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Yuji Uesugi

"What would happen if I was near sake? Correct, I'd get drunk!"

0 · 875 views · located in Edo

a character in “Blade of the Seven”, as played by FuyuHana


|| Yuji Uesugi ||

"A kid? Hahahaha.... I'm already a full grown man you know..."


|| Full Name ||
Yuji Uesugi

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||
Heterosexual, Believe It Or Not

|| Affiliation ||

|| Face Claim ||
Toudou Heisuke - Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan


|| Hair Colour ||
Bronze Brown Color

|| Eye Colour ||
Emerald Green

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Height ||

|| Weight ||


|| Personality ||
The one quality that makes many people think Yuji is a teenager is his childish side. Even as a grown 20 year old man, he's still got the voice, attitude, and appearance of a teen, or young adult at the most. He's a fan of drinking, and whenever he gets any alcoholic beverage, such as foreign wine or just regular sake, he'll get all excited and brag about it and make a big deal about it. Not only this, but he's a little too childish in battle too. When he's sparring with someone, he won't take it seriously and put on a straight face. Instead, he'll be laughing and making fun of his opponent. Yuji isn't someone to think that aggravating his opponent will help him win. He never even considered that actually. He just liked to have fun, no matter what time or what was going on. Even in the most serious times he'll probably still be laughing and grinning like the silly idiot he really is.

Not to mention he's also very friendly. Yuji, even though he has killed many in his life, finds nothing wrong with giving out a hand to others. He's saved a child yet murdered fathers, he's brought marriages together but has also torn them apart; in general, some people can view him as a killer while others view him as a god. Of course, Yuji doesn't care which since opinions don't matter much to him anymore. Even when he's being portrayed as a demon, he doesn't care. It's his way of life. To give life you also have to bring death, is something he'd tell himself when he'd kill someone or help a woman with her chores. Even if he is insanely childish, something Yuji won't change is himself.

To make someone happy, he'll wear a mask for them to their liking. That mask can be one that smiles, one that blushes, or one that smirks. Sometimes, to make others feel better about themselves, he'll wear a mask with the expression of pity, sadness, or revenge. In reality, Yuji continuously wears masks instead of showing his true face. When someone refers to this, asking him something like, 'Are you really telling the truth?' He'll answer, 'I can't say since the truth is uglier than you think.' Of course, not many people understand this and end up slapping him since they think he's lying, but what he means is that he wears many different masks to impress others, and when people ask him for his true self, he says it's far too ugly for them to see. And he's right, after what he went through in his past.

|| Likes ||
❧ Helping People
❧ Sake
❧ Wine
❧ Alcohol
❧ His Katana
❧ Friendly People
❧ Messing Around
❧ Fruit

|| Dislikes ||
✠ Killing People
✠ Blood
✠ Forests
✠ Getting Lost
✠ Being Alone
✠ Spicy Food
✠ Super Confident People
✠ Cloudy Days
✠ Darkness

|| Weakness ||
His Self - An odd weakness, wouldn't you say? But its true. Since Yuij's actual personality is hardly revealed to anyone, when it is, well... lets just say some things don't really work out as well as expected.

Alcohol - One of the most stupidest weaknesses? Yup. Definitely. But Yuji is not a very strong drinker and gets drunk very easily, which makes his open up his darkest secrets even when he means and doesn't want to. Not only that, but he'll act like any other drunk person. It'd be even worse in the morning, and imagine what would happen if he was drunk in an actual battle. Bad things.

Females - Don't mistake this for the wrong meaning. Since he has killed before, he has killed women as well, and that's something he doesn't like to do. A little sexist? Kind of, yeah.

Killing - This is actually a weakness in two ways rather than just one like the others he has. Like when he was younger, it's possible he'd lose control and go insane just as he did a few years ago. Then, the other side, is that he usually tends to hesitate outside of his bloody state. Killing isn't something he favors, even if he has and still does do it.


|| Skills ||
Swordplay - Yuji, as expected, is an amazing swordsman. Well... in some way he is since it's only his sword he can use properly and at a professional level while other swords such as other katanas or western weapons. With those, he'll constantly fall over, trip from the different weight, or things like that sort. Because he's so used to carrying his sword, and only his, any slight differences could cause an immense change in his swordplay, but with his sword, he's perfected it.

Lying - Since Yuji has the urge to make others happy, no matter the cost, it's only obvious that he'd be a pro when it comes to lying. He can easily put on different expressions and easily say things that he doesn't mean just to make people content with themselves. Not the best thing to be good at, no, but it's something.

|| Biography ||
Yuji grew up in a very odd, yet large family. His family's generation went from his great grandma and grandma to himself and many brothers and sisters. To go into further detail, Yuji had two older sisters (14, 17) and three older brothers (12, 19, 21) when he was 11 years old. There was also his mother and father, and then their brothers and sisters, which meant he had a lot of cousins too, and then there were the grandparents and there brothers and sisters, and then the great grandparents. You can see where this is going. Basically, Yuji lived in a huge family, but it wasn't a very family oriented place. Well... in some way, it was, but in others, it was most definitely not.

To younger children like him, his youngest sister and youngest brother, who were still both older than him, the place was like a dream. They lived in a traditional japanese house, as expected of most big families, in the mountains where they were quarantined and far from the closest village. Not only that but there were items in the house from years and years ago that once belongs to the generations before them like samurai armor or more swords, which, of course, all the kids thought were cool. The parents and other adults were incredibly friendly, even the older people would probably could have easily lost their temper with the cheerfulness and energy the other kids had. Everyone was a joy, but the other older children. Now this wasn't any sort of brother-sister, older-young, cat-dog relationship between the kids. While the younger kids saw the place as their home, the older kids saw it as a hell house.

The question everyone would think after hearing that would be; why? In summary, the children were kept out of the shadows of the hell the rest of the family held deep until they'd grow older to know the truth and deal with it the way the adults wanted it to be dealt with. An example of this would be Yuji's youngest, but older brother, the one that was 14 and three years older than him. They were the closest in the family and hardly fought with each other at all. One night though, Yuji couldn't sleep due to yelling in another room, and decided to get up and find out what was going on. After sliding open the door to a lighten room, he found his father, who always smiled and easily forgave everyone, was yelling and abusing his brother, who was a cheerful and truthful kid.

That night he woke up all his other siblings, including the older ones and told them what he saw. His older siblings were hesitant, saying that they shouldn't talk about thing like that. Just then though, his aunt walked in on their chat, and ratted them out to their father. While Yuji was used to everyone smiling and having fun, just like his young sister was, in the early morning, when it was still dark, the whole family turned stone cold and were like a whole different group of people. Even his mother and father were cruel and started to shout and yell. Because Yuji had seen what he had seen and told the other younger children, they were actually planning on throwing him out of the house, just like they did with his brother, but, from what he heard, his uncle disagreed since he was too much of a 'precious soldier.'

Yuji didn't understand until the next morning he woke up in the middle of a forest, one much different than his snowy mountain home. He was in a small and terribly made cabin with the rest of his younger siblings, but the older ones were no where to be found. Even his younger brother was there too, the one who got yelled at, and he was freaking out, shaking and murmuring words underneath his breath. Yuji, being the clueless and youngest there was, didn't understand what everyone was afraid of until the middle of the night, when they were trying to fall asleep, people began to creep outside their little cabin. Yuji began to wake everyone up again and was going to open the door to see who was outside, but because he was being so loud, the thieves outside heard and smashed open the door. From there, things went to hell. They took the girls of the family and carried them away while they took the little boys and brought them outside, including Yuji.

Now is when he began to freak out. He was scared, but had no clue about what was going on. Things went even worse for him when they beheaded his brother, the one he loved with all his heart and the one he got along most with. Next came the next brother, and the next, and the next, until Yuji was last. While most children would scream and shout, Yuji stayed quiet and kept his crying silent along with his internal screams. When it was his turn, he knew the way things worked since they didn't do the executions any different. Just before his head would have severed from his body, he found his opening and leapt for it. The only bad thing about that opening was that it wasn't a very friendly one. He grabbed one of the thieves swords and began to wave it around like a mad man, finally screaming for once. While the leader wasn't intimidated, his men were since Yuji seemed insanely vicious, like a wolf about to strike. Without hesitation, he sent one of his men to catch him since Yuji began to run for his life, still carrying the heavy sword. He caught up and leapt to catch the kid, but Yuji had tripped and fallen onto his back, the sword pointed up. You can see where the scene went from there.

Yuji did get away, and ran miles, fending for himself and becoming more aggressive by the day. He had no clue where he was running at all, but he was running many places. He never found his family, or any trace of the thieves from back then. From back then, meaning he had grown older. He had been on the run and living off anything possible for over 6 years. To be exact, he had been running until he was 17, when he finally found a trail back to his old house, even though it had been many years since he had last seen it. But when he got there, he only found piles of dead bodies, some he recognized, and others being too burnt by fire to tell. He had no clue where the rest of his family went, or if they had all died and that he was the last Uesugi. He wasn't sure if they were caught by someone, or did this on purpose, but he wanted to find the meaning behind this.

Although Yuji had grown aggressive throughout the years, his motive had been destroyed to continue running, so his anger and sadness had disappeared. Within the next three years, he had settled in a small village and grew under the care of an old couple. He got rid of all the violent thoughts and violent memories and started a new life. It was only then that he had heard news of the wars and battles taking place outside of his peaceful home. Not only that, but during his stay, he had seen someone who bore an insane resemblance to his younger sister in the forest near by. This gave him a stronger motive than before. Why? Well, he spotted his sister who he hadn't seen in around a whole ten years, and with the wars going on, he wouldn't know if she would be alive when he'd find her again. This is why he joined Shichitou. Although he tends to lie to other people he knows about his reason, making it different each time, he doesn't want others to know that the only reason he's changing is to find his sister who may be dead at the moment. He thinks its too selfish to tell the others since he assumes they've banned together just to stop the wars. But finding his sister is just the beginning of his goal; once he finds her, since he only continues to think she's still alive, he's going to learn everything about his family; why they sent their youngest sons and daughters away, why they kept them in the dark while the older kids knew, and what happened to them after the six years he was gone. In other words, he really only joined the Shichitou for his own selfish reasons, but he's not ready to tell a soul about that just yet.

|| Other ||
- Yuji hasn't and will most definitely not tell anyone about his past and family. He also won't mention his family, so when someone brings them up, he brings up a different story every time, some which are even unimaginable.

"Whoa- Don't swing a sword around like its a toy! Oh, were you actually trying to hit me? O-Ooops..."

So begins...

Yuji Uesugi's Story


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A humid day in Edo, as the Shichitou return back to the Inn. The streets were busy as usual, as mechants sold their wares, and kids ran around in the streets. Townsfolk shopped, another ordinary day in Edo...
The Shichitou spread out 2 weeks ago in pairs, and are returning to Edo in the first post.
Takaya & The Bloody-one went to Kyoto

Murashige & Mio went to Sapporo

Sakurai and Yuji went to Fukuoka

Suzu stayed in Edo, and is currently waiting for the Shichitou back at Yamaguchi Inn

Akumu stayed in Kyoto, and are just hearing about the Shichitou

Demon Head/Ninjas
All are traveling to the Yukimura village to meet up and dicuss. The Yukimura head is hosting the meeting this month.

Takaya Kaguya

The first thing that entered his mind, was that he was hungry, so naturally he had stopped by a shop for a quick sip of tea and food. He had wandered away from Takeshi a while back, deciding they would meet up later. After all, it had been two weeks since they left for Kyoto together...and honestly, he was to tired to deal with the man's blood-thirsty actions. On their way back, they had run into some bandits. Takaya wanted to negotiate with them,but his partner had other plans. He had just cut them down quickly. Then they continued on.

As he sat and waited for his order, a drunkard had wandered into the shop, much to his disgust. He wrinkled his nose slightly, and silently hoped the man would just leave or pass out. He was wrong though, like always. The man released a sigh and stood up and walked toward the drunkard who was currently hitting on the poor waitress.

The next thing that happened, the tatami door flew down and the one who knocked it over? The drunkard's body. The man stood up, wiping his mouth a flush still evident on his face as he looked up at Takaya. He walked out calmly, back into the Edo heat. Despite what most people thought, he was quite comfortable in his attire, despite it looking to hot for the day. The man spoke, a slur evident in his voice.

"Hey youz...W-why the hell didja' do dat for?!"

The shichitou member remained quiet, his blue eyes narrowing towards the man. He didn't respond, choosing not to waste his breath on people like him. With a sigh, he placed his hand on the hilt of his sword. It was just an intimidation act, since he wouldn't draw it for no reason. Using his other hand, it slid partly the katana, it's silver blade reflecting the light of the harsh sun toward the man.

The man paled, easily shown on his flush face. Quickly, he got p, before stammering a slurred apology and ran off the other direction. Takaya watched for a few moments, before turning back into the shop and returning to his seat. The owner thanked him, and he nodded in return before sipping his tea calmly. He was still hungry after all, and started to eat the mitarashi dangos that waited for him at the table.


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"Oh!" Yuji exclaimed as he saw a beautiful looking sake bottle on a stand. It looked... well... authentic, just from the appearance. It was in a lovely black bottle with nothing but the name of the sake's brand circling around it. Yuji was a sucker for alcohol, especially for sake, and especially for pretty looking sake, "This one looks cool!" He said childishly.

While picking up the bottle, taking note of the owner staring at him the whole time, he turned and shouted, "Hey! Sakurai! Look! It's sake!" By the way he looked, anyone could tell how excited Yuji was to get that beautiful looking sake, and its bottle of course, since he had a whole collection he was beginning to make.

"Mister!" Yuji turned back to the man hiding behind his counter, hoping not to be seen as he watched Yuji. Though, after being called out, he jumped up and walked over to him with a nervous looking smile that Yuji could obviously see, but said nothing.

The man immediately, yet gently, took the sake bottle away from Yuji and said with that same anxious smile, "Well, it's a very expensive alcohol, so I'd prefer you not to treat it so roughly. And if you'd going to try and buy such a thing, I'd like to request for your brother over there," The man pointed to Sakurai, "You have to be older to drink alcohol, kid."

"K-Kid..." Yuji seemed to have lost his energy at the sounds of those words. He let out the greatest sigh and let his head hang for a while, his hair getting in his eyes as he pouted, "I'm an adult..."

"What was that?" The man asked, leaning in closer to hear what Yuji had said since his words before were just a murmur to himself.

"I'm an adult." Yuji frowned at the man, not in an angry or sad way, but in a way that he was just tired of hearing the same thing every time when he were to try and buy some sort of alcohol, or even other regular things. People kept on thinking he was a teenager, and he took that as an offense, even as the nice person he really is. Some thing tends to get old, and this was one of them, "20 years of age actually..."

"R-Really...?" The man asked, disbelief in his eyes and blinking several times at Yuji, but then frowning in return, but more like a frown that an adult would give to an annoying child, "Don't try to play that card kid... Go ahead and ask your brother over there, it can't be much trouble."

"Wah..." Yuji complained, sighing once more as he walked away from the stand and back to Sakurai, beginning to explain his situation and, for once, ask for help, "The old man won't let me buy it even though I say I'm of age.. He thinks you're my older brother, so you think you could buy that for me? Please? I'll pay you back! Come on!" He said childishly, putting his hands together as if begging super hard, which he really was.



"M-Miss Ayane!" Amaterasu began to shout as she ran throughout the large house that her mistress lived in, although she found no traces of her anywhere. She immediately began to dart to her room, holding her sword in her hand in case of emergencies. The woman nearly slipped a few times because of the hair getting in her face, "E-Excuse me." She said as she slid her mistress's bedroom door open, only to find out she wasn't there either, only causing her to become even more worried.

'Perhaps she's outside...' She thought to herself, hoping that she was correct as she sprinted outside now. Lucky for her, her search ended to see Ayane in her carriage, getting ready to head for the Yukimura territory for the meeting. A look of relief was on Ama after that sight as she let out the great sight of relief and said silently, "Don't scare me like that... Miss...."

“Amaterasu, go get my favorite pipe. It looks like we’ll be having nice weather today but we all know all good things come to an end.”

"Yes, ma'am!" Ayane said, taking any order without hesitation or questions from her mistress as she headed back to her room, saying the regular 'Excuse me' then entering and finding the pipe her mistress so desired and dashed back as quickly as possible, hardly breaking a sweat compared to when she was worrying over her disappearance.

Once getting back, she gave her her pipe and said politely as she would talk to her regularly, "Please enjoy the weather then, Miss Ayane. We'll depart immediately." Ama said before hopping up to where the driver was, shoving him over with a quiet and hostile growl as he let go and handed them over to her. After all, she'd be more comfortable if she were to direct the carriage instead of some random servant.

"We're off." She turned around to say to Ayane before slapping the two ropes down as the horses took off at a medium fast pace. Ama made sure that the speed was perfect for her mistress; fast to get there quickly, yet smooth so the ride could be enjoyable.

"Miss Ayane..." Amaterasu said quietly, putting the hood of her cloak over her head as she gripped the reigns to the horses tighter, "I'd prefer we not to go to the Yukimura, at least, I'd prefer you not to go there. If you were to allow me to say my own honest opinion, I think it's a terrible idea. In fact, I think it's just a terrible idea that those demons are even allowed to hold a meeting while we could, Miss." She growled at the thought, not liking the thought of other people making her mistress go so far just for a meeting.

'I should have gone in her place.' Ama thought to herself, frowning as she thought such. Yet at the same time, her eyes darted everywhere, scanning the area and every single inch of it. She didn't want any assassin jumping out to assassinate the Miyashiro head. Ama would never be able to live with herself if that were to happen.

"Miss Ayane, I really think this is a bad idea." Ama voiced her opinion again, walking in front of her and turning back constantly. Sometime she turned back every single five seconds just to make sure no one was behind them, and just to make sure that her mistress was in fine shape, "We have no clue what those filthy Yukimura scum could be planning to do with all demon heads in their own territory..."

Ama had nothing personal against the Yukimura. She was hostile to all demons clans except for the one she belonged to; the Miyashiro. All the others she had a neutral suspicion and hatred for, and that was just because they weren't her clan. Imagine what would happen if one were to get on the bad side of Ama. Things would be much worse than Ama just talking bad about them.

"If anything comes out, or if you see anything, Miss Ayane, I'd like to make a request that you tell me silently where they are so I can take more precaution." Ama said, now looking around even more as she drew her blade slightly which would give her an advantage in defending her mistress if anyone were to jump out of the no where, "We're closer to the damned place after all..."


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Takaya Kaguya

Takaya simply released his hold on the scythe, as the other man snatched it with a snarl. He did give a confused look, as Takeshi spoke of the "Man not human". Comment. What did he mean? But before he could voice this question, the man had marched back into the ally, scythe in hand. It was a few moments,until he heard some wood cracking.

Then the metal man marched back out, a look of a cross between sadness, and blood-lust on his face. He raised an eyebrow in question. Had the other man been boring to fight? As Takeshi grunted, Takaya walked quickly back to the ally, expecting to see a dead body that lay in the hot sun...but was graced by no sight of that.

He did see a pile of some splinters, no doubt that was the noise he heard from. He looked toward the roof, and saw a piece hanging off. So... the opponent had escaped then...most likely when Takeshi was outside then?

WIth that thought, the quiet member turned and walked back out of the ally. He decided not to say anything towards his partner, as he may snapand take it out on him. He followed quietly, as he heard a familier loud voice. Blinking, he turned towards it, and saw Yuji and Sakurai. He let a small sigh of relief, as he saw they seemed safe.

"Perhaps...we should join up with them? Then we could go back to the leader altogether." He said, as he tried to get Takeshis's attention.

Ren Tadashi

Ren simply waved his hand in dismissal as the girl retorted about not being stupid her dim. He found that quite laughable, after all the girl had just tried to take on a demon with out her weapon. And worse of all, she even knew he was a demon. It was quite stupid in his opinion.

He could see as the girl debated whether or not to respond to his previous question. Though she just stared at him, with those big purple eyes of hers. He simply tilted his head, as he stared at the girl. She seemed to be conflicted on just anwsering a simple question. Though then, he noticed as the girl's pupils disappeared in the shade of violet.

He raised an eyebrow in question, as the girl continued to stare. Ren then blinked in surprise, as he notice her eyes have a faint glow to them...that was called "Aura reading" or something. Some people in the Kazama clan had that, and that's how his plot all those years ago was leaked. So...she was a demon? But...then why wasn't her strength up to par?

Ashe continued to ponder this thought, the girl spoke, a soft and airy whisper.

"Kyo...ya Kaz..ama"

That spoken name caused him to stiffen visibly, and he narrowed his eyes at the girl. No one had called him that accursed name in so did she know it? Though before he could question it, she held her head. Blinking, he walked over, to take a closer look. She seemed to be in pain...but why? Though before he could voice it once again, he felt her smaller frame fall into his chest.

"......You...." He looked down at the girl, who still was writhing in pain slightly. She didn't seem to notice that his body kept her from falling to the ground, as she battled the pain. How did she know his real name? He was sure they had never met how? This question stayed rooted to his head, as he tried to think of an explanation. Could it be from the aura reading she did? With a sigh, he grabbed her smaller shoulders to make her stand up straight. She seemed to be out cold. Another sigh escaped his lips, before he picked her up and shifted her onto his back. He knew what he was doing was out of character for him, but he couldn't help himself.

He jumped down easily, before walking into a nearby inn, checking in quickly and heading to the room. He placed her on the futon and covered her, before sitting by the window. His sword,still unsheathed lay by him, and he picked it up by the handle after he slipped off the black haori he wore. Taking out a cloth from his sash,he began to polish it, absent-mindedly as he waited for the girl to wake up.


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Takeshi Yuudai

The two walked in silence for a small time, Takeshi still brooding over his escaped prey. What was he? What manner of creature could be that strong? It seemed Suzo's promise had finally proven true. An opponent worth fighting certainly, but he'd neglected to mention that some of them may not be human. Takaya's voice pulled him from his thoughts and directed his attention to one of their comrades who stood outside a small sake shop. Yuji had made it back safely it seemed, though it seemed was up to his usual mischief. How that man could make buying a nice bottle of sake so difficult, Takeshi had no idea, but he was in one of his moods. These moods were infamous amongst his comrades for stirring up trouble and starting fights with anyone who ticks him off. Said mood drove Takeshi to the counter of the sake stand.

He glared at the stall keeper with his maddened blood red eyes and growled more than he spoke. "Problem?" The stall keeper swallowed audibly when faced with Takeshi's question. "W-Well, err... T-this boy wishes to purchase some s-sake... But I don't think he's of age to be drinking yet..."
Takeshi growled and raised a fist, slamming his palm onto the wooden counter. He removed his hand to reveal three 10-yen pieces embedded deeply into the wood. "I buy." He took the bottle of sake and went back to his comrade while the merchant set about trying to pry the yen out of his counter. Takeshi shoved the bottle into Yuji's hands before grabbing the man by the collar and literally dragging them towards Yamaguchi inn. "Suzo waiting. Meet now."


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"Come on!” Yuji continued to beg the man. Why would he go so far just for a bottle of sake? While most people liked sake for its ability to wash away all bad memories, Yuji really just liked the taste of it. Well, that and the bottle since some, like the one he was looking at, had a really beautiful appearance, in his opinion.

“K-Kid…” The man said slowly, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously. He apparently wasn’t the type of person to believe in others as easily, or one to hand out his sake to any children, “Maybe something else would grab your interest?” The man tried to change the subject, “Perhaps this?” He held up a wooden sword, something someone actually would give to child, but definitely not a teen or adult.

Yuji grumbled and murmured, ”Old man… I have work to do also, you know…” He began to beg, harder than usual, and all just for a simple bottle of sake. Was it that important to him? Seemingly, it was.

Just before the man was going to wave him off and say his final word, Yuji heard a familiar voice behind him say, ”Problem?”

Yuji turned around to also then see a familiar face. There, was the violent and crazy Shichitou, Takeshi Yuudai. Some people seemed to fear him, but to Yuji, people were people. They had their reasons for doing things. That’s why, after seeing him he grinned and said, ”Hey, Takeshi! Surprised to see you here, kind of.” He smiled because he was seeing someone in his group of seven, but also that he was hoping he’d buy the sake for him instead.

"W-Well, err... T-this boy wishes to purchase some s-sake... But I don't think he's of age to be drinking yet..." The old man replied, still fidgeting with his fingers and pacing on his feet, seeming to have grown more nervous and uncomfortable once Takeshi interrupted the two.

”I buy.” Takeshi growled, just as he slammed his hand onto the counter. Yuji glanced at it and saw that the money was stuck deep into the wood, giving a bit of a chuckle while the old man only gulped.

Just then, Takeshi grabbed the bottle and shoved it into Yuuji’s hands which he immediately grabbed before it could fall onto the ground and break, which would be worse since he’d probably never get it again, ”Thank, buddy!” He addressed, impolitely since Yuuji was really hardly polite to anyone belonging to the Shichitou.

Yuuji, right afterwards, grabbed the bottle and inspected how dark and lovely it was. He, as odd as it sounded, liked to inspect something’s, or even someone’s beauty before doing anything of the sort. After a little while of staring at it, he gently took off the cap on it, a strong fragrance of sweet alcohol emitting from it.

If he were to be honest, he would have to say that he began to drool just from the smell of the drink. He usually would wait to drink it in a place where, if he did get drunk, he wouldn’t be able to destroy anything by accident, but he couldn’t help himself and lifted the bottle to his lips about to take a sip before-

”Suzo waiting. Meeting now.”

Yuuji was yanked by his collar, quickly scrolling on the cap onto the sake bottle before any of it could spill, ”N-Now?” He asked, pouting a little bit, though trying to hide his childish sadness since he just got his sake that he was unable to drink. With a sigh, he held it with both hands and started walking forward, rather than having Takeshi drag him the whole way to the inn, ”Yes, yes, let’s get going then. But don’t be surprised if I start drinking during our conversations, yeah?” He asked while following right behind him, whistling a little along the way.