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Gladius Longinus

"I will defeat my brother, and claim his blades."

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a character in “Blade crusade”, as played by DarkLancer


Name: Gladius Longinus


Description:He is a young, but great roman soldier. When he realized that demons broke out, he conquered area 51 to take his family's long missing tresure: The Holy Lance of Longinus that pierced Jesus' rib cage after His death. He is also a master of lances which will make him a hard opponent especially while wielding one. He and his brother go a long way back. He hates Trevor very much. (Trevor is played by my alt, TheDarkLord)

Appearance: Gladius is a man measuring 5'4", but no one knows his height without his armor, since he constantly wears the armor. You can call him "White" since he dosen't expose himself to the sun. His armor is a futuristic version of a roman soldier's armor.

Class: Lancer (as you can see from the description and my name.)

Name of weapon: "Lance and Nail of Our Lord" (A.K.A The Holy Lance)

So begins...

Gladius Longinus's Story


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Character Portrait: Gladius Longinus
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(Let's not let this roleplay die-DarkLancer)

Trevor took out his blades. "My brother will be proven wrong. Soon, I will defeat my brother.". Trevor saw his first demon. "One demon? This way, my brother will win.". He threw one of his blades. That demon was a fake. It was an alarm for 2 legions of hellhounds. They bought a surprise demon too: Leviathan. He took off his helmet, burning both legions, and burning half of Leviathan's body. He put his helmet back on. "Hello, Leviathan." Trevor said. "Hello to you too, foolish, but gifted, mortal.". Trev stabbed Leviathan's head. "Fool. You cannot kill a demon crown.". His brother then arrived. "Heh, got trapped in one of 'em demon traps again huh?" Trev said. "Yeah yeah, now shut up. I don't want to hear your voice for another hour." Gladius said. "C'mon, let's pwn this guy.". Gladius stabbed him in the head with his lance, while Trevor stabbed both of his eyes. "GAH! MY EYES!" Leviathan was turning to ashes slowly, while the Longinus brothers used their light magic to make him turn into ashes quicker. But, before he turned into dust, Leviathan scratched Gladius with poison. After a few minutes, Gladius became unconsious. "Rest in peace brother...", Trev said. But, he's unaware that demon poison may turn a human into a demon.â€Ļ