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Nathaniel Wright

"The mind's eye is a tricky thing. All have it, but few can see from it."

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a character in “Blackwater Oddities & Freak Show”, as played by Scripter


Nathaniel Wright

Stage Name
Monsieur Right.ImageImage
My grandmother called herself a 'Madam', but I don't really think I contain the same qualities to uphold that title.

Race and Ethnicity

25 years of age.

How do you feel about the Freak Show?
He adores it. The place of his dreams, if his dreams were this good. There are always so many people, (and cute girls to boot.) how could anyone not like it here? Nate feels at home at Blackwater, and has never found a person he dislikes (Much).


Fortune Teller. Everything you could ever want to know and more! Just step right up and take a good long look into his eyes, let the dancing smoke and strong perfumes open your mind's eye and let him tell you all you wish to know. Maybe just a quick question? Pull a card from his deck and let all be answered, no hassle for you at all. Or is a three card reading more your speed? Let him tell you your past, your present, and predict your future right before your eyes as he slowly turns over cards you picked yourself. Though, you want more detail of your future, is that it? Oh, that is just fine, child, no questions are bad ones here. Step closer, let the lines on your palm point the way to your downfall-- Er, your fortune!, or set your wits on his crystal ball and be entranced...



Appearance Description
The first thing that one will always notice is his eyes. His 'Main Attraction', he might jokingly refer them to. The golden-green mixture pops out almost frighteningly against a naturally tanned skin tone, sharp features to frame them only helping to prove the point. Nate stands about six feet from the ground and weighs a healthy 170 lbs, padded lightly with lean muscle, but in no way is he anywhere close to being a Strongman. Wavy brown-gold locks are almost always kept neat and styled, just so, matching well with his characteristic crisp white shirts and bits of Victorian garb. However, you will not ever find him cleanly shaven, always with a hint of stubble lining his jaw. Thickly framed, black glasses can be seen occasionally perched on the top of his head or low on the bridge of his nose, but he hates them with an almighty passion and cannot stand wearing them for long amounts of time, even if it means a massive migraine is on its way.

'Monsieur Right', as he jokingly refers to himself as, is the textbook definition of old-fashion, gentlemanly charm. His manners are impeccable, his speech is elegant, and he is never one to disrespect. His manners coming from the days in which he lived with his grandmother, since she was one woman whom never tolerated anything less. Somehow, even though those days are a bit of an cringe-worthy memory, old habits never change and Nate cannot be anything else. However, never tell him that his readings are a hoax, or what he does is ' Just magic tricks'. That is a one-way ticket to being kicked out. However, he truly is a kindhearted person and fits in beautifully within Blackwater, but can come across as a bit odd for most mundane peoples. Despising almost anything modern, Nate can more often than not be found dressed in a waistcoat and crisp white shirts, looking as if he jumped straight out of the Victorian Era, with his nose pressed into a good mystery novel.

Nate is eccentric and loves to be around a wide verity of people, laughing and joking, and just generally having a good time. He is especially sweet on children, or women whom he fancies, but never will he ever be rude to anyone. To the same extent, he is known for fibbing gently when giving his readings if they point to bad omens, usually changing the wording to make the telling sound much more pleasant.

Where is your character found most often?
He can be found in the Oddities Shoppe most of the time, whether that be in the front, with his feet kicked up on the glass counter and a smoke hanging from his lips as he people-watches, or in the backroom, where his true talents come into play among the ample amounts of smoke and perfumes. Other times, when business is slow, he can be found strolling about by the tents, talking to the performers and the like.

Snakes|| Realistic Dreams || Loneliness || Open Water

  • Jarred Specimens.
  • People Watching.
  • Eccentric/Loud/Boisterous People.
  • Antiques.
  • Victorian Clothing.
  • Smokes.
  • Incenses.
  • Pretty Girls.
  • Peculiar Things.
  • Mystery Novels.

  • Silence.
  • Know-it-alls.
  • People Whom Try To Disprove His Fortune Telling.
  • Closed-Minded People.
  • Sweet Things.
  • Being Alone.
  • Having To Do Tedious Tasks.
  • Cell Phones/Modern Gadgets.
  • Hot Weather.
  • Being Called a Magician/Saying He's Using Magic.

Born under the name of Mancio Hernandez, Nate grew up within the care of his grandmother. She was a bitter, hunched elderly woman whom had spent the entirety of her ninety-something years reading smoke and cracks in bones for tourists to keep herself afloat. With Nate in her care, she spoke often and quite fondly of her son, his father, but none of what had become of him nor Nate's mother in their absence. Nate had always just assumed they packed up and left, seeing how disdainfully she spoke to him personally, or maybe the old woman boiled them up in a pot and served them to guests. Respect was demanded, and respect was given, unless you wanted a good smack across the money-maker.

When he was around seven, his grandmother told him that he showed the 'signs' of opening his mind's eye. 'To let the universe whisper it's secrets yet to come.' She would say, soon dragging him into intense training to 'hone' the skills he doubted he even had. Most training involved him staring into the fire's smoke until his eyes watered painfully, but sometimes he really felt like he could see the things that his grandmother always talked out. Omens and signs that she had burned into his memory were starting to crop up within the smoke or the bones she had scattered within the fire itself. After his grandmother felt she had trained him so well that Nate possessed the same ability as herself, he was the one who read strangers' palms and brought in the income. Though, Nate will admit, he was not always completely truthful to his costumers back then. The tasks just became so boring at times, he felt the need to spice them up.

Right after the start of Nate's seventeenth year, and after many years of swindling tourists out of their hard-earned cash with promises of future riches, his grandmother passed away of her old age and Nate was free of his 'seeing' days. He changed his name at the first chance he got, wanting to cut connections from that part of his life. He moved around a lot, too, hopping from job to job, bunking in bus stations and on the benches of subways, but no job he took ever stuck. Working in restaurants aggravated him, department stores bored him, he wasn't cut out for physical labor of any kind, and any job involving the need for a cell phone, computer or any other electronic made him want to tear his hair out. He kept at this for years, until he was almost on his twentieth. Down on his luck, running out of jobs to take and try, he gave up on running. Nate, seeing a few posters around town and deciding that any money was good money, signed himself up for Blackwater, ready to put his childhood to use. And, well, he's been there ever since.

Hex Code

Theme Song
Pretty Face - Sóley

So begins...

Nathaniel Wright's Story