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Amaterasu Himura

"Treat Miss Ayane respectfully or I won't hesitate to cut you down."

0 · 695 views · located in Yukimura Village

a character in “Blade of the Seven”, as played by FuyuHana


|| Amaterasu Himura ||

"Don't touch Miss Ayane with your hands unless you wish to lose them."


|| Full Name ||
Amaterasu Himura ; Amaterasu or Ama to people close to her ; Himura to strangers

|| Age ||
Unknown ; Looks around 20-23

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Affiliation ||
Neutral | Miyashiro

|| Face Claim ||
Fuyumine Naoto | DOGS: Bullets and Carnage


|| Hair Colour ||
Blackish Purple

|| Eye Colour ||
Dark Brown

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Height ||

|| Weight ||


|| Personality ||
Ama is a very territorial person, to put it in the most simple way. Anything that she likes, or anything that she wants is basically already considered her own, in her point of view, when most times it isn't. That also goes the same for people, such as her family and Ayane Miyashi; if anyone were to touch them or even look at them funny she'd take that as a terrible offense and draw her weapon. Things tend to get as serious as that. For example, if someone were to glare at her mother, she'd take out her katana or knife and stick it near that person's throat, stomach, or heart, aiming for the most deadly areas where she could kill in a single second if needed. Of course, this is just from her over protectiveness, but she's not coldhearted in this way. If a child were to glare or someone of young age were to glare, Ama would treat them like any other adult would; softly and kindly. Still, she can be a very vicious young woman if needed.

To stick to her soft side, Ama is very motherly, in some manner. If one were to forget about her over protectiveness, Ama can appear as a very loving and gentle woman. Especially towards children since she had always wanted one as she grew older. While Ama can be a coldblooded killer, she is still a regular person, in more than just one way. Besides the children, she also acts like a woman when she's not on duty to protect Ayane, and before she even became a body guard. She's wash clothes, make meals and take care of the young ones when the men were away, just like any other regular female would do. She still does do chores like that occasionally, but now, Ama tends to act more like a male, protecting the weak, going out into battle rather than staying behind to care for others.

Contradictory from before, Ama actually is a coldhearted woman. Just because she does chores and loves children doesn't mean she won't kill them when needed. She has before, and she will again if needed. Usually, her solid personality would be simply emotionless and smiling occasionally, but when she is needed to slay someone, she will become blank and mindless. This mostly happens when she has to kill children since blocking out these memories will keep her sane while most who have killed would go insane. Ama tends to like to know what she's doing and have control over herself, so as cruel as it may sound, its her only way of escaping from insanity.

|| Likes ||
❆ Children
❆ Ayane Miyashiro
❆ Her Family
❆ Being A Regular Woman
❆ Sleeping
❆ Eating
❆ Bathhouses
❆ Quiet Villages
❆ Demons

|| Dislikes ||
☓ Humans
☓ Ignorance
☓ Killing Children
☓ Criticism
☓ Crowded Places
☓ Summer
☓ Her First Name
☓ Alcohol
☓ Vehicles

|| Weakness ||
Children - One of Ama's weaknesses is children. While she does kill them if necessary, although she doesn't like it, she is insanely hesitant, which sometimes tends to get her into trouble. Not to mention she's a sucker for them; they look adorable in her eyes, and she'll open up her younger side where she was innocent rather than being a cold woman.

Criticism - Odd? Maybe, but Ama is persuaded easily by others' words, even if it's negative, or even if it's possitive. If someone says that her hair is too long, she'll cut it short, regardless of that person. If someone says she'd be pretty in a kimono, she'd wear it the next day, also regardless of the person, though she is persuaded much easier if it were someone she liked telling her such rather than a stranger.


|| Skills ||
Defensive During Combat - While Ama is terrible at battling on the offensive side, which would mean to try and make the first movements against the opponent, she is superb at defending herself, someone else, or a whole group of people even. This gives her a huge advantage when protecting someone, mostly Ayane, but she is unable to kill most people who have experience with a sword.

Sacraficing - Since she is a body guard, Ama is willing to put her life on the line to protect Ayane. But not only her mistress, but also others she holds dear such as her family. Although Ayane is always priority, second in line will be the missions she is assigned, and then her loved ones, and finally the strangers. Ama is a killer, but also a protector.

|| Biography ||
Amaterasu Himura, named after the Japanese Sun Goddess, was brought into her family as the third child, having two older brothers and being the only female besides her mother. She lived in a small family in a small village that was located in the middle of a forest near the base of a mountain. Their village wasn't very well known, which was nice since she loved how quiet it was and how tiny it was. They knew everyone in the village and everyone knew them. They were a sort of democratic village, one of the few, and was hidden from any wars and what such.

Ama grew up in this village with her mother, her father, and her two older brothers (14 and 17) when she was 10 years old. Unlike most families who had cousins, aunts, and uncles, Ama's family was smaller and liked to live differently, therefore leading to the Himura name to be spoiled by the other family relatives who were in higher ranks and lived in much more popular places compared to them. This is why Ama's father decided to move away from the main 'pack' and into their own little habitat. Of course, the mother and father kept this a secret from all three of their children in hopes to live a normal life without having their children to be made fun of and pushed around all their life. And yet this was only because they liked to live their life different.

At first, life was normal in that tiny little village. Of course news of wars and battles spread across the place from time to time, but they never concerned themselves with events that weren't any of their business. After all, the village just wanted to keep its standards to the most content and tranquil place possible. And it was like that for a very long time until the Himura family walked in, being named as travelers from the plains when they really weren't. One secret of the family was that they were banished from their own family grounds while the second one was that the woman of each generation of Himura would serve the head of a demon clan, or more specifically, the Miyashiro clan.

As usual, this was also kept a secret from the children until one day, one of the people who stayed at that village's inn saw Ama's mother talking with a demon; the leader. This got out when that person came back and shouted the news to the village. This became a bigger problem for the Himura family, especially the mother since their reputation had degraded again. Those who were once friends began to scowl at the sight of any one of the Himura and eventually began to hate them. After some time, the family was kicked out of their home village again.

For a long while, a few years actually, when Ama was 13, the family struggled to live, being shoved off the streets after their name had been lowered even further in quality. They were shoved out of inns and left on the streets because of their name, and the mother had to abandon being a body guard to the Miyashiro clan. Even more years passed, Ama not counting any longer, and they still had no house or a place to stay for just a little while. This was when Ama started to grow concerned for her family, which was where she took her wrong turn and made things worse.

One day she snuck away from her family while they were sleeping and searched the near by village for a job, and a man did offer it, but the job was to 'pleasure a man.' At first, Ama didn't understand what it meant, but she was desperate to earn money and help her family, so she accepted. That's the day when she lost her innocence and virginity. Ever since then she wasn't the same, and her family didn't understand, but continued to move on. Still, she continued this job, earning more and more money for the family until they finally settled down in a house, thinking their daughter just picked up the money on the road or something.

She never told them anything of course, and after a little while, she decided it was time to end it all and stopped selling her body for money since her mother and father became honest workers in their new village. This was also when she finally found one more job; a body guard. Just as her mother had done it, she, too, became a body guard for the demon head of Miyashiro; Ayane Miyashiro. Ever since then she began to work for her and left the family, saying she was going to live her own life from that moment on. But since then, she's killed and lied to protect her mistress, since it is her job after all.

|| Other ||
- Ama's race is unknown, surprisingly. She doesn't know if she's a demon or human, but she doesn't really care. Her race wouldn't change the fact that she has a hatred for humans and liking for demons.

- Ama's age is also unknown since she lost count when she was a child. People base her age from her appearance.

"Try to amuse me, I dare you."

So begins...

Amaterasu Himura's Story


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A humid day in Edo, as the Shichitou return back to the Inn. The streets were busy as usual, as mechants sold their wares, and kids ran around in the streets. Townsfolk shopped, another ordinary day in Edo...
The Shichitou spread out 2 weeks ago in pairs, and are returning to Edo in the first post.
Takaya & The Bloody-one went to Kyoto

Murashige & Mio went to Sapporo

Sakurai and Yuji went to Fukuoka

Suzu stayed in Edo, and is currently waiting for the Shichitou back at Yamaguchi Inn

Akumu stayed in Kyoto, and are just hearing about the Shichitou

Demon Head/Ninjas
All are traveling to the Yukimura village to meet up and dicuss. The Yukimura head is hosting the meeting this month.

Takaya Kaguya

The first thing that entered his mind, was that he was hungry, so naturally he had stopped by a shop for a quick sip of tea and food. He had wandered away from Takeshi a while back, deciding they would meet up later. After all, it had been two weeks since they left for Kyoto together...and honestly, he was to tired to deal with the man's blood-thirsty actions. On their way back, they had run into some bandits. Takaya wanted to negotiate with them,but his partner had other plans. He had just cut them down quickly. Then they continued on.

As he sat and waited for his order, a drunkard had wandered into the shop, much to his disgust. He wrinkled his nose slightly, and silently hoped the man would just leave or pass out. He was wrong though, like always. The man released a sigh and stood up and walked toward the drunkard who was currently hitting on the poor waitress.

The next thing that happened, the tatami door flew down and the one who knocked it over? The drunkard's body. The man stood up, wiping his mouth a flush still evident on his face as he looked up at Takaya. He walked out calmly, back into the Edo heat. Despite what most people thought, he was quite comfortable in his attire, despite it looking to hot for the day. The man spoke, a slur evident in his voice.

"Hey youz...W-why the hell didja' do dat for?!"

The shichitou member remained quiet, his blue eyes narrowing towards the man. He didn't respond, choosing not to waste his breath on people like him. With a sigh, he placed his hand on the hilt of his sword. It was just an intimidation act, since he wouldn't draw it for no reason. Using his other hand, it slid partly the katana, it's silver blade reflecting the light of the harsh sun toward the man.

The man paled, easily shown on his flush face. Quickly, he got p, before stammering a slurred apology and ran off the other direction. Takaya watched for a few moments, before turning back into the shop and returning to his seat. The owner thanked him, and he nodded in return before sipping his tea calmly. He was still hungry after all, and started to eat the mitarashi dangos that waited for him at the table.

The setting changes from Edo to Miyashiro Village

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Ayane Miyashiro


At that particular moment the sound of water slipping back into its basin could be heard. Porcelain skin glided through the reflective liquid that was so essential to life. Long black hair that seemed darker than night itself swayed and floated in the water. Along elegant fingers danced in the water as it washed away any soap residue from her skin. Sliding one slender leg over the other the woman blew a couple bubbles that had formed in her hands.

Ayane sighed, ducking her head underwater before resurfacing as she stepped out of the tube. Black hair stuck itself to her body dripping with water and steam. If you looked past the screens and the steam one would see a rather beautiful woman with a slender body that suited her tall height. Of course no one would ever manage to get past her doors or through her guard at that.

Stepping behind a silk screen, Ayane slide into her kimono pulling her hair from underneath it. It didn’t take her long to get ready slipping a fox’s mask over her face. And as always she wore her customary hat with the clothe obscuring any view of her head. One would see her hair but that was about all she would allow them to see. Not even her trusted ninja have ever seen her face they only knew her as the head of the clan, whom was hauntingly beautiful and rather intimidating with her tall stature.

Sliding open her screen doors to her from, Ayane stepped out of her room not caring if Amaterasu was there or not. Let her scurry to catch up to me a smile slipped its way onto her pink lips knowing full well the girl was probably expecting her.

Walking to their carriage it almost seemed as if Ayane was gliding. Releasing an aura of superiority and elegance at the same time. Those she passed in the hallways of her home stopped what they were doing and bowed as they got out of her way, saying their greetings. Only a small handful followed her and Amaterasu. They were the Elders of the Miyashiro clan but none could ever beat the wisdom and knowledge she held within that mind of hers.

Stepping down onto the walkway Ayane paused looking at the bright sky before turning to Amaterasu, “Amaterasu, go get my favorite pipe. It looks like we’ll be having nice weather today but we all know all good things come to an end.” her voice sounded deep and beautiful as if each word was meant to be heard slowly.

Without waiting for a reply Ayane continued on her way to the carriage only waiting long enough to look behind her to catch one last look at her home. Stepping inside she sat down folding her hands neatly on her lap. “This should be an interesting meeting” she said aloud to no one in particular.

The setting changes from Miyashiro Village to Edo


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"Oh!" Yuji exclaimed as he saw a beautiful looking sake bottle on a stand. It looked... well... authentic, just from the appearance. It was in a lovely black bottle with nothing but the name of the sake's brand circling around it. Yuji was a sucker for alcohol, especially for sake, and especially for pretty looking sake, "This one looks cool!" He said childishly.

While picking up the bottle, taking note of the owner staring at him the whole time, he turned and shouted, "Hey! Sakurai! Look! It's sake!" By the way he looked, anyone could tell how excited Yuji was to get that beautiful looking sake, and its bottle of course, since he had a whole collection he was beginning to make.

"Mister!" Yuji turned back to the man hiding behind his counter, hoping not to be seen as he watched Yuji. Though, after being called out, he jumped up and walked over to him with a nervous looking smile that Yuji could obviously see, but said nothing.

The man immediately, yet gently, took the sake bottle away from Yuji and said with that same anxious smile, "Well, it's a very expensive alcohol, so I'd prefer you not to treat it so roughly. And if you'd going to try and buy such a thing, I'd like to request for your brother over there," The man pointed to Sakurai, "You have to be older to drink alcohol, kid."

"K-Kid..." Yuji seemed to have lost his energy at the sounds of those words. He let out the greatest sigh and let his head hang for a while, his hair getting in his eyes as he pouted, "I'm an adult..."

"What was that?" The man asked, leaning in closer to hear what Yuji had said since his words before were just a murmur to himself.

"I'm an adult." Yuji frowned at the man, not in an angry or sad way, but in a way that he was just tired of hearing the same thing every time when he were to try and buy some sort of alcohol, or even other regular things. People kept on thinking he was a teenager, and he took that as an offense, even as the nice person he really is. Some thing tends to get old, and this was one of them, "20 years of age actually..."

"R-Really...?" The man asked, disbelief in his eyes and blinking several times at Yuji, but then frowning in return, but more like a frown that an adult would give to an annoying child, "Don't try to play that card kid... Go ahead and ask your brother over there, it can't be much trouble."

"Wah..." Yuji complained, sighing once more as he walked away from the stand and back to Sakurai, beginning to explain his situation and, for once, ask for help, "The old man won't let me buy it even though I say I'm of age.. He thinks you're my older brother, so you think you could buy that for me? Please? I'll pay you back! Come on!" He said childishly, putting his hands together as if begging super hard, which he really was.



"M-Miss Ayane!" Amaterasu began to shout as she ran throughout the large house that her mistress lived in, although she found no traces of her anywhere. She immediately began to dart to her room, holding her sword in her hand in case of emergencies. The woman nearly slipped a few times because of the hair getting in her face, "E-Excuse me." She said as she slid her mistress's bedroom door open, only to find out she wasn't there either, only causing her to become even more worried.

'Perhaps she's outside...' She thought to herself, hoping that she was correct as she sprinted outside now. Lucky for her, her search ended to see Ayane in her carriage, getting ready to head for the Yukimura territory for the meeting. A look of relief was on Ama after that sight as she let out the great sight of relief and said silently, "Don't scare me like that... Miss...."

“Amaterasu, go get my favorite pipe. It looks like we’ll be having nice weather today but we all know all good things come to an end.”

"Yes, ma'am!" Ayane said, taking any order without hesitation or questions from her mistress as she headed back to her room, saying the regular 'Excuse me' then entering and finding the pipe her mistress so desired and dashed back as quickly as possible, hardly breaking a sweat compared to when she was worrying over her disappearance.

Once getting back, she gave her her pipe and said politely as she would talk to her regularly, "Please enjoy the weather then, Miss Ayane. We'll depart immediately." Ama said before hopping up to where the driver was, shoving him over with a quiet and hostile growl as he let go and handed them over to her. After all, she'd be more comfortable if she were to direct the carriage instead of some random servant.

"We're off." She turned around to say to Ayane before slapping the two ropes down as the horses took off at a medium fast pace. Ama made sure that the speed was perfect for her mistress; fast to get there quickly, yet smooth so the ride could be enjoyable.

"Miss Ayane..." Amaterasu said quietly, putting the hood of her cloak over her head as she gripped the reigns to the horses tighter, "I'd prefer we not to go to the Yukimura, at least, I'd prefer you not to go there. If you were to allow me to say my own honest opinion, I think it's a terrible idea. In fact, I think it's just a terrible idea that those demons are even allowed to hold a meeting while we could, Miss." She growled at the thought, not liking the thought of other people making her mistress go so far just for a meeting.

'I should have gone in her place.' Ama thought to herself, frowning as she thought such. Yet at the same time, her eyes darted everywhere, scanning the area and every single inch of it. She didn't want any assassin jumping out to assassinate the Miyashiro head. Ama would never be able to live with herself if that were to happen.

"Miss Ayane, I really think this is a bad idea." Ama voiced her opinion again, walking in front of her and turning back constantly. Sometime she turned back every single five seconds just to make sure no one was behind them, and just to make sure that her mistress was in fine shape, "We have no clue what those filthy Yukimura scum could be planning to do with all demon heads in their own territory..."

Ama had nothing personal against the Yukimura. She was hostile to all demons clans except for the one she belonged to; the Miyashiro. All the others she had a neutral suspicion and hatred for, and that was just because they weren't her clan. Imagine what would happen if one were to get on the bad side of Ama. Things would be much worse than Ama just talking bad about them.

"If anything comes out, or if you see anything, Miss Ayane, I'd like to make a request that you tell me silently where they are so I can take more precaution." Ama said, now looking around even more as she drew her blade slightly which would give her an advantage in defending her mistress if anyone were to jump out of the no where, "We're closer to the damned place after all..."

The setting changes from Edo to Yukimura Village

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Ayane Miyashiro


Ayane shifted her weight while sitting so to take the pipe from Amaterasu. Who as politely as she assumed the girl to be spoke, "Please enjoy the weather then, Miss Ayane. We'll depart immediately." Nodding Ayane took a match and lit the pipe moving the cloth and her mask aside just enough to take a puff of her pipe.

And as always the girl chose to direct the carriage even though it would have been better if she weren't occupied by it if they were to be attacked. With the slap of the reins the horses moved off and the carriage lurched forwards as gently as it ever could. She took another puff from her pipe this time releasing a circular smoke ring.

"Miss Ayane..." Amaterasu said quietly.


"I'd prefer we not to go to the Yukimura, at least, I'd prefer you not to go there. If you were to allow me to say my own honest opinion, I think it's a terrible idea. In fact, I think it's just a terrible idea that those demons are even allowed to hold a meeting while we could, Miss."

Ayane had already gone over this with Amaterasu the day after announcing the meeting. But it seemed the girl had yet to understand the situation. mm let her talk, she's being so polite about it might as well hear her out seeing as I have nothing better to do at the moment. Thinking to herself Ayane sat up straighter and took another puff of her pipe.

Looking around trees surrounded the road on both sides. Meaning they could be surrounded and attacked in a moment. The horses would go wild at the sight of blades and the sudden appearance of strange men. Which meant Amaterasu would have a slower reaction time to defending her mistress. Frowning a bit Ayane said nothing waiting for Amaterasu to speak her mind.

"Miss Ayane, I really think this is a bad idea." She spoke up again. Watching her behavior Amaterasu was being a bit paranoid but it was better than her being relaxed. Ayane didn’t mind it too much the not knowing as there was no need for her to fear the unknown. Having died about 8 times this was easy as walking through a meadow. with hidden creatures that would do you harm if provoked. Ayane shook her head laughing silently so as not to disturb Amaterasu's voices of concern.

"We have no clue what those filthy Yukimura scum could be planning to do with all demon heads in their own territory..."

Yes indeed they could but it wouldn’t be wise to do such a thing. Not with who the current heads as they are now.

"If anything comes out, or if you see anything, Miss Ayane, I'd like to make a request that you tell me silently where they are so I can take more precaution." Amaterasu said. “We’re closer to the damned place after all..."

"Amaterasu calm down and relax a bit. Don't you think I've thought of all the possibilities before making the decision to come here? Being the clan of the South we are to travel the farthest than the other Heads." She spoke softly and with a teasing voice that portrayed annoyance and hurt at being doubted.

Taking a puff from the pipe Ayane blew a dragon that just for a moment flew into Amaterasu's solemn face. Watching her reaction Ayane continued speaking.

" Amaterasu, think about it. Do you really believe I would be wasting my precious time with this trip if it didn’t mean something? Everything has its purpose and this is no exclusion of it. Even if things were to go wrong as long as I am able to get away everything will be alright. Besides I wish to see how the others are doing and this is a rare chance to do so."

Ayane knew what she was doing and weigh the pros and cons of her decision. She did everything for a reason and this was simply so she could see who the new head of the Tenzou clan was. She had yet to meet the girl face to face but Ayane knew what was needed from her intel.

The trip took longer than Ayane but it mattered little to her. Soon enough the scenery around them changed but not so much as to startle the senses. And soon within the next hour or so they would arrive before the manor that was known as the Yukimura Household.

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Amaterasu heard a noise in the corner of her ear. She didn't stop the horses or slap the reins, but did immediately turn around to face the bush that had made the shriveling noise. Ama let one tight grip off the ropes and reached down for the sword at her waist. She was always the woman to be cautious of anything, whether it's just a stranger passing by, or a bird chirping in the trees. Her hearing was definitely acute, and she liked to use that to her advantage when protecting her mistress.

After a while of looking back and realizing that nothing had jumped out threateningly, she turned back to the front, letting go of her sword and grabbing the reins again with both hands, letting out a sigh. Ama knew that she was always over protective, and she knew that it was simply annoying to many people around her, and she wondered if her mistress thought that way about her too, but she decided to focus on getting the two of them, and the others that were following behind, to the Yukimura territory.

"Amaterasu calm down and relax a bit. Don't you think I've thought of all the possibilities before making the decision to come here? Being the clan of the South we are to travel the farthest than the other Heads."

Ama opened her mouth to say something, but found it better to think before speaking, something she hardly did and a flaw that was easily pointed out by anyone. After a little while of silence, Ama answered while looking back at her, "Yes... I understand, Miss Ayane. I suppose my imagination of the worst makes me doubt your thoughts." She felt bad, since she was so protective, that it could get the better of her and upset her mistress. That was something she was set on changing over the passing time.

" Amaterasu, think about it. Do you really believe I would be wasting my precious time with this trip if it didn’t mean something? Everything has its purpose and this is no exclusion of it. Even if things were to go wrong as long as I am able to get away everything will be alright. Besides I wish to see how the others are doing and this is a rare chance to do so."

Ayane then puffed a dragon-shaped black cloud into Ama's face, causing her to pull back a bit and cough at the same time. She then turned her eyes back to the road, thinking about her words, although her thoughts were completely contradictory to what she was planning on saying. It was hopeless, after all. Ama's defensive nature wouldn't leave, no matter how hard she tried. She's always worry and take extra cautions, but just to see if she could fool her mistress, she put on the most natural smile possible and said, "After thinking through logically... I believe you are right, mistress, just as you always are."

Although she was originally planning on leaving it at that, she then said slowly, and quiet, "Mistress... have you ever met with the Yukimura? Or any of the other clan heads?" Ama, even as a protective person, still had her moments of curiosity, like any other human being. Although she wasn't really a human. Or a demon. But still, "Well... I suppose it won't matter since we'll be meeting them today." Ama said, slapping the reins down since the horses slowed their pace.

A little while later, the scenery changed even more dramatically. The plains Ama was used to seeing after living under the Miyashiro for so long had been reserved into a green landscape of trees and plant life, more than she even thought could exist. It did fascinate her, to think that people lived in that sort of environment normally, and sometimes it all took her eyes off the road and she'd sometimes hit a rock underneath the wheel by accident, immediately apologizing various times to her mistress for the bumpiness. It happened a few times though, since she couldn't help it.

Ama had paid so much attention to how everything looked that time seemed to have flown by. When time slowed, Ama was usually bored or in a bad mood, while if she wasn't, time lasted a mere second; and that's how it really felt. Because of this, she realized she nearly hit the wall of the Yukimura's house, stopping the blinded horses just a few feet from the stone, "Miss Ayane," She began, hopping off the carriage and directing one of the servants to tie the horses to a pole, "We've arrived at the Yukimura's household."

Once the fantasy world she saw, through the green trees and plants, had disappeared, she snapped out of it and into her defensive mode once again. Her hand was laid onto her sword in a fashion that could easily be pulled out when needed, and she went right to Ayane, just in case anything were to happen. Surprisingly, no other heads had arrived just yet, 'I suppose I must have driven the carriage slightly faster than anticipated...' But she just solved this with a small shrug, 'Being first here cannot hurt. The Miyashiro are always on time. I expect our first impression to be the best...'

"Do you need help getting out, Miss Ayane?" She asked, offering a hand if needed since she wanted to do anything possible to assist her mistress. Yet at the same time, her eyes seemed to have speculated the grounds coldly. Almost like a priest staring into the eyes of a demon, Ama didn't look as if she was trusting of the clan they were visiting, or any other clan for that matter. All that mattered was the Miyashiro, and the Miyashiro only.

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Ayane Miyashiro


Within that time Ayane finished smoking, turning her pipe over so to let the ashes fall out. Tapping it with one slender finger Ayane slid her mask back into place but left the cloth folded over her hat. A small smile on her lips she sat back in her seat her eyes looking over the scenery around her.

"After thinking through logically... I believe you are right, mistress, just as you always are."
“My dear girl I may have lived a long life but saying I’m always right isn’t exactly correct.” Ayane spoke softly to herself so Amaterasu wouldn’t hear her words. If the girl knew that her mistress doubted herself then problems would arise. What they would be she wouldn’t know, each living being in this world reacts differently.

"Mistress... have you ever met with the Yukimura? Or any of the other clan heads?"

Ayane thought for a moment wondering if she should shed more light on the fact that she has lived eight times to her guard. no that won’t be necessary. Although it was obvious Amaterasu was curious Ayane wasn’t about to let the conversation lead to more questions that needn’t be answered.

“No I have yet to meet the head of the Yukimura clan but I do know many things about her; things that she wishes I didn’t know of. As for the others I have only met the previous head for the Kazama clan however he is no longer in office. It’s the first time in 800 hundred years that all the clan heads were female something I’m sure the elders have a hard time accepting.”

Although the rest of the ride was a bit bumpy Amaterasu kept apologizing for it which both amused and irritated Ayane. Red eyes watched Amaterasu’s back not bothering to tell the girl of the wall they were headed right for. People are such simple creatures so easily distracted and this is the girl who has been protecting me for how long? frowning a bit.

"Miss Ayane,"
"We've arrived at the Yukimura's household.”

“Oh really, how delightful" her voice dry. Lifting the cloth back over her face Ayane prepared herself for stepping out of the carriage but hesitated by Amaterasu’s question.

"Do you need help getting out, Miss Ayane?"

Shuddering at the idea of having to touch her guard Ayane chose to ignore her offered hand as she would so often do. besides she isn’t paying attention to what I’m doing “Amaterasu I doubt there would be people trying to kill us so soon. Don’t waste your energy trying to find something that isn’t there.”

Patting down her kimono of any dirt that may have collected on the fine silk. Ayane looked around before taking slow steps towards the main household. She stood tall with her head held high to make a good impression on the servants. Her hands held before her in the folds of her sleeves Ayane paused just long enough to catch the attention of one of her own servants.

“Girl, do inform the head of our arrival.” the girl nodded happy to be of use and went in search of the Yukimura’s head or whoever was in charge of the household at the moment.