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Murashige Araki

Let me be of help

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a character in “Blade of the Seven”, as played by Lolkatlove


|| Masanari, Araki ||

To die in place of another, would be the greatest honor.


|Masanari, Araki ||

|| Age ||
|| Gender ||
|| Sexuality ||
|| Affiliation ||
Shichitou - The Questionable One
|| Face Claim ||
Rurouni Kenshin


|| Hair Colour || Light Brown with a red tint

|| Eye Colour || A light brown with a hint of purple

|| Skin Tone || a natural slight tan but fairly pale

|| Height || 5 foot 9 inches

|| Weight || 190 lbs mainly muscle weight


|| Personality ||

Araki Masanari is a man who believes that he must atone for the sins of his ancestors and family ( see Bio). He is calm in any situation knowing to step back and think through the best possible way of action before actually doing it, understanding that this also means relying on his comrades knowledge as well. no matter what he values his training as a tool to constantly improve his skills but to also calm his mind, this is because Araki has a temper and he is aware of this so often tries to keep himself level headed but often fails. He does not brash out with his temper but his anger can sway his actions in battle sometimes, he is most angered when someone he cares for is hurt or let down when he could have done something. Out of natural habit, he takes on any problem that may come his way even if it is nothing to do with himself, he will help anyone who asks no matter how difficult if they are a good person or too weak to do the task themselves. This is because he believes every good deed that he does will help atone for the sins of his ancestors which now lay on his shoulders.

Araki is also very protective, if he and his comrades come into a difficult situation he would rather stand and fight to give them a chance to escape believing his life is not worth as much as another's due to his families sins, he will always stand strong against an enemy unafraid even if he knows he may loose his life as he accepts death as it will occur to all life. It would be a honor for him to die in sacrifice to save another.

Araki has very polite mannerism's, due to his upbringing he is accustomed to upper class traditions such as tea ceremonies (women pour tea in a complicated way for the man) and small things such as how he would drink from a cup, not slurping for example, and he eats very tidily rather than shoving what he can as fast as possible in his mouth as some men do. He also has very polite manners when conversing with women, this has unfortunately made him a bit of a ladies man in the villages to his annoyance though he never shows it as that would be un-polite.

|| Likes ||
+Reading books whilst drinking Sake
+Sakura blossom Trees
+Helping strangers
+Determined people
+First snow fall
+Autumn leaves
+Dogs as they are loyal (he sometimes picks up strays for a short time)

|| Dislikes ||
+Drunken Idiots (Sakurai Akio in particular when he is drunk)
+warm weather - it makes him sprawl out somewhere like a lazy cat too hot too move
+Being unable to help someone
+being lied too
+Those that kill for pleasure (hates them with a passion)

|| Weakness ||
Araki can be easily manipulated if using the right words, if he hears of someone in trouble he wouldn't even think before rushing off to save them making him vulnerable to trickery as he is gullible not thinking that a person could be lying to him as he tries to see the best in people. This wouldn't work if knew the person would intend him harm though and he would always still be cautious.


|| Skills ||

Above all Araki's skill is his speed and his stealth. He has trained under an master who specialized as an assassin since he was 5 as all members of his family did. (see Bio)

With this training it gave him the skill to hide his presence from an enemy in order to study their movements and learn of their secrets before making a move. When it comes to gathering intelligence he is an expert because of this. However he does sometimes use this to spy on his friends or when he is drunk, which is very rare, he literally jumps out at people shouting something to scare them for amusement. (see bio)

With his training as an assassin he has been taught how to move his feet in the correct manner in order to increase his speed and make quick fast blows to end a fight as quickly and humanly as possible. His speed makes it difficult for an enemy to react in the correct way in time, so they may block his blows but not in the correct manner to best prevent injury. (see bio)

He has an incredible knowledge of poisons, how they look, smell, appear in certain liquids and how to detect them. (see bio)

Araki has not always had an abundance of strength his main focus has always been his speed and his stealth, but he realized that weakness some years ago and trains everyday to improve this. His training is beginning to pay off as his strength is increasing but it still does not match up to some so he is constantly building on this. (this shall be his character development skill)

Due to his childhood training Araki is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to surviving on nothing, he knows how to find fresh water, food, warmth and other necessities in a tight situation. (see bio)

|| Biography ||
Masanari was once the most respected and feared name of a mercenary clan only known the highest of nobles. They lived in a life secret from main stream knowledge but also one of luxury, their members often found with small time jobs in politics or as hand maidens to the highest of nobility. However, these jobs were all a ruse for every member of the Masanari family, for their true purpose was that of assassination under the employment of the high ranking nobles and those that were fortunate enough to fall upon their secret and financially stable to employ them. Over countless decades they had been employed to assassinate some of the most well known nobles in undercover missions causing havoc in politics. Araki was born into this clan, as a clan tradition, when a child reaches the age of 5 they are to begin their training with a given master, Araki's master was his uncle Fuji who was a straight forward man and believed hard work presented the best results so he had Araki undergo server training. When Araki was 8 he was abandoned in a mountain forest to survive for two weeks on nothing but the clothes on his body and shoes on his feet. This kind of training ensured that Araki could survive in any conditions he was thrown into giving him vital survival skills. However he was also taught the necessitates of being an assassin, such as how to keep hidden at all times or to forge his way into a well protected place with disguises or other means to get to their target, and also the incredibly speed needed to get a mission done quickly before being noticed. This also meant he had to become adept in the knowledge of poisons as a poison was sometimes the best means to murder a target due to its subtly.

Araki was given his first mission when he was 10 and employed as a politicians assistant. It was tough for Araki but he just followed orders as he was taught to do, he hated to kill people he did not know or why, but if he questioned anything or tried to go against what he was ordered he knew he would be killed by his own family. He continued to follow his orders out of fear untill he was 12 when his uncle came home one night with a life threatening wound on his stomach falling into Araki's room on his hands and knees. Araki had been in shock, he had been aware that his uncle had been doing some research into the missions that his family had been under taking but never knew how serious the situation was. His uncle explained everything that night. The head of the family, Araki's father Nagato and Fuji's brother had in fact been plotting to take over the the thrown himself by controlling the emperor. All of the missions that they had been given were innocent people who merely knew more than they should about the family not commissions. Only a few such as Araki and Fuji had not been involved, it turned out most of the clan were with Araki's father Nagato as they planned an all out war. hundreds had been murdered for the Nagato's sheer ambition and now Nagato had attacked his uncle, Fuji in order to silence him once and for all as Fuji had attempted to talk some sense into Nagato as a high ranking general of the emperor had become aware of the family and their intention.

It was too late though, an army arrived at the mansion the Masanari family resided in, Fuji dragged Araki with him through secret passage ways in order to escape but Araki witnessed and heard the screams of his family as they were slaughtered by the army one by one overpowered by numbers. Fuji managed to get Araki to safety but the wound on his stomach was too sever for him to continue further as they ran into the neighboring forest. Fuji's last words were that of begging forgiveness from the gods for his sins as Araki cried. Araki ran into the forest then, where from he swore to put right his families sins.


The greatest fear is death, but death comes to all, only we choose its time with our actions

So begins...

Murashige Araki's Story


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A humid day in Edo, as the Shichitou return back to the Inn. The streets were busy as usual, as mechants sold their wares, and kids ran around in the streets. Townsfolk shopped, another ordinary day in Edo...
The Shichitou spread out 2 weeks ago in pairs, and are returning to Edo in the first post.
Takaya & The Bloody-one went to Kyoto

Murashige & Mio went to Sapporo

Sakurai and Yuji went to Fukuoka

Suzu stayed in Edo, and is currently waiting for the Shichitou back at Yamaguchi Inn

Akumu stayed in Kyoto, and are just hearing about the Shichitou

Demon Head/Ninjas
All are traveling to the Yukimura village to meet up and dicuss. The Yukimura head is hosting the meeting this month.

Takaya Kaguya

The first thing that entered his mind, was that he was hungry, so naturally he had stopped by a shop for a quick sip of tea and food. He had wandered away from Takeshi a while back, deciding they would meet up later. After all, it had been two weeks since they left for Kyoto together...and honestly, he was to tired to deal with the man's blood-thirsty actions. On their way back, they had run into some bandits. Takaya wanted to negotiate with them,but his partner had other plans. He had just cut them down quickly. Then they continued on.

As he sat and waited for his order, a drunkard had wandered into the shop, much to his disgust. He wrinkled his nose slightly, and silently hoped the man would just leave or pass out. He was wrong though, like always. The man released a sigh and stood up and walked toward the drunkard who was currently hitting on the poor waitress.

The next thing that happened, the tatami door flew down and the one who knocked it over? The drunkard's body. The man stood up, wiping his mouth a flush still evident on his face as he looked up at Takaya. He walked out calmly, back into the Edo heat. Despite what most people thought, he was quite comfortable in his attire, despite it looking to hot for the day. The man spoke, a slur evident in his voice.

"Hey youz...W-why the hell didja' do dat for?!"

The shichitou member remained quiet, his blue eyes narrowing towards the man. He didn't respond, choosing not to waste his breath on people like him. With a sigh, he placed his hand on the hilt of his sword. It was just an intimidation act, since he wouldn't draw it for no reason. Using his other hand, it slid partly the katana, it's silver blade reflecting the light of the harsh sun toward the man.

The man paled, easily shown on his flush face. Quickly, he got p, before stammering a slurred apology and ran off the other direction. Takaya watched for a few moments, before turning back into the shop and returning to his seat. The owner thanked him, and he nodded in return before sipping his tea calmly. He was still hungry after all, and started to eat the mitarashi dangos that waited for him at the table.

The setting changes from Edo to Sapporo


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"Stop lollygagging Araki, we should have met up with the others nearly a week ago," Mio sighed, being careful to keep her voice low as possible.
It was uncommon, and extremely dangerous for a female to travel around in these warring times, let alone as a samurai. Should anyone with malevolent intentions discover that she masquerading as a male named Ryuu Hayashi, would almost certainly provide horrible consequences that sent a chill down Mio's spine just thinking about it. But she felt that she had to help stop the war, and that was something that, as a woman, was very hard to achieve during these times.
Glancing behind her, she noticed Araki had drifted further and further than when she had remembered last time. With an exasperated sigh, Mio turned on her heels and began to where Araki was staring. As much she loved working with the kind man, unless there was someone in trouble, he took his time during their travels, something that made Mio jittery.
Placing her hands on her hips, she quickly dropped them down to her twin, reversed blade sides, hands on the hips was not exactly the most manly thing to do. "Araki, if you don't get your but in gear, then I'll..." her threat was interrupted as a loud scream pierced through the clear air of the forest.
With a silent glance, Mio took off towards where the sound had seemed to come from, weaving elegantly through the trees. Adrenaline pumped through her veins, excitement rocketed through her like a bolt of lightening across the darkened sky. Ready for whatever dangerous trial would come their way. After all, this was what she was born to do.