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Name: Dragonmiir Dragonstone
Title: The Wolf, Lord of the First Legion

Race: Dragonborn
Dragonborn are individuals who have been born with the blood and soul of a Dragon, but the body of a mortal, and can naturally learn and speak their ancient and powerful tongue. Dragonborn inherit a proud tradition, the way of the Dragonborn. They are in touch with the dragon within, and can channel them to protect themselves or to destroy their enemies, if need be. The Dragonborn are resistant to the effects of alcohol and are not subject to disease or physical aging, though they could be killed by violence or by wasting away and losing the will to live.

Unlike Men, however, they are immortal, in that their bodies do not age once they have reached maturity, so that they do not seem to become elderly or die of old age, and they are not afflicted by disease. They can be killed by physical injury however, or they may come to death from wasting away if after long eons of life they lose the will to live. Dragonborn are unusually handsome of face and body, tall and athletically built, and they have far better vision and hearing than Men. They also have skills and abilities (craftsmen), and perception of things around them, far greater than that of Men, although whether this is an innate quality or is the result of long experience after having lived so long, is not known. They are also light of foot, can travel long distances without leaving tracks, and often can walk lightly across snow where the boots of Men would go through. Tho currently secluded from the world, the Dragonborn continue to grow in number and expand their borders.

Being promoted to the rank of immortals imposed several personality traits on the Dragonborn. They are refined and polite, with an instinctual knowledge of courtly manners. However, Dragon Born are proud, haughty, and prone to arrogance, viewing shorter lived races with disdain and even disgust. Most Dragonborn believe that it is their duty to carry out the will of the gods.

Class: Dargon Lord
Dragon Lords weapons tend to be the only defensive protection they need. Unfortunately for their enemies, these blades aren't just used for defense, but offense as well. The Dragon Lords mastery of edged weapons allows them to unleash devastating close combat attacks in quick succession. Their honed skills and supernatural agility allow them to avoid incoming attacks for short periods of time and launch lethal sneak attacks on the unwary.

The Dragon Lord is a defensive fighter who uses eldritch techniques to counter magic-wielding foes. Spells that would bring another mortal low are shaken off by a Dragon Lord, reflected back at the caster, or stored in pacts the Dragon Lords can unleash to devastating effect. Dragon Lords empower themselves by absorbing hostile spells, becoming terrifying foes for any wielder of the arcane.

Physical Appearance:
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 220 lbs
Built: Toned/Athletic
Eye/ Hair Color: Grey/Black
Tattoos: Common Dragonborn sigils and runes upon his sheild side(Left chest, back, and arm)

-Black Iron Mail
-Leather hauberk
-Cloth greaves
-Leather boots and arm guards
-Leather pauldurons

-Black Steel Armor
-Dragon Lords Hood
-Twin broadswords
-Twin daggers
-Six throwing knives

-Storm Magic
-Dragons Blood (Increased strength, speed, intelligence, stamina)

Basic personality: A charismatic leader, and bold strategist. Dragonmiir is loved by his people, and respected by his enemies. He is ambitious and adventurous, always seeking to prove himself the better among others, and make a stronger mark in history for his family name. He is a very charismatic leader, quick to take the lead and inspire the followers around himself. His presence commands loyalty and respect, and instills a love unbroken.

Dragonmiir holds a commanding presence, expresses itself in auras that inspire his comrades to victory and cow his enemies into submission, allowing him to control the field of battle. Dragonmiir can draw upon vast tactical experience, empowering his brothers and sisters, and weakening his enemies to change the course of battle.
Dragonmiir moves like a furious storm, never giving his enemy time to regroup. A master of dual-wielding, he uses parries and disciplined forms to build up power attacks and stay out of danger.With a finely tuned mind and body,Dragonmiir wields two weapons to perfection, devastating his enemies. He specialize in dealing consistent damage, and can also hit his enemies from range with either blade, or his mastery of the elements.

Background: Dragonmiir is the eldest son of Lucius Dragonstone, King of the Dragonborn, Lord of Mistveil Isle in the North. His mother is Lady Annabeth Dragonstone, Queen of the Dragonbornm, and Head Sorceress of the School of Magic. His sister is Khali Dragonstone, Priestess of Myaru, and a powerful sorceress like her mother.

He commands the First Legion, the most elite of the Dragonborns army and navy. Yet in times of peace, he thinks himself no more than another Dragonborn, a man gifted with long life, and a destiny to change the world.

Dragonmiir was born upon the Mistveil Isle like most Dragonborn. He grew up knowing the ways of his people; magic, blade, steel, and sea. As with all Dragonborn, he is well in tune with the magical strands that flow through the world. Like all Dragonborn he learned to wield a blade and work steel at the same age he learned to walk and speak. And like all who called the Crystal Isles home, he spent as much time on land as he did at sea.

So begins...

Dragonmiir Dragonstone's Story


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The shinning capitol of Mistveil Isle, the cultural center of Dragonborn society. The vast city rests upon the single most protected valley and harbor in all of Mistveil. Consisting of a main city, a harbor and shipyard, a temple sector, a keep and a citadel. The citadel known as Dragonsreach, rests against the largest mountain range in the Isle, the Spine of the World, where it meets the harbor and overlooks the city of Rivendell. Dragonsreach is home to the royal family, the Dragonstone, as well as the Councils embassies. The keep known only as Wolfbane Keep, rests upon a secondary mountain range that mirrors the Spine of the World, thus creating the Valley of Dragons. Wolfbane Keep has become the main military center within the Valley of Dragons. The city itself sat upon the valleys floors and rested against the mountain walls. Divided into three sectors by two massive rivers formed by the numerous waterfalls. A massive magical academy known as the Black Tower, is the center of all magical knowledge in Mistveil. The harbor held the great port of Rivendell, as well as its trusted shipyard, from here the naval academy and naval headquarters is located.

Lucius stood on the balcony of the great tower, looking over the shinning city his people had built. In the dawn of morning, the sun reflected him like a becon of light. His gold armor clutching at the suns rays the great black runes glowing off the gauntlets and boots as if they were made of pure obsidian. He drew forth his great broad sword, the Sword of the Marrok, and looked across its blade.

"To long has it been since I stood beside my brothers in battle" he said as the sun reflected of the blade "I am a coward"

"That is not true my lord" a feminie voice spoke "You are as valiant as the day you ascended the throne"

"Your people are ever loyal to you my liege" a males voice came in

"Your words are ever calming" Lucius smiled, sheathing the great blade on his back, he turned toward the entryway and beckoned to the two voices "Will you not join an old man?"

From the dark of the shadows two figures stepped forward onto the balcony.

"You two I owe a great debt, my children. For you have made this old man very proud" Lucius said

The first was a young women. Golden skin, from spending much time in the woods, her dark hair falling to little past her shoulders. She wore black chain main, plated shoulders symbolizing a female dragon and boots with white runes glittering across the front. Long black robes, covered the tight fitting plate chest and grieves. Her hands were covered in tight leather, white runes along the forearm, and the finger tips exposed. For she was one of the greatest sorceress in the Dragonborn kingdom.

"You Khali, so much like your mother. Your powers over the elements grow everyday" he smiled

Then the second figure stepped upon the balcony. Tanned skin, and a great muscular body, but quick and agile. Like the female heavy black chainmail covered his body, and the heavy black plate, the blue crystilian runes etched into the chest and grieves, boots and gloves. He was a powerful magic user. But it was in his two longswords strapped over his back where his true talents lay.
"And you Dragonmiir, my son" Lucius said "So far you have come in these short years, and I am proudest"

"My father, please" the man bowed low

"Your kin and you have safe guarded the Great Forest, and the Crystal Isles. And I should not be proud?" the king asked

"I do my duty to our kingdom my lord" Dragonmiir smiled

"Well there is still much to be done, I sense new life in the lands, and old hatreds regrowing, we will have much to do" the King said

With that the three began to talk about how their people would fair in this new world.

They walked to the War Room, if any man or mer would call it that. It was a fairly sized room, walls lined and stacked with books on every race to walk the planet, and every strategy ever conceived. Barren thought it was, save for the men and women of the council who currently paced its floors.

Its floors, now that was what truly made the War Room what it was. Across its surface appeared to be a carved map of the world itself. And yet, it appeared to move and shift; waters flowed, trees swayed, and people moved across the cities surfaces. It was an enchanted map that allowed the Dragonborn to keep track of the day to day events of the world.

"Attention!" one of the lords called when King Lucius entered the room.

"At ease my lords and ladies" Lucius said raising a hand "What news do we have"

The lords and ladies, generals and admirals simply looked at one another with content shrugs.

"Nothing?" Lucius said raising his brow "Nothing threatens our kingdom? The world is at peace and we may lay down our arms"

"My liege" Admiral Kar'Danius said stepping forward "Our ships rule our island kingdom with not so much as a smuggler being able to slip through"

"And no other race has stepped upon our shores since the invasion of men from the wilds" General Grakus said

"And what about outside our borders" Dragonmiir asked

The lords and ladies simply looked to each other, the Dragonborn had not planned for extending their borders for some time.

"We have not had any plans for the land of men and mer for some time my liege" Lady Arterious said

"Then perhaps we should start" Lucius looked to his son


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The fog clung tightly to the waters surface, as if a wall had been raised by nature itself. It broke slowly as the bow of the first ship cut through the water, sending ripples across the waters surface into the other two ships. It was quiet as the Dawn Breaker, Stone Watcher, and Serpants Breath all cut through the water. They had been sailing for five days across the Straight of Ancestors, and were expecting to come upon land soon. The sound of boots on wet wood, ropes and pulleys, and occasional shouts from first mates was all that could be heard. The ships were to far apart to hear one another....

Dragonmiir stood at the rail over the main deck, his psyonic stood behind him, and the captain at the helm. His armor rough and wet from the ourney.

"Just what we needed to remind us that the Ancestors are watching ey commander?" the captain joked keeping the ship steady.

"They never stop captain" Dragonmiir smiled placing a hand on the hilt of his sword.

"Commander" the psionic said, her eyes flaring green "The Serpants Breath has spotted land"

"Your sure?" Dragonmiir turned to her

The psionic smiled "Have I ever lied to you commander"

"Tell your sisters to inform the captains" Dragonmiir leaned on the rail "Prepare to land"


Dragonmiir sat upon his horse watching the marines unload their cargo, and preparing billeting. This had been the first landing the Dragonbon had made in centuries, but this time they were there to stay....

"Your sure that you are not willing to stay?" a voice said riding up behind Dragonmiir

"Selena" Dragonmiir said smiling to one of his closest friends, the half vampire assassin smiled

Selena halted her horse next to his "Dont Selena me. Answer the question"

"You know the answer" he said straightening his back

"Then I am coming with you" she said "No discussion"

"How did I know that would be your response" he smiled

A seasoned man walked towards the two "Because you two have been inseparable since birth" Sir George, one of the senior members of the Imperial Guard, and the commander of the forward base the marines were establishing.

"I take it Selena has passed on command to you old friend" Dragonmiir raised a brow

"Aye my lord" He put his hands on his hips "You can trust me"

Dragonmiir looked back over his men, they had become close since leaving the Isles.

"No need for good byes my lord. The men would follow you to the ends of this world if you asked" he said as the men began to stop work and look towards their leader

Dragonmiir nodded his head. He brought his right hand across his chest "Strength and Honor"

"Strength and Honor" they echoed

With that Dragonmiir and Selena headed south towards Castle Hawklight.....


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Near Castle Hawklight

The woods were strangely quiet, everything about this land was strangely quiet and unsettling. Almost as if the whole of it was holding its breath.... watching.... waiting....

"Keep praying like that, and the gods just may send us company to shut you up" Selena said nodding to the amulet Dragonmiir had in his hand

"There is nothing wrong with praying sister" Dragonmiir said placing it back into his hip pouch "You should try it more"

"I would dare not brother" Selena smiled, she touched her blade "I trust in my skill at arms, not the will of an immortal being"

"We are immortals sister" Dragonmiir looked at her

Selena rolled her eyes "You know what I ment"

"I only pray for insight" Dragonmiir looked up, then back at her "Besides, I thought you enjoyed a good fight"

Selena laughed "On any given day yes. But I like the peace here, to be honest I dont think there have been men in this region for years"

Her words of course were proven false when they exited the treeline to see Castle Hawklight before them "And I stand corrected"

"Sit" Dragonmiir said sarcasticly

"Smart ass" she rolled her eyes "So how do we go about this?"

"Very, very few men or mer have seen a Dragonborn. And we may as well keep it that way" he shifted in his saddle, "We are nothing more than traveling sell swords looking for work"

"You do realize I am taller than most of the men here" Selena said "And you could pass for a giant"

"Well lets hope they dont think so" Dragonmiir nodded forward "Let us see if the stories of men and mer are true"

The two kicked their horses into a trot and made their way to the village that stood before Castle Hawklight. A common town for humans, a shamble of wicker huts to a Dragonborn. Farmers and craftsmen mulled about, tending to stalls and fields. As the two made their way into town they caught te attention of the villagers. Soon enough a tater rough looking lot stepped between the two and their destination.

"Stand aside boys" Selena said "We have no quarrel with you this day"

She rested a hand on her hilt, while Dragonmiir gently gripped one of his throwing knives.

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Near Castle Hawklight

Near the center of Elemnaira lies Castle Hawklight which, despite the name, is actually a huge city, the capital of the human empire in fact, with the castle itself situated in the very center of the city. The city is surrounded by high walls made of white stone forming a perfect circle around the city with four entrances, one for each cardinal direction. Beyond the walls of the castle city lie several small villages and farms which, despite the best efforts of the royal military, are often plagued by bandits and thieves out to steal whatever they can. Some of them do so because they enjoy it, others do it to spite the king.

Today such an event is occurring.

Seeing the strangers, dressed in their fine armor and riding noble looking steeds this group of bandits believed them to be knights, perhaps messengers from another land here to speak with the king. While some of the highwaymen in this are were quite clever it was obvious the leader of this particular group had more muscle than mind. His name was Thud, son of a giant and orc pairing. Standing nine feet tall and weighting somewhere in the neighborhood of six hundred pounds, all muscle, he wore bits of steel armor that were obviously too small for him, held together with strips of leather and chains. On his shoulder rested a club, which was really just a tree he had knocked over and whittled one end down to make a handle out of.

"You there, in your finemail!" Thud calls out as his men spread out behind him like a fan, numbering about twenty all together. "This is a toll road, and if you know what's good for you, you'll be handing over anything of value you have." The half-giant says, his voice a rumble of thunder, but slurred slightly, showing he might not be all there mentally.

Before Thud or any of his men could actually begin forcing Dragonmiir and his companions to hand anything over, there was a series of twangs and several of the bandits fell, almost as one. The rest turned around, looking for whoever had done this. "Archers!" One man calls out, pulling a bolt out of another man only to take on to the chest. Another round of bolts cuts down yet more men, leaving only a handful who abandon their leader and take off into the woods. A bolt hits Thud in the leg and he bellows in pain, but then a flash of understanding hits him and he too takes off, shaking his club at the lot of them.

"Our apologies for this interruption of your journey," A man says, wearing steel armor baring the Hawklight crest on his chest, as he steps out of a thicket with six other men following. "We've been after that brute and his men for weeks now, and while we have cut his numbers down I am sorry you had to be involved as a distraction." The man pauses for a moment, both to put away his crossbow and to look the group over. "I'm not sure who you are but...I have seen enough royalty in my day. Please, follow us into the city. I think the king should like to see you...if this will not detour you too far from your goal, of course."


Vyndran was barely aware of what was going on around him now. It seemed the dwarves had taken care of his request to begin escorting the villagers away, that was what mattered second most to him. Foremost on his mind at the moment was Fran, who had succumbed to what he called the Mist Blindness. If he couldn't calm her down and get her away she would likely parish this night.

"Do not worry about us. People like Fran and I walk this earth knowing that each step may be our last. If you must help, help the villagers because none of them are ready to take their last step just yet!" Vyndran calls out to Violet as she asks him what to do. Sheathing his sword he quickly swings his mandolin around with practiced ease and begins to strum a few cords, casting a simple spellsong of sleep, targeting Fran. As the melody catches up to the elven woman she would see a soft blue mist rising up all around her as the songspell soothed her soul, putting her at ease. Slinging the instrument onto his back once more once the spell had taken hold, Vyndran dashes over and grabs Fran in one arm and her sword in his free hand. Slipping it into her sheath he lifts her into his arms and begins to retreat.

While the spellsong of sleep was targeting Fran, many of the lesser demons within earshot of the melody fall asleep as well right where they are. While it was just a simple spell itself, the bond between Vyndran and Fran made his magic stronger, and vice versa. This would be enough to bring her out of her berserker mode so they could get away.

Zanarok only blinks a few times as the spellsong hits him, looking from one elf to the other before smirking and watching as they run from him. He had no reason to fight cowards. Anyone who ran, so long as they had no connection to the artifact he was looking for, would be allowed to live a little longer. However, there was a whiff of neathersteel on these two, and so as he watches the bard carry off the rare female elf, he raises one clawed hand and shadows begin to swirl around his fingers like snakes. Curling his fingers into a fist he creates a black ball about two inches across and, opening his hand once more, it shoots out, aimed right for Vyndran's spine.

Before the black magic can hit a bright light shines down on the village from high above them, and the sounds of beating wings as well as the cry of a creature can be heard. Anyone who looked up would see Samuel riding towards Zanarok, sword drawn and glowing brightly, dispelling his dark magic.


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Near Castle Hawklight

"Ay, simple sell swords. Who would know the difference" Selena said smirking at Dragonmiir

Dragonmiir looked at her and muttered "So our armor is finer than man, let it go. How was I to know"

"Of course you were not, Dragonborn havent set foot in the world of man and mer in centuries" Selena mocked

"It is too late" Dragonmiir turned to the knightly man "We would be honored to meet your king sir? I apologize I have not gotten your name?" he gestured to Selena 'This is Selena, and I am Dragonmiir"

He touched the amulet at his side, and prayed to Sargon that this was the path the Creator had set for him.


Watchers Landing

In the few days that had followed the landing, Sir George had managed to build a well defended hold on the shores. His men had cleared a small piece of forestline to build the palisades and billeting areas. A small storage shed for food, an armory and blacksmith, and the shores barracks tent was all that stood in the last week and a half.

Sir George remained in his command tent reading over the ravens both from Mistveil, and from his Prince

"Commander" one of the captains walked into the tent

"Yes, Captain Elik, come in" George said setting down one of the pieces of parchment

"I apologize sir, but there is something you may want to see" he held the tent flap open "Our scouts have reported ships off the coast, closing in quickly"

Sir George walked from around his desk and out of the tent.Men moved quickly about the shore, preparing for the worse. Archers lined up behind their spearmen and swordsmen counterparts. George followed the captain towards the shore, where another ship was cutting through the fog, and it was much larger than any of the three they had but less graceful. At its bow of the lead ship, a familiar face waved a greeting "You lads look tired! Is that any way to greet a fellow Dragonborn!" More ships began to appear from behind it.

Sir George crossed his arms and smiled "Not as tired as you Lord Khazer! Took your sweet time didnt you!"

The other marines cheered the arrival of one of the Dragonborn nobles.