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Apple 'Ari' Riaki

"Well, hello...Boys."

0 · 202 views · located in Blackthorn School for Boys

a character in “Blackthorn School for..boys?”, originally authored by CrownTheEmpire, as played by RolePlayGateway


Apple ‘Ari’ Riaki





Well, how can I define Ari? She is many things, outgoing, rebellious, humorous and caring. Writing a paragraph couldn’t define, but I’ll try my best. She loves people and animals. Never call her Apple, you might get yelled at and her angry at you for a few days. She hates rules; her parents forced her into this. She can be sarcastic but most of the time she is very playful.

[Favorite color] Red

[Eating habits]
She is lactose intolerant, but if she takes a Lactate so dairy doesn’t bother her. She is a full time vegetarian.

[Current Dream profession]
Tattoo Artist

Hair dye

Bad music
Easily angered people [Kind of scares her.]

[Favorite past time]
She reads, doodles, goes out, and listens to music, Tweets, Facebooks.

Attractive guys
humor[Your funny enough it practically renders her useless.]

So begins...

Apple 'Ari' Riaki's Story

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