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Blades and Flames: The Nethersteel Cog



a part of Blades and Flames: The Nethersteel Cog, by Soul_Alchemist.


Soul_Alchemist holds sovereignty over Utareos, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Utareos is a part of Blades and Flames: The Nethersteel Cog.

1 Places in Utareos:

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Erbein Urindar [10] "Choose your words carefully boy, I be neither kind nor playful."
Tyrond Whisperwind [9] "pfft magic. Magic is for the tree worshipers."
Fran V Strahl [8] ''It seems this one sought me, what does this one wish to know?''
Vyndran Singsword [8] "Not all my tales are true, but each is worth their weight in gold."
Adion [8] This is a lot of land.
Anthea Dawnwalker [5] "I know not what awaits me at journey's end... but I must make the journey regardless."
Kit Earthly [5] "Call me kitty and it'll be your last word, that I can promise."
Dragonmiir Dragonstone [5] Our Clan will bow to no one
Samuel Ashworth [2] "Those who stand against me stand against Brigar himself!"

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"Okay. Thank you." The veer said politely to Erbein. Adion was hoping that these dwarves would be able to fix the blade BEFORE they got to the city. Maybe it was just him being used to the tribal life, but Adion always expected to be attacked while traveling. It was something of a mentality.

Adion stayed alert as best he could. From what he could tell, very little was going on, which made the beast even more nervous. Or maybe it was the smell of a strange metal. This was odd to Adion, as only a select few metals truly had a scent to them. This one, however, was extreme to the point that he couldn't tell where it came from. Not something that veer are used to.

So, Adion walked on, following the group. He would hope that they get to the city soon. The less time moving, the more comfortable the veer would get.