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Judd Santos-Malone

"Patience is a virtue."

0 · 75 views · located in Fort Blackburn

a character in “Blackburn”, as played by Hammocker


The city's vigilante guardians.


Real Name: Judd Cezar Santos-Malone

Nickname/Codename/Alias: Formerly Dart

Allegiance: Currently independent, but maintaining connections with The Mavericks.

Gender: Male

Age: 48

Appearance: Judd is a broad and solid man, standing at about 6' 1". His face is squarish in its overall shape and well-defined. His eyes are brown and fairly large as are his lips, and his cheeks are full, if somewhat angular. He has tan skin and short chocolate brown hair.

Personality: Judd is outgoing and amiable, often to a fault. He takes genuine interest in the lives of others, and makes an effort to make himself a comfortable presence to even complete strangers. There are only a few people Judd has ever met who he has not at least tried to like. His sense of altruism once led him to vigilantism, but now primarily manifests itself in a sense of hospitality and a honed paternal instinct. Judd is highly emotionally intelligent, and will usually act on his emotional instinct rather than his logical thought process. Though no longer with the Mavericks, he maintains a close relationship with several of the organization's newer recruits and does what he can to aid them in their goals.

Personal History: Judd was born in Pineland, a small city in Sabine County, Texas to a caucasian mother and a Brazilian father. While he struggled in school, understanding concepts at a slower pace than his peers, he easily made friends among his class. Around age eight, he picked up on his love for making food after an incident in which he made pancakes out of gelatin. From then on, much of his spare time not spent with friends was spent in the kitchen with his mother, and later by himself. Though he rarely saw his father as his work frequently called him away from home, Judd formed a close bond with his mother that remains to this day.

While he knew that he could take care of himself through natural strength alone, Judd started taking Capoeira classes around age 15. Judd found that he picked up the skill easily, to the point that he wondered if he could use it to the benefit of more people than just himself. At the time, however, he was unwilling to make use of his skill in Capoeira outside of ranked contests and self defense.

Judd left home to go off to Louisiana for his four years of college, keeping up with practicing his martial arts and staying in shape while also exponentially improving his skill in cooking. He earned a major in culinary arts and a minor in chemistry. Once he graduated, Judd returned to Pineland briefly before heading to Fort Blackburn, seeing the city as an opportunity to fulfill his hopes of owning his own restaurant.

Now living on his own with a job in the kitchen of a local restaurant, Judd finally decided to use his skill in Capoiera for the benefit of others by taking action against the crime in his city. He joined the Mavericks and proved to be a valuable asset not just for his martial arts, but also for his ability to boost morale through his kindly disposition.

Judd left the Mavericks around the time he was 30 to focus more on his career and the process of adopting a child. Showing himself to be a capable father proved to be too trying and too time-consuming to a task to keep his vigilante responsibilities. Often Judd feared that his vigilante work might discovered by the agency he was working with thus preventing him from completing the process. Fortunately, his fears were never realized, and finally, three years after beginning the process, Judd received his then two year old daughter, Dawn Shanice Malone.

Nine years after adopting Dawn, Judd came across a teenage boy wandering the streets. After taking him in and feeding him, Judd decided to adopt the boy, whose name turned out to be Alex Sanderson, permanently. A brief custody battle with the state later, Alex was placed in Judd's care.

Judd currently owns the Cachaça Cafe, a small restaurant in northeast Blackburn, and generally can be found managing its kitchen. The Cachaça has been through some rough spots in the past, but has taken up a good reputation in no small part because of Judd's continuous working toward a welcoming atmosphere and consistently exceptional service.

Powers, Weapons, Ect.: Judd is a practiced user of the martial art Capoeira and still occasionally meets with other capoeiristas to spar. Considerable upper and lower body strength as well as excellent flexibility for someone of his age. A certified and experienced chef, Judd is more than capable managing a kitchen and has a vast knowledge of the preparation of food. Fluent in Portuguese in addition to English.

Weaknesses: Past his prime, Judd is neither as flexible nor as energetic as he once was. His stamina has dwindled over the years, and while he can still put up a fight, Judd can no longer handle prolonged combat nor taking on multiple attackers at a time. Judd will do anything to protect his daughter, a trait that is normally well-placed, but could potentially be abused by a less-than-well-meaning party if discovered.

Any additional information we should know: Judd speaks with a slight Texas accent.

So begins...

Judd Santos-Malone's Story