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Let's shred!

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a character in “Blacklight Delilahs”, as played by Angelika Petrova


Full Name: Veronica Louise Carter
Fake Name: Axel
Age: 17
Sex: female
Instrument: Guitar
Her Gibson Les Paul standard SG. (AKA trevor)
Personality: Laid back and relaxed, prefers to just sit back and watch everyone else argue, and step in when it gets serious. She can get a little competitive, but her claims are usually well-backed up by several years of experience. She's an excellent hustler, but absolutely nothing get's her in a better mood thatn knowing that the band as a whole have just nailed a song. that and coffee. She really loves coffee...
Alcohol: Yes.
Drugs: She does occaisionally smoke weed.
Sexually Active: Not particularly...
Song: Salt Sweat Sugar by Jimmy Eat World

So begins...

Axel's Story


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Fennec squeaked as his bathroom door was thrown open, but before he could react ice water was poured on him. Cussing echoed in the tiny bathroom, along with the laughter of his band-mates. Of course, a cloud of flour quickly descended upon him, releasing more cussing and laughter as Fennec scrambled out of the bathroom and shook his head, spraying flour, water, and a doughy mixture of the two around him. Quickly realizing the planners of the prank, Fennec practically tackle-hugged Draven and Deirdre.

"Hello, troublemakers!" Fennec made sure to get as much of the soggy, doughy flour onto the brother and sister as he could.

Releasing the siblings and holding up a finger to tell everyone to wait a moment, Fennec disappeared back into the bathroom. Returning with a mischievous grin on his face and a trash can in hand, he didn't hesitate. Icy water (and some ice cubes) flew from the bucket as Fennec tilted the bin and spun it in a half circle, making sure that all of the pranksters got wet.

"Good morning, everyone!" grinning, Fennec set the bin back in his bathroom. "I'd offer you towels, but most all of them seem to be covered in flour, so it looks like you'll just have to go back to your rooms soggy." he leaned against the wall, triumph clear on his face.


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Axel squealed, waving her hands in front of her, trying to bat the water away. She glared at Fennec. "You're in trouble now, buddy!" she yelled, tackling him like he had tackled Draven and Deirdre, but tickling him instead. they rolled around on the floor, Axel getting as much of the doughy goop on her as was on Fennec. She squealed with laughter, scooping a fistful of the crud and squishing it into Fennec's face.