David Von Heckler

A rare Wendigo

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a character in “BlackWall High”, as played by Hodgic


General Info

Name: David Von Heckler
Meaning: N/A
Age: 17
Birthday: Feburary 6
Gender: Male
Species: pureblood Wendigo

What you look like
Face claim: Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul

Hair colour: White
Eye colour: Golden, when hungry the left eye turns red
Other form's appearence:

More In-Depth Description:
In his human form David is about five foot ten inches tall. He has pale skin that never burns or tans.
His body is quite tone, even though it doesn't look all that muscular.
Even though not as strong, durable, or fast as his Wendigo form he is still stong enough to be a formidable force.

David's Wendigo form is fearsome; standing at ten feet tall. His skin and fur is very soft in this form enough though it doesn't look it.
His strength is powerful enough to crush thick steel with his bare hands. His durability allows him to take blows like it was nothing.
As far as speed in this form he is quick enough to keep up with most supernatural creatures, but not to surpass them.

In both forms he has a scar across his chest from his left shoulder to his right side.

A Wendigo, by legend, comes about when a human commits canibalism. Although this legend is both a mixure of truth and fiction. Some Wendigos can be born and are not only stronger than the others but are considered pureblood Wendigos. In order for a human to become one they must have the extremely rare gene that mutated from the Lycans and werewolves. This gene lays dormant with human genetics and turns them into Wendigos when they taste another human's flesh or blood. Even though wendigos are related to lycans and werewolves due to this fact it is like the relation of a lion or tiger to a house cat. Over the many years since a Wendigo had such a strong taste for humans they evolved to hunt them. Even in modern days the Wendigo has zero problems hunting humans if they so choose. Even though they have long since evolved to be so different than lycans and werewolves the only thing stopping them is their tendancy to not trust one another. This distrust stemmed from the fact that other than humans Wendigos are known to eat lycans and werewolves as well.


Traits: Kind, Protective, Intelligent, Fearless, Loyal

Unlike most of his species David's family tries to feed on corpses or animals. They prefer not to take a life if they can avoid it. Strangely enough not eating live humans seems to have set them apart from their more wild and vicious counterparts. As were other Wendigos feast on humans and rely on instinct; David's family feasts mostly on corpses and animals (favoring animals) and relies on their intellegnce. David, however, tasted live human blood before, therefore making it harder for him to resist the taste of humans more so than the rest of his family. Even so he seems to be able to resist feeding on humans most of the time. That doesn't mean he hasn't had a slipup here or there when he hasn't eaten for a while.

Even with being a carnivore with a taste for humans he still tries to eat animals more so than not. He just has to make sure there are no humans around when he feeds so as to not accidentally go after them instead. Thanks to the forrest surrounding the school he usually does a pretty good job at avoiding humans and feasting on animals.

  • Strong enough to rip through steel
  • Durable enough to withstand human weapons
  • Kind and protective when it comes to those he likes
  • Fast
  • Highly intellegent to the point where he gets A's and B's in school
  • Sense of smell is good enough to allow him to tell someone's species

  • Can't easily control himself while feeding
  • Has a hard time controling his strength when dealing with humans
  • Does not get along with supernaturals that hate humans
  • Has been known to eat other supernatural creatureds

  • Humans (not so much as food)
  • Kind supernaturals
  • The outdoors
  • Nighttime

  • Killing without reason
  • Bullies
  • Most lycans and werewolves
  • Hunters


Birth Place: Germany

David is a naturally born Wendigo, unlike most of his species. Since naturally born Wendigos have such a young mortality rate when one survives they are usually seen as royalty. To make things even rarer David comes from the longest line of naturally born Wendigos. Among the supernatural world his family name is well known; purely thanks to how rare his family situation is. Unlike most of his species David's family does what they can to blend in with humans and is quite wealthy. His family's distrust towards lycans and werewolves is only shown when they are attack; otherwise the Hecklers are quite amicable towards lycans and werewolves.

So begins...

David Von Heckler's Story


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#, as written by Hodgic
David arrived at school later than everyone else. Although it wasn't really his fault, a family issue came up that delayed him. Luckily he was excused for the tardy even though he didn't really miss much. All that he missed he was briefed on before he came to school. "Humans allowed in the school now huh? This will be interesting." David thought as he walked towards the reception desk. Pretty much the vast majority of students were done already so it was long before David reached the front of the line. When checking the information it seemed there was a problem and he would have to find out his room number at a later time. For now he decided to walk around and see what new scents he could pick up; other than the smell of humans which littered the school grounds. David for one didn't mind humans, but he knew there were some that would love them...just not in a good way for the humans.

David found himself in the courtyard in full view of the dorms. It was nice and quiet here for now. David took a seat on one of the benches, deciding to wait around for now and he took in the various scents around him. Vampires, faes, angels, demons, and wisps just to name a few; of course the smell of humans was quite prevalent to David as well. Some smells David figured it might be good to be cautious of, more specifically the werewolves and lycans. He wasn't sure how well he would get along with these ones, but David figured time would tell. "This year looks promising," David said with a slight smile across his face.


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#, as written by Hodgic
David looked to were the voice was coming from with a grin. "I prefer to avoid human for feeding. If possible I like to feast on animals. I guess you could call me a vegetarian compared to the rest of my species. Besides you never know what they have been eating." David was half joking with is remarks. Although if a human was around when he went hunting he wasn't sure if he could control himself.

"My name is David, pleasure to meet ya Blake. Let me guess, a wisp right?"


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Blake smiled and floated gently down to 'sit' next to David. It tilted it's head and kicked it's feet like a kid before observing him quietly.

"That's right, I'm a wisp. I'd shake your hand but well..." It held it's hands up and waved them around, grinning widely. "I can't touch things really."

The wisp grinned and turned to look at the sky, as if it was the most interesting thing in the world, then turned to look at him again.

"Okay, you're my friend now!" It threw it's arm around David's shoulder and laughed at it's new friend, knowing it wasn't exactally what it would expect in a friend.Or possibly want.