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Christian Jace Keller

"What makes you special?"

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a character in “Blackbox Manor”, as played by mostlytoasty


{ "If you really want to do it, just do it. You can't get in that much trouble... right?" }

Christian Jace Keller


Seventeen, nearly eighteen

Sexual Orientation

Tech/Musical & Role
Tech - Lights/Sound Head

Returnee, this is his fifth year



Cj is a dedicated kid when it comes to his interests. He has always been the type of person who, whenever interested in a specific topic, he sits himself down, and spends as long as it takes to either gain mastery of the action, or until he becomes bored. Because of this, he is very good at a lot of random things, though he does have a few things which have entertained him enough to stick.
~Drums || After picking up his dads drum sticks when he was 4, Cj has been infatuated with drumming. He loves all aspects of it, but mainly just the fact that they can be so loud, so destructive, and so the opposite of him. Also, girls dig guys who play~
~Guitar || In addition to his interest in Drums, he likes guitar. He's been playing for the past 8 years or so, and has been really good at it.~
~Technology || Cj is very interested in technology, including, but not limited to, computer programming, djing, and sound check boards and lighting systems.~

Despite what he would be willing to admit, Cj has a more than multitude of flaws, which make up a large part of his being and personality. He's a big fan of socialization with people, most particularly one on one, but in any form, he's happy. However, this is slightly difficult, as it seems all of his flaws have to do with social interactions.
~Social Indifference || Cj has a way about him where one moment he can be completely engaged in a conversation, full fledged and listening in a way that makes you want to pour yourself out to him, and within moments, as though a switch has been shifted off in him, he no longer is. He may not be paying attention, and completely spaced after being totally engaged, and not only does this confuse people, but it often upsets them.~
~Empathy || Another aspect of his social distress is his struggle with empathy. Coming from a rough background, he's always had a trouble understanding how people could be so negatively affected by this he considered completely unimportant. He still says things about how he is sorry and hopes it gets better, but it isn't as genuine as he would like it to be.~
~Self-Doubt || Also in a seeming clash with his personality, Cj is extremely insecure. His belief regarding his own talents are low, and it's difficult for him to grasp the idea of being good or wanted in any type of situation. As a result, he over compensates with self righteous, cocky remarks.~
~Being angry || When he gets angry, which isn't often, he gets aggressive. It's too much for his brain to take the strong emotion and he often gets violent, not necessarily towards other people, but in general. Cj is also destructive, and he makes large, rash decisions that impact other people. Even worse, once he is angry, it's very hard to calm him down. His mind gets fuzzing and reasoning doesn't work with him; you're basically stuck with him like this until he calms down, unless you have someone with you who knows how to talk to him.~
~ADHD || Cj has pretty severe ADHD, and though you would doubt it to affect him on a daily basis, it does. On his meds, he is, for the most part, interested, engaged, and focused on what is going on. On his special time meds, he is overly focus, and nearly unable to multitask on any type of work and socializing, and off his meds, he is a ball of bubbling energy, which is either lots of fun, or a nightmare.~

If you were to ask him, it's likely you'd get a chuckle, a sly remark, or simple a strange look and be ignored. However, Cj actually does have some fears, and though only a few, they are heart-wretchingly rough ones.
~Eremophobia || The fear of being alone. It's pretty self explanatory, but definitely isn't something you would accept from Cj when you meet him.~
~Lygophobia || The fear of the dark. Although not severe, he does get a bit skeezed out from the dark.~

~He hates his mother || In his eyes, she was the reason his father left them, and she was the reason he was abused to the point of hospitalization multiple times~
~He loves his father || Despite the abuse endured from his father, he always felt the need to please him, live up to his expectations, and keep what happened to himself.~
~He doesn't plan on making it past 20 || The idea is to die young, as early as possible.~
~His Sexual encounters are special || His first sexual activity was with a boy... at bible camp.~



Cj could be viewed as the epitome of selfless. Ever since he was a kid, it has been more important to him that those around him were happy, instead of his own happiness. He's the guy you can count on to always be there, whether or not you are best friends or basic acquaintances. Whether just holding a door open or being a friend who is there to listen, he looks to help others whenever possible. As a selfless person, he are not just focused on what he needs. He also has a genuine concern for others, and going above and beyond past their needs to make them happy. It's confusing, because it doesn't make much sense for him to have such an interest in others, but he does.

First interactions with Cj are always interesting; no matter how hard you try to learn something about him, it's likely the conversation will be directed back to you. He's not good at talking about himself, and honestly, it makes him uncomfortable. Why would other's want to spend time learning about him? It doesn't benefit them, and therefor he feels like he is boring them, and maybe even causing them pain when he talks solely about himself. Instead, he is always interested in others. He's got a question about everything, and never fails to seem interested with whatever answers he receives, whether they seem detailed, or bland. It just makes him happy to learn about other people, and to make them know he wants to know about them. It's not that he consciously is trying to make people feel appreciated, but that's what he does. And when his questioning fails, he's always got his bubbly, I can't focus mind to save the day. Conversations that come out of no where are hard for him because focussing on a specific thing someone is saying is very difficult. Unless he is on his meds, being focused for long or on one thing is really hard. He Literally is unable to keep him mind and body centered towards whatever is going on.

The other biggest trait Cj has is his anger. Though rare, when aggravated he is a force to be reckoned with. It's very hard to make him aggravated, and instead of getting frustrated when being annoyed, he often instead gets embarrassed, assuming he is being made fun of in some form. But, when angry, he is pissed. It is impossible to get through to him, he is no longer his calm, level headed and open hearted self but instead a hot headed angry teen. Unless you are practiced in the art of getting him to calm the hell down, it's most likely smartest to leave, or get him to leave, and cool off.

{ Hyper, Friendly, romantic, deffective }

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Image ImageImageDislikes
Crying | Darkness | Sarcasm | Rude People | German | Summer | Swimming | Chocolate | Drugs | Meat | Short Movies | Being Lost | Large Crowds | Dolphins | Junk Food | When Others are Sad | Loud Noises | Stress | When Others Cry | Fires | Bugs | Snakes | Popsicles | Violence | Bad Vibes | Death | Fighting | Seeing or being around sad people |

Born in Queens, New York, to a moderately normal family, Cj didn't have the best upbringing. He is, and always has been, a happy kid. When he was younger, he was lucky enough to have a mentor of sorts, aka an older neighbor, who took him under his wing, kept him out of trouble in his neighborhood, and taught him everything would be okay.

Cj's parents met in a bar the year Cj was born. Infact, it was on the night that they met that they "fell inlove" and conceived what would in nine months turn out to be Cj. And three years later, his sister. The young couple was poor, very poor, and settled for a small apartment on the corner near an elementary school in Queens. It was here that he grew up, learning to ride a bike down the side walk, learning basketball in the chain-linked hoops at the school, and growing accustomed to this independent type of life, even from a young age. Gang activity was prominent in this neighborhood, and it is likely that Cj would have been involved in some way or another, if it hadn't been for his neighbor, who was a member of a gang, infact the leading one of the city, and made sure he stayed safe.

But it turned out, gang activity would be the least of Cj's problems. His young, unprepared parents were stretched to their breaking point, his mother working three jobs just to put food on the table, and his father doing... well something. Because of their struggles and stress, Cj tried his best to be smart, do well in school, sports, and everything he did. However this was not enough for his father.

The first time his father hit him, Cj was 7. Small, weak, and definitely immature, Cj has been yelling about some show to Sadie. His father had repetitively told him to be quiet, but as kids often are, he was too hyper for it. His undiagnosed, at the time, ADHD probably didn't help with this. It was then that his father smacked him. Fast and hard, right across the face, CJ had never experienced anything remotely like that. His dad and him had always had a great relationship, and as he sat there and stared at his father in confusion, it was actually Sadie who cried first, scared for her brother. But the kids would learn to cope with this, as though this was the first time Cj was hit, it was no where near the last, with the frequency raising as years went on. Even after his father left, whenever he returned, for a night in a drunken haze, he was hit. But for some reason, it was not his father Cj grew to hate, but his mother.

On the other hand, Cj was a very involved kid. At school, he loved music class, and anything where he could commit himself to creating something, whether it was a beat, or a painting. He dazzled in the arts, and was also a very social kid. He was good in school, though never the sporty type.

The first year at camp, he loved it. In addition to getting away from his abusive home, he was able to pursue his passion in musical instruments. This was the reason he continued to come back, he loved the environment, and he loves it now, still.

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Francisco Lachowski

So begins...

Christian Jace Keller's Story

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time: 8:30pm
date: July 10th
weather: Clear Skies, Breezy
current event: Bi-weekly Bonfire

Often times, students will be up practicing and hanging out right until curfew, which is 11pm at this camp. However, twice a week they all come together for the bi-weekly bonfire, in which the campers hang out, roast hot dogs, kabobs, and marshmallows, and often times perform. It functions like a mini talent show of sorts, as students get up to sing or perform skits. There is often a few games of improv going, and in general everyone has fun. Attendance is mandatory, although some of the more tired or less extroverted students will often hide away in the back of the circle's rings, or sneak back to their cabin to occupy their time with something else.

Currently, the campers are eating and playing around with one another, the performances and improv games having not yet begun. As their camp is distanced from cities, the stars are clear to those who look up, dazzling against the night sky. It's a rather picturesque setting, really.

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CJ paused in his active circling around the camp fire, attempting to find an ideal food for him. The student director began to give a speech, and he popped down in a seat near him, slightly bumping the person next to him, but for the most part solely turning his attention to the speaker. He prepared to stand back up, when he saw Nora rise. At this, Cj positioned himself to be comfortable, anticipating a long speech from the young woman.

But he was wrong. She spoke only for a few seconds, in short and awkward sentences. Absorbing what she was saying, he thought of his progress so far with the play. It was good, more or less. He'd figured out many of the light shows and scene change set ups, but not everything. It was okay, he had time. As Nora finished, he joined in the applause, giving her a soft cat call and chuckling, standing back up. Cj saw her return to he seat near Mason, and decided he would make his way over there, however first and foremost, he was looking for food.

Spotting a bag of mini marshmallows, he moved closer to the fire, took them, then made his way back to the outside.

Tossing one in the air, he surprised himself by catching it in his mouth. He continued to do so as he made his way over to Mason, and out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Nora getting up with Chris. On a quick instinct, he tossed a few marshmallows, watching them bounce off Nora's face as she moved away.

Cj continued his way to Mason, shooting him a wide grin before tossing up, and successfully catching 6 marshmallows in his mouth.

"What's going on?"