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The party can start now, I'm here!

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a character in “Blacklight Delilahs”, originally authored by BekaL101, as played by RolePlayGateway


Full Name: Matthew Quinn

Fake Name: Dante

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Instrument: Guitar He uses a 1970s Hoyer SG




Matthew is about 5'10'', with black hair, usually with some kind of coloured streaks through it, and dark blue/grey eyes. He usually has a confident, some might say cocky, grin on his face, but has been known to look serious sometimes. Only sometimes though. Has multiple piercings: the standard peircing in his left ear, along with another 5 in the cartilage, with 4 in the cartilage of his right. Also has his bottom lip pierced, though he is considering letting that one close up.

Personality: Simply put, 'Dante' is a typical party animal, and has the confidence and downright balls to do what he wants, when he wants. That's his stage persona though, the real Matthew is still cheeky and confident, but tends to think more about his actions, such as 'how much can I drink tonight and still be able to play my guitar tomorrow? Or at least see relatively straight?'. He still goes too far, but at least he considers that he might not be able to walk the next day. A notorious flirt, he will quite happily go after any girl, but will draw the line at making a girl cheat on her boyfriend. As soon as he finds out about the boyfriend, he'll back off. Not because of morals, but because he doesn't want a fight. Not to say he's only out for his own skin though, he has a lot of friends, and he'll do anything for them, and will readily get into a fight if it means defending them.

Alcohol: Yeah, occasionally (read 'occassionally' as 'whenever he gets the chance')

Drugs: Do cigarettes count? If so , yeah.

Sexually Active: Currently, yeah, but with no plans for a relationship

Song: 'Spotlight' by Mutemath

Link to song:

So begins...

Dante's Story


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Fennec squeaked as his bathroom door was thrown open, but before he could react ice water was poured on him. Cussing echoed in the tiny bathroom, along with the laughter of his band-mates. Of course, a cloud of flour quickly descended upon him, releasing more cussing and laughter as Fennec scrambled out of the bathroom and shook his head, spraying flour, water, and a doughy mixture of the two around him. Quickly realizing the planners of the prank, Fennec practically tackle-hugged Draven and Deirdre.

"Hello, troublemakers!" Fennec made sure to get as much of the soggy, doughy flour onto the brother and sister as he could.

Releasing the siblings and holding up a finger to tell everyone to wait a moment, Fennec disappeared back into the bathroom. Returning with a mischievous grin on his face and a trash can in hand, he didn't hesitate. Icy water (and some ice cubes) flew from the bucket as Fennec tilted the bin and spun it in a half circle, making sure that all of the pranksters got wet.

"Good morning, everyone!" grinning, Fennec set the bin back in his bathroom. "I'd offer you towels, but most all of them seem to be covered in flour, so it looks like you'll just have to go back to your rooms soggy." he leaned against the wall, triumph clear on his face.