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Ryder Watson

You're average "bad boy" kind of guy, Ryder's not the most polite person. He's arrogant, cold and moody.

0 · 1,108 views · located in Blackthorn School for Boys

a character in “Blackthorn School for..boys?”, as played by Raine16


Name: Ryder Watson [Brant Daugherty]

Age: 17

Grade: 11

Physical Description :



Ryder is a tall guy, standing at six foot three. He doesn't always shave his face, but can't decide if he wants to be clean-shaven or have a beard. He has frosty green-blue eyes that seem to cut through steel. He has a messy mop of coffee colored hair that he'll puff up every now and then. He's often seen wearing a bomber jacket or leather jacket, combat boots, jeans and a tee-shirt. He never dresses in a suit, unless he is forced to. He's well muscled from working out and fixing cars at his family's mechanic shop.


Ryder's cold, mean and rude. He has little respect for the teachers and is often ending up in the Dean's office. He often smokes on the edge of campus, a bad habit he picked up from his late father. He's also arrogant and moody. He's been known to start a few fights when he gets bored, which is often. He's never, ever, hit a girl though. Ryder is ALWAYS late to class if he can manage it. If there's a party going on somewhere, you'd find him there. You'd never know it, but he does have a soft side for his horse though.

Attributes :

He's an excelled fighter, and a hard partier. He's great with any kind of moving vehicle, and horses. Unfortunately, he's horrible at dealing with kids, cats, crying girls and math.

Pet :

Name: Chase
Gender: Stallion
Age: 4


History :

Ryder was born and raised in the city until he was old enough to ender Blackthorn Academy. He's been here just as long as the other boys. His father, Jackson, died when he was 12. Ryder's mother bought him Chase when he turned 13 in hopes of curing him from his bad behavior. Needless to say, it didn't work very well. He started to drink and smoke when he turned 15 and has been ever since.

So begins...

Ryder Watson's Story

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#, as written by Raine16
I could hear the sound of the piano being played as I made my way down the hall. It was just another day that I was late for. Of course, I had already been chewed out by the principal this morning, but I couldn't care less anymore. Running a hand through my dark, coffee colored hair, I opened the door to class. It's not a new thing for me to walk into class late; I've never been exactly Mr. On Time.