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Isaiah "Grey" Gris

The Card Mage

0 · 188 views · located in Avalon

a character in “Black Wings: Wings of a Dream 2”, as played by Orbweaver

Description head...

Full Name: Isaiah Gris

Nick Name: Grey

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Isaiah is quiet but not shy, his curiosity usually gets the better of him and often leads to trouble. He is quite intelligent and likes working out puzzles and riddles. Sin the Jabberwock’s supposed defeat he has become even more attached to his chain, Absolem and rarely likes to have the green haired man out of his sight. Despite being quite smart, things like innuendo tend to go over his head.

Hair Color: Medium length ash blonde hair that he wears in a high pony tail. It looks silvery white in most lighting.

Eye Color: Icy Blue

Quirks: (if any)
● Fiddles with his fingers a lot
● Hums a strangely familiar tune to himself without realising
● Experiances a lot of déjà vu

Appearance Description: Isaiah is very small, about the height of an average ten year old, he is also very skinny and has two piercings in the top of his left ear. He wears a grey shirt with a black tie, black shorts, arm warmers, knee length socks and grey shoes.

[To be updated later, after RP-ing a little]

● Cards and card games
● Reading
● Music (Has synthesia)

● Angry people
● Loud noises

Powers: Isaiah has the ability to summon manifestations of the tarot cards he carries, however, he never knows how the cards will manifest and each card only lasts for a limited amount of time and uses up a lot of his energy, often causing him to collapse after using them

Contracted With: Absolem “Caterpillar” Pillars

Weapons/ Things They Are Carrying: He carries a pack of tarot cards but is still trying to remember how to use them, sometimes when messing around with them he remembers enough to work out the message that the cards are showing. Soon after arriving in Wonderland he worked out how to use the cards as weapons.

Back Story:

So begins...

Isaiah "Grey" Gris's Story