Vexillarius Immundus

"Can't hit what you can't catch"

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a character in “Blackburn”, as played by Mosswine Leader


Real Name: Birth name: Mikayla Bennet/ Legal name change: Vexillarius Immundus

Nickname/Codename/Alias: The Untouchable

Allegiance: Tigers

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Appearance: Vex is a little fireball of a woman. Standing at 5'6" and weighing 134 lbs, she's lean, but clearly packing muscle. She keeps her wild raven hair composed into a spiky cockatiel's crest to make her seem taller, though she really doesn't need to bother. Giving off an aura of danger, Vex's normal posture is a predatory one, always at the ready to rumble. She usually wears loose workout pants, high top sneakers, aviators and a t-shirt emblazoned with logos for games she enjoys.

Personality: Confident, but not unreasonably so. Vex believes that might makes right, but oppressing the weak doesn't do anything except stroke your own ego, therefore she only shows her aggressive side to those she believes are worthy opponents.

She enjoys things that make her feel sophisticated, such as historical poems and classical or swing music. Of course she has her base pleasures as well, such as being an avid fan of wrestling and video games, both of which she partakes in regularly.

Personal History: Daughter to a famous professional wrestler, Mikayla spent a lot of her childhood days watching her father's exploits in the ring, always dreaming of being a bigshot like him. She got into a lot of trouble at school for using his moves on the other children, though somehow she managed to avoid being punished. Maybe the teachers were secretly afraid of her, or maybe it was her father that frightened them, but they never seemed to carry out their threats of punishment.

In the ring, her dad styled himself as Los Tiburon, shark of the land. He wasn't the biggest in his weight class, but he used that to his advantage and preferred speed over strength when it came to dealing with his opponents. At home, Markos Bennet was a doting father who cared for all three of his children equally. A calm, reserved man who did his best to raise his children properly.

Mikayla, however, had a fire in her that he couldn't extinguish, no matter how hard he tried. She trained with him, idolized him, strove to become him. What could he do? He gave in, showing his youngest the tricks of the trade. If she was going to do it anyways, she needed to know how to do it properly.

Her school life wasn't anything spectacular, though she did manage to become one of the more popular girls in school due to her takes-no-shit attitude and physique. Her dad being a famous wrestler that many of the jocks liked to watch certainly helped. When she graduated, however, Mikayla knew what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to be in the ring, just like her dad. Until that fateful day, of course. A freak accident during a match left her father paralyzed from the waist down, ending his career in a spectacular explosion of glory. He won the match, for all it was worth.

Convinced that there was more at play than a simple accident, however, Mikayla began to search for answers. She found out that his opponent had been paid by some small time gang to throw the fight and injure her father, something that drove her to a frothing rage. That night, she killed five men and ended up serving time in prison, though the judge ruled her guilty of a crime of passion and gave her a half sentence with good behavior.

When she got out, the shame of having dishonored her dad drove Mikayla to cut ties with her family. She contacted a member of the Tigers who she'd met in prison and accepted his offer to get her in. By that time she was aware of her ability, and though she could never be a pro wrestler, she could do it in underground rings for the Tigers. She got her name changed, styling herself as a sophisticated fighter, though her style was anything but. She made a name for herself with her usage of traditional wrestling moves, some capoeria she picked up from a friend, and dirty boxing.

Now she runs the Tiger's fighting rings, as well as heads their legbreaker wing.

Powers, Weapons, Ect.: Inhuman Agility: Can perform feats of acrobatic prowess beyond the capability of normal humans, including things like wall running, triangle jumping, double jumping, and incredibly fast sprints. Her ability to accelerate also makes her a fearsome combatant as she can move quicker than most have time to process.

Weaknesses: Hyperfast metabolism necessitates enormous caloric intake. If Vex doesn't get enough calories in a given day, her body will begin to consume itself to fuel her. She needs at least 6000 calories a day, and 8000 if she exerts herself. She can also overheat or burn herself on air friction if she moves too fast, as well as shatter her bones on impacts.

Any additional information we should know: Not at this time

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