"C'mon, kiddies! Get those bodies movin'!"

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Full Name: Broderick Thaddeus Isaiah Elijah Felix Hannigan (Also known as Brody)

Fake Name: Fennec


Standing at 4'10" tall and weighing around 110 pounds, Fade is insanely small compared to most people his age. His thin build and childish features gain him no points to prove his age and worth, and the fact that he looks confused most of the time doesn't help in the least. His dark hazel eyes are lit by auburn highlights that spike around his pupils. White-blond hair always seems to fall messily in his face, but he doesn't seem to mind. Although he may seem frail and useless, Fade is very agile and flexible and surprisingly strong. He has skeleton wings tattooed on his shoulder blades.

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Instrument: Keyboard

Personality: Shy, sweet, and fearful are three traits that Brody could easily be described as having. He absolutely loves music, but that's mostly because that's really the only time he can forget where he is and what happened in his past. He is fairly easily scared, but will conceal it to the best of his abilities and fight back. He's very self-sacrificing and would do anything for the few people he cares about because he doesn't want to lose someone else. He often hides inside a thick shell, but as soon as he thinks he can trust you, or the moment he steps on stage, that shell evaporates.

Alcohol: Nope.

Drugs: Nope.

Sexually Active: Not really.

Song: Dragonfly

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Fennec's Story


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Fennec clawed at the mound of blankets that were piled on top of him. However, his clawing only succeeded in making the stack fall over, dragging him along with them because he was wrapped up in a large randomly colored piece of fleece that was part of the pile. Grumbling at the blankets, which had begun to knot together sometime in the night, Fennec proceeded to go through his daily ritual of digging free. Successful after a few minutes of trying, Fennec bounced to his feet, grabbed a granola bar from the desk and began munching away as he searched his bag for some clean clothes.

Grabbing a random selection of clothes from his bag, Fennec set his half-eaten granola bar on the nightstand, threw his blankets back on the bed, and slipped into the bathroom to shower. Turning on the shower, Fennec stripped himself of his sleepwear and stepped into the water, yelping as he noted that he didn't wait long enough for it to warm up. He was out of the shower within five minutes, clothing himself and waiting for the mirror to defog. Almost anyone who knew Fennec would know that he would be in there for at least another 15-30 minutes before he finished getting ready and gave up on making his wet hair do anything other than flop in his face.


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Fennec squeaked as his bathroom door was thrown open, but before he could react ice water was poured on him. Cussing echoed in the tiny bathroom, along with the laughter of his band-mates. Of course, a cloud of flour quickly descended upon him, releasing more cussing and laughter as Fennec scrambled out of the bathroom and shook his head, spraying flour, water, and a doughy mixture of the two around him. Quickly realizing the planners of the prank, Fennec practically tackle-hugged Draven and Deirdre.

"Hello, troublemakers!" Fennec made sure to get as much of the soggy, doughy flour onto the brother and sister as he could.

Releasing the siblings and holding up a finger to tell everyone to wait a moment, Fennec disappeared back into the bathroom. Returning with a mischievous grin on his face and a trash can in hand, he didn't hesitate. Icy water (and some ice cubes) flew from the bucket as Fennec tilted the bin and spun it in a half circle, making sure that all of the pranksters got wet.

"Good morning, everyone!" grinning, Fennec set the bin back in his bathroom. "I'd offer you towels, but most all of them seem to be covered in flour, so it looks like you'll just have to go back to your rooms soggy." he leaned against the wall, triumph clear on his face.


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Axel squealed, waving her hands in front of her, trying to bat the water away. She glared at Fennec. "You're in trouble now, buddy!" she yelled, tackling him like he had tackled Draven and Deirdre, but tickling him instead. they rolled around on the floor, Axel getting as much of the doughy goop on her as was on Fennec. She squealed with laughter, scooping a fistful of the crud and squishing it into Fennec's face.