Claire Hernandez

"Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival."- Wiston Churchill

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a character in “Blackout: Lost Humanity”, as played by paokikipao


Age: 27
Date of Birth: 08/12/85
Height: 5'8
Weight: 120lbs
Ethnicity: Mexican-American
Visible Distinctions:
She has a prominent scar on her neck, a few from her life as an athlete and a few marks on her body from the injections her father used on her due to her ill condition during her time at the island.


Speed (Rank 3)- Claire is a commander partly for her ability to respond to difficult situations at a rapid pace, this has kept her team and herself alive in many occasions. She is extremely fast and makes up for her deficiency on other skills with her speed and agility. When she was very young, she suffered a severe case of OCD and ADHD which she could only appease with her passion in her swimming ability; practicing for lengthy periods and training non-stop, as a consequence she is an extremely fast swimmer and a good runner.
Strength (Rank 3)- She is much stronger than your average female, and even stronger than most males. She is just as strong as she is fast, besides her skills on her field, she took kickboxing classes along with many other self-defense have not only strengthen her strength ability but her speed as well.
Resistance(Rank 2)- It seems that during her time on the island she was initially weakened an extremely affected by the island, but as her father injected her with a substance he developed before mysteriously disappearing, the island now strengthens her and whatever contaminated the others no longer seems to be a major concerning for Claire.


Profession: SWAT Team Commander
Good Leadership Skills- One of the talents she is most proud of, and one of the hardest for her to obtain. She finds it difficult to get along with others, but when it comes to her team she is caring and overprotective.
Extremely Resilient- Adapts easily to troubled situations.
Skilled Swimmer- Can hold breath for 15 minutes underwater.
Excellent Marksmanship- Self explanatory.
Efficient Lockpicking Skills- Again, self explanatory.

Allergies: Extremely allergic to a bee's sting.
Health Issues: Used to have a severe case of OCD, however with time she has gotten better. She also suffers from ADHD.
Medications: Antipsychotics, antidepressants & stimulants. However she stopped taking them long ago as she believed the medicine got in the way of her better judgement. She also hates taking any type of medication and rarely ever uses any if ever.

Family Members:
Mother - Catalina Hernandez - Deceased
Father - Antonio Hernandez - Unknown
Younger Sister - Maria Hernandez - Unknown

Reasoning for Visit:
Because of an event that had a great impact on her life, she finally decided to go on vacations. Something that rightfully so shocked her whole team as she had never asked any type of vacations whatsoever for years. Because of her love for the water and her passion for swimming, and besides the other obvious reasons, she finally opted for the Vixen Island.Later on, she discovered that her father and her sister were staying at the island, since her father was a scientist who had heard about the mysterious island and her sister as a trainee under his care.

Visit Duration:
At first, she couldn't quite concentrate in anything else, and her anxiety due to her OCD grew wider and her ADHD only worsen the situation. After a struggle with herself she came to the resolution of training and working out to get her mind at ease, and why not? maybe enjoy herself while she was there.
However, that was not the case at all, things started changing around the island and not in a good way. Not only was she able to see the mutants before her own eyes but she witnessed how her younger sister suffered from the mutations. She also experienced the mutations before hand, however she was saved by her own father. Finally, as the situation got out of control she has been at the island for a couple of weeks.

She would mostly stay at an apartment complex prior to the breakthrough, as well as she would often visit her father and sister at the seaside lab were they would mostly spend their time. Finally, after the breakthrough she got separated from her family and got caught up at the town hall where hell broke lose before her eyes.

Additional Information:
After a long term relationship with a man she had been in love with for more than 5 years was coming to a bad ground, she was devastated to learn that he had been keeping things from her. Being the 'not-so-forgiving' woman and the short-tempered female that she was, she finally decided to call it quits. This was obviously an event that had a greater impact on her life, driving her to leave for an unforgettable vacations that she will never forget...


Her father was a well known scientist who was not always on his right mind. He continued his life being a widower man after who lost his wive as soon as she gave birth to his second daughter/Claire. He was a harsh and tough man who believed strongly on tough love something that Claire knew perfectly well. Even so, he would be harsher on Claire as he deep down blamed her for his wives passing, once again something that Claire was more than well aware of.

As soon as Claire join the police force, he immediately disapproved of Claire's ways, thinking that this was yet another one of her rebellious ways. He had always pressured Claire into becoming a scientist like himself, which made him disapprove of her chosen workforce."I just gave him another reason to make Maria his favorite one".Claire worked harder than ever to come to a higher position eventually climbing to where she stands in the actuality.

Ever since the breakthrough and the mutations were prominent in the island, Claire's sister started to experience changes, eventually leading her to change into a terrible mutant who was unable to recognize her own family. Claire never truly saw her on her deformed form. After developing aggressive behavior, she became extremely hostile to which Claire's father responded by locking her up on their own basement, "it's for her own good" was all he would tell Claire when he saw her having second thoughts.

Soon after, Claire started to develop change as well, and her father in desperation started to conduct experiments on his eldest daughter, in an attempt to save his youngest. Her father injected her with a solution while he whispered,"It's the only way... Claire" just before she went unconscious saving her life. The solution was not a cure in anyway, but it did provided Claire with high resistance and helped stop the mutation into her. As soon as Claire opened her eyes, both her father and her sister had gone missing.

Soon after, Claire headed out in search for her family, and found herself trapped in the Town Hall where the quarantine started. Soon after, she finally managed to escape looking for her father and sister.

So begins...

Claire Hernandez's Story