Wednesday Castell

I was lightning before the thunder.

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a character in “Black Waters”, as played by AlwaysGone



Name ||
Wednesday Anne Castell

Age ||

Gender ||

Sexuality ||

Role ||
Pack Member

Face Claim ||
Stella Maeve

Species ||

Occupation ||
Civilian Administrator for Black Water PD


Appearance ||
All her life, Wednesday has been described as cute. She was always quite small with delicate features that belied the strength she held within herself. Her arched brows frame her light brown, smoky eyes. Her long, wavy hair is naturally dark brown, and she adds chestnut highlights that give her look warmth. She tends to prefer pretty, romantic clothes with edgy details. She almost always wears her signature military style jacket.

Personality ||
Wednesday is a charismatic, outgoing young woman who loves a good time. She's always been a bit of a wild child. Her many and varied friends see her as the life of the party. Although she may come across as shallow and trite, she has an inner strength that comes out when she's tested. Just because she appreciates the finer material things in life doesn't mean she doesn't hold the little things dear as well. While she is curious and observant, she can also be unfocused and highly emotional. Blood means nothing to her. She cares little for familial attachments based on relation alone.

History ||
Wednesday grew up in the King Pack, a Delacroix offshoot located around Parma, Michigan. Her parents divorced when she was five years old, dumped her on her aunt, and took off for different sides of the country. Neither she nor her aunt have spoken to either one of them since. She was quite popular in school with her friendly, open nature, and people, even humans, tended to gravitate towards her.

Unlike Black Water, Parma was mostly populated by humans. Wednesday wanted more than anything to be open about who she was, but doing so in Parma was dangerous. Three days after her high school graduation, she took off for Black Water and joined the Delacroix Pack officially. She got a job in the police station as a civilian administrator, and she's been there ever since.

Family ||
Jim Castell||Father||Living
Amber Villa||Mother||Living

Jillian Castell||Aunt||Living

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