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"War brings nothing but pain and misfortune. So why is it that those who desire peace, will willingly unleash such anguish upon the world with such ease?"

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a character in “Black Roses Red”, as played by Magix




Prince of Aurelia

- Short, Spiked Black Hair
- Pale Blue eyes
- 5‘11“
- Average Build

Often Sarcastic or joking around. He is very open minded and sometimes pretends to act all smart to get a laugh. However he has a more depressing personality at times, especially when he looks at the dreary world they live in. He detests war and would much rather live in a peace filled society. While many disagree with the arranged marriages, he looks at it as an opportunity to meet someone that he normally would not have had a chance to. If it brings about peace, then all the better.

- An acrobat of sorts, he is pretty athletic, able to preform tasks that normally couldn't be done by most.
- Despite his war hating personality, he was trained to fight using daggers for if the need ever called for it. Coupled with his athletic ability, it's a good pair, even if the battle prowess is wasted by his passive personality.
- Singing.

Krystallokinesis- Better known as the ability to create and manipulate gems, minerals, crystals, and jewels that come from the earth naturally. Examples would be Gold, Diamond, Iron, coal, ect.


So begins...

Seth's Story