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Natalia Wright

"The less you reveal, the more people can wonder."

0 · 1,426 views · located in Blackbox Manor, Lake Walney

a character in “Blackbox Manor”, as played by Slowbro


{ ""The less you reveal, the more people can wonder."" }

Natalia Wright

Nat, Talia


Sexual Orientation

Tech/Musical & Role
Musical || Catherine "Babe" Williams

Returnee || 3rd Year

â€ĸ Dancing || Dancing was something she was joined in when she was little, and loved it right away. She's been dancing for many years, making her quite skilled.
â€ĸ Guitar || Natalia is very musically inclined. Wanting to be able to play her favorite songs, she started teaching herself how to play the guitar by watching videos and buying practice books. Over the years, she's become pretty good at it.
â€ĸ Quick Minded || Gifted with a quick mind, Natalia is able to think on her feet in many situations. It especially comes in handy when acting, as there are many things that can go wrong while on stage, such as forgetting lines.
â€ĸ Honest || Natalia likes to tell the truth, whether it's good or bad. You can always trust her to be honest.

â€ĸ Stubborn || When Natalia sets her mind to something, she makes sure it happens no matter what. It's very hard to talk her out of things, and can make her irrational.
â€ĸ Honest || Honesty can be both a good and a bad thing. Sometimes, she tends to tell a harsh truth, things people don't want to hear, which can lead to negative consequences.
â€ĸ Horrible Cook || No matter how hard Natalia tries, she stays a good awful cook. Her food always turns out burnt and inedible. Just never let her near a kitchen.
â€ĸ Guarded/Distant || Since she doesn't share much about herself, people don't really get to know the real her that easily. She has many friends, but almost no close friends.

â€ĸ Heights || She cannot stand being at heights, whether its standing on a balcony or a rooftop or even sitting in a tree. She's absolutely terrified of being up high.
â€ĸ Being Alone || Natalia just doesn't like feeling alone. Sometimes, she could be surrounded by people and still feel alone. She fears that she'll live the rest of her life that way.
â€ĸ Vulnerability || Natalia isn't really comfortable with opening up and putting herself out there. She fears that being vulnerable opens herself up to pain, and give people a chance to hurt her.

{ Down to Earth, Honest, Compassionate, Guarded, Stubborn }

Natalia is a very practical person, who doesn't dwell in illusions or fantasies. She likes being genuine and simple. She's very easy to get along with, as anyone who meets her can tell. To her, actions do speak much kidder than words, and she likes to get things done rather than just talking about doing something. She is a person who is without pretense and is practical in her decision making and philosophy of life. She delves in reality rather than floating around in theory.

One thing you can always rely on Natalia to be is honest. No matter what, she will always tell you the truth, however hard it may be. She doesn't like the idea of deceiving someone by lying, and finds it better to be candid instead. She won't even hesitate to tell a harsh truth, though she doesn't mean to hurt feelings. In turn, she doesn't really like it when people lie to her either, and can usually tell when they are. Because she is so honest, Nat can come off as blunt sometimes.

Natalia doesn't show her affection as easily as others, but is still compassionate towards the people around her. It's actually quite rare for her to be open with affection, because it leaves her feeling open and vulnerable, something she hates doing.

Natalia is always guarded towards others. Her emotions are something she rarely discusses. She feels that talking about her feelings and telling others is a sign of weakness, and she doesn't like to trouble others with that kind of stuff. She hates feeling of being let down, and it's easier just to never let herself be open with anyone.

Natalia can also be really tenacious and strong-willed. She likes to get her way, and by any means possible, she usually always does. She makes up her mind about things and it's near impossible to talk her out of it.

Acting || Dancing || Guitar || Reading || Music || Rain || Storms || Nighttime || Spending time alone || Adventures || Chocolate || Fiction novels || Funny people || Intelligence || Sudoku || Hot showers || Old books || Traveling || Cute Sweaters || Sleeping || Hot Chocolate || Jokes || Stargazing || Watching Movies || Large Crowds || Flowers || Warm days || Big Cities || Stuffed animals || Spicy food || Watching Movies

Heights || Hot days || Her temper || Anything sour || Loneliness || Waking up early || Rollercoasters || High heels || Losing someone || Failure || Deception || Boredom || Being let down || Bees || Documentaries || Worrying || Bugs || Arrogance || Gossip || Messiness || Grape flavors || Cigarettes || Infomercials || Country music

Doesn't need to be very long, just give us an idea of why they are who they are.

[img]Gif[/img]Played By: slowbro
Dialogue Color: [color=# F04D4D]#F04D4D[/color]
Face Claim: Yvonne Strahovski

So begins...

Natalia Wright's Story

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time: 8:30pm
date: July 10th
weather: Clear Skies, Breezy
current event: Bi-weekly Bonfire

Often times, students will be up practicing and hanging out right until curfew, which is 11pm at this camp. However, twice a week they all come together for the bi-weekly bonfire, in which the campers hang out, roast hot dogs, kabobs, and marshmallows, and often times perform. It functions like a mini talent show of sorts, as students get up to sing or perform skits. There is often a few games of improv going, and in general everyone has fun. Attendance is mandatory, although some of the more tired or less extroverted students will often hide away in the back of the circle's rings, or sneak back to their cabin to occupy their time with something else.

Currently, the campers are eating and playing around with one another, the performances and improv games having not yet begun. As their camp is distanced from cities, the stars are clear to those who look up, dazzling against the night sky. It's a rather picturesque setting, really.