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Black???Rock Shooter

"What you want to protect may not be what I want to protect. Deal with it."

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a character in “Black Rock Shooter: Where did you go?”, as played by Mat_z6





Dia » member of team GRDN
When one considers a student from Atlas Academy it isn’t very hard to imagine a calm, calculated, and cool individual. Unfortunately, poor Dia is anything but cool. Try as she might to uphold her esteemed position, it’s very obvious to even those who barely know her that she hardly qualifies. She’s prone to be a flake, a ditz, and a lazy glutton who would even fail to read over the important instructions that entails a mission in favor of sleeping (waking up only to eat). Perhaps credit is not being given where credit is due, however. After all, it was not necessarily Dia who had asked for a position as unexpected as this. Thrust mysteriously with the request to transfer from the military academy to Beacon, Dia reluctantly accepted, with the prospect of her foster parents’ family name being cleared, as well as the promise of their dire financial situation being put to an end. Pulled abruptly from a happy, friendly environment that she had come to cherish, Dia was suddenly faced with a completely unfamiliar environment far away from home. In a way, it should come as no surprise to some that she was barely prepared to take on the position that had been practically forced upon her. Though Dia has her setbacks, she really does try to give it her all. As a former student of Atlas, Dia at least attempts to put on a front that she can be a competent student—but a front is only a front, and deep down there are a number of things that come together to hinder her performance and lower her self-confidence. Dia is like a lost child. She doesn’t know who she is, or where she came from. She was found in the wreckage and remains of an Atlesian city shortly after a catastrophic GRIMM attack befell it and can’t remember anything past that day. She has constant dreams of laying in a white room, unable to move as a figure looks down upon her; a figure she can neither see nor speak to. The only thing Dia is outstanding at is fighting. She will trip over the red cords that adorn her outfit, but once the guns are out Dia becomes an entirely different person. And it’s weird. Dia knows it’s weird, how all of these strange occurrences have surrounded her. She knows that there is some meaning behind it all. Like a child, however, she covers her ears and pretends it’s all a coincidence. Simply put, Dia is afraid of the truth; a truth she wishes to run away from, but ultimately fails to—

The truth that she is not human, but in fact an artificially created being whose purpose is to destroy.

All of her insecurities and fears stem from this uncertainty. Up until the very moment she joined Atlas Academy, this sense of inadequacy is the driving force of her self-consciousness and social awkwardness. Despite her shortcomings and fears, if there is one aspect in her life that is her light, it is her friends. Dia values friendship and loyalty, and will do anything for those she holds dear. Once her mind is set on something Dia develops an iron will that won’t easily shatter. With what she is passionate in, even, such as poetry and cooking, Dia’s motivation will show no bounds… even if the former will cause anyone to burst out laughing and the latter to kill someone. She will get worked up at the smallest of things and may cry at the drop of a hat, but Dia is Dia. Dia is a girl who has yet to realize her full potential; a character of a story who carries a major burden. Even so, contrary to her dark origins, her feelings and emotions are distinctly human. There is hope, even for her.

Dia » Valkyrie Release
Dia has an unusual semblance in that it is directly linked to the weapons she wields. Upon activating her semblance Dia pours her aura into Brynhildr, which are her two twin handguns respectively named after a Valkyrie from Norse mythology. This allows Brynhildr to be fired without the need to reload as well as gaining the ability perform attacks at will in the desired location, regardless of walls and other obstacles, detonating a powerful blast wherever Dia aims it. Valkyrie Release lasts as long as Dia has sufficient aura to sustain it. As with all other semblances, once the user's aura runs out then it is no longer usable.

Dia » Brynhildr
While you could say that Dia's semblance directly effects her weapons, it is actually more like her weapons ARE her semblance. Brynhildr at first may seem to be just two over sized hand guns but in reality these two guns have the ability to change into three different forms once Dia's Valkyrie Release is activated. Dia uses these other forms depending on the situation at hand, with the first form being a powerful machine gun for multiple targets, the second being a shotgun for considerably large and stationary targets, and the final form being a sniper form for long ranges. Dia can switch to any form at any time as long as Valkyrie Release is active. Once her aura runs out however, Brynhildr reverts back to it's base form and will require dust ammunition to fire. Due to the unusually long barrels of the guns, Dia uses them as blunt melee weapons for extreme close combat.

So begins...

Black???Rock Shooter's Story