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Dorothy Evelyn Bennett

We kill flowers because they're beautiful

0 · 372 views · located in Blackford Manor (Ground Floor)

a character in “Blackford Manor”, as played by kitunknown


Image ImageImage

"I've Never Been Judged By A Flower."


Full Name
Dorothy Evelyn Bennett.

Dot(tie). Eve/Evie.


Officially a maid, works as a gardener's assistant once her chores are complete.



Dottie has various scars up her arms and legs, mainly small spidery white
lines from her carelessness dealing with the untamed wilderness.


Girls are meant to be seen and not heard, delicate and pretty while managing a household and waiting hand and foot on the man of the house, that's just how it is. Dottie doesn't agree with that idea in the least but she has learned to be the quiet pretty presence she has to be, unless she's truly comfortable with someone or on the opposite side of the spectrum she's lost complete respect for them she's a softspoken woman, willing to lend a helpinghand or a listening ear at all times. For those who get past the surface a beautiful mind can be found, she's a highly opinionated and fiercely spirited person through and through. Inequalities drive her up a wall and so she's one of the kindest people around, treating everyone as an equal despite her birthright, probably her saving grace after her fall from the top. Life has thrown her through loop after loop so there is a deep sadness in her most people will never see, only when she's convinced she's alone will she allow her smile to falter and her sorrow to dress her face, while she's always working to keep those around her she's forgotten how to do so for herself. There's a slightly goofy side to her as well, naturally, but it's extremely rare to catch her genuinely trying to crack a joke, more often than not she's a quietly reassuring presence or an overly happy one most at home out among the flowers and trees.



↠ Animals of all breeds and species.
↠ Nature, all kinds of flora.
↠ People who appreciate nature.
↠ Judgmental people.
↠ Gender Norms.
↠ Extreme temperatures.
↠ She spaces out fairly often and needs to make notes for herself to remember daily chores.
↠ She's fascinated with and obsessed with the supernatural world, she believes wholeheartedly in weres and faes and the like.
↠ She's weird about personal space, if she's uncomfortable she will keep her distance but if she's excited or completely comfortable she's rather touchy.
↠ She's rather comfortable with and knowledgeable about the outdoors and so handy to have around during trips.
↠ She's good with animals, they tend to trust her and she them. This isn't to say she could walk through a pack of wolves without being mauled but it's still something that has aided her in the past.
↠ When she gets it in her head to perform domestically-be it cooking or cleaning-she tends to do a great job.
↠ Her comfort in nature comes at the cost of comfort in society, people tend to make her anxious at first.
↠ Her spaciness leads to forgetting things as important as names and appointments.
↠ She's anemic which leads to days riddled with fatigue-not helping the spaciness-, weakness and her being easily bruised.
↠ She's been married and had a daughter, the husband left after the baby's death.
↠ She has fugue episodes but she refuses to get diagnosed, they're rare.
↠ She turned to drugs for a time after her husband left, that's what ended her in the rut this job is to pull her out of.
↠ Small dark places. She doesn't mind being outside after dark, so long as there's some small source of light, but she can't stand dark closets, bathrooms and the like.
↠ Sleep. She has vivid, violent nightmares almost every night and so often stays up for days on end until exhaustion claims her.
↠ Being worthless. She needs a place in life and how low the drugs brought her taught her one of her biggest fears-she may never be worth the air needed to keep her alive.


Dorothy was born to a rather well-to-do couple, experiencing nothing but love and adoration from her parents and their few maids throughout her childhood. Her father was careful to keep her from being spoiled by making her do little tasks around the house to earn treats, a fast learned favorite being to help him tend to the beautiful garden they kept. If it was up to her she would spend all her time outside, weeding and watching over the plants and climbing the trees day in and day out, but naturally it wasn't and her parents insist she learn proper womenly behavior as well. Every now and then the maids would be dismissed and young Dorothy would have to look after the house instead, dusting and cleaning and cooking alongside her mother. She only dared question why she had to once, the stern look from her mother and lecture from her father told her not to speak up about the subject and so from there on out she was content to do whatever she had to do to keep them happy.

As is painfully typical Dorothy grew up with a stable boy a few years older than her, the son of the man who boarded their horses for them, and friendship evolved into a serious crush on her end. She was sixteen when he finally admitted he returned her affections and the pair were inseparable from there on out. Naturally her father wasn't happy with this match, he pictured a much more noble suitor, but her mother was more accepting and managed to quiet him so by her eighteenth birthday the pair were wed. She couldn't be happier if she tried, she had her family's support, her best friend for the rest of her life, and pregnancy was an obvious follow up surprise. The young couple announced their condition proudly and moved further from town into a decently sized house, causing a small divide between the girl and her parents but ultimately seeming like the best thing to do for their growing family.

Their daughter was everything they had ever dreamed she would be. Beatrice Mae Elliot was a bright, happy little girl who easily made anyone who met her fall in love and had her parents wrapped tightly around her little finger. Dorothy would have given the world to make her babygirl smile and her husband was just the same and they couldn't imagine a single thing going wrong...until Beatrice went missing. Tris was five at the time and attending kindergarten in town, her father dropping her off each morning and her mother picking her up and one day she just...wasn't there when Dorothy went to the school. Naturally the young mother flew into a panic, gathering a search party and insisting on staying out day and night questioning the townsfolk and searching for her daughter. Days turned into weeks and Dorothy hardly slept, running herself into the ground and growing more and more distant from her husband. By time they found the body, almost two full months after her disappearance, their relationship was in shreds. With the evidence he needed that their lives would never mend her husband finally left the house a few days later, leaving her to her own devices.

Her entire life Dorothy had been a spacy woman, she could sit out in the garden and daydream for hours on end before someone called her inside, but losing her child seemed to change that for a time-she could never get out of her own head, always haunted by thoughts of her mistake and how she should have better protected her baby. Or at least for a time she thought she couldn't escape it, one day she came to in an alley with the most amazing fog in her head and it didn't take long for her to figure out what happened-she'd suffered another fugue state, the third in her life up until then, and obviously she'd found someone willing to help her. It didn't take long to find the dealer again and for a good year she slowly dumped all her savings and will to live down the drain in favor of the mind numbing drugs. Her house was lost, her family abandoned, her will entirely gone when the note found her and offered her this new life.

Amanda Seyfried


So begins...

Dorothy Evelyn Bennett's Story

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It is your second day at Blackford Manor, and your first day of work. As you arrived yesterday there were a few other maids and manservants to greet you, and they have informed you that the master will be absent for some time. Theodorus Cherrywood is expected to arrive later in the day. As you rub the sleep from your eyes, you may take a look out the window and notice that the water has risen during the night, sealing you off from the outside world for many hours. Those of you with keen sense of sight (and rooms at the back of the house) might also notice something that looks an awful lot like the roof of a house sticking up from the water, some miles away in the opposite direction of Hob's Bay. Hopefully nobody lives there.

As you come out of your room you will find a note with your expected assignments. This is what it says:

Dear Sir or Madam,

It delights our Esteemed Master that you have decided to accept his proposal. We trust you will enjoy your stay at Blackford Manor, and as long as you carry out the assignments as expected, you will be most welcome. You have arrived during a busy time. Our Master hopes to have a party at the end of the week to rekindle some of his lost friendships during his time away from England. As such, we are expecting eight (8) guests on Friday. It will be your job to make sure they pass their time here wanting nothing, having everything, with the exception of entertainment, which will be provided by our Master. On that note, here are your jobs for the day;

  • Maids and manservants. You will be expected to clean the house, with particular focus on the guest rooms on the first floor. The kitchen hands will be expected to help, with particular focus on the kitchen.
  • Cooks and stocktakers. The kitchen and cellar are in dire need of inventory checks. Make a note of what we have in stock, and prepare your orders for the party.
  • Gardeners. You should do what you do best with the garden. The master has also requested floral decorations inside the house, which you may provide.

Note that these orders are on top of what would be expected of you on a daily basis. I expect to find everything in order once I arrive this evening.

Kind Regards,
Theodorus Cherrywood
Head Butler

And so your new life at Blackford Manor begins, as your characters drift from deep sleep to a slow awakening. The sunlight streams in through your respective windows, promising a grey but rain free day...

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The first night in the manor had been a long one. Though she was dreadfully tired, sleep eluded her as she lay upon the the wool blanket that had been tucked neatly into the sleigh bed in her chambers. The mattress was softer than the one at he old apartment above the butcher, but it lacked the warmth of personal history that her old home possessed. Glancing around the room she noticed that, though not quite as upscale as the rest of the manor, even the servants quarters were furnished nicely. In addition to her bed there was a vanity, a set of shelves, and a matching dresser in the room as well.
Upon her arrival last night she began unpacking her bags, though she told herself it was to make this place feel more like home she knew the real reason was to keep her from turning tail and running back out the door. There was no history here, no trace of her father in it's walls. Gazing around the room brought no memories of laughter or joy, only an unpleasant emptiness.

“Sleep is out of the question," she sighed crossing the room to the sparsely decorated shelves. A trinket box and a few knick-knacks sat on the top shelf, tokens of her father’s affection in the years when he was still alive, and a few leather bound books that she cherishes took their place on a shelf of their own.
While searching for the Manor upon her arrival in Hob’s Bay she stumbled upon a library. Though the librarian could not help her search, she had recommended a novel that Nina happily borrowed. Thoughts of a blooming friendship between her and the older woman put a smile on her face, books had been her sanctuary for the last year without him. She retrieved this book from the top of the pile and sat in the windowsill, it’s pages would help her pass the time until morning came.

Streak of dawn passed through the thin part in the thick curtains revealing the particles dancing in the air. Nina placed a ribbon halfway through the book and sighed, thoughts of heroic knights made her heart flutter and cheeks turn a magnificent shade of pink. Outside the water seemed to have risen an amazing amount since her arrival, the manor seemed to be an island surrounded by a sea that parted just for her arrival.
How odd, she thought, I guess I won’t be returning this book anytime soon, I hope she understands...”
As she placed the book back on it’s shelf she noticed a letter that had been placed on her nightstand. She was sure that it was not there the night before, but it must have been. No one had entered the room while she was reading, “I must have missed it..." she mumbled as she opened it, taking in the tasks for the day.
The thought of being around so many new people both excited and terrified her as she thumbed through the small selection of dresses she brought with her. After settling on a pale yellow dress with a sweet heart neckline that fell just past her knees she retrieved her white apron from the dresser and tied it around her waist. Though she was sure that there were aprons for her in the kitchen to choose from, she had a special attachment to this one. Though it was made of white cotton, she had embellished the edges with lace and sewn the outline of a white rabbit on the corner. Her father’s nickname for her had always been his little bunny due to the way she wiggled her nose back and forth when she was deep in thought or reading a particularly exciting chapter in one of her romance novels.
Finally she pulled on her black boots and laced them up. They rose to above her ankle and the two inch heel gave her just enough lift that she wouldn’t stand out too much with the others. Finally she pulled her hair up in a bun, though she attempted to keep it neat she had trouble with her curls at times. Sticking a few pins into the bun to hold down the flyaway strands and tying a pastel blue ribbon around the curly mess completed her preparation for the day. She considered slipping on her white gloves, she had worn them almost every day since her father’s passing, but chose to risk the passing touch of the others. Her job in the kitchen wouldn’t require hand coverings. At this point they would just be a crutch for her social anxiety. She did bring a book with her however, The Language of Flowers , to bury her head in should it become to much for her. It was time to start her new life, it was time to meet her new family.

When she entered the kitchen she was amazed to see just how many servants Mr.Blackford had employed on his staff. In her days at Claire manor as a child there was only two maids, the cook, and her father who did all of the work. Claire manor was half the size of this estate however, so the staffing choice made sense. With her life of isolation for the past year even just three or four people would seem like a crowd though.
Nina kept her head down as she entered the kitchen, her hands clutching her book tight enough to pull her the skin white across her knuckles. She wanted to turn and run, but remembering the rising water she knew there would be no escape. Instead she took a deep breath and raised her head to view the group that had converged in the room, no doubt in search of breakfast before their work day began. Though she had no appetite she had no choice but to remain in the kitchen, this was where she belonged.

Glancing around she wondered what she should begin doing. The cook, she assumed based on the apron he wore, was chatting with another girl who was preparing something in a small pot and a second girl was looking through the cabinets and drawers.
They must be the other kitchen hands, they look busy... I should be doing something as well... Glancing around she searched for a task to start. It seemed that most everyone was waiting patiently for something to eat.
Nina placed her book down onto the butcher block table and grabbed a basket that sat in the corner of the kitchen next to a door she was assuming served as a pantry. Stepping into the small room her assumption was verified only by the sparse supplies lining the shelves.
I suppose that makes sense, one of the tasks does require an order be placed fro supplies... I just didn’t think it was going to be this bad. she thought as she removed the lid from a dusty barrel. Though the barrel could have held hundred of apples, only seven lay at the bottom of the barrel. She almost fell in as she leaned over to reach them, her ability to balance on the edge with her feet off the ground saved her from taking an embarrassing tumble on her first day. Returning to the kitchen with the basket of apples she felt a lump form in her throat. Now that she had found food, she couldn’t just stand there with the basket and hope that the others would come...

She swallowed hard and walked over to a man with dark hair who was gazing out of the window over the sink. Standing next to him she dumped the apples into the sink and began rinsing the dust from their red skins. She spoke in her soft, melodic voice for the first time since she stepped into the kitchen, though she couldn’t bring herself to raise her eyes to his.
“Are you hungry," she asked, holding a freshly washed apple out to him, “There isn’t much to eat right now, but I found these in the pantry.”

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ImageSam’s dark gaze flickered from the low hanging clouds to the large garden, then past that, the glassy marsh land that surrounded the estate. He had glanced at the garden the day before, when the odd man from town gave him a lift to the manor, and had noted the work that needed to be done. He had missed the back though, where he was now certain he could see headstones in the distance. A family grave site? He pursed his lips slightly. Eight days—the gravel drive, the chapel, the garden, and now the graveyard—was a short time to get everything ready.

Hearing voices, he looked over at the stove. A young woman was standing here, the little suffragette that Sam had briefly met the day before but whose name escaped him, and the cook lost in their own conversation.

He turned back to the sink and rubbed his tired eyes, vowing to try and actually sleep tonight. He would have laughed at the thought, if it wasn’t so problematic for him. Samuel Perkins, sleeping through the night? How absurd. He hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep in over ten years. And something told him he wasn’t about to start.

Movement out of the corner of his eye made Sam turn and watch as a girl descended the steps, dressed in a cream colored dress and an apron. Her eyes swept across the kitchen, and Sam felt he should at least attempt a ‘good morning’ to her, but she quickly busied herself with rummaging through the cupboards, and Sam lost his nerve. A little slip of a girl, pressed against the opposite wall, also caught his eye. To her, he nodded and gave a half heartened smiled. He was quickly discovering that the new servants seemed to be as uncertain about the new job as he was...most of them anyway.

The tumble of apples into the basin sink made Sam jump slightly and he turned to see the French girl holding offering one to him. He took it gratefully.

"That's quite all right," he replied, adding, "Thank you." He paused for a moment, seeming to consider, before taking a bite. Realizing he forgot to introduce himself, he offered his free hand. "Samuel Perkins, the new gardener of Blackford Manor," he introduced, deciding he quite liked the sound of his new title. It was much better than 'Samuel Perkins, ex convict and former drunkard'

The setting changes from blackford-manor-first-floor to Real world


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#, as written by Miyer

Jules looked up quickly at the sound of the man's voice, a guilty look flashing across her features. It took her a second to realise that the man, who she quickly identified as the cook, wasn't angry at all. Relaxing, Jule's reached out and took the man's hand and offered him a warm smile.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr Jones, My name is Juliet Monthomery, but please call me Jule.", Jule spared a quick glance back at her poor excuse for a porriage, grimacing before turning back to face Asher. It appeared she couldn't cook as well as she hoped... "I must apologise for using your stove without permission, I was just rather hungry... Though I'm not sure this is edible.", she gave a small chuckle while holding up a wooden spoon of lumpy, gray porriage.

While waiting for Asher's response, Jule's looked around the kitchen and noticed it had begun to fill up. 3 women and a man had entered the kitchen while she was cooking and were doing their own thing. One women was standing against the wall while another had begun to look through the cupboards like she herself had done earlier. The other man in the room seemed to have started a conversation with the last women present. Turning back to Asher, she smiled patiently as she waitsd for his response.


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Location: Kitchen
Interacting With: Asher Jones and Nina


Clem continued looking through the cabinets and drawers. She knew she would not be able to remember where everything was from one run through of the kitchen, but it'd be nice to have an idea of where things were. She was about a quarter of the way through the kitchen when another young woman entered. It was becoming quite the party in here, much to her half-hearted amusement and full scale annoyance. One one hand being around all of the other servants would let her get a feel for their personalities and learn where they had been assigned within the house. On the other hand, these people would probably just create a mess for her to clean up later on. She also wasn't much of a people person.

As she continued her self guided tour of the kitchen, she listened to the conversations of the others. She noted each of their names and the positions they held if they stated so. She had just closed a drawer when Mr. Jones proceeded to announce that he would make them all breakfast. It was nice to know that the cook could take initiative and seemed confident in his abilities to cook. Nonetheless, Clementine would not be able to partake in any culinary wonders he provided unless they were soups or soft foods. It was almost ironic that a woman unable to eat solid food should be working as a kitchen hand. She eyed the food that Mr. Jones had pulled from around the kitchen and was relieved to see that he had pulled out some eggs and a loaf of bread among other things. A cooked egg and a piece of bread what be fine for her breakfast, even if it was boring by others' standards.

Clementine removed the pencil from behind her ear while simultaneously grabbing the notepad out of her apron pocket. She wrote a note on it for Mr. Jones to read. In the time it had taken her to do so, another young man had burst into he kitchen and introduced himself. She could only hope that he was not a kitchen hand. He was much too loud for her liking. As Bernard took a seat at the table, she noticed the dark haired woman approach Mr. Jones. Clem approached the cook as well and heard that other woman was a kitchen hand and had asked if the cook needed any help. She took her pencil again and added another line before the note she had just wrote down.

She tapped Mr. Jones on the the shoulder once she stood near him. She offered a small smile in place of an 'excuse me' before holding up her small notepad so he could read her message. Mr. Jones, I am a kitchen hand as well. My name is Clementine Harper. I am unable to speak and also unable to eat solid foods. Clementine could feel her cheeks threatening to turn red from embarrassment. It felt awkward having to admit so soon that she was mute and would only be able to consume the eggs and bread. She also was never sure how people would react to her muteness. But it was better that he find this out sooner than later given he was the one making the food as well as her superior. Once Mr. Jones was finished reading the note, Clementine turned so that Nina could read it as well.

The setting changes from real-world to Blackford Manor (Ground Floor)

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As you were chatting along, the cook preparing dinner and the kitchenhands doing their jobs, three new people entered the room. The eldest of the three introduces herself as Mrs. Gelder, and reminds you all that in the absence of Mr Cherrywood, she will be in charge. She has little else to say to you, opting instead for a small cup of black coffee before she sets about her administration tasks of the day. She tells you that she expects you all to do the same.

The two others say little. In fact, they hardly introduce themselves. The younger woman only smiles faintly, keeping at the edges of the room and vanishing before she calls too much attention to herself. The man looks to the floor and says nothing. He responds to question with a gentle smile and a slight shake of his head, as though unable rather than unwilling to reply.

Before you know it, breakfast is over. It is time to move on to your work, and perhaps allow yourself to explore the house and the still visible grounds before dinner is served. The water is still high, but steadily pulling back, revealing long stretches of white sand, and nothing else...


It was clear Mr. Cherrywood had not had help with his paperwork for some time. The papers were erratic, most of it hastily put together. She couldn't find a proper record of the guests they were expecting at the end of the week. Similarly, though the house was clearly lived in there were few orders of food. Enough to feed two, perhaps, but not the large staff required by the house– not even four, depending on how long Lord Blackford had lived alone with only Cherrywood, Nancy and Christopher for company.

Had they been close to a forest she might have understood. It wasn't unusual for Lords to prefer their meat fresh, but around here there was nothing to hunt. Josephine sighed, rubbing her temples against a headache born from confusion. Hunger cleared her mind, so she refused to take food before the most important work was done. Still, she was beginning to feel awfully alone in the little office by the kitchen, and considered a spot of supervision before she continued her work.

"As you can see, a lot of this stuff is really old," Nancy explained to the other maids over the fast-paced clicking of her heels. "You'll want to be careful when you clean it. Not that the man upstairs gives a toss about the furniture, but Cherrywood can be a real arse about it." She gave an awful, throaty laugh at this, nudging Christopher, who only shrugged as he continued to give the floor a prolonged stare.

"Most important bit's probably the dining room," Nancy continued. "The guests are gonna spend the most time in there, so we should be thorough with it. I'm guessing they won't have much time for the other rooms, but I guess it won't hurt to give it a proper clean for once."

She pushed open the double doors to the dining room, revealing a lavish chaos of furniture. A huge, dark oak table stretched from one side to the other, around which stood a dozen of equally oak chairs with blood red seating. Golden curtains bulged by the gigantic buildings giving a view to the garden of the house. A few counters lined the walls where the servants would be resting drinks and dinner before serving. At the very edge of the room, a huge fireplace would gape like a mouth over whomever sat at the Lord's seat. It was a lot to take in at once– shelves with fine china on display, a gigantic crystal chandelier wobbling over the middle of the table, and all this only at first glance. Nancy paused, letting the maids take in the sight, her expression frozen into a cruel half-smile.

"All right," she said. "Any questions?"

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Location: Dining Hall to Kitchen
Interacting With: Nancy and Maids


Following breakfast, Clementine joined the maids as Nancy led them to the dining room. Though her primary duty was cleaning the kitchen, it wouldn't hurt to know where the dining room was. She might be requested to come back and help out should her efforts be needed.

The dining hall was quite a sight. It was grande and beautiful, yet a bit intimidating. She'd seen plenty of dining halls before given her past life, but this one just seemed a bit creepy. Perhaps it was the dark furniture, the large fireplace, or the dreary weather outside that made her feel this way. She looked around, taking it all in. Her facial expression barely changed as she did so.

Her attention turned back to the maid leading them as she asked if anyone had any questions. Clementine had quite a few questions. Who were the guests that were coming? Other wealthy civilians? Where was Master Blackford? Could there really be only a few staff members that weren't new in this large manor? Why did the man next to Nancy not speak? How had she been selected for this role? How had they even found her after she'd fled after knocking some sense into that pervert cook? She would not ask these questions to another human just yet. First, she might as well wait and see if some would be answered for her. Until then, she'd just do her job and hope nobody bugged her too much.

Clementine shook her head in response to Nancy's question and gave a small nod to the maids before leaving the dining room. It was time to go and clean the kitchen. She was looking forward to the mind numbing work of sorting and cleaning. A small smile formed on her face as she walked down the hall, glancing at the walls as she passed them. She was soon in the kitchen, where Mr. Jones and Miss Nina would be if they weren't already. Hopefully there were no creatures or unwanted plant life lurking within the kitchen. Clementine did not want to deal with catching mice or removing mold. Both were quite annoying.