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Orelia Mori

Major WIP

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a character in “BlackWall High”, as played by IEatChildren


☤ General Information ☤

∞ Full Name ∞
Orelia Mori
"The meaning of it is something like golden forest, but I doubt my parents named me that for the meaning."

∞ Nickname ∞
"Most people address me as Mori but I like Lia."

∞ Age & School Year ∞
"It feels like my life is just starting though!"

∞ Gender ∞
"Girls rule and boys drool!"

∞ Sexuality ∞

∞ Nationality ∞
50% Japanese and 50% French
"Bet you couldn't tell I was French!"

∞ Face Claim ∞
Haruna || Kantai Collection
"I've never met anyone who looks like me before."

☤ Appearance ☤

∞ Height & Weight ∞

5'6 and 130 pounds
"Pretty average, I guess."

∞ Hair color/Length/Quality ∞
Lia has long black hair that is quite thick. She usually leaves it down where it barely reaches her waist with a clip or an accessory to pizazz it up. She takes rather good care of her hair but doesn't spend more than an hour on it. It is always shiny, silky, and brushed, never greasy, tangled, and mussed. When she sleeps she either wears it up in a bun or in a shower cap type thing.
"Good hygiene makes for good living as my grandmother used to say."

∞ Eye color ∞
Golden brown
"20/20 vision wouldn't you know."

∞ Distinguishable Facial Features ∞
Answer Here {Original} (Beauty mark, mole, etc)
"Character Thought"

∞ Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings ∞
She has a burn from when she was younger, on her foot.
"It's unsightly I know..."

∞ Physical Description ∞
Lia is a rather average looking Japanese girl. Dark hair, dark eyes, and skin like cream, she doesn't stand out from the crowd. Even her height and weight can be seen as average. She has a slightly curvy figure and very feminine like qualities about her.
"I look quite like my father."

☤ Mentality ☤

∞ Habits/Quirks ∞

Snorting|| Lia laughs her fair share although it is a quiet and reserved sort of laugh. That is when she is on guard. When she is having a good time and someone says something absolutely funny she will laugh out loud and snort until days end.
Tilting her head|| A tilt of the head and a scrunch of the eyebrows is what you will get when you are talking to her. She is desperatly trying to listen to what you have to say, and understand what you are trying to get across.
Covering her mouth|| She covers her mouth when she is laughing, crying, surprised, embarrassed, thinking something mean, and thinking in general.
Bliss|| There are times when Lia just stops, closes her eyes, and stretches up toward the sky on her tiptoes. It's sorta of calming for her.

"Everyone has them..."

∞ Likes ∞
♥Romantic movies and manga
♥Green Tea
♥Tea Ceremonies
♥Flower Arranging
♥Up-beat Music

"This is just the tip of the iceberg. I like a lot more things!"

∞ Talents ∞
Swimming|| Something she started in middle school as a requirement she never really got away from. She swims competitively for her school.
Cooking || Lia couldn't bake to save her life but she can cook. She even really enjoys it. She will usually volunteer to make meals for her and anyone willing to have some of her food. She is good at cooking and can even get a little creative with her food.
Ettiquete|| Growing up with very traditional japanese grandparents she has learned ettiquete and practices it in all of her daily life. Sometimes she does try to not act so formally and slack it up when she is around peers but it just naturally kicks in.
Cello || She played the violin when she was younger but switched to the cello when she was ten. She used to practice on a daily basis but it isn't so much of a priority now.
Memory|| Lia doesn't have photographic memory but memorizing does come easy to her.

Katana|| Her grandfather is quite skilled and could even be considered a master of the traditional japanese samurai sword. He taught her everything he knows since she was a young girl. She still has much to learn but can handle her own for now. [/size]
"I'm really not that talented."

∞ Dislikes ∞
✖Breaking rules


∞ Fears ∞
Disgracing her family|| It all starts from the fact that her parents majorly disgraced their families. Everything she does, she does with thoughts of what people will think. Lia feels as if her grandparent's eyes are always watching, and judging her. When she does something "wrong" she will remind herself of her grandparents and quickly right the wrong, or at least do the best she can.
Fire|| There was a mishap when she was younger. Something she can never forget.
Confrontation|| This roots from the fact her grandfather always told her to never rebel or oppose. To always do as told and listen rather than talk.

"This is making me uncomfortable..."

∞ Flaws ∞
Shells up|| When she feels threatened or in the wrong she will lose the smile and her bubbliness. Lia becomes a serious and realistic individual who her grandparents had molded her into.
Emotions|| She is not in touch with her emotions and never really connects with others in a emotional way. She feels as though if she were to express her true emotions someone would come up and manipulate her.
Jokes|| Don't get the wrong idea, Lia has a great sense of humor. She just doesn't know how to be funny herself. She may attempt to make you laugh but it's usually a failure.
Unmodernized|| Growing up in the countryside with extremely traditional grandparents she can be classified as out of touch with what is hip nowadays. She doesn't know the current fashion trends, she doesn't know much about electronics(cellphones, ipods, and computers included), and pretty much anything that's current. Lia doesn't mind but it can stunt her socially at times.

"Character Thought"

∞ Personality ∞
|| Shy || Bubbly || Polite || Kind ||
|| Passive || Curious || Cautious || Realistic ||

3-5 Paragraph explaining the traits

"Enough about me ,please."

☤ Backround ☤

∞ Romantic Interest & Relationship History ∞

None at the moment
"I don't think I have ever had a boyfriend..."

∞ Family ∞
Grandmother - Deceased

"I'm slowly losing my family one by one."

∞ History ∞
Lia was born in France from her happily unmarried parents of eighteen years of age. Her mother was a proud French woman from a wealthy family and her father was a geeky Japanese boy brought up to love and cherish his heritage. The two had met in Tokyo where her father had been doing his yearly clothes shopping and her mother had been studying abroad. It was love at first sight, but problems quickly began to arise. Parents on both sides were unhappy especially Lia's father's parents. They believed in traditions and marrying their son to a perfect Japanese woman was their dream. In the end her parents decided on a whim to run away to France. That's when Lia entered the picture. Her parents were happy but were constantly running from loan sharks and what not. Eventually they thought it best to give two year old Lia over to her grandparents. They reluctantly accepted the request to take of her mostly because they two lovers had left their crying child on the rainy door step.
Ever since then Lia grew up in the countryside of Japan with her two traditional grandparents. They taught her very traditional ways in hopes that she would become a fine Japanese girl suited for a wealthy husband. In order to do this, they thought, was to completely cut her off from her parents(who didn't make any attempts to connect her anyways) and her French heritage. Things have happened as of late which is the reason Lia is now attending Blackwall High. She doesn't share her personal story with anyone especially what is currently happening. Mainly because she isn't fully aware herself.

"Thank you for your time and patience."

So begins...

Orelia Mori's Story


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Students pile out of the buses, trains, cars and path, heading towards the castle-like building, dragging their heavy suitcase looking packed for a whole year or whole term at BlackWall high. The sinking sun of the afternoon makes the sky look as if it were on fire. This year, there is a slight change in plan when it comes to the students. A few humans have been placed among the supernaturals. They just think it's another school but for higher abled students like themselves. The will soon find out that they were wrong, so very VERY wrong.

Right now, the wooden gates are closed as the last few tasks are being completed by the teachers of the school. The gate opened and students flooded into the courtyard, halls, coridoors: everywhere. The sea of school uniforms and talking make it almost impossible to identify anyone and what they are. Some are more obvious: being in groups showing off new tricks they learnt to do using their abilities, others just walking in with no words or facial expression.

Human students and teachers pile into the smaller hall while supernatural students and teachers pile into the massive hall, about four times larger than the one the humans are in. The head mistress, Miss BlackWall, gives a speech in both halls. The speech for the human's was very different to the speech for the supernaturals. Miss BlackWall comes up onto the podium and her booming voice projects around the whole hall as she says:

"Welcome, all of you, to BlackWall high. As some of you may know, I am Miss BlackWall: principle of this school and it is my job to make sure you have the best experience here at BlackWall High. You will all be going to your dormitories for today to get settled in. The majority of your fellow students here are... difficult to handle. Now, we have a few ground rules...

Number 1: You can't drop out until the end of the year and rule-breaking is not tolerated. If you are found to be breaking the rules, your punishments will be... well, let's just say unpleasent.

Number 2: Being enrolled to this school is a privalige as is experiencing it's traditions some of it's secrets and meeting the other students here, respect that fact. The old students adore this place and might not be as nice to you if you disrespect them or this school. Keep that in mind.

And finally, Number 3: Do not leave your dorms after 7:30pm.

Anyone that breaks rule number 3 will be punished by breaking rule number 3 at that time. Go to reception to get your timetables, room number and information about the school. Goodbye."

She then gets off the podium as the humans pile out to reception, going to the hall full of the supernaturals. The supernatural students are all over the place in the hall, some in the seats set out, some on the walls and a few even on the ceiling. Miss BlackWall goes up to the podium at the front and shouts "quiet" into the microphone, getting everyone's attention. She then clears her throat and says:

"Welcome, all of you, to BlackWall high. As you know, my name is Miss BlackWall and before anyone else asks: yes, humans are being enrolled into the school this year. Deal with it. Our ruler has purpousfully done this to try and fix the bond between humans and us supernaturals. For this reason, this years rules have changed. The new rules are...

Number 1: Rulebreaking is not tolerated. If you are found breaking a rule, you will be punished and expelled, depending on how serious the rule is, with a record of it on your profile until the day you die.

Number 2: Fighting in school is not allowed. Save it for when your let into the woods.

Number 3: Do not kill any humans that happen to be outside the dorms after 7:30pm.

Number 4: Do not lure any humans to go outside the dorms after 7:30pm.

Go to reception to get your timetables, room number and information about the school. Goodbye."

Miss BlackWall leaves the podium as the supernaturals pile out and towards the reception, where some humans are still waiting for their room numbers, timetable and info about the school.

The setting changes from BlackWall High to BlackPine


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Normally Lia would have hung onto every word the headmistress had said in her speech, but today her mind was occupied. She felt stares, existent or otherwise, upon her. She heard the whispers and snickers of several peers near her. She smoothed out her outfit and licked her teeth, but couldn't find the reason behind the student's interest in her. Her hands clutched each other like long lost lovers, showing the white of her knuckles. Desperately she tried to tune into one of the whisperings to detect the reason.

"Omg...What the heck is she wearing!" One of the boys said. Lia, completely confused, glanced down. It all of a sudden hit her. She was wearing a kimono. Now, the girl had been aware of what she had been wearing. What she hadn't been aware of was how much she stuck out from the others. Everyone else was wearing either a uniform or a casual t-shirt and pants. The decision to wear the formal garment was not hers but her grandfather's. He had pushed the issue, and Lia did not want to disappoint. The only thing is, she didn't realize she would be so out of place.

Gotta get out of here. Lia thought, as she looked around for an exit. Her eyes went back to the boy who she had heard speak about her. She knitted her eyebrows together, and flashed a shy smile. He merely looked away from her. Sighing, she headed to the closest exit in the hall. That was when she felt the shoving and pushing from her peers. Apparently the Headmistress was done with what she had to say and the students were dismissed.

Lia struggled for a bit but eventually let the crowd carry her to the exit. When the crowd of students dispersed slightly she broke free to baby step it to the front desk to grab her information. Unfortunately her platform shoes were not for speedy things, so she didn't make it quite in the front. She got to about the middle of the line, and waited impatiently for her turn.

"Orelia Mori, please!" Lia announced to the woman behind the desk. The lady was slow to give her her information but Lia took it and bowed in thanks. Once again she started baby stepping it, but this time towards her room which she found out was 170. Her complete focus was on trying to find her room and change into her uniform so no one else could notice her, so that left Lia completely oblivious to the surroundings around her.

It had been easy for Lia to find the hallway to her room, but then again she had memorized the whole school several weeks before. The door was already open to her surprise, but she did not let that subdue her. She quickly entered and was about to take off her shoes when she noticed several guys chatting. Her brown eyes widened in horror. Slowly backing up in a bowed position she headed out the door and back into the hallway, hoping no one in room 171 had noticed her.


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"Ahhhhh!!" Orelia screamed. She had just walked up behind a blonde haired girl seconds away from asking if she was to be her new roommate. It hadn't taken her long to correct herself after entering the wrong room, and her door was even unlocked, hanging wide open to the world. She had silently groaned, hoping that she would be the first roommate in but that wasn't as bad as the random scream she heard coming from the dorm room.

The black haired girl slapped her hands over her mouth, slightly embarrassed at her unreasonable scream. Peering around the other girl's shoulder, Lia couldn't pinpoint the reason to her distress. She quickly stepped around the girl to further investigate. Nothing. Except for maybe the lack of colors and tasteless decorations. Completely forgetting about the blonde, Lia started to plan out decorating ideas for the dorm to make it feel like home for her. Reposition some things, add a couple pieces here and there, and have some incense around to get the musk she was smelling out. She turned around to face the girl, finally remembering where she was and who she was with.

"A-are you alright, miss?" Lia asked the other girl. She really didn't know what to do in this situation so she awkwardly looked at the girl's blue eyes, tilting her head slightly. Almost immediately she looked away from the girl's eyes feeling self-conscience within seconds. As she waited for a response she thought about her shoes. Her main goal in getting to the room so fast was to change. Lia couldn't decide whether she should take her shoes or not and in the end, she decided not too. The blonde girl might think it rude.


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"Abbey Rose..."

Abbey Rose, Of course, Her roommate, Fortunately the only thing she actually remembered that was on the board was, Of course her Roommate. However when she turned to inform the two being roommates. ".....Where did she go.." Hikari looked ubiquitously, and she was nowhere to be found. A dejected frown formed on the silver haired girl's face "Godda..."Hikari bit her tongue, Barely stopping herself from spitting profanity, She remembered that swearing wasn't a angelic thing to do, Remembering her father's words, "Swearing is not something you should grow accustomed to, God has forgave the sins of the humans, However don't try to lump yourself with them, You chose to be an angel, Learn to be one Hikari rubbed the top of her head, Remembering the blunt blow she was given after the talk. "Old man.." Hikari clenched her teeth, picked up her luggage and strolled in a random direction. Not caring where she would end up.

CHUNK! Taking a detour, Hikari picked up the soda that withdrawed from the vending machine, After collecting the change, She gazed at the sky, It seemed to be late. After opening the soda that was clenched between her fingers and taking a quick sip, She went into the same direction as before, stopping in front of the dorm, She casually strolled inside, Dropping the empty soda can in a nearby trash can and walked to the room, Not bothering to stop to befriend the two people that were in front of the door. Before they could speak, She inadvertently walked inside, Threw her luggage aside, and fell asleep in the nearest bed.


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"A-are you alright, miss?" a girl asks. The girl looks away. What's she wearing? It looks like something you would wear in China or Japan or somewhere in Asia. Maybe robes for praying? Her shoes also look very uncomfortable. Abbey suddenly feels the urge to take of her shoes just to respect that tradition. The floor is made of carpet, after all, and she doesn't want to get it dirty so quickly.

"Oh! Nothing! I swear I'm fine! I just scared myself!" Abbey quickly said, trying hard to sound positive but utterly failing as it is obvious she is stuttering in her words, only slightly. "Your feet must hurt..." Abbey points out before going to the door, to shut it and then taking her shoes off, finally giving it air. They felt like getting trenchfoot, which she of course hasn't experienced but she knows toes falling off must be painful. Abbey finally looks around the room, blocking the hanging spirit from her mind, making it more faint so she doesn't notice it as much. The room seems... well, boring. Theres only three beds, a window, a lamp, a chair and a painting for god's sake!


The three beds were made of a bunk bed and single bed. All of that in one corner too! Theres still about a meter square of area left to fill with things. There are a few doors going to what seems to be a bathroom and a kitchen/dining room merge. Turning around, Abbey looks at the three beds before seeing bags in another corner of the room. Abbey picks up her bad and throws it next to the single bed. "I'll take this bed." Abbey says. All of a sudden, the silver haired girl walks in, throwing her bag on the bottom bed of the bunk bed and falling asleep on the bed almost instantly.
Abbey just stare blankly at the girl for a second and back to the other girl. "Uhhh..."


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Yo, I see you have arrived, Person behind screen. Now you may be wondering, Wait, Why are you tagging everyone, And not writing anything related to the story. WELL I'm glad you asked, HOW ABOUT Because nothing is happening, This is generally the point where a roleplay dies, Everyone has already introduced themselves and now everyone is done and no one will now post beyond this point, HOWEVER I trust you are a capable group of people, Out of Ideas, Make your own, A roleplay is something where everyone can but their brains and hearts together to make something truly spectacular. Now again you may be wondering, Wait, person that plays Hikari, The best character in the whole goddamn roleplay, Why haven't YOU written anything, Well aside from being busy or something, This type of roleplay is built on people actually posting, We need people to respond so others can respond back, Now Now, Of course, You might not have been on, HOWEVER, It might sound creepy BUT, I have hovered over your names and looked at my conveniently placed calendar on the lower right hand side of my computer and checked that you have been Online, NOW, SCROLL DOWN AND WRITE TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT, Thank you, Phantom's Blade for president, Thank you.