Cheri Cable

This bitch bites...

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a character in “Blackbird Academy”, as played by DulceMori


Name: Cheri Cable

Age: 17

What are you?: Werewolf

Powers: Faster than usual humans, sensitive hearing/smell, obviously can morph into a wolf

Weaknesses: Extremely afraid of containment and will do almost anything to get out of confines

Personality: Cheri is untrusting and easily angered, with a fiery temperament. She is sweet when calm, but that's rare... Tends not to stick to things until they are done; disorganized. Extremely intuitive about animals, and concerned for their feelings, but not so about humans (or Nekos, though she does like them). Logical, original, creative thinker; amazingly intelligent. Can become very excited about theories and ideas. Highly values knowledge, competence and logic. Individualistic, having no interest in leading or following others. Quickly and accurately understands situations, and logically acts upon it. Rebels against authority, which often gets her in trouble, but she refuses to change. Sometimes is a diva, and sometimes is a total tomboy, depending on her mood

Appearance: Cheri is 5'8", 115 lbs. She's tall and well-fit, but not athletic. She has jet black hair with electric blue streaks that match her large eyes. Generally wears black skinny jeans and a tight blue t-shirt with white leather jacket and high black leather boots. Always carries her black whip with her.

Classes: Algebra, French, history, chemistry, healing, art, free period (duhh)

After school clubs: None

Likes: Fire, art, dancing

Dislikes: Water, heights, thunderstorms (scary!), vampires

Hobbies: Reading, fighting, drawing

Just curious what do you look for or who are you into or dating?: Generally likes guys who are cruel or cold. She's not sure why. Bisexual; has dated girls before, so *might* do that again

Other: A bit masochistic, which sometimes creeps people out..

(((Narwhals Narwhals swimming in the ocean!)))

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