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Oliver Barlow

"Don't worry everyone- I'm here now." wip

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a character in “Blackbox Manor”, as played by YouKnow:P


{ "Not on the script? Well- uh, it was said better that way anyway." }

Oliver Nathaniel Barlow

Ollie and Barlow are the two most common, however, he has plenty of other β€œcutesy” nicknames girls like to call him.

Nineteen [19]

Sexual Orientation

Tech/Musical & Role
Musical – Sid Sorokin

Returnee [It’s Oliver’s fourth, and last, year attending Blackbox Manor.]


Comic Relief – Although Oliver, when needed, takes his acting fairly serious, he always seems to know when a good laugh is needed. Off and on stage he tends to be quite a goofball, liking to see others smile and have a good time. When someone is down, they can turn to Ollie and be assured a corny joke and a big bear hug. It’s odd to see him without a smile on his face and even more so strange to see the people around him neither laughing or smiling themselves.

Quick Learner - It's easy for Oliver to pick up on things fairly fast. Since a young age it has been one of his "talents," so to speak, that has helped him in a lot of different areas from school to acting. Once shown how to do something it doesn't take long for the young man to get the hang of it. Of course, he's not one to master things right off, grant you. He also has an aspiration to learn new things on the daily and tends to get excited when shown how to do something he doesn't already know.

Slow to Anger - It takes a lot to make Oliver mad. One would have to constantly, all through out the day, push his buttons to make him explode. When he messes up during a rehearsal, instead of getting mad, he usually just laughs at himself- laughs it off then moves on. It's a good quality to have. However, once he is nudged over that invisible line of restraint his anger is a little fierce. Ollie usually separates himself from others when this happens in fear of hurting someones' feelings.

Easily Distracted - It does not take much to get Oliver off subject. This, in itself, is a big flaw. It also can get quite annoying during rehearsal when everyone is wanting to get done and Ollie is thinking about what he's going to eat for dinner and keeps forgetting his lines. Women, also, seem to distract Oliver quite frequently. Beautiful women are indeed a weakness in his eyes.

Reckless - Oliver is reckless when it comes to his actions and his words sometimes. He doesn't really think before he chimes in and tends to say things one normally wouldn't (hence the reason, when he gets angry, he walks off). He, here and there, says things at the wrong time and it ends up dropping him into a heap of trouble. Serious moment? Ollie will crack an inappropriate joke. Although sometimes it is a good thing, a nice "mood lightener," other times it just makes things worse. In all actuality, Oliver needs to learn to hold his tongue. The young man also agrees to things before thinking them through. He doesn't back down from a bet or challenge, and he isn't afraid to try anything at least once. You now know who to call if you want to go skinny dipping.

Stubborn - Not one to take "no" for an answer, Oliver is an extremely stubborn fellow. When someone tells him he can't he likes to prove them wrong, sporting a gloating, dimpled grin all the while. He takes the term "bullheaded" to a whole new level.

x His name never being "known-" Never making it as an actor x
x Letting himself down x
x Not being able to prove his father wrong x
x Clowns [a fear he's most ashamed of] x

- He was adopted at the age of two.
- All throughout elementary school he had to go to speech therapy because he has a stuttering problem; he still stutters sometimes to this day, although he practices hard not to. That would be bad in front of a crowd, huh?



{ Friendly, Teasing, Stubborn, Self-critical, Genuine }
Ever since a young age people have seemed to be drawn to Oliver. He's a relatively friendly person and, according to his family, "never meets a stranger;" he radiates a warm, inviting feel that people just attach to like moths to flames. Honestly, he could talk to anyone about practically anything. He's very animated in speech and tends to use lavish hand movements when he converses with others- people have teased him over it on more than one occasion. Ollie likes to be in big groups of people and loves when the attention is on him. He could most definitely entertain a crowd for hours with his ridiculous, out there stories and corny jokes that seem to be endless. He doesn't get embarrassed easy and hasn't experienced "stage fright" since a very young age when he first started acting. If you need someone to talk to or just want company, Oliver is most definitely your guy. He doesn't exactly like to be alone himself and takes it upon himself to leech onto others for companionship whether they want him around or not. Ollie, along with joking, has the tendency to tease people quite frequently. Naturally, he is a big flirt and taunting people, especially those of the opposite sex, doesn't require much thought on his end. It's all in good fun and he knows when to settle down and stop- Okay, maybe after he receives a sinister glare and a "go to hell" look.

He's bullheaded in more than one way. When he was younger he would go against anything his father would tell him. "Go to your room!" Oliver would then walk to the door that led into his room and sit there, not going actually in the room. "Don't you dare touch that dog again!" Ollie would then let his hand hover over the dog and proceed to tell his father, "I'm not touching him." This, if you couldn't guess, got him in a lot of trouble over the years, especially as a child. He has a bad habit of thinking his way is the right way and doesn't pay much mind to other peoples' ideas on how to go about something. Of course, that is until his idea doesn't work after the fifth or sixth time. Then again, Oliver is so pigheaded he would never admit he was actually wrong and agree to trying someone else's way. Don't let him fool you- Oliver is a lot harder on himself than he lets on. Constantly being told he would never amount to anything has wore on the young man over the years. He always pushes himself a little too much and every time he makes a mistake he punishes himself in one way or another. Stupid, worthless and disgraceful are forever imprinted in his mind. He doesn't expect anything less of "perfection" when it comes to his acting, although by the way he goofs off one would not guess this. How well of an actor are you when you're constantly portraying a role?

Despite everything, Ollie is a genuine guy. He cares about the well-being of others and puts most before himself. In the past when a friend's been sick he's been known to bring them medicine and stay by their side, despite putting himself in the way of catching whatever illness it may be. He likes knowing others are happy and if someone is upset or looks stressed he usually jokes around with them until they at least crack a smile. Oliver is, sometimes, overbearing when it comes to worrying about others. He asks daily how people are doing, and no he doesn't just ask out of habit. He actually cares, which might be a rare thing in today's times. None-the-less, he does. Like many, he has his faults and things he needs to work on, but is an all around, down to earth guy. Take him or leave him.


Burgers || Broadway || Jokes || Groups || Surfing | Dogs || The Beach || Parties || Acting || Music || Sweet tarts || Theatre || Laughter || Summer Months [warm weather in general] || Goofing Off || Conversation || Feeling Wanted or Needed || Compliments || Flirting & Teasing || Home Cooking || Swimming || Video Games || Working Out || Smiles || Camping || Energy Drinks || Action Movies [he's a sap for romantic comedies, but he wouldn't dare tell a soul] || Dancing [although mainly when goofing off, however, he's good at ballroom and other formal dance thanks to his grandmother] || Light Colored Eyes || Stories [especially legends] || Physical Contact || Winning/Being Right || Lead Roles || Women || Comic Books

Harsh Criticism || Sticklers || Animal Abuse || Carrots || Cats [only because he's allergic] || Clowns || Circuses [because the previous] || Stuttering || Abandonment || Small Spaces || Losing/Being Proved Wrong || Coffee || Tears || Death || Licorice || Elevator Music || Bullying || Arguments || Fighting in General || Snow || Socks || Being Told "He Can't" || Judgmental People || Lawn Gnomes || Snails || Pennies || Men Who Hit Women || Burnt Food

Doesn't need to be very long, just give us an idea of why they are who they are.

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Heh- I'll get back to you on this. ^^

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Marlon Teixeira

So begins...

Oliver Barlow's Story

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time: 8:30pm
date: July 10th
weather: Clear Skies, Breezy
current event: Bi-weekly Bonfire

Often times, students will be up practicing and hanging out right until curfew, which is 11pm at this camp. However, twice a week they all come together for the bi-weekly bonfire, in which the campers hang out, roast hot dogs, kabobs, and marshmallows, and often times perform. It functions like a mini talent show of sorts, as students get up to sing or perform skits. There is often a few games of improv going, and in general everyone has fun. Attendance is mandatory, although some of the more tired or less extroverted students will often hide away in the back of the circle's rings, or sneak back to their cabin to occupy their time with something else.

Currently, the campers are eating and playing around with one another, the performances and improv games having not yet begun. As their camp is distanced from cities, the stars are clear to those who look up, dazzling against the night sky. It's a rather picturesque setting, really.

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#, as written by Dumisa

Scott McCloud


Scott sat down beside the fire and was handed a stick and a few marshmallows by a fellow camper. He thanked them as they scurried away. His eyes then proceeded to look up at the student director, who gave the same speech at every bonfire occasion. With an eye roll, he saw that Nora had rose up from her seated position, which almost caused him to smile a little bit. His eyes were locked on her especially when she started to talk about the musical and how it was going.

"Dude, your marshmallows are burning." Someone whispered to him as he shushed them and continued one listening to Nora. Scott applauded when Nora was done speaking, hell even gave her a standing ovation but he realized he was the only one standing, he immediately sat back down and heard a few campers laugh here and there. His eyes flashed over towards Mason, who was talking to Chris and Nora then back at his already burnt marshmallows. "I tried to tell ya', man." The camper said while getting up and leaving Scott's side.

While continuously sitting there, he wondered who flag was going to get taken first. He also wondered where his cabin mate, Oliver was. Scott shook his head then stood up and made a small trek over to Nora, Chris and Mason. "Hello there, my fellow camp mates." He greeted them while wrapping his arms around them all. "Tonight is a great night, huh? Question, what are you guys for the mini talent show?" Scott asked them then turned towards Mason. "Are you going to do what you do every year and bore us to death?" He mockingly yawned, leaned back and fell off of the log, laughing while standing back up.

"Of course, I am dancing since I got some serious moves. Plus, dancing is what I love to do." Scott did a few dance moves to show off his skills then sits back down with them. He was usually known as the jokester of the group and he knew that Mason wasn't going to take his joke seriously, given their long history with one another.

Scott felt good being back at camp since he loved the laid back atmosphere that it had about it - Except when Nora be barking orders at them during rehearsal but hey, she liked it then he loved it. His eyes wondered around the bonfire one more time, searching for his cabin mate again. His eyes averted to Chris and Nora as he leaned in towards them. "Well, ladies, I must be off to practice my moves for the show. Ta-ta, for now." With that being said, Scott jumped up off the log and went back to his cabin to change outfits and also practice his dance moves.