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Crimson Magma Phantom

"Self-satisfaction is the sweetest of syrups,"

0 · 400 views · located in The "Otherworld/ The Real World

a character in “Black Rock Shooter: Where did you go?”, as played by ArhaHitomi888


Name: Crimson Magma Phantom

Gender: Male

Appearance: (Pictured below is Insane Crimson Magma Phantom, link for the normal Crimson Magma Phantom is below this image. Crimson Magma Phantoma stands at 6'2".)

Weapon Name: Lavashot Blaze (The gun in the link above with the normal Crimson Magma Phantom)

Weapon Name: Claws and Hooks (The spike on his 'wing' and his 'claws'. APPLICABLE TO INSANE CRIMSON MAGMA SHOOTER ONLY.)

Weapon Name: Crimson Magma's Judgement
(Crimson Magma's Judgement's Blade is as tall as Crimson Magma Phantom himself, who stands at 6'2". The handle, however, boosts it to 6'7".)

Human Counterpart?: Eric Maywell

Fused?: Yes

Personality: CMP has a duel personality, having a tendency to switch in random situations.

Normal CMP is a snarky, sarcastic man who loves to irritate others and treat them. He also tends to be somewhat of a smooth operator. He prefers to be alone most of the time, mostly because he hadn't ever found suitable company - Most people just annoy him. He wanders around Otherworld aimlessly, searching for people that he thinks of as worthy opponents. In a battle, he is extremely fast and powerful, strikes being only semi-calculated and mostly just wild. CMP doesn't take commands very well, and tends to be rebellious and do things his own way. He domes unreasonable things sometimes and will destroy random things and do as he pleases, generally with the excuse - "I did it because i can.".

When Insame Crimson Magma Phantom surfaces, CMP's pale blue eyes turn a deep, glowing red. Dark red shapes like wings appear that he can use for flight, and darkened veins start to appear. ICMP doesn't speak often, just wandering about with a smirk and attacking anyone who he sees. ICMP is, officially, Insane - He loses all control, even more so than his counterpart Azure Rain Wraith. He attacks everything and anything without reserve and is a staggeringly powerful force to be dealt with - nearly impossible to defeat in this state.

History: Eric Maywell was a man born in Russia, but eventually ended up moving to scotland. He was the son of an alchoholic and a umemployed housewife. Eric enjoyed his childhood because he was more or less allowed to do whatever he pleased. When he was fourteen years old, his father died of alchohol poisoning and his mother was forced to work. Eric, never being attached to his father, seemed to prefer his father being gone.

During his childhood, he new a boy named Desmond. the two of them were pretty close friends and attended the same school. However, as they got older, they grew into, not quite best friends, but worst friends, best enemies. It was a love-hate relationship which generally ended up in some minor competition. When Desmond moved to Japan, Eric's mother considered it beacuse of the more peaceful life in the country.

Thus, Eric was thrust into Japan without any knowledge of his surroundings. Frustrated by how he had been dragged around, he became an angry, sarcastic person. He works at a bookstore, managing stock and shelving. One day after a fit of rage, he looked into the mirror of find someone else staring straight back at him. There was man who was completely indentical to him except for his eyes and hair - Instead of yellow eyes and black hair, the had blue eyes and white hair. 'Eric Maywell' the figure spoke, and Eric yelled back 'Who are you!?', to which the figure responded 'Crimson Magma Phantom', and pulled Eric into the mirror. Since than, he has returned to the real world, but ventures to the Otherworld whenever he can.

So begins...

Crimson Magma Phantom's Story