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Shiba Kondo

"I am the shadow of my Master."

0 · 1,109 views · located in Kazama Village

a character in “Blade of the Seven”, as played by Ahri


|| Shiba Kondo ||

"I do what I'm told, no matter what it is"


General Look

|| Name ||
Shiba Kondo

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Affiliation ||
Kazama Head Bodyguard

|| Face Claim ||
Itaku - Nurarihyon no Mago


On the Outside

|| Appearance ||
Shiba is pretty tall and is fairly built to match it. At all times you can spot his red bandanna with black markings, the only time Shiba ever takes it off is when he bath's himself. Along with his bandanna Shiba carries with him on his back a wheel that he has turned into a makeshift weapons rack that holds both his sickles and katana short sword.

|| Hair Colour ||

|| Eye Colour ||

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Height ||

|| Weight ||


On the Inside

|| Personality ||
Shiba has two sides to him, due to his loyalty issues. Depending which side you fall under depends on how he will act towards you. Either your a stranger or a friend.

Those who Shiba consisders friends see him as a person who always looks calm with a bored or tired expression. Shiba tries to be serious and perfessional at all times, but for people who know him well they knew you can get him to smile and play around if you try hard enough. Though Shiba might be extremely loyal, he isn't afried to ever give his honest opinion no matter who he is talking too. But that is only how he acts to people who are close to him, for those who he doesn't know he completely changes.

Shiba's trust issues have caused him to have another side though when he is around people who he is unfamiler with. Insted of just trying to act serious he is actually truly serious, Shiba won't smile or play around what so ever. This has caused there to be few people who Shiba is actually close to since he pushes almost everyone away. Others can see the aura of distrust and even hear it in his voice and speech, since he will repetedly question peoples motives and intent.

|| Likes ||
Rainy days
Working alone

|| Dislikes ||
Loud people
The weak
Being in groups
Relying on others

|| Weakness ||
Distrust- Shiba's constant distrust of other has caused him to have very few people who actually care about him. This has also caused him to have few allies and many enemies.

Social Skills- Since Shiba has so few people to talk to his social skills have declined, making it hard for him to interact with the rest of society. This has caused him to have to rely on others on occasion for help, which is something Shiba hates to do.


The Path of Shadows

|| Skills ||
||Twin Sickle Style: ||
Over many years of training, Shiba has master the use of his dual Scythes. With two Scythes there is almost an endless amount of different techniques and stances you can pull off, and Shiba has basic knowledge of most of them while perfecting a few. Shiba is also proud to have created a few techniques himself.
|| Ninja Tools: || Shiba likes to keep an arsenal of hidden weapons on him at all times. The weapons that Shiba tends to carry the most are his trusty twin Kama's (sickles) and a Ninjato (close quarter style katana), those he carries on his back in the open. While his hidden tools consists of a few stacks of caltrops, shuriken, kunai knives, and a two manriki wrapped (chains with weights on the end) around both arms as to hide them.

|| Biography ||
Shiba grew up in a fourth generation family of ninjas. His family held no allegiances to anyone, they went where the money went. He grew up with one brother who was five years older and twin sisters who were two years older, the training started early. Day in and day out Shiba trained with his brother and sisters, while his father wasn't working he trained them while he was Shiba would spare and work with his brother who he idolized.

When Shiba turned fifteen he went out on jobs with his brother who was twenty at the time, his first job was an assassination, while Shiba's brother took out the surrounding guards Shiba was suppose to go in for the easy kill. Shiba stood face to face with his target, a boy no younger then six, Shiba froze he couldn't do it. From behind him he heard someone yell in pain, it was his brother, Shiba had taken so long that someone had caught his brother off guard and sliced up his leg. While his brother dispatched his attacker and slide into the room with Shiba, furious that Shiba wasn't able to complete his task, he completed it for him. Then, and there as Shiba watched his brother finish the target that was when he realized what it meant to be a ninja. As his father said "You complete the mission no matter what the odds are or what it entails." Shiba returned with his brother, while his brother was hurt and couldn't go on anymore jobs Shiba did them himself, taking his fathers words to heart. Before every mission he would remind himself "You complete the mission no matter what the odds are or what it entails."

The injury was much worse then imagined, Shiba was now twenty and his brother had spent the last five years still trying to recover, but he was getting much better, doctors said only a few more weeks. By this time though money was getting tight so his father needed a big job and lucky for them he found one. While Shiba's mother stayed back to help his brother, the rest of the family went to pull of this big job. The mission was to assassinate the head of the Kazama house. They got close, it was tough, but they pushed on through and stood right outside the heads room. It was going so perfect, but when things go too perfect that's when things go wrong. Earlier that day the Clan got wind of an attempt on the heads life, they tracked it back to the man who employed Shiba's family with the mission. For the clan it wasn't hard to make him talk, but it was too late to stop the assassins. So, they decided to set a trap, and Shiba's family fell for it, right before they could approach the door they were attacked from all side. Shiba's father fought with all his might opening a small exit, it allowed for both Shiba's sisters to escape, but when he tried to do the same for Shiba he took an arrow straight into the heart. Shiba watched his father buckle over and just lay there still, lifeless. The head slid open the room door, she looked younger then, she was, she glanced at Shiba. As she muttered something the guards looked over at her and Shiba saw his small window to get out, and he took it, barely escaping he got out, but at a huge cost. He was cut up so badly he felt numb all over, with an arrow sticking out his back. Shiba dragged himself over to a near by lake and just dropped face first right next to the water. He could head the grass crunching under someones feet, he assumed it was the guards coming to finished him off. Shiba closed his eyes and waited, a soft female voice spoke into his ear she said "Once and only once will I save you if you take an oath that will bind you to me as my bodyguard until the day you die." Shiba slid his head up and down while trying to say yes with all his strength, he couldn't let his life end there.

Shiba awoke a few weeks later and spent the rest of that half of the year recovering. But he had done it, coming back from the brink of death. He took the oath binding his service to Aya for the rest of his life, he had no regrets she saved him and gave him a new mission, even if the clan had killed his father he had to keep his fathers words in mind. "You complete the mission no matter what the odds are or what it entails." His brother didn't see it that way, he hated Shiba for working for the Clan that killed their father. But he saw it as an opportunity, he used Shiba's position to get close Aya, he who Shiba idolized betrayed him. The attack failed and his brother escaped, but it crushed Shiba inside, his brother who meant the world to him had lied and used him. That combined with having to be around a Clan that hated him for attempting an attack on the heads life, both lead to Shiba's trust issues.

"Some say killing is bad, I say it's only bad if you look at it that way."

So begins...

Shiba Kondo's Story


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A humid day in Edo, as the Shichitou return back to the Inn. The streets were busy as usual, as mechants sold their wares, and kids ran around in the streets. Townsfolk shopped, another ordinary day in Edo...
The Shichitou spread out 2 weeks ago in pairs, and are returning to Edo in the first post.
Takaya & The Bloody-one went to Kyoto

Murashige & Mio went to Sapporo

Sakurai and Yuji went to Fukuoka

Suzu stayed in Edo, and is currently waiting for the Shichitou back at Yamaguchi Inn

Akumu stayed in Kyoto, and are just hearing about the Shichitou

Demon Head/Ninjas
All are traveling to the Yukimura village to meet up and dicuss. The Yukimura head is hosting the meeting this month.

Takaya Kaguya

The first thing that entered his mind, was that he was hungry, so naturally he had stopped by a shop for a quick sip of tea and food. He had wandered away from Takeshi a while back, deciding they would meet up later. After all, it had been two weeks since they left for Kyoto together...and honestly, he was to tired to deal with the man's blood-thirsty actions. On their way back, they had run into some bandits. Takaya wanted to negotiate with them,but his partner had other plans. He had just cut them down quickly. Then they continued on.

As he sat and waited for his order, a drunkard had wandered into the shop, much to his disgust. He wrinkled his nose slightly, and silently hoped the man would just leave or pass out. He was wrong though, like always. The man released a sigh and stood up and walked toward the drunkard who was currently hitting on the poor waitress.

The next thing that happened, the tatami door flew down and the one who knocked it over? The drunkard's body. The man stood up, wiping his mouth a flush still evident on his face as he looked up at Takaya. He walked out calmly, back into the Edo heat. Despite what most people thought, he was quite comfortable in his attire, despite it looking to hot for the day. The man spoke, a slur evident in his voice.

"Hey youz...W-why the hell didja' do dat for?!"

The shichitou member remained quiet, his blue eyes narrowing towards the man. He didn't respond, choosing not to waste his breath on people like him. With a sigh, he placed his hand on the hilt of his sword. It was just an intimidation act, since he wouldn't draw it for no reason. Using his other hand, it slid partly the katana, it's silver blade reflecting the light of the harsh sun toward the man.

The man paled, easily shown on his flush face. Quickly, he got p, before stammering a slurred apology and ran off the other direction. Takaya watched for a few moments, before turning back into the shop and returning to his seat. The owner thanked him, and he nodded in return before sipping his tea calmly. He was still hungry after all, and started to eat the mitarashi dangos that waited for him at the table.

The setting changes from Edo to Yukimura Village

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Amaterasu heard a noise in the corner of her ear. She didn't stop the horses or slap the reins, but did immediately turn around to face the bush that had made the shriveling noise. Ama let one tight grip off the ropes and reached down for the sword at her waist. She was always the woman to be cautious of anything, whether it's just a stranger passing by, or a bird chirping in the trees. Her hearing was definitely acute, and she liked to use that to her advantage when protecting her mistress.

After a while of looking back and realizing that nothing had jumped out threateningly, she turned back to the front, letting go of her sword and grabbing the reins again with both hands, letting out a sigh. Ama knew that she was always over protective, and she knew that it was simply annoying to many people around her, and she wondered if her mistress thought that way about her too, but she decided to focus on getting the two of them, and the others that were following behind, to the Yukimura territory.

"Amaterasu calm down and relax a bit. Don't you think I've thought of all the possibilities before making the decision to come here? Being the clan of the South we are to travel the farthest than the other Heads."

Ama opened her mouth to say something, but found it better to think before speaking, something she hardly did and a flaw that was easily pointed out by anyone. After a little while of silence, Ama answered while looking back at her, "Yes... I understand, Miss Ayane. I suppose my imagination of the worst makes me doubt your thoughts." She felt bad, since she was so protective, that it could get the better of her and upset her mistress. That was something she was set on changing over the passing time.

" Amaterasu, think about it. Do you really believe I would be wasting my precious time with this trip if it didn’t mean something? Everything has its purpose and this is no exclusion of it. Even if things were to go wrong as long as I am able to get away everything will be alright. Besides I wish to see how the others are doing and this is a rare chance to do so."

Ayane then puffed a dragon-shaped black cloud into Ama's face, causing her to pull back a bit and cough at the same time. She then turned her eyes back to the road, thinking about her words, although her thoughts were completely contradictory to what she was planning on saying. It was hopeless, after all. Ama's defensive nature wouldn't leave, no matter how hard she tried. She's always worry and take extra cautions, but just to see if she could fool her mistress, she put on the most natural smile possible and said, "After thinking through logically... I believe you are right, mistress, just as you always are."

Although she was originally planning on leaving it at that, she then said slowly, and quiet, "Mistress... have you ever met with the Yukimura? Or any of the other clan heads?" Ama, even as a protective person, still had her moments of curiosity, like any other human being. Although she wasn't really a human. Or a demon. But still, "Well... I suppose it won't matter since we'll be meeting them today." Ama said, slapping the reins down since the horses slowed their pace.

A little while later, the scenery changed even more dramatically. The plains Ama was used to seeing after living under the Miyashiro for so long had been reserved into a green landscape of trees and plant life, more than she even thought could exist. It did fascinate her, to think that people lived in that sort of environment normally, and sometimes it all took her eyes off the road and she'd sometimes hit a rock underneath the wheel by accident, immediately apologizing various times to her mistress for the bumpiness. It happened a few times though, since she couldn't help it.

Ama had paid so much attention to how everything looked that time seemed to have flown by. When time slowed, Ama was usually bored or in a bad mood, while if she wasn't, time lasted a mere second; and that's how it really felt. Because of this, she realized she nearly hit the wall of the Yukimura's house, stopping the blinded horses just a few feet from the stone, "Miss Ayane," She began, hopping off the carriage and directing one of the servants to tie the horses to a pole, "We've arrived at the Yukimura's household."

Once the fantasy world she saw, through the green trees and plants, had disappeared, she snapped out of it and into her defensive mode once again. Her hand was laid onto her sword in a fashion that could easily be pulled out when needed, and she went right to Ayane, just in case anything were to happen. Surprisingly, no other heads had arrived just yet, 'I suppose I must have driven the carriage slightly faster than anticipated...' But she just solved this with a small shrug, 'Being first here cannot hurt. The Miyashiro are always on time. I expect our first impression to be the best...'

"Do you need help getting out, Miss Ayane?" She asked, offering a hand if needed since she wanted to do anything possible to assist her mistress. Yet at the same time, her eyes seemed to have speculated the grounds coldly. Almost like a priest staring into the eyes of a demon, Ama didn't look as if she was trusting of the clan they were visiting, or any other clan for that matter. All that mattered was the Miyashiro, and the Miyashiro only.

The setting changes from Yukimura Village to Kazama Village


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#, as written by Ahri
Shiba Kondo

Shiba opened his eyes slowly, looking up at the rays of sunlight broke through in between the leaves of the tree. As he looked towards the entrance to the village Aya was still nowhere in sight. "How long does it take to get ready to leave?" Shiba thought to himself as he sighed. As he slowly started to stand up he could hear Aya in the distance saying bye to everyone. Aya emerged from the entrance of the village in her normal attire looking ecstatic. "Did you take long enough or should I take another nap." Shiba said with a smirk.

Aya puffed up her cheeks and crossed her arms, and proceeded to lecture Shiba on why its impolite to rush a lady. After Aya finally noticed that Shiba had all, but stopped paying attention. They proceeded to get on with the long trek from Kazama village to the Yukimura village. As they walked with an escort for a short distance until they reached the outside of another small human village. There a wagon was waiting with two deep tan colored horses, the escort helped Aya up onto the wagon Shiba. Shiba grabs the reins and looks at Aya "You ready, it's going too be a few days before we arrive. I have already arranged for some places along the way were we can stop, eat, and sleep."

A few days go by as the two travel by wagon, and get ever so closer to the Yukimura village. By now they were still a day or two out, but as Shiba looks around his eyes start to close ever slow slightly. He could feel as his body tells him to sleep while his mind tells him to push onwards, the constant long uneventful days have slowly drained him with little time to sleep since he is constantly staying awake to watch over Aya since they are away from home and unprotected. As Shiba repeatedly blinks trying to stay awake, his body slowly nods back and forth in a tired fashion. Shiba looks over, as Aya sleeps and decides it's better to stop then to risk an accident. He pulls off towards a rather fair sized village and gets directions towards the nearest inn, they arrive and after sneaking Aya into one of the rooms as to not alert anyone to her presence Shiba finally sits down in the corner exhausted from the countless hours awake.

Aya convinces Shiba somehow to take a nap at least so that he can recover his energy. As he lies down, he can feel his breathing get heavier and a headache set in. Quickly Shiba drifts in to sleep and is completely out.