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General Info

Name: Taylor Moore
Age: 17
Birthday: Jan 6
Gender: Female
Species: Human

What you look like

Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Hazel
Other form's appearence (if they have another form):

More In-Depth Description (distinguishable fetures, etc.): Tall, really pale, glasses w/ black rims


Five Traits: Sarcastic, Shy, Friendly, Funny, Awkward

Description (at least a paragraph): I'm the girl that sits in the back of the class hugging a book close to her chest. I'm the most sarcastic person, but not many people talk to me so they wouldn't know. I try to act confident but inside I just want to hide. Not really good at acting like a girl when I talk like a guy.

  • Sarcastic
  • Friendly

  • Eyesight
  • Disorganized

  • Reading
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Sleeping

  • Being annoyed


Birth Place: Small town in New Jersey
Detailed Backstory: My parents died in a fire, I made it out with my brother. We were taken in by our grandparents, they gave us everything we could ask for; well all that we could afford. My brother moved to Montana to go to college, leaving me in a shit town with two people I love. I didn't have many friends, no one liked talking to me. I would rely on reading to keep me occupied. Right as eighth grade came around my grandfather passed away.
My grandmother started to become sick so my uncles took her in under their care. My aunt took very good care of me up until high school started, I was told I need to grow up and move on from this town. They sent me away to a boarding school, and to somewhere I've never been before.

So begins...

Taylor Moore's Story


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Students pile out of the buses, trains, cars and path, heading towards the castle-like building, dragging their heavy suitcase looking packed for a whole year or whole term at BlackWall high. The sinking sun of the afternoon makes the sky look as if it were on fire. This year, there is a slight change in plan when it comes to the students. A few humans have been placed among the supernaturals. They just think it's another school but for higher abled students like themselves. The will soon find out that they were wrong, so very VERY wrong.

Right now, the wooden gates are closed as the last few tasks are being completed by the teachers of the school. The gate opened and students flooded into the courtyard, halls, coridoors: everywhere. The sea of school uniforms and talking make it almost impossible to identify anyone and what they are. Some are more obvious: being in groups showing off new tricks they learnt to do using their abilities, others just walking in with no words or facial expression.

Human students and teachers pile into the smaller hall while supernatural students and teachers pile into the massive hall, about four times larger than the one the humans are in. The head mistress, Miss BlackWall, gives a speech in both halls. The speech for the human's was very different to the speech for the supernaturals. Miss BlackWall comes up onto the podium and her booming voice projects around the whole hall as she says:

"Welcome, all of you, to BlackWall high. As some of you may know, I am Miss BlackWall: principle of this school and it is my job to make sure you have the best experience here at BlackWall High. You will all be going to your dormitories for today to get settled in. The majority of your fellow students here are... difficult to handle. Now, we have a few ground rules...

Number 1: You can't drop out until the end of the year and rule-breaking is not tolerated. If you are found to be breaking the rules, your punishments will be... well, let's just say unpleasent.

Number 2: Being enrolled to this school is a privalige as is experiencing it's traditions some of it's secrets and meeting the other students here, respect that fact. The old students adore this place and might not be as nice to you if you disrespect them or this school. Keep that in mind.

And finally, Number 3: Do not leave your dorms after 7:30pm.

Anyone that breaks rule number 3 will be punished by breaking rule number 3 at that time. Go to reception to get your timetables, room number and information about the school. Goodbye."

She then gets off the podium as the humans pile out to reception, going to the hall full of the supernaturals. The supernatural students are all over the place in the hall, some in the seats set out, some on the walls and a few even on the ceiling. Miss BlackWall goes up to the podium at the front and shouts "quiet" into the microphone, getting everyone's attention. She then clears her throat and says:

"Welcome, all of you, to BlackWall high. As you know, my name is Miss BlackWall and before anyone else asks: yes, humans are being enrolled into the school this year. Deal with it. Our ruler has purpousfully done this to try and fix the bond between humans and us supernaturals. For this reason, this years rules have changed. The new rules are...

Number 1: Rulebreaking is not tolerated. If you are found breaking a rule, you will be punished and expelled, depending on how serious the rule is, with a record of it on your profile until the day you die.

Number 2: Fighting in school is not allowed. Save it for when your let into the woods.

Number 3: Do not kill any humans that happen to be outside the dorms after 7:30pm.

Number 4: Do not lure any humans to go outside the dorms after 7:30pm.

Go to reception to get your timetables, room number and information about the school. Goodbye."

Miss BlackWall leaves the podium as the supernaturals pile out and towards the reception, where some humans are still waiting for their room numbers, timetable and info about the school.