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Generally speaking, Paxton James was a difficult person on sheer principle alone. His day to day life was simply too boring for him to give people what they wanted straight out of the gate. He argued, bargained, and grinned when he made whoever was asking him for anything squirm and stutter over their uncomfortable irritation.

Remy King was the only exception to this rule. To be fair, she was the exception to pretty much any of Pax’s rules. She asked, he usually gave her what she wanted fairly easily. Even if that meant socializing. They’d been attached at the hip since the day they’d met, where she went he went, and vise versa. A creepy ass haunted house where a bunch of jerk offs had died was no different.

The process had been interesting from start to present. At first he’d thought Morgan had been playing an elaborate joke on them when it came to the actual application. He’d had psych evaluations less invasive than the questions a horror company had handed him. He assumed it was to make the experience more personal, apply to each individual's fears - hidden or otherwise - but he’d still lied through it all. His sheet had been filled out with his usual sarcasm and vague paranoia. No one needed to know him that well. Not even his best friend. He’d been a little surprised when the acceptance letter had come in, and mildly impressed with the authenticity of it.

Then came packing, which was always an adventure as Pax tried to figure out how to get his Triple X rated ass into one suitcase.Sex was a condition to taking him anywhere and he had a problem of overpacking to deal with that. Not that Remy minded, they got along just as well in the bedroom as they did anywhere else.

Then there was a quick plane right - Remy hated planes, Pax didn’t mind them, but it was also a very small space for his nonexistent attention span. He’d probably driven her annoyance level up to murder more than once, but on the upside it’d likely kept her from realizing they were in the air. Job well done, if he did say so himself.

Then there had been a bus, which was better if only because there was scenery to watch. Remy had lost her patience then though, and ended up with her head in his lap, feet in the aisle. That had earned them a few looks, but as a pair their Don’t Fuck With Me vibe was so strong no one had dared to say a word. He took her earbud gratefully when she gave it, then hooked his fingers just under the waistband of her pants when he rested his hand against her stomach.

"I give it...30 minutes before you and I are sneaking off to a supply closet to make better use of our time than losing brain cells listening to psycho barbie speak."

He snorted out a laugh, but had a feeling she was probably right. Pax honestly didn’t have a problem with Paige Hanley himself...she wasn’t his kind of person, but his hatred of her came solely from taking Remy’s side on...well, everything. β€œI’ll probably cave around fifteen, let’s be real.”

When the bus stopped Pax just found himself shaking his head at Remy’s groaning. He was pretty sure β€˜hell’ was actually the feeling the place was striving for, but so far he wasn’t getting it. In fact, if he was the kind of person who cared, he’d likely label it as β€˜pretty’. There was snow on the ground, perfectly placed greenery, the usual shit.

It was kind of a goddamn let down.

He let Remy tug him along, only occasionally dragging his feet because he enjoyed the annoyed line of her shoulders. She was too focused to look back at him though, and he understood why. Morgan was alone, which meant Remy's only other friend in the world was conspicuously absent.

He didn't blink twice at his own life being offered up, just dropped his chin comfortably on Remy's head and smiled at Morgan. He liked her, much more than he liked her brother. She was annoying as fuck, but entertaining. "Mom probably got distracted coddling puppies on the side of the road or something. Lord knows he wouldn't let Mor trek all the way up here on her lonesome. What irresponsibility! It'd probably make him sick."

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Gabriel Espinoza

Its amazing to think that someone would conjure up the grand idea of letting a handful of young adults run rampant on a mountain, practically alone, with no security to back them up besides a few dismal staff members at the actual lodge. Gabriel is certain that one look at the staff roster would leave him foaming at the mouth - where were the protocols, the safety information, did they have no idea that other people had died here? And here he was, practically letting his little sister slip into the devils den. But did he have a choice? Of course not, when Mo set her mind on something she always got it. Gabriel was too much of a softy to stop here, all he could do was make sure he came along so she didn't get herself killed...or worse. He didn't...he didn't want to think about what could be worse. All he knew was that he had read plenty of articles on this place and none of them had anything good to say.

To say the least, he wasn't thrilled at all. Besides, he had no heart for horror, despite some misguided bravery. Whatever this trip held it wasn't worth the process, the flight, the bus. It wasn't worth any of it if it meant having to suffer through getting called a wimp because he can't stand the horror aspect of things. He knew his sister and her blonde bitch of a friend would get a real kick out of it. Why the hell did she even invite Paige, it was clearly obvious at the time that she didn't want to come and yet she came along anyways - and she brought the other dumbass. God, this entire PLACE would be crawling with stupid teenagers that he'd have to look after - cause he knew that they wouldn't look after themselves. No adults? No supervision? Hell, this might as well be heaven on earth for the misguided. At least he had Remy, even if she was a bit extreme at times he knew she had his back, at least when it came to Paige and her copycat.

When they arrived it became apparently clear that this place wasn't up to code yet. Early openings and all that, he should have expected it but it was still extremely annoying. The cable car station itself had been a wreck, the machinery was there to operate the cars but no operator in sight. Besides a sign that said "be back in ten minutes" there was no telling if there had ever been one to begin with. Needless to say, after those ten minutes were up Gabe got increasingly more pissed off. Morgan had refused to wait inside with him, despite his warnings of hypothermia. Being freezing outside, he worried for her, but she only thought about Paige. Always thinking of others and never herself. Gabriel wished he could say differently, but in a way, he's the exact same. At least he doesn't seek out adrenaline like a junkie seeking out a needle. He wished people understood that there was danger everywhere, that at any point in time it would come to bite them in the asses - then again, most people didn't have his drive. Or his ticks...

Time passed slowly, and where any normal person would have entertained themselves with their phone or a book...well, Gabe chose to clean. Yeah, he knew how it looked but he absolutely couldn't stand the state of disarray this place was in. Pristine on the outside and fucked up on the inside. Might as well shove a knife through his eyes to stop the blinding pain of having to see it. Even at home Gabe made sure everything was organized and in order. Everything needed to be in tip top shape to keep him sane, and quite frankly, he couldn't stand the idea of filth. Maybe it was a touch of germaphobia. He never could put a word to his strange behaviors.

When he finally got the place into relative order he checked the clock, knowing that any time now that second shuttle would be coming in hot. He knew that everyone would be damned tired and probably cold, the bus that he and Morgan had taken didn't even have basic heating. And while it wasn't below freezing out they were still quite frosty by the time they reached the stop. So he took a few extra minutes making sure the machines were going to actually work. About four people would fit in the cars at once and he knew that meant delicate arrangements. He didn't want to leave Morgan with Paige - god knows what that girl would get up to in such close quarters. But he wasn't thrilled about riding up with Pax - He really, really, didn't want to deal with that kid today. He could only handle being called mom so many times. But Remy would want to ride with Pax, and he knew that there was absolutely no way he could stick Paige in the same car as Remy, it'd be bloodshed.

And he just got his clothes dry cleaned.

As he went to step outside he noticed that the others had arrived already, and the aforementioned girls were already going at it - well, Paige was going at it by the looks of it. Trying to start shit as usual. He knew this would happen, he TOLD Morgan that this was a horrible idea but she just couldn't see past blind devotion. The bottle blonde was going to ruin this already horrible trip. Oh well, what he doesn't acknowledge can't come back to bite him in the ass. He chose to ignore the potential fight, instead standing awkwardly in the doorway - as he tended to do - until he could catch someones attention and get this damn show on the road.

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(i might fix this header later i don't know but it's carter yall)

Carter had his back turned to the window, the chill from the glass making every conceivable effort to freeze him to death through his jacket. He’d had his hands buried in the pockets for as long as he could remember and would have seriously considered making a few petty phone calls and getting someone fired over this glorified meals on wheels if it didn’t require functioning hands and decent reception. Now, Carter wasn’t an outdoorsy person. Didn’t have the first clue about cabins. Was it a selling point to be as cut off from normal society and working communication as possible? Did people actually seek that out? The corner of his lip tightened in contempt and he briefly considered that the kind of people who chose to live in a cabin in the woods were probably the same people who painted their nails crack whore red and rode buses by choice, but of course he had to rethink his stance when he remembered that he was one of those bus riders, sans any kind of crack whore red nail polish.

Still, there was no way he’d make this mistake again. Carter was sure of that as he pulled his legs into the seat, an attempt to get as comfortable as one could be when the word bus was synonymous with just about anything else undesirable you could think of. Carter didn’t like to participate in things like this - applications, being selected, ect. For one, anything built on the premise of dead bodies and ghosts and such was strictly a money grab, and as such, he should be able to throw a fucking check their way and cut out all of this what is your deepest fear bullshit.

But in the end he supposed the application process was as much a part of the trip as the low budget transportation they were destined to ride in on and he gave it about as much effort as he’d give tying his shoes. At one point the invasive questionnaire started to strike a suspicious nerve in Carter (who wants to know your biggest lie unless they plan on holding something against you?) and for a moment his mind started to wonder whether or not this was just a ploy to set up innocent people for something. Rob him. Scam him. After all, that’s what he would do if he owned a supposedly haunted cabin.

However, given that an actual reputable company was throwing this thing together, he buried his paranoia at the time and banked on the fact that he hadn't actually been chosen yet and the odds were probably stacked against him anyway.

But thank God he did get invited to go, otherwise he’d never have gotten the change to alternate between listlessly staring out of the window across from him and picking at a stray thread on his seat. Though, to be fair, the scenery wasn’t that bad. Had he not already known where he was going, Carter probably wouldn’t have guessed there was a creepy cabin out in the woods somewhere. Then again, a winter wonderland probably didn't add very much to the haunted atmosphere or that danger element unless your biggest fear was getting lost in the snow. How cute he thought with a smirk before the bus finally started to slow down and he could make out their destination fairly close by. And if the bus coming to a stop wasn’t evident enough, someone mentioned Morgan and whatever negative energy that was there seemed to dissipate as everyone made their way off and made a beeline toward her spot. Carter followed behind, messing with his phone in a last ditch effort to find a signal and placing names with faces as he cracked a smile a Gabe’s expense.

Still, a haunted cabin retreat wasn't the same without some tension, and it didn't take long before basic teasing gave way to something a little more strained. Carter was always a sucker for a good show and almost forgot about the chilly air and ice on the ground as Paige shot a look Remy's way and all but told her to fuck off.

"You're gonna break an arm jerkin yourself off like that," Carter tucked his hands back into his jacket pockets as he looked over at Paige, a sham of a smile plastered on his face. He couldn't blame anyone for getting excited to start shit, though he didn't know enough not to be surprised that something had flared up this early into the trip.

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Gabriel Espinoza

Gabriel watched the fight brew impassively. He could step in, but that would only cause twice as many problems and he would always be inclined to side with Remy - and that would piss his sister off so he chose to just wait and watch until Morgan resolved things. Gabe let his gaze wander over the landscape around them, to the tree line just beyond where he thought for a split second he saw movement. It wouldn't be unusual really, there were loads of animals out here, and quite a few warning signs about the more territorial ones. Bears, Mountain Lions, and Elk were known offenders in this area. Which, made him more nervous than anything that they would be spending time up here among them.

By the time they were done with their little pissing match he could feel the cold creeping in. Even though he was probably the most practically dressed here. While it wasn't too bad here at the base, Mountain weather usually didn't follow the same patterns. Who knew if it would be worse up near the lodge or not. He had packed extra coats just in case his idiot friends didn't. Maybe, if he felt bad enough he'd offer one to Paige - seriously who thought wearing shorts would be a good option in this weather? Light snowfall or not, it's not that hard to get hypothermia.

Finally, when everyone cut the shit and started heading his way he let out a sigh of relief. The sooner they got up to the lodge the faster they'd all get warm. He was growing sick of the outdoors already, too bad they'd be spending so much time in it. Morgan and Paige were quick to come to a stop near him, Paige, being her usual bitchy self-poking a manicured finger at him. β€œJust keep that bitch as far away from me as possible,” He had no qualms about separating the two but grimaced anyway.

β€œMorgan and Trish are riding up with me, keep that little monster on your side of things.” Her other hand motioned to Remy. Gabriel almost considered asking Remy to ride with the blonde if only so that issue would be dealt with. Paige needed her ass handed to her badly. She was simply intolerable. Plus, he didn't much like being poked. He rolled his eyes and smacked her hand away, mumbling under his breath as she walked on ahead. Trish followed at their heels looking a little too interested in Gabe as she passed by - all these girls were going to drive him to an early grave.

He watched Remy and Pax approach and smiled lightly, while he wasn't as fond of Pax's teasing he could tolerate the little shit for a while - and Carter was just behind them. Gabriel couldn't, in good conscious subject him to the stupidity that would result in riding with Paige. "We'll send them up first," He said, knowing that this would only be a short reprieve from the arguments that were sure to fill this holiday. Hopefully, the lodge would be big enough that they could all sort off into their own groups before long.

Not wanting to allow any more room for argument he leads the way into the station and watched his sister and the other two settle into one of the cars. The automatic doors slid into place, and with a mock salute towards Morgan he sent them on up. Once that was settled he threw his spare bags into the other car and beckoned the remaining three to pack in as well. They were up in the air not too long after, heading towards the lodge at long last. The ride wasn't long enough to really leave room for deep conversation, light small talk mostly and Gabes mood didn't allow for much of that on his end anyway.

They were let off at another small building that served as a stop, as well as had the necessary controls for sending the cars back down to the starting station. From there it was a short walk through some trails - thankfully clean and tidy - before they arrived at the lodge. Gabe noted that the place looked significantly less creepy than he initially thought it would. As far as decorations go, it was grand but sparse and lacking the blood spatter he assumed there would be. Well, that in and of itself was interesting enough - he wondered what type of scares were really in place if things weren't going to be so outwardly transparent.