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"I fight for the trees and the birds, but more for my Goddess."

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a character in “Blackened Coast”, as played by Shadow44499


Full Name: As'Dorlyth Gundaran

Age: 497 years old

Apparent Gender: Male

Race: Spire

Class: Paladin

Physical Description: On a whole he looks like a tree... Though there is much more to that, a mess of what looks to be tangled roots and wood with a few branches, is a living being. As a wood spire his main features are treelike. He stands about 9'7" in height on the taller end even for his kind, and weighs around 700 pounds. His shoulders and broad and set apart, made of thick what seems to be ash wood. His arms seem to be solid as well, leading down into his root-like hands which have five digits each varied in size. Smaller roots twist in and out of small cracks in the firm skin-wood. His chest is heavy, almost hallow looking, at points, its composed of many roots of various shapes and sizes twining together to form the mass he calls a torso. I slowly curves down into what seems to shaped as a waist and becomes more and more hallow as it reaches the groin. Then come his legs. Which are almost all together solid excluding a few holes, notches, and damaged sections. His coloration, as stated earlier is that of an Ash tree, a dark, reddish brown. His head is solid and in the exact shape of a oval human's minus the ears and nose. When his eyes are opened completely they look like deep, blue gemstones and his mouth has defined carvings about it. However, in most cases he wears a set of Tin armor, looking like that of plate armor. The crest of Vera, scales and a tree are adorned on it as well a small emerald in the middle of the scales. The armor seems to be disguised to look as if it were stone, allowing him to hide among earth when needed. These plates cover all but his head. Underneath said plates are leather pads to protect from the elements that his kind are weak to.

Personality: As'Dorlyth's first and most obvious trait is his faith. As a "man" of the Temple of Vera for nearly 300 years he has developed a heavy, strong, nearly steel-hard faith in his deity that he carries in any situation. He prays four to seven times a day and always bears some sigil of his Goddess upon him at all times. It has given him the will to carry on when he has watched many friends perish and suffer with time. The Spire, due to his long life is very patient, willing to stand in place for hours, even days if needed. This gives him an edge of brash, firey foes who rush head on into things. Though seeming slow he generally is just thinking things through, he is both wise and calculating, measuring everything before doing anything. The Spire is also very loyal to those he bonds to, rarely leaving their sides and defending them with each ounce of his being. This trait also makes him incredibly friendly, due to years in the Temple he tries to befriend most he sees and meets, though it leads to hardship. Lesser traits involving this are kindness, compassion, and most of all the ability to give freely. But he has his rougher side, he scans personalities quietly and deeply, learning every ounce of evil in one and weighing it with their good. This helps make him carry on the duties of his deity.

In terms of his likes and dislikes... He enjoys a strong, sense of law, trees, nature, and he has a kindness towards birds in particular. Always interested in them. Really being so every optimistic he has no dislikes other than Chaos, fire, demons, defilers and anything that stands against his religious codes.

Equipment: Other than the armor stated in the past. The Spire bears a massive Halberd, specially forged for his size. The weapon was infused with silver to make it pure and help carry out religious duties. On the blade of the axe head, Vera's symbol is again inscribed upon it. The shaft is adorned with bronze and made of polished Birch. Giving it a rich, but ancient look. He also always carries the Scripts of Vera in a pouch on his side. Around his waist is a belt which carries said pouch among multiple others, baring personal items, potions, food supplies, a divine spellbook.

History: As'Dolyth's history is a long one.. Seeing as he is nearly five hundred years old. The first thing he can remember was wandering from place to place aimlessly, talking among the trees and wildlife to himself. But one day he chanced upon a human mistress, the two become fast friends. Sharing stories and ideals. She taught him their language, one he picked up quickly and he taught her his. She, herself, was a Paladin of Vera and she brought him to her Temple. He served her as a Squire, harnessing his natural talents. Growing strong, fast, and powerful. Always declining Knighthood to follow her about, his bond, unbreakable for her. However, she was aging, and being only a human. It seemed only like a small amount of time to him. She soon passed away, and he was left, heartbroken, alone, and even scared. However, he clung to his faith and finally accepted Knighthood. As a full Paladin he began travailing, training a squire himself. That Squire also passed in his life time and he again was alone, but less heartbroken due to his conviction. After decades of wandering a blight fell upon the land and he was selected as part of a last season's group to explore its causes. He relished the chance, however, it ended up being more than he could bargain for.

So begins...

As'Dorlyth's Story