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Blades and Flames: The Nethersteel Cog

Lesser Southern Plains


a part of Blades and Flames: The Nethersteel Cog, by Soul_Alchemist.

This is the lower half of the east side of Elemnaira

Soul_Alchemist holds sovereignty over Lesser Southern Plains, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

771 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


While the number of humans inhabiting this area is slowly increasing, it is mostly the home of the more bestial races
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Lesser Southern Plains

This is the lower half of the east side of Elemnaira


Lesser Southern Plains is a part of Elemnaira.

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Violet [8] "Haha, bet you didn't know I was that bird that flew by!"

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Marhorn Glen

Autumn, called the Harvesting Season by the inhabitants of the Lesser Southern Plains, and in particularly by the inhabitants of Marhorn Glen. The air is chilly now, the breeze carries with it the scent of fallen leaves and hot baked goods cooling on windowsills. By now the fields are nearly baron, most of the crops have been harvested and now comes the time when farmers set their wives and children to work, dividing everything up, putting an amount of all the crops away so that they will have plenty to eat throughout the cold season to come and packing all the rest of it in crates which will be loaded onto buggies and coaches and distributed throughout the eastern side of Elemnaira.

The sky is beginning to darken, and as the sun falls so does the temperature. The villagers start to head inside, lighting candles and fireplaces to stave off the cold and darkness of the night. As the lights blink into life across Marhorn Glen the sounds of music and laughter can be heard echoing from the only tavern in the village, The Lucky Horseshoe.

The half elf known as the Wandering Storyteller has arrived in this small farming village, and now he stands by the hearth within The Lucky Horseshoe, strumming his mandolin and singing the Legend of Hawklight, Tamer of the Flying Lions. The bard sings of how the first member of the Hawklight family climbed to the tops of the mountains to the west and come upon the creatures, who attacked him on sight. Rather that fight back, he dodged and ducked behind the stones and outcropping of the mountain, and when one of the griffins were tired out from his actions he caught him with a lasso and climbed onto his back. The griffins, seeing that this human was more intelligent than many others, they bowed to him and a pact was made. The griffins and the Lighthawk family would look after one another.

As the song ends with Hawklight returning to his home at the base of the mountains on the back of a griffin, the bard strums his mandolin once more, then bows.

"What kind of trash was that?!" One of the tavern patrons calls out from the back of the room. "May Rothlyn kiss the king and all members of the blasted family of his!" With this the rest of the patrons let our a cheer, most of them at least. The man who had requested the song, a fellow in a somewhat tattered and dirty looking cloak sitting nearest to the bard did not cheer, and instead lowered his head, as if trying to hide, or perhaps prey.

As the cheering dies down the crowd begins to murmur and talk amongst themselves, and so the bard decides to take a break and have a goblet of mead before he next applies his trade. Walking over to the bar he sets his instrument aside and takes a seat beside his companion, the lovely if slightly bewildering Fran and calls the bartender over to place his order. Upon receiving his drink he turns around to look at the crowd, sighing and shaking his head a little as the debate about whether King Hawklight and the rest of the humans were a plague on Elemnaira or something worse.

"Enjoying yourself?" Vyndran asks his companion, still looking out over the crowd. "If we were to venture north, to Shadewatch or maybe even Crossroads, we'd be met with the same sort of hostility, just from the opposite point of view. The world is an odd and confusing place outside of the woods, or so I would venture a guess. You'd know better about such things wouldn't you?" As he says this last bit he turns to Fran and gives her a wink before taking another sip of his mead.

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Violet was not were Violet was supposed to be, and it knew that. It knew that Miss Frana, the woman know had known Violet’s pack and gave Violet a place to live, would want Violet with her at home and prepare food for the grandchildren. However, Violet knew that making food was something only the old woman could do, so Violet left, and went to the tavern known as The Lucky Horseshoe.

This tavern happened to be owned by a child of Miss Frana, and he knew of Violet’s true nature, and he was alright with it. His only rule was no pulling any tricks inside the bar, outside was fair game. Violet never liked this, due to how much fun drunk humans were, but obeyed anyways. Currently, Violet was in its typical disguise when out and about with Miss Frana. Violet was shifted into a human child of rather undetermined gender, but as Violet had to pick a gender when in human form, was technically male. This boy was impossible to tell from a girl, from his long white hair, thick and braided in some places, and the overall roundness of the face gave an almost feminine appearance. His eyes were purple, and Violet did this on purpose, to be itself without actually revealing too much.

Violet, or as it went when in this form, Violet, was in the tavern watching everyone he could. Suddenly an elf came by and offered to show them magic. Violet loved magic, and was slightly disappointed by the lack of food or colors involved, such as his dark red tunic, and nearly white pants. He still clapped with the rest of the children, and once the mothers came by, he wondered some more. That is when he heard another elf, most likely a bard, start to sing about the griffon king. The song was special to Violet, a song its parents sung for it as a baby. He smiled largely when the elf finished, and got a little mad at the humans when they said it was bad. ‘NO taste in music’ it thought.

After he sat down with what was unmistakably a bunny woman, Violet got very excited. They started talking about something, but Violet couldn’t’ hear over the sounds of the dwarves in the room. After that, Violet took the berry pouch that Miss Frana gave it, and began to take out some of its favorite berries to give as gifts.

Violet stood right beside the elf, and tugged at his shirts. After a while, Violet started, “Hello, I’m Violet. I loved your song, here take these.” He said with a large smile, and put some assorted berries on the table, ranging from simple blueberries to somewhat odd pink berries with spikes that it had found. After placing these on the table, Violet ran a little ways over to the bunny woman, and pulled out a single berry. This berry was red with some purple on either side of it, and was around the size of an apple. This berry was called a Gwappion Berry, or more commonly a Fox Trail Berry, as Kitsune’s loved this fruit more than any other thing, and were often seen eating it, however it was highly toxic to most species, save more ‘animalistic’ ones. “Here, you can have my Gwappion Berry, I was planning on saving it for something special, but what’s more special than music?” He asked in a soft child voice, and held out the berry for the woman to take.

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"The old man is harmless, it's whatever he's got under that cloak of his that has me curious. You couldn't see it from over here, but he's got a worn leather satchel with him and he clutches it feverishly to his chest, as if it were made of solid gold and blessed by the gods themselves." Vyndran says with a snort as he takes the coin purse and looks into it, taking out a few coins and setting them on the table as payment for the bartender. There was more to it than just what he could see though. The elven blood that flows through his veins allows him a small part of their emotional apathy, the elves natural ability to pick up and read the emotional state of people around them. This only happened when he was playing music. "His soul didn't sound right. Whatever that thing he carries is, it is very important, to him at least. He's probably risked his life for it..."

Lifting his goblet of mead he lets out a sigh before draining it in one long swallow, and as he does so he eyes the crowd again. The tavern was beginning to fill up, either from the dark or the cold outside he suspected, and the night was just getting started. Now that there was a decent crowd he would be able to make another performance, this one paid.

Once every year around this time Vyndran comes to Marhorn Glen and plays at this tavern. The first few times were for free, then he started to get paid if the crowd was large enough. Because he was somewhat famous the patrons would turn out in drove if it was known he would be in town, so the tavern owner had decided to share his wealth. He had been playing for an hour before this break, and as he played he had watched people enter the tavern, and a very few leave. Such as now, when a group of dwarves entered The Lucky Horseshoe.

"Dwarves never have been good at being able to see anything past their beards." Vyndran remarks with a smirk, quickly ordering another goblet of mead before the dwarves had the chance to drink it all. He had never seen this bunch before, but they seemed familiar to the villagers and so he had no reason to question why exactly a group of dwarves would venture so far out from under their rocky home. "No wonder they are always digging, it's much easier for them to look down than the rest of us which is why they are so good at their trade." The half-elf was joking around. He had no problem with any of the races that inhabited Elemnaira, only a few individuals. "I think I'll play a few more songs and then we can get something to eat and call it a night. In the morning we'll make our way to Giant's Pass, to that little village I was telling you about earlier." He says, talking to Fran once more while the rest of his words had been to the air itself, or anyone who could be bothered to listen.

The bard got his second goblet just before what looked like a wolf on his hind legs threw a table across the room. He was about to comment on this when what appeared to be a small...girl? He wasn't able to tell if it was a boy or a girl, but it didn't matter much. The child was sweet, giving him a few berries and one large one to Fran. Vyndran smiles at this and looks at the berries. Most of them were common, but one, the pink one with spikes he knew came from farther south and were rather odd as to the side effects. They tasted amazing, but they would also turn the whites of your eyes a bright pink for three days if you ate a handful of them. Before he could thank the child the wolf man, a Veer he thought they were called, made a song request.

"Thank you little one, these are most appreciated." Vyndran says, standing and grabbing his mandolin before making his way to the stage, leaving the berries for Fran to look after. Once at the hearth again he positions the mandolin and closes his eyes, moving his mouth so that it looked as if he were whispering to the instrument, and in a way he was. The magic of the bard, no matter the race, had to do with sound, and what he did now was cast a spell on the instrument so that it would sound not only like a mandolin but several other instruments as well. "As it so happens, my furry friend, I do indeed know one of your Veeran songs. Perhaps it is not the one you would like me to play, but let your ears decide if it does your people justice."

Strumming his mandolin, Vyndran begins to play The Wolf and the Winds. This is a tale rewritten again and again, with nearly every race having their own version, which tells of how they came to the shores of Elemnaira. This particular one was about the Veer, though it lacked more of the details that some other versions had. (found the song on youtube)

Vyndran was not half way through the song when there was a scream heard from somewhere outside the tavern. He stops playing and ends the spell, looking from the crowd to the door, then over to Fran. Slipping the mandolin onto his back he gives her a nod and takes off for the door, hoping from table to table with just enough elven grace that only two mug of ale were knocked over. As soon as he opens the door the smell of burning wood and flesh and the screams of the innocent begin to fill the room. The patrons go silent, a few of the braver ones standing up as if to fight, though no one makes a move.

"We've got demons..." Vyndran says in a hiss, however his magic causes everyone in the room to hear him as if he were standing beside them. "Fran, it looks like we'll be leaving Marhorn Glen early, but not without a little exercise first."

Demons were pouring out of the mountains to the north and surging towards the village like a flood of hell fire. They were terrible things, varying in size and shape. Some were tall and thin, with long black talons and wings, while others were tiny, the size of a gnome, with claws and tails like lizards. But standing in the center of the chaos, watching over it, was one who looked more human. He was tall, wearing blood red armor, with skin black as coal and glowing yellow eyes. His horns were like those of a goat, and on his back he carried a huge sword. It would only be a few moments now before the mass of demons were upon the tavern...


"Sir, we have reports that a horde of demons have been spotting moving through the mountains to the south." A man wearing chainmail armor and a steel breastplate with the royal symbol of a shield with a griffon on it on his chest says to his superior officer. "Scouts have been sent out, this doesn't look good. Should we do anything?"

"Do we have any idea where they might be headed?" Asks the superior officer, a man by the name of Samuel Ashworth, grandson of the famous general. "And how many scouts have you sent out?"

"They seem to be heading for Marhorn Glen, sir, and five scouts have been dispatched. We should hear back from them within the hour...but, sir, if I may point out..." The soldier hesitates for a moment, looking away, then back to Samuel, looking him in the eyes, "Sir, they may not last that long down there Perhaps if you were to go there in person you could save lives..."

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Violet smiled largely when the bunny lady took his berry into her hands. They were warm, her hands, most likely from the fur, but that seemed beside the point. When the bunny spoke in a rather cryptic way, Violet was able to decode that she knew that he wasn’t actually a human. This made Violet nervous for a second, as being exposed in front of a tavern of drunken humans was not high on its list. Violet instead tilted his head, and smiled before skipping off to find someone else.

Violet was about to see the wolf guy, many animals races tonight, he thought, when suddenly it heard the sounds of the demons. The elf bard seemed to pick up on this and ran out to see what was happening, and it was demons. Violet’s face didn’t drop at all, even though it was secretly worried about Miss Frana, as she was home alone with only her grandbabies tonight. It was to run home, but the bunny lady told it to stay while they fought. “Fat chance of that” Violet thought but smiled and nodded outwardly.

The patrons, well at least the armed ones, seemed to take this as a challenge and began to rush outside to protect the village. The bunny lady, whose name was apparently Fran, did something weird with magic and said they should all be safe for now. She left as well, and seeing the chance to get outside, it went behind the bar and shifted into a mouse. A black mouse that scurried across the floor and walls, until finding a hole in the roof. It went through this hole, and managed to get outside to see the horde coming. This was not good, there were a lot of them, and they were coming fast. Violet then saw men carrying a girl who looked to be dying. Violet recognized the girl as Adeline, one of Miss Frana’s grandchildren, and who of its best friends.

This made Violet mad, and suddenly, it shifted back into its normal form, a nine tailed fox, or Kitsune. Feeling rage building up, Violet let out a large howl, deepened by shifting and yelled, “YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ADELINE!” catching the attention of several of the flying demons. They started towards the fox, and Violet began to lengthen its tails and wrapped around five of the demons. Using most of its strength, Violet managed to crush them inside their armor, and then threw them to the ground.

Getting to the top of the tavern, Violet could see the elf, bunny, and dwarves. Violet then used some of the magic embedded in the gems on its forehead, which began to glow a shining purple, and began to create fire. The nine tails got into groups of three, each focused onto a single point, and fire began to form. The balls were only around the size of basketballs, as charging them any longer would be dangerous, and then Violet whipped its tails to fling them at several of the demons in the skies. All three hit, and they came screaming down, and onto the groundlings.

Violet then jumped to the ground, and ran to the bunny lady. It was beside the magic woman, and then smirked at her, and said, “Sorry, Bunny-lady. They hurt Adeline, so I’m fighting no matter what you say!” And then turned its attention to the crowd coming up and began to charge more fire, all the while wondering why they came here. “Most likely for something one of these humans have in the bar.” Violet thought, its distrust of humans starting to resurface.

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By the time Fran reached him Vyndran had unsheathed his short sword and was making quick work of a few lesser demons, the ones who were weak but numerous, often used as cannon fodder for the more powerful ones. They would lead the way, and most often die, but whoever the demons were fighting would grow tired from fighting them and so fall more easily when the others arrived. Vyndran knew this well enough, but he also knew that if he didn't kill as many of them as possible there would be a greater chance that innocent lives would be lost.

When he sees an arrow turn one demon to ice he smiles and turns, spinning around a charging demon while slicing his throat with his sword, and comes to a stop facing his companion, giving her a nod. "You are right. Perhaps they are after whatever the cloaked man has in his possession. Is he still inside the tavern and within your protection?" Before he could get an answer the bard was forced to lay another demon low, stabbing him in the heart then kicking the corpse off with one booted foot. He hated the smell of demons. It was like what he imagined the Underdark to smell of, death and decay, brimstone and blood. Before he could get and answer to his question the dwarves were there, recommending they retreat into the mountains. "True enough my short friend. I've no doubt that this village will be razed by these demons, regardless of our actions, so saving as many lives as we can would be our best option. Can you lead the others from the tavern?"

While Vyndran had no doubt that the dwarf could handle the task he felt it needed to be asked anyway. They needed a bit or organization at times like this. And besides, whoever this dwarf was he had the respect of his kin, meaning he had to be either powerful, brave, smart, or some combination there of.

The fighting was on in full force now, and though the nearest burning building was several hundred yards away he could feel heat all around him, as if he himself were on fire. It wasn't until this point that he realized why. Someone from their side of the battlefield was casting fireballs, and demons were falling to the ground around him. "Fighting is all well and good, my young know your enemies. These are demons, and as such are immune to even magical fire. All you've done is make a few of them mad I am afraid." Vyndran says, glancing down at Violet as he watches the demons who had been knocked to the ground stand and shrug off the flames.

Before he could begin to dispatch these demons, their leader made himself known. The darker figure who had been slowly making his way to the tower now raises a hand, and darkness forms below the fallen demons, who begin to cry and whimper. Their cries are cut short, however, then the darkness forms a sphere around each of them and crushes them into nothing as the sphere suddenly shrinks.

"By the stars in the skies...that's one of the Demon Lords...Zanarok, keeper of the shadows..." Vyndran says under his breath, fear finally showing itself in his halfbreed eyes.


"I knew there would be danger for the villagers to come to this place," The old man in the cloak says as he approached Tyrond and the injured girl. "I hated to much to do so, but Brigar told me to come to this place and so I have. And what hell I have brought upon it and it's people." Standing beside the little girl the man reaches up and lowers his hood, revealing that he is actually rather young, maybe thirty years of age at the most, but with a shock of snow white hair and pale eyes. The eyes of a much older man. Letting his satchel fall to his side he reaches out and places a hand on the girl's wound and closes his eyes. he begins to mumble a chant of favor, asking the god of light to bestow his blessing upon this child and heal her wounds. As he chants a pale yellow light begins to shine beneath his hand, between his hand and the wound, and a short time later the light dims and blinks out.

Color returns to the girls face and the herbs fall away, revealing only a nasty scar, the wound now fully healed. Without a word the man then reaches down and touches his satchel as he looks outside. Seeing the demons he takes a few steps back, so that the satchel is blocked from their view, and he opens it, revealing dull black object with streaks of crimson in it. Neathersteel. A kind of metal made from ore which can only be mined in the Underdark. It is said to be indestructible and unalterable once it has been crafted.

"The demons seek this, but no matter the cost they must not get it!" The man says, letting Tyrond see the artifact for a moment before slipping it out and placing it under the bar counter. "You have to take it from this place, keep it from their grasp. My time is done, Brigar tells me so. I was never meant to leave this place alive, but so long as this artifact does not fall into demonic hands I shall earn my place in the Higher Plains..."

With this done the man turns quickly and makes a break for the back door. The demons, seeing his quick movement and thinking he is trying to escape, leave the window and take off after him. He makes it a mere twenty feet from the tavern before he is struck down, torn apart by the demons.


Samuel was in the skies now, on the back of Ergos, his loyal mount and best friend. The two of them had been together for a long time now, and as ever they were helping one another out. While Ergos carried his rider south, over the Dragon Claw mountains, Samuel was looking around, taking count of the demons and where they were headed. They were already at Marhorn Glen, and soon the commander would be there as well. Reaching into his armor he removes an amulet in the shape of an eagle head and speaks into it. "This is Commander Ashworth. The demons have reached Marhorn Glen. Send three squads of soldiers down there at once." The amulet allows his voice to be carried to a similar stone amulet in Shadewatch, where his orders are heard and give to the soldiers there.

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Fran would holster her bow into her back and she'd stomp her foot, her arms stretched up and wide, her hands would glow coldly in a pale blue, her claws changed to blue coloured and the glow would then wrap around her arms like braided metal circles. ''Shattering Rain.'' She'd say calmly and the dark sky above thundered and flashed then clouds shrouded the stars and moon from sight and it would start to rain ice spikes into the onto the horde then would explode as it hit something. She'd then twist her body and dance her hands up into the air, making demons fly up into the sky then she'd stomp and they'd plummet to the ground then she'd turn towards a house, her red eyes flashed as something took her attention. ''Mist... it is strong there.'' She'd then look to Violet. ''Fire will not help Kitsune...'' She'd then look to Vyndran, grabbing him from the shoulder to drop kick a demon in the face, her armored and sharpened toe slicing into the demon's throat then through his face, she'd use the other foot to push it aside. ''I fear the old man left my ward with the strong misted object you speak of. I sense it in the house... but... not him.''

She'd then unsheathe her dagger and ran at a couple, plunging her dagger into their hearts and heads in quick strokes and once she got overwhelmed she'd touch her chest and wipe out her arms, a pulse of air pushing enemies away.

She'd then yelp in pain, falling to the ground. She'd look at what Vyndran was looking at and she'd leap into the air, grabbing onto Vyndran's shoulder to keep herself up. Her sensitivity to Mist or as most know magic was so powerful she would be able to lead you to a source of power, like all Vierian Elves hence why such mystical ores could be harvested in the Emerald Grove. She'd gasp for air as she next spoke. ''No wonder the mist is so strong in these demons... he commands them... We must save as many as we can... He is too powerful for a few of us... Even with my life force ward, it will not last, not with my state declining on me...'' She'd then get her bow out and continue to fight, using Vyndran as support.

Then as the demon lord closed in on them more and more she'd start panting, getting angry, her eyes would glow red and she'd holster her bow and took out her dagger, holding it with two hands it would suddenly become a greatsword and she'd be in 'berserk' mode. This happened to Viera elves when they are exposed to high levels of mist/magic that only peak higher and if they don't get from the dangerous source they become enraged and she did. However with this a Viera elf would become stronger and faster. Though their defense would be lowered their resistances to elemental magics would be heightened.

Vyndran would of seen this happen about two times before and even though she was stronger the recklessness of charging into battle made her vulnerable and he would naturally up his game to support her as she would support him. He would continue to do so once the berserk mode dissipated and depending on the level of mist/magic it would last from minutes to hours but either way once she is done she'd be completely weakened and most likely pass out, her ward around the tavern would also suffer so this was just as good as it was bad. It was a delicate moment.

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Violet was getting ready to unleash another round of fireballs, but then the bunny woman spoke, as well as the bard, saying that fire was useless against demons. This seemed semi natural, as demons came from hell, so the fires should do little impact, but this was lost of the Kitsune. “What?! That is cheating!” It yelled, and launched the ready fire into the night sky, mad that one of its only magic attacks was now useless.

“Fine, guess my tails will have to pull double work,” Violet said and further lengthened its tails, so that they were around thirty feet long a piece. Each of the white tails swung around, until Violet made them each aim for an enemy. They moved quickly and grabbed them into a binding grip. Eight of these went down without a problem, but the one on the fifth tail managed to slash the tail, bringing blood. Violet yelped and threw the demons onto the ground hard, crashing them into their fellow hellspawns.

Suddenly, Violet felt something evil. She couldn’t place it until the bard spoke of Zanarok. Violet’s eyes widen as its tails moved into a defensive position, stained with red. After considering how the day turned out, Violet saw the bunny woman pull a great sword out of thin air. She had an air that screamed power, but something else caught Violet’s attention. A small pulse from behind its gems, indicating something of very old magic. Violet turned its head, and the pulse got stronger as it realized it was coming from the tavern.

Knowing that this life was probably over, Violet knew it had to get people away from here, and quickly. It turned to the bard, “Song man, we can’t possibly try to fight one of the demon lords, we need to escape now. I can shift into a Great Eagle and get maybe 8 of us to safety, but only if you say so. Think quickly of the plan, because we only have a couple of minutes before it gets here.” Violet said earnestly, not knowing what to do. For all of its life, Violet had parents to say what was best, or Miss Frana to say what is best. Now this elfish bard got to say what is best.

Violets tails stretched as a new magic seemed to engulf the tavern, thankfully for them. This was only temporary, and they needed a route of escape. The villagers escaping out of the tavern only had so far to run, and who ever had that source of old magic would be hunted to the ends of the planet, so indeed, options were limited.

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Violet was low down when The Bard said that he and his friend were going to be alright, and that it should help with getting the villagers out. Violet thought this was unfair, as it wanted to help destroy the things that were going after the humans it grew to love somewhat. However, this was his saying, so violet nodded its head, and turned in the other direction and began to run, looking for any survivors. This trip seemed somewhat dangerous, as some demons remained, again dispatched by Violet’s tails.

The tavern seemed to be clear, so Violet went to look for Miss Frana. Her house was close to the edge of the city, with a great view of the apple trees during summer. When violet got there, the house was gone, burned down. Violet wanted to scream, but couldn’t find its voice. It quickly began to dig through the ashes, somewhat burning its paws, but not to any great degree. This proved fruitless as well, as Violet couldn’t find any sign of a body, when something shiny caught it eye. It was a plain golden chain with a small green gem in it. It was Miss Frana’s, always around her neck. Violet took the necklace, and after some fiddling got it around its neck.

Violet wanted to shift into a bird and fly away, but instead, it noticed a human walking. It appeared to be a teenage boy, slowly shuffling towards the village exit, away from the party that was escaping. Deciding this was the person it was supposed to help, Violet ran over to the human.

Its paws were a little burned, and it would heal, but walking did carry some pain. Violet now wanted to be held, if only because this reminded it of when its pack got attacked; fire, screaming, and no one. When Violet finally got to the person, Violet got in front of the teenager. A quick read of the face told Violet that this was like the way it made itself look when human, almost impossible to tell between the genders, but Violet decided on female.

“You’re going the wrong way.” Violet said in a soft voice, in case any demons should attack suddenly, “The others are heading in the other way, we should turn around.” Again, Violet spoke in simple terms, and after a moment, it placed one of its shrunken tails inside the human’s hand and wrapped around, like another hand holding it, except in tail form. Violet then began to walk slowly, leading the way it saw the others go in. “Are you alright? If not, I can carry you if you want.” It said and smiled small.