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Charlie Jin Q. J.

"Ma, dammit, I said I could sing, not I could be Sarah Brightman II."

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a character in “Blackbox Manor”, as played by TaniaSoulEater


{ "If there is no struggle, there is no progress." }

Charlie Jin Qiu Jun īŧˆé‡‘į§‹å›īŧ‰

"Charlie. Just Charlie."


Sexual Orientation
Panromantic Asexual

Tech/Musical & Role

Newbie on a scholarship


    [☎] Singing - "It's why I'm here in the first place."
    [☎] Studies - "I work hard. I want a good future for my mum."
    [☎] Chinese - "I was born in China. Mum gave me Chinese lessons after we moved to America."
    [☎] Drawing - "My art teacher thinks it's creative. My mum thinks it's distracting. Actually, I'm just doodling because I've learnt that already and I've lost interest."
    [☎] Thinking fast - "My mind works fast. I'm not good with people but I assess situations easily."
    [☎] Picking up new skills - "I'm a quick learner."
    [☎] Making model vehicles - "Mum used to let me build things out of popsicle sticks. It was a cheap and easy way to entertain me."
    [☎] Photography - "I study cinematography and photography extensively at school."
    [☎] Dialects - "I can speak Cantonese, Hokkien, and Taiwanese by extension."
    [☎] Acting - "Well - it's a theatre camp."

    [☯] Overly independent - "I tend to take as little help as I can get away with."
    [☯] Competitive - "I need to be the best."
    [☯] Sarcastic - "It's a defense mechanism."
    [☯] Withdrawn - "I need to assess people before I interact with them. It's not a flaw."
    [☯] Protective - "Of my mum. She only has me."
    [☯] Socialising - "I'm content to be the quiet Asian kid. It's enough."
    [☯] Blunt - "I tend not to waste time on beating around the bush."
    [☯] Solemn - "Not many people have seen me smile."
    [☯] Anxious - "I worry easily. But there's so much to care about! Grades, my mum, my camera..."
    [☯] Impatient - "Things have to happen immediately. Or within five minutes."

    [â˜ĸ]Failure - "One wrong move and I'm out of the game. It's all I have."
    [â˜ĸ]Poverty - "I was young, but I remember what it was like."
    [â˜ĸ]Deep water - "I can't swim. There's nothing funny about that."
    [â˜ĸ]Buried alive - "It's just scary."

"I don't like people knowing about my hard past. I want to be outstanding in whatever field I work in."


{ Hardworking, Stoic, Creative, Quiet, Humourless }
One of the most rare things about Charlie is his smile. Charlie's idea of a good day is one in which he simply drifts along in the background, studying quietly, until he can go home and be his brilliant self. He doesn't let the stereotype down - he's a smart kid, and works hard for his grades, a quiet and reserved individual with a serious air and the motivation to follow through on tasks. Loyal, faithful, and dependable, he places great importance on honesty and integrity. He generally takes things very seriously, and does not find many things very funny. He tends to believe that things should be done according to procedures and plans, and can sometimes be taken as too obsessed with structures and plans. He keeps people at arm's length, seeming aloof through his sass and bluntness.

One thing about him, though, is that he's creative in his own way too. Besides building his academic skills, Charlie has caught the attention of both his art and music teachers, being both a great doodler and singer. He enjoys learning new things, like Chinese dialects which he practices on his mother. His cinematography and photography are both great for his acting skills, as he knows how to turn or stand to bring out the best effect. Oftentimes it seems as though he pushes himself too hard, studying late into the night and taking so many classes, but the truth is just that he wants to keep himself busy and work hard for his mother. He is loyal and dependable, and to have this boy who doesn't reach out easily as your friend means you've got a friend for life, who will do anything within his ability to help you if you're in trouble, and always be there for you, whenever, wherever.


Languages | Learning | Success | Honest People | Singing | Cinematography | His Camera | Model Aeroplanes | Art | Acting | Work | Instant Noodles | Pancakes | Energy Drinks | Science Fiction Books | Coffee

Recognition | Animals | Failure | Tea | Wasting Time | Being Late | Wasting Words | Empty Compliments | Lying | Rejection | Jokes | Shallow People | Dressing Up | Boredom | Spotlight | Romance Movies



Charlie's parents were poor immigrants who moved to America when he was 4. Though he was young, he remembers the hardship they suffered up until he was 8. Although they were used to hard lives, his parents had to work 18 hours a day at minimum wage, and somehow they managed to scrape through. Charlie learned early in life the necessity of hard work and success.

When Charlie was 8, a distant relative still living in China passed away and left them a sizable sum of money. They got along on that inheritance, his parents managing to get better jobs to support themselves. They got along well for a few years - then Charlie's dad was run over by a car five minutes after a phone call to his family, assuring them he'd be home early that night. Needless to say, he never made it home, and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Charlie and his mum received a settlement fee from the driver (whom they didn't blame - it was raining and the roads were slippery).

Charlie, already a child serious and wise beyond his years, worked even harder in school, keeping out of trouble so as not to worry his mother. Mrs Jin supported Charlie's education as best as she could, finding a camera at a yard sale when he decided to take up photography, buying stacks of batteries to help his lamp light his way through the night, working overtime on weekend nights when he needed money for a school camp.

Then the singing module at his school started. Charlie found he possessed a great singing voice, and his teacher took it upon herself to visit the Jins, telling them about a theatre camp she thought Charlie would be outstanding at. She applied for a scholarship on Charlie's behalf, and they scarcely dared believe it when the acceptance letter came. Although Charlie didn't have much, he packed up what he had, and now he's here, not knowing what to expect.

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Osric Chau

So begins...

Charlie Jin Q. J.'s Story

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time: 8:30pm
date: July 10th
weather: Clear Skies, Breezy
current event: Bi-weekly Bonfire

Often times, students will be up practicing and hanging out right until curfew, which is 11pm at this camp. However, twice a week they all come together for the bi-weekly bonfire, in which the campers hang out, roast hot dogs, kabobs, and marshmallows, and often times perform. It functions like a mini talent show of sorts, as students get up to sing or perform skits. There is often a few games of improv going, and in general everyone has fun. Attendance is mandatory, although some of the more tired or less extroverted students will often hide away in the back of the circle's rings, or sneak back to their cabin to occupy their time with something else.

Currently, the campers are eating and playing around with one another, the performances and improv games having not yet begun. As their camp is distanced from cities, the stars are clear to those who look up, dazzling against the night sky. It's a rather picturesque setting, really.

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Chris reached over and rubbed Nora's shoulder comfortingly. "You did great," she soothed. "Stop being so nervous. Here, eat." She grabbed a handful of marshmallows from a bag lying nearby and grabbed Nora's hand, pushing the marshmallows into her palm.

She glanced around at the rest of the group, people sitting around, laughing and eating. This was possibly the best part of Blackbox Manor, the campfires were a great time for everyone to kick back and relax. Everyone, that is, except for Nora and Chris, who would of course try to make it off early to steal another pair's flag.

As if reading Chris's mind, Nora turned to her. "Chris, wouldn't tonight be a grand time for a late night walk?" she commented, and Chris could hardly help the huge grin that sprang to her face. "Hell yes, you betcha." At Pepper's comment, Chris pursed her lips thoughtfully. "Gee whiz, Pepper, what a thought. If we lost our way," and here she leaned closer, lowering her voice, "I would leave a trail of marshmallows for the insects and birds to find, you know?" She thought back to one year when a group had been having midnight snacks in their rooms, which inevitably led to creepy crawlies of all sorts looking around for food.

Before she could get up, though, Scott came over, and Chris eyed him thoughtfully, wondering if they should attempt to steal his flag. Scott could be pretty overprotective of what he deemed to be his stuff. "That's mean. Every year I see you repeat the same dance moves," she accused. "Don't think I don't see you reusing your moves."

Once he'd left, Chris turned to Nora. "Whose do you want to take first? I'm thinking the purple is a lovely shade this year."



Charlie sat quietly on a log in a group comprised mostly of that year's understudies, watching the flames leap up and crackle, sending sparks whirling up into the night sky. The understudies were around his age, and most of them were laughing and joking around, having already made friends amongst themselves. Charlie thought he could survive.

"Jin, you're not getting enough sugar. Look at you, all skin and bones. Eat something." Some crackers and chocolate was shoved into his hand, and Charlie looked up with a faint smile. "Thanks," he murmured, nibbling at the biscuits gingerly.

He wasn't really one to make fast friends with anyone anytime soon, but Charlie thought he could get used to this.