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Blackened Wings

Blackened Wings


What's the point of being a powerful angel if you're chained by the bounds of His word alone? It's time to live a little, take a deep breath, and prepare for the fall...

815 readers have visited Blackened Wings since XxEvanescentMoonxX created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


"You, celestial being, have been created to be an angel of the Lord."
—The inner "programming" of an angel


"Perfect... Like a marble statue. Cold... no choice... only obedience."

Even Angels Fall

As warriors of God, Angels are extremely powerful beings in the supernatural world. Their true spiritual forms or visages prove overwhelming to most mortals, however, some special people can view their true visages without suffering lasting effects; demons also can't look at them in their true form without damaging their host. Although not physically seen, an angel's true form has been seen as a brilliant white light; respectively, angels do have swan-like wings. It was once thought out that they held no emotions whatsoever. Yet, to be more accurate, angels are very much capable of human emotions, rather the majority of them choose not to show emotion as emotions are considered doorways to doubt as well as a weakness, and they are not permitted to display emotions for the same reasons.

The Seraphim are a whole other type of Angelic being, who ranks higher than angels and Cupids. The Seraphim report to the Archangels. They can be killed by regular Angel blades, but for some reason, they don't tend to carry their own blades. Like the Archangels, their powers are imbued within them and if they Fall or become cut off from Heaven, they don't lose any of their powers.The three Seraphs, as close to each other as brothers have been ordered to watch over earth for centuries, and all was well...

Until they themselves, fell...

Tired of being denied the privilege of protecting those on the surface (because of "interference"), of the constant and unending war in Heaven, and out of the desire to experience life as a human, or close to it, four angels left Heaven, forsaking their home, brethren, Grace, and God Himself to protect the surface world. The one thing that has turned both Heaven and Hell upside down, fighting over it basically. Being Seraphs, their powers remained intact, and after manifesting within their respective human vessels, for ten years they have lived amongst humans, not only observing them, but also protecting them from their unseen dangers, nameless & alone.

Even Angels Kill

Wandering through the world with no home, no brethren but their own, they, now known as the Fallen Seraphim, hunt evil in all shapes & forms. Retaining their original powers, and abilities they slay their enemies, the sinful, the damned, those who choose to stride away from good, any who are corrupted beyond repair, decimating them, sending them to their rightful places. Still choosing to play their Heavenly Knight roles, having not lost their "moral" codes, and choosing still to protect the innocents. For soon, what has been prophesied will certainly come to be.

Even Angels Love

Having left Heaven of their own accord, the Fallen Seraphim live out their days alone, adjusting to how humans behave and interact with one another, whilst also developing a sense of belonging, adapting to a normal life, whilst protecting their human comrades in secrecy. They never gave love a second thought. Until now. Forsaken and outcast by their own families, four humans (all which have revealed with their auras alone to be more than normal beings) are being hunted relentlessly by demons, wanting their souls and their powers for themselves. After being saved and sheltered by the Fallen, all eight of them begin a journey they do not understand, and never thought possible.

The Fallen

Fallen Angels are angels who either were banished from Heaven, or who voluntarily left. They look no different than normal angels (as they're not another race of angel), but sometimes affects their abilities, depending on the rank of angel. For example, a fallen Seraph, retains all of his powers, whereas when a lower rank angel is fallen, they lose a great deal of his power. However, a Fallen Angel's blood can potentially be used in the Anti-Leviathan killing weapon. Known banished angels are the Three Seraphs.

Powers and Abilities

Seraphs innately possess all the standard powers and abilities of normal, low-tier Angels, only at a higher level. And, unlike other Angels, their powers operate independently of Heaven.

Angelic possession - The Seraphim of Heaven require vessels to manifest physically on Earth, and, like all Angels, they must bear their consent.

Immortality - Seraphs, like all Angels, by nature, can't die by any natural means of death. They are impervious to bullets, knives, bombs, and any other conventional human ways of killing.

Superhuman Stamina - Seraphs never tire or get fatigued. As such, they do not require food, sleep, or oxygen.

Teleportation - Seraphs can teleport to one place to another instantly.

Super Strength - They're extremely strong. They can lift at least 2,000 pounds. They can overpower and destroy any level of Black-Eyed demons and Crossroad demons. Any monster, as well as Alphas. They can also overpower other, low-tier angels, but are completely inferior against Archangels. Seraphs are also strong enough to fight two Leviathans for at least a short time when other angels are easily overpowered by them.

Biokinesis - Seraphs manipulate or influence a mortal's body, like can inflict pain down to the molecular level, like causing internal bleeding, removal of lungs, and hemorrhages.

Telepathy - They can easily read the minds of humans, and lower Angels, such as cupids.

Advanced Pyrokinesis - Seraphs can generate and manipulate fire.

Advanced Healing - They can heal others from severe wounds and diseases and even monster infections with ease. However, some things are beyond their power to heal if a person is injured in a subatomic level from his trials, it is beyond their power to fix.

Resurrection - They can lift the deceased from death, as one of them brought Adam back to life, and another brought Bobby Singer back.

Invisibility - Seraphs can become invisible to humans.

Advanced Killing Touch - By placing a palm on an opponents head (demon or whatever) the entity within is destroyed.

Regeneration - If their vessel is in some way injured, they can regenerate very quickly, though wounds caused by angel weapons take longer. They are immune to Earthly diseases.

Advanced Chronokinesis - Seraphs can travel through time, with greater ease than lower angels, and they are also able to send others either forward or backwards through time, with the same ease. They can send others through time without having to travel with them as well.

Reality Warping - Seraphs possess low level reality warping abilities.

Mental Manipulation - Seraphs can manipulate, erase or restore a person's perceptions and memories of events. They can even enter a person's mind and bring others inside that mental world, but require physical contact with both people to do so.

Soul Reading/Channeling - One seraph has shown the ability to read a person's soul to check the marker another angel had left there, see if there is a soul there and check the state of the soul. He has also displayed the ability to channel power from a human soul, though this had to be done very gingerly and could result in the death of the human if done wrong.

Power Removal - Seraphs are capable of removing powers from empowered humans, however, it can leave them mentally damaged to do so and is very painful to the individual losing the power.


Angel blade - Upon obtaining it (if someone other than an angel has one) when this dagger-like weapon kills an angel, intense light explodes from the vessel, leaving that body withered. This weapon is considerably powerful as it is one of the few weapons that can kill angels.

Angel-Banishing Sigil - When activated, such a mark can temporarily banish Seraphim.

Archangels - As angelic beings found on the highest echelon of the heavenly host, archangels can easily overpower Seraphs.

Leviathan - Being older than angels in general, Leviathans are able to overpower Seraphim, though they are capable of better holding their own against the Old Ones.

Common Angelic Weaknesses - They are vulnerable to Holy Oil, Heaven's weapons, etc.


"Most precious and best of all His creations."

The four humans in this story all have a distinct ability. They are able to detect, and perceive, the presence of demons, and see through their vessels, whereas most humans are completely oblivious to them. They possess high levels of "spiritual energies" thus making them instant demon-magnets. Because of this, most of society shuns them for being lunatics, seeing hallucinations, that type of thing. Still only teenagers, they live on their own, either in one place, or on the move. They have no type of supernatural powers besides their gift of Premonitions. The Celestial creations of God and all Supernatural entities alike refer to them as the Watchers. Also they can be used as vessels depending on which creature attempts to possess them, however they aren't like normal people and as such have the will to "fight" against whoever tries to manipulate them. They are beyond what they seem and each one plays an important role yet to be discovered as time moves on.


"You're just spirits. Twisted, perverted, evil spirits. But, end of the day, you're nothing but ghosts with an ego."

Demons are the result of human souls going to Hell and being tortured until no humanity is left in them, thus turning into demons - dark, malicious spirits that revel in pain, chaos, and death. Most demons forget what it means to be human. Some have even forgotten that they were once human. In general, demons engage in torture and destruction because it is fun or to avoid being tortured themselves. Some demons, however, are true believers in Lucifer's agenda to "cleanse" Earth, and actually consider themselves morally superior to humans.


"They don't want anything, just death and destruction for its own sake."[center]

Once a soul becomes a demon, it gains the basic demonic powers (possessing, superhuman strength, etc.) and from there, it can work its way up the ladder to positions of greater authority and power within Hell (possibly by torturing other souls). Some demons are sent back to Earth to accomplish certain tasks, such as causing disasters, spreading diseases, assassinating Hunters, or manipulating people into committing crimes that will get them sent to Hell. To do this, they have to take a host or "meat suit" in order to physically exist.

There are many ways of becoming a demon, from making a deal with a Crossroad Demon, to being a witch, and making a deal with another demon. They manifest on Earth in the form of a long, slender cloud of black smoke. They may also "possess" any human to their choosing, unlike angels that require permission before entering a human and using it as a vessel, demons have the upper advantage to that they have no need to ask. They enter at will. They, just like angels or any other celestial being cannot be "killed" by any mortal means.

When they possess humans, they usually enter through their mouths. On one occasion, a demon entered a human via the eyes. Possessed humans often look exactly the same as they did before possession, the only noticeable change being that their eyes will sometimes change color (black, red, white, grey, or yellow depending on the demon possessing them). Demon possession also causes a chemical change in the circulatory system of the host; demon blood is known to be a unique serum and has certain attributes when ingested. Whenever they use their powers, they leave a trace of sulfur in the form of yellow dust. Angels and other supernatural beings can see the true faces of demons underneath their vessels.

Often under possession the human begins speaking and acting like the demon would. Upon exorcism the human - if they survived - retains no memory of their time during possession (Unless they have been "awake" during possession, in which case the time of possession is a nightmare for them). The possessed humans also gain the powers of whichever demon is possessing them. Unlike angels, whose possession of a human vessel has to be with the vessel's consent, demons forcibly possess humans without any deal at all. People suffering from stress, fear or panic can be vulnerable to demonic possession. Demons abhor the name of God (which in Latin is Dio or Deus).

Demons have no quarrel with killing or torturing their own kind to achieve their goals. High ranking demons will casually sacrifice their underlings without hesitation. At the same time, though, some demons forge bonds with their siblings.

[center]Powers and Abilities

After their spiritual decay is complete, demons develop supernatural abilities. It is unknown how demons' powers increase, as Crowley was far more powerful than Meg and Ruby, although he is hundreds of years younger.

Low-Level Powers
These abilities are possessed by all demons.

Demonic Possession - Like angels, demons require a human vessel or "meat suit" to travel on Earth. Unlike angels, they do not need a person's consent. Also, unlike angels, demons can possess corpses. It is easier to take control of people who are in states of heightened emotions or fear. This ability can be thwarted by Anti-possession tattoos. Also under certain circumstances, the person being possessed can regain control if his or her will is strong enough.
Electromagnetic Interference - Demons, like spirits, often disrupt nearby electronics with their presence.

Sulfur Creation - Often when a demon has used its powers to kill a human, they leave a trace of sulfur on the victim's body or near the space around the victim. This can give away the demon's presence, indicating to hunters that they are hunting a demon. Very powerful demons seem to excreat more sulphur, as evidence when Azazel kidnapped Sam.

Flight - Only when in their natural forms.

Immortality - Demons have an indefinitely long lifespan and an arrested aging process.

Invulnerability - Injuries that would be fatal to humans, such as broken necks or gunshot wounds, have very little - if any - effect on demons. They can only be killed by special weapons or rituals. Unlike angels they don't heal their vessels. If the "meatsuit" receives too much damage they simply find another human to possess, leaving their former vessel to die.

Super stamina - Demons never tire, and do not require food, water, oxygen, or sleep to sustain themselves. Sam states that they also do not get hot or cold.

Super strength - Demons possess superior physical strength compared to that of humans; capable of physically overpowering humans and most monsters. Once, a demon (the Phantom Traveler demon) ripped open an airplane hatch with over 2 tons of pressure at over 1,000 feet above the ground. The higher ranking the demon, the stronger it is. The highest ranking demons can overpower low-level angels.

Supernatural Perception - Demons are able to see hidden supernatural activity and beings, such as Reapers, ghosts, and Hellhounds.

Supernatural Senses - Demons have an enhanced sense of smell and taste, demonstrated as Crowley could identify Castiel was in Dean's Impala and that he and Raphael had been using dog's blood.

Telekinesis - Demons can move or suspend objects and other beings with their minds. Higher ranking demons can use this ability to kill people by snapping their necks.

Mid-Level Powers

Used by some (mostly upper and some mid-tier), but not all, black-eyed demons, as well as higher-ranking demons.

Biokinesis - Some demons can manipulate the biology of other beings. Azazel, for example, was able to torture Dean by causing him to hemorrhage. Meg was also able to cause Crowley to cough up blood in a similar manner. Tammi stopped Elizabeth's heart with a wave of her hand and Abaddon caused people to bleed from their eyes. Crowley was even able to cause a girl to explode by snapping his fingers.

Electrokinesis - Displayed by Azazel and Crowley. They could manipulate electronic equipment to their will. Also the demon possessing Isaac's corpse was able to switch on an old radio.

Invisibility - Some Demons can become invisible to humans.

Pyrokinesis - Some Demons can generate and manipulate fire. Azazel, Abaddon and (probably) Brady have demonstrated this ability. Crowley can also manipulate fire; he extinguished a Holy Fire circle by snapping his fingers, and also pretended to set himself on fire.

Soul Reading - Some Demons, particularly Crossroad Demons, can assess the condition of one's soul.

Spell Casting - Some Demons can practice witchcraft, much like witches, like altering the range/space they occupy. Other demons are adept in Enochian magic which they use to protect themselves from Angels. Alastair knew of a spell that could allow him to banish an angel back to Heaven.

Teleportation - Some Demons can travel from one place to another instantly, without occupying the space in between.

Terrakinesis - Limited; Some Demons can create small earthquakes. This was once used to destroy a Devil's Trap drawn by Kevin Tran. (We Need To Talk About Kevin)

Thermokinesis - Crowley once caused Ruby's Knife to burn red hot by snapping his fingers, forcing Dean to drop it. (We Need To Talk About Kevin)

High-Level Powers

Knights of Hell, Multicolored, White-Eyed demons, and Azazel are the only ones to use these powers. They also possess all the previous abilities at enhanced levels and are incredibly strong. Lilith, Alastair and presumably Azazel, are powerful enough to fight and even overpower angels who rank low on the celestial chain of command. They will still flee when confronted by Archangels though.

Access to/from Hell - High ranking demons such as Azazel, Alastair, and Crowley can easily teleport themselves back and forth between Earth and Hell, without the need for any complex summoning ritual or assistance.

Dream Walking - Displayed by Azazel only on the special children. He could enter and control the dreams of his targets.

Enhanced Immunity - As a general rule, the more powerful the demon, the more resistant they are to harm and common anti-demon methods such as salt and Holy Water. High ranking demons like Alastair and Abaddon are immune to the Killing Touch of normal Angels and the Demon killing knife.

Memory Manipulation - Displayed by Abaddon and Azazel. Abaddon was able to read the memories of individuals and Azazel was able to erase Dean's memory of his conversation with Tessa. (In My Time of Dying)

Summoning - Displayed by Samhain. He could summon and control various monsters, ghosts and zombies.

Weather Manipulation - Displayed by Azazel and Abaddon. Azazel caused lightning storms, and sudden gusts of wind with his mere presence and Abaddon's scream could also cause lightning and storms.

White Light - Used by Lilith (Jus In Bello, No Rest for the Wicked) and Samhain (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester). High ranking demons can use this to generate massive amounts of destructive energy that can obliterate large areas.

Healing - Used by Crowley, he is the only demon who has shown the ability to heal others out of the context of a deal, albeit a small wound. (All Dogs Go To Heaven)

Special PowersEdit

These powers can generally only be accessed in the context of a Faustian Deal, however whichever Demon is the King of Hell, can resurrect and warp reality without these, and very high-ranking demons can, too.

Healing - In the context of a deal, crossroads demons can heal themselves and others of any wound. Azazel, Crowley and Alastair could also do this.

Reality Warping - Crossroads demons, and a few other Demons can grant humans a wish in exchange for their souls. It is worth noting that Azazel did not need to take souls, and could grant wishes from his own power, which he did in exchange for permission to enter the homes of special children, on their 6-month birthday.

Resurrection- One of the wishes demons can grant is the resurrection of a loved one. Crowley claims that, since he is now the king of Hell, he is strong enough to resurrect anybody in his care without a deal. Azazel also displayed resurrecting, the young John Winchester after he killed him, he couldn't however resurrect Dean (possibly because he hadn't crossed over yet)- instead, he possessed a Reaper, who he used to do it for him.


Harming or trapping Demons

[font=candara]Devil's Trap - A Devil's Trap will hold a demon in place and prevent its escape. The Trap will also prevent low-level demons from using their powers. It also locks a demon inside its host unless it is exorcised. For some reason, a demon inside a trap is usually unable to do anything to damage the integrity of the circle, which would allow its escape.

Salt - Demons are unable to cross a line of salt and can do very little to damage the line at all. They can't even open doors lined with salt if opening it would break the line. Salt can also be used to torture demons by making them ingest it or by injecting them with salt-water. It can also be put into shotgun rounds to hurt and knock back demons. However higher-tiered demons are unaffected by rock-salt.

Holy Water - Holy Water burns demons that come into contact with it, like acid. It proved ineffective against high-tier demons.

Iron - A demon can't touch iron without its skin burning or cross it if it is used to erect a barrier, much like salt. Except higher-ranked demons.

Palo Santo - Basically a wooden, hybridized version of salt and holy water. When a demon is stabbed with it, it causes the wound to smoke and painfully pins the demon to a single spot, immobilizing them long enough to perform an exorcism. Palo Santo isn't commonly used by many hunters due to the fact that it damages the hosts the demons are possessing.

Flesh Sigil - By carving a particular sigil into a demon's possessed flesh, it is possible to lock the demon within its host and disable its powers, the most important one being teleportation. However, demons with these sigils are not bound to a single place and can roam around freely if not restrained by some other means.

Holy Fire - Though not fatal to demons as it is to Angels, Holy Fire can cause demons extreme pain.

Open Classes

Angel 2 ~ DEGUU
Angel 3 ~ Razi L' Chi
Angel 4~ Echo_Rose

Human 1 ~ DYLAN:D
Human 2 ~ Reserved for Horseygirl
Human 3 ~ Reserved for ~*Kitten~Chan*~

Demon 1 ~ Reserved for Thäntos
Demon 2 ~ Open
Demon 3 ~ Open
Demon 4 ~ Open


Code: Select all

Full Name: (Your Angel given name, for example Castiel, Uriel, Michael, Zachariah, etc -made up is optional)
Nickname: Called name, if different.
Gender: Male or female
Age: How old is your character? (human years in vessel, angel years is probably more -optional)
Sexual Orientation: Boys, Girls, Both or Neither, feel free to omit this.
Race: Angel, Human, or Demon?
Appearance: Image reference is optional, or description. Your Pick.

[[Notice I don't require a bio? That's because this information is already revealed within the story plot as it goes along, thus making this data on them here redundant.]]

Toggle Rules


As well as the common rules for roleplaying there are a few additional ones that you will be expected to uphold:

- Minimum 300 words per post.
- Post at least once per week.
- Use italics to denote thinking.
- Write in third person past tense.
- Please, no anime pictures. (Semi-realistic is acceptable)
- Adult characters. (That is 18+)
- Flaws add interest, but an orphaned character who has lost everything is a tad cliche.
- Earth is, at this time, only human. ( Except for The Angels and demons --unless we add monsters or something later on)
- Any character without a sheet will be consider an NPC and fully movable by other players.

Please feel free to make suggestions for new characters classes, plot lines or twists, or world building either in the OOC thread or via PM. If for some reason you feel you should be an exception to one of the above rules please contact xxEvanescentMoonxx in private. Characters will be selected on a "as fits" basis, opposed to first come first serve, in order to create the best possible dynamics between the characters. All submitted characters go through a revision process. This will be done so out of a desire for a long-term roleplay.

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Character Portrait: Carter
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Character Portrait: Illuyanka

"Isn't that amusing?"

Character Portrait: Carter

"Death happens to everyone one way or another, I'm just going to keep fighting until its my turn"


Character Portrait: Illuyanka

"Isn't that amusing?"

Character Portrait: Carter

"Death happens to everyone one way or another, I'm just going to keep fighting until its my turn"

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Character Portrait: Carter

"Death happens to everyone one way or another, I'm just going to keep fighting until its my turn"

Character Portrait: Illuyanka

"Isn't that amusing?"

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Re: OOC Discussion

As long as we all can follow the plot enough and tell a great story, I really don't mind opening more Muse (character) spots. So if any of y'all are still in, just hit me up either in a comment below or PM! Even if I don't have any demon muses I can just NPC 'em. I really want to pick up this thread already. Never too late to start. X)

Re: OOC Discussion

OH shucks several months late. I can't believe this RP hasn't picked up! It's so good. GM, please come back and revitalise this!

Re: OOC Discussion

Hold the phone I'm HERE people! I had a lot to do over the week I apologize for my long absence.

I accepted the submitted characters, if you guys wish to alter the pre-set character sheet and add more data that is acceptable and encouraged. ^_^

@Alazuli -I could make another angel spot for you, if you're willing to stick through the entire course of this particular RP. Let me know.

UPDATE → I added a new character now all I need is for the demon spots to be filled up before we can finally begin!

Re: OOC Discussion

I'm sorry, I don't know what happened to the GM. ;-;

Re: OOC Discussion

This looks good and well thought out. I'd just like to know how many more spots you're willing to have open. I'd just like to know before I make a character.

Re: OOC Discussion

Submitted my demon. I'll probably add more to him since I feel like his sheet is so bare. *-* But for now, there he is.


Re: OOC Discussion

Well Raziel was the angel who held all the secrets of the universe...
... so I'd love to play him... but if you really don't need another angel... I dunno...
he'd have some form of knowledge of things... he'll still hold some secrets... but not all of them...
but you're the GM so its all up to you.

Re: OOC Discussion

Elemiah was sent in :3

Re: OOC Discussion

@Nami L' Chi I think I may hold the spot for you, but I'm considering altering the role's gender for the dynamics between the angels, or I may even change my mind and add more angels and characters into the mix, I'll see what I can do. UPD8:: Rose has accepted to reclaim her role, though the angel's gender will be female. @NAmi L' Chi do you really want to portray another angel? If you're willing to I could make another angel slot for you, but think about it, what will this added angel bring to the group? Think of this angel as a part of this whole, what story will this angel tell? How will it affect the plot, etc.?

@DyLan:D I accepted her, thank you for submitting her.

I will start this as soon as I collect a few more demons, I can hardly wait!

Happy Roleplaying!


Re: OOC Discussion

alright i submitted Carter i hope u like her :)

Re: OOC Discussion

Can I reserve Angel 3 :)

Re: OOC Discussion

@Eve yes i do prefer females, i have a hard time playing males but its alright. Hope your rp goes well :3

Re: OOC Discussion

@bandgeek Of course you may take that position. I will reserve a space for you.

@Echo_Rose Essentially yes, in this story three fallen male angels (Seraphim) decide they want to live on Earth, and protect the lives of three important human girls. Unless I make an exception and allow another fallen to join in and be female... But what would that bring to the group? Do you prefer playing a female angel is that why you ask?

@RedHotSwami I'm sorry to hear that, you will be missing out. It's okay though.

Please feel free to make any suggestions in regard to the role play and share ANY ideas you may have to make it better. I appreciate it much, thanks for your interest. I look forward to working iwth you all through the completion of this game. ^^

Happy Roleplaying!


Re: OOC Discussion

Male demon? :3

Re: OOC Discussion

does the angels have to be male?

Re: OOC Discussion

umm actually nevermind. sorry about that

Re: Blackened Wings

I'll snatch up that last fallen angel if you dont mind.

Re: Blackened Wings

may i pls reserve a female human?