Elaine Fuller

It is only humanity that can save humanity.

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a character in “Blackout: Lost Humanity”, as played by macheteshark


Elaine Fuller


Age: 24
Date of Birth:
Sixth of February, 1990
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 64kg
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Visible Distinctions:
Elaine's hair is always tied back into a loose ponytail. Her entire demeanor is that of a woman who cares little about her looks but all about her survival; her clothes are torn in places, dirt and grit covers her body, but her face will always display the will to live for as long as she breathes.

Strength - Level 2. Elaine might not look like she can pack a punch, but when adrenaline kicks in she can deliver a blow hard enough to knock you down.

Resistance - Level 2. Elaine can't explain why, but it seems a few cuts and scratches here and there don't seem to be fatal for her, unlike other unlucky would-be survivors. She thinks she might be completely immune to whatever is causing this hell, but she's not gutsy enough to test her hypothesis.

Sanity - Level 2. In her line of work, Elaine has to be able to deal with the darkest that humanity has to offer. She's survived this long by being logical, but she's not sure her sanity can take this toll for much longer.

Speed - Level 1. She wasn't born an athlete, but Elaine at least has the endurance to get away from another human if they wish her harm.

Knowledge - Level 1. Her line of works requires Elaine to be a general know-it-all. Her intelligence is average, but her ability to grasp general concepts at their basic levels is good enough to have kept her alive.

Profession: Elaine is a W.H.O official. She was sent to Vixen Island when rumor of some sort of contagion had emerged there. Volunteering with a small team of field researchers, Elaine accompanied the W.H.O scientists to act as a PR role while they researched this new contagion. Unfortunately for Elaine it was only a few days after landing at Vixen Island she discovered whatever rumor had escaped the island was much more horrific than anything that had been spoken of.

Talents: Elaine is a cautious survivor. Her profession requires her to live life with tact and a studious eye for everything. She is a bit generalized when it come to specific skills she doesn't excel at anything in particular; a sort of all-rounder. Don't let her generalization fool you though! Elaine has what it takes to survive. She may not know how to fire a gun properly, or be particularly acrobatic but she does possess the ability to plan while she acts so every situation she finds herself in, if given the right amount of time, she is likely able to solve or at least contribute to solving whatever problem you might have or be in.
Allergies: Elaine has seasonal Asthma. If she finds herself in climates where the temperature and humidity fluctuate too rapidly, or even in a room with high humidity, she can find herself short of breath. She has an emergency inhaler on hand at all times, and luckily hasn't needed it yet, but you never know.
Health Issues: Seasonal (Conditional) Asthma
Medications: Inhaler.

ImageFamily Members: Mother and Father in Chester, England.

Reasoning for Visit: On assignment from the W.H.O to verify the existence of a newly discovered possibly dangerous viral contagion, reported to be sickening the locals of Vixen Islan, Italy. Tasked with PR duties, it was Elaine's responsibility to obtain information about the ground zero of the supposed contagion, communicate with locals and affected sick. Elaine was then to be the face of W.H.O after investigation and work with the team of scientists to report back to W.H.O headquarters.

Visit Duration: The duration of her visit was supposed to be a week initially for herself while she gathered objective data, then to return to England to report what the scientists were doing and what they had found. After discovering the outbreak became more viral than first expected Elaine was trapped on the island after her attempts to make way to the evacuation point were cut short when Elaine's mode of transport was stolen. It has been in total, thirteen days since she came to Vixen Island.

Shelter: Elaine initially was staying at one of the Islands biggest resorts as it was situated close to the biggest hospital on the island. But it wasn't too long after the emergency announcement in the early hours of the morning she realized the seriousness of the entire situation. When her car rental car was stolen by other tourists in their bid to get to the evacuation zone, Elaine contacted the scientists she'd come to Vixen Island with to check in with them. They had holed themselves up at the seaside lab where they'd been hiring equipment to use to identify the contagion. Elaine had no choice but to make her way to the seaside lab on foot. However, somewhere along the way Elaine was forced to seek shelter in the strip poker theatre when her efforts to head to the only known safe house to her were quashed.

Additional Information: Elaine has come into contact with infected individuals and sustained light injuries from them. From her time spent initially researching the contagion she has been able to deduce a connection between the water and infection and that some attacks cause mutation too. From her lack of mutation and the fact she's sustained minor injuries from some infected she's deduced she's either immune or small injuries aren't infectious.

ImageHistory: Elaine arrived as a W.H.O official tasked with information retrieval on a supposedly newly discovered contagion that has developed on Vixen Island. She wasn't tasked with scientific research, but more as an information gatherer and point of contact between the scientific team she arrived with, locals and tourists apparently infected and W.H.O headquarters. It was only three days after Elaine had arrived and finished initial interviews that the island went into a 'meltdown' for lack of better words.

Discovering her only means to get to the evacuation point had been stolen, Elaine contacted the team of scientists she arrived with and discovered they were safe at the seaside lab they were using to figure out the contagion. Elaine had no choice but to foot it to the lab, a journey which nearly killed her. It would have only been a tedious drive away had she'd managed to procure a car, but Elaine had been caught up in the initial outbreak hot zone and her efforts to survive came before anything else at the time.

Escaping the hot zone, Elaine found herself wandering towards the direction of her safe-haven and it took her over a day to make it even close to her destination. She spent the larger half of twenty four hours trekking through Vixen Island's woods and by a miracle survived two separate attacks by low level mutants. Her time spent travelling the world and witnessing what humanity's worst had been up until this point had allowed her to remain cool and collected as she put her life on the line.

Emerging from the forest dirtied, cold, beaten, but otherwise no worse for wear, it was a split decision that only just saved her life that ended up with Elaine holed up in a rinky-dink room at the Strip Poker Theatre. A place she'd normally avoid unless her life depended on it, ironically Elaine found herself there. It had seemed someone had had the same idea as her before she'd arrived when she barred herself off. Lucky enough to find a room lightly stocked with a few supplies but empty for some reason... Elaine found herself playing the waiting game while she contemplated her next move.

After a week of poorly surviving, Elaine has decided it's time to buck up or lay down and die. Getting to her feet she told herself that the only person who is going to save her is going to be herself. Tying off her mild scratches, thanking her luck stars she was still alive, Elaine - with a lot of effort - pulled a loose leg from a chair and prepared herself for what was to come.

So begins...

Elaine Fuller's Story