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Duchess Sophie Vespre

The Ladylike Warrior

0 · 175 views · located in Avalon

a character in “Black Wings: Wings of a Dream 2”, as played by Orbweaver


Remember your manners, Belca never did and look what happened to her...

Full Name: Sophie Vespre

Role: Duchess

Age: 16 (Is about the same age as the Queen of Hearts)

Gender: Female

Personality: She is no longer the bright and bubbly person that everyone knew, she now pushes everyone away in fear that they too will be taken away from her, even her son. The Duchess is still obsessed with manners and ladylike behaviour but now it only serves to remind her of her contractor, Belca.

Hair Color: Long Honey Coloured Hair

Eye Color: Amber

● Talks to herself
● Constantly uses Belca as an example to get her point across

Appearance Description: The Duchess wears a Victorian gown of golden yellow and orange. She is pale and of average build.


● Pigs and Momeraths
● To be alone
● Training

● The Jabberwock
● People with no manners
● Interuptions

Powers: The Duchess has the power of projection, she alters reality to her will. This only lasts for a short time and is limited to her immediate surroundings (about a meter around her)

Contracted with: Belca (Deceased)

Weapons/ Things They Are Carrying: She usually wields a croquet mallet and a pepper grinder gattling gun but since the Jabberwock’s “defeat” she has learned to use a multitude of weapons.

Back Story: The coming of the Jabberwock severely changed the Duchess. While trying to escape its army she lost nearly everything she cared about. Her home, her cook, the pigs and momeraths she looked after. And her contractor. Belca. Although she had kept everything together while fighting the creature’s avatar of fear, as soon as she was away from it all she broke down. She has never forgiven herself or the Jabberwock for Belca’s death and now constantly trains, hoping that one day she can avenge the girl she couldn’t protect.

So begins...

Duchess Sophie Vespre's Story