full, pink lips. Average height, average weight. High cheekbones.

She lives with her mother and father, and her little brother Jase. They lived in a tiny house in the heart of one of the largest cities in north america. Looking back on it, she used too much power then she needed, and exploited to many luxuries like long showers of leaving the lights on all day...

She loves art, flowers, singing, or when she had electricity, listening to music (like her favorite song, Cinema, by Skrillex and Benny Benassi)


She hates selfish people, downers, and insects.

She is afraid of insects and snakes... they just creep her out.

Selena is a very kind and caring person, and a great friend. She'll always look out for you. c:

Crushes? To be determined.

Selena would like to be alone, but she'll be happy to room with one of her best friends Grrbot c:


So begins...

Selena Christoff's Story