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Almost finished WIP

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a character in “Blades of the King”, as played by TheUnnamedOne




"If you look into my mind, I WILL kill you"



Half-dragon Half-human
Race Traits:
Has the appearance of Human but as with all half-Dragons can change into a small dragon if needed (for reasons she does not wish to discuss, she cannot transform fully at this current time); Enhanced sight, hearing and smell; As dragons are Magical creatures she can use Magic, however only certain types of magic and it takes her longer to learn; Immunity to old age but tendency to get sick easily; Dragon kin physically age slowly than other races, giving her the appearance of about 20 years old when she is actually a bit older. To avoid confusion she just says she is 20


"Never judge someone by what you see, sometimes the strongest people are the weakest looking."

Human - While in human form her hair is varying shades of purple and reaches to about the middle of her back. Her eyes change with her mood as she has dragon blood but primarily stay a calm shade of green. Her Aura(Magic) is purple. Freya is constantly picking out ridiculous outfits for Kael to wear.

Height: 5ft 8inWeight: 135lbs
]Body type: Skinny but fit, not very muscular

Dragon - When she is in her Dragon form she is half the size and strength of a normal dragon. At this point in her life she will get a little bigger but not by much. Her scales are purple with bits of blue and green, and very hard. No weapon can pierce a Dragons scales. Her belly, however, has very soft and fragile scales lining it. Her wings are thin to touch but very durable and tough.



"Rule one: Never underestimate your enemy. That could get you killed." -Screthin

Strengths: Weaknesses:

~Large amount of stamina ~Magic sometimes doesn’t work
~Fairly skilled in magic ~Weak immune system
~High level of speed ~Magic potential is halved
~Has a surprisingly strong kick ~Does not trust easily
~Very good memory ~Mental barriers weak
~Cannot swim/slight hydrophobia
~Low pain tolerance
~Low upper body strength

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Mage
Skills: Magic primarily specialised in Mind/Soul, however also has knowledge of some basic Fire and Ice spells; basic dagger;

Main Spells


Each spell is spoken in Dragon Tongue

Sends target into a state of panic, leading them to either flee or to attack wildly and without thinking
Blinds the target for a small amount of time.
Sends the target to sleep for a short period of time
controls the target for a short period of time, whether it's to get them to attack an enemy or to tell information it doesn't matter.
Can calm down a being who is enraged or frightened
While a target is asleep will force a nightmare on them which will harm them or kill them
Soul absorb
While target is immobilized and/or close to death can take soul to increase power. This spell is dangerous as it has a very high chance to backfire and force out the casters soul instead, effectively killing the person casting the spell.
Mind Rot
A time consuming spell to cast which takes up to a week to be in full effect. This spell makes the target go insane, causing them to do anything really. Most people end up dead.
Creates a fireball of varying intensity and size
Very basic, mainly used for light sources or for lighting a campfire. Conjures a small ball of flame in her hand that she can command to float above her.
Lightning Strike
Sends a single lightning bolt towards the target
Ice Prism
A wide reaching area spell that turns targets to ice; ice melts easily and also does not recognize between friendly targets or enemy targets.
Ice Spear
Concentrating a large amount of magic into a ‘spear’ she can turn it to ice and project it a fair distance.
Covers the area in darkness and only creatures that have enhanced night vision are able to see

Kael is capable of sending out tendrils of her magic. This ‘spell’ has no name however she must command the magic or it is ineffective. Examples include being able to pick a person up (heavier or stronger beings can resist this), bind creatures (provided they have no magic strong enough to dispel her own), grab objects from a distance, tether herself (for example if she were to fall off a high spot, if she works quickly enough she can tether her magic into the earth to stop her from falling), ect. This ability is quite exhausting and she cannot cast any other spells while this ability is being used. Likewise any spells in effect before this one are cancelled out.

Kaels book is an extremely large database of sorts of spells collected from her father and mentor. Each spell in it she has the capability to learn (and teach to others) but the time it takes to learn them varies depending on the spell. If she does not take the appropriate amount of time to properly learn new spells then they can and most times do fail or backfire on her or her companions.

Weapons: Other Equipment:
~A small Dagger~A Small bag of coins
~A Book of Dragon spells~A few small bottles of health potions
~A small vial of poison strong enough to kill a fully grown dragon~A vial containing a Witches soul
~A small locket containing a white feather.


"The past is exactly that - the past."

There is a legend of Dragons, stating that they may choose to take human form for a short period of time if their desire is great enough. Kael's father was a dragon who excelled in casting illusions and mind spells, while her mother was a dragon hunter. Her father did not want to kill such a pretty thing and kept her in his lair for a time until one night he desired the human form. He mated with the woman and she killed him while he slept using Dragon toxin she had been keeping hidden. Nine months later she had Kael and ran from the humans to live in hiding. Kael grew fast, quickly becoming stronger than her mother and showing the ability to shift between human and dragon form from an early age.

Whenever Kael entered her dragon form she would be stronger and faster but when she eventually did transform back she would sleep for days at a time, recovering the strength it took to hold the form. Kaels mother was frightened of her child and of the other dragons that would no doubt come to find her. When Kael was 11 and started hunting for larger prey she attempted to kill her own daughter. Kael defended herself and ended up killing her instead. Realizing that humans would always kill Dragons and their kin she grew a deep hatred for them.

This started her killing spree. She entered into her Dragon form and began killing off as many humans as she could find. This didn't last very long as where she was killing them was close to a valley of many high dragons. They used their magic together to seal away the young hybrids Dragon form and half her magical power, saying she could only have it back when she completed the tasks they had given: learn compassion, mercy and forgiveness; and learn her Dragon name. Leaving her with this they relocated. Kael made it her goal to find the dragons to convince them to release their seal, and to discover her Dragon name. She does not know how.

Shortly after she was cursed Kael met a large black High Dragon by the name of Screthin. He taught her how to control her rage, how to hide among the humans and how to train to get stronger. He gave her a book full of Dragon spells and studies on different kinds of magics, poisons and cultures. He trained her and cared for her for a few years before he tested her by having her survive on her own in a human village. She passed his assignment and Screthin determined it was time for her to start on her quest.

Her first mission was to go to a city that had been overrun with Vartii and Werewolves. She was to assist the man in charge there, Dante, and destroy the Vartii in the area. She stayed for quite some time, growing attached the man and the townspeople. Just after He proposed to her, Kael received a message from her mentor calling her back right away.

The next mission was to investigate rumors of demons appearing around the country. This went on for quite a few months and finding no leads she returned to Screthins home to find he had disappeared and left a note telling her of a small village that was in need of help and that her next assignment was to aid them however possible. It was there she met Malik, a winged man how desired nothing more than peace. Her instincts led her to trust him and she accepted his proposal to go kill a demon with the group that had gathered there.

After the demon was killed Kael smelled something familiar and ran to a clearing. There her mentor dropped to the ground, injured and dying, and told her demons had attacked him and were going after the High Dragons. He told her to eat his heart as she would gain all his magic powers and abilities. Kael obeyed his last request and became stronger. She then decided that she needed to find out the source of the demons coming back to the world and stop whoever was responsible for it. She went back to the inn and met a handful of people including Sir Blue.

Eventually the group grew and they traveled to find the source of the demons. It was discovered that a Necromancer was responsible for the entire thing and they decided their goal was to stop him. Along the way they returned to the town where Kael had met Dante. It was in this town that Malik disappeared, Dantes brother was kidnapped, and a member of the group died destroying a demon. With that the majority of the group disbanded, going their separate ways.

After this Kaels history is muddled and she refuses to clear up and questions asked. It is known that she cut all contact with everyone from that area and moved continents to continue studying and growing stronger in Farador. She traveled alone, fighting and observing the war as well as helping various villages and cites for a while before taking in a young elf named Freya. Freya was trained in basic healing spells and potions and had lost her home and family as a result of the ongoing war across the land. They settled in a village in the kingdom of Taramire and lived there quietly before they both received a letter from King Aldanaz. And that is where Kaels newest adventure starts.

Important People

”Sometimes people don’t remember what you’ve done or what you’ve said. They don’t remember heroic deeds or villainous acts. Sometimes they don’t even remember your name. Sometimes all they can remember about you is how you made them feel. And that’s the important thing I guess. Feeling."

Kaels Father: Kaels father was a Dragon quickly approaching the title of ‘High Dragon’ due to his accomplishments for Dragonkin and his age. His exact age is unknown but references to him can be found in many history books around the world. His name was currently unknown. He had teamed up with Screthin for a time before his death. He was very skilled in Mind and Soul magic and his talent for it passed down to his daughter. He was very kind and looked upon humans with curiosity and wonder, and teamed up with humans on a number of occasions to assist in various matters. He was known to have been great friends with a king roughly 150 years ago and helped him gain the throne and unite a war ridden land. The few times he was in human form was simply to mate with humans, it is believed that he has had multiple children though none other than Kael are known at this point in time. Kael looks very much like his human form. He was poisoned by Lyf while he slept after transforming into a human form.


Kaels Mother: Lyf Delecroux was not a very famous Dragon Hunter but she was skilled. She was trained in the ninja arts and primarily used ranged weapons and poisons. Her family was large and she was in training to be the next leader, her assignment to secure her place was to kill a certain number of dragons. Her number was at 5 successful kills before she became pregnant. She was described as being cold and ladylike to strangers, as well as being condescending and overconfident in battle. She was rude and looked down on those she viewed as a lower rank or weaker than her, while being overly respectful to those above her station. Sometime during a mission she was overpowered and kidnapped by a Dragon and eventually was mated with him before killing him in his sleep. She hated all Dragons and it was unknown why she decided to raise her half-Dragon offspring instead of killing it in infancy as her family had suggested. Eventually Lyf was slain by her own daughter after she had attempted to kill the young girl.

Kaels Mentor: Not a lot is known of Screthins past, only that he had been friends with Kaels father and after the girls mother died, Screthin took Kael on as an apprentice. It was rumored that he had committed some crime and that his punishment was hunting down rogue Witches, as well as training the unstable half breed. Kael refuses to talk about him and so anything he might have told her about himself remains a mystery. Screthin transformed into a human a few times in his life for unknown reasons, though the most recent time was in a training session with Kael. Kael had sketched an image of him without him knowing and keeps it on her person at all times.


Kaels Companion: Freya is a blonde 16 year old Elven girl. She lost her home and family and was found helping injured townspeople until she collapsed from exhaustion. Kael took her on mainly because Kael herself had no healing knowledge other than basic bandaging and very basic potions, but eventually she grew fond of the young girl and put her safety above all other things. Freya does not know anything of Kaels past, and only knows a small amount of Kaels race. The only thing she knows for certain is that without Kael, she has no home and nowhere to go. Freya is fiercely loyal to Kael and constantly trying to convince her to adopt various animals.

So begins...

Kael's Story


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The day was just beginning as Aldenaz walks through a large corridor decorated with elaborate paintings of knights, old suits of armor and the occasional randomly decorated vase. As he heads to his room he appears slightly more joyous then has been normal of late. With all the things going on in the kingdom, and even the continent he hasn't had much time for hope. Now he has a good reason to hope and that reason is in the form of adventurers about to enter his fair kingdom. He was supposed to send a retainer to greet the adventurers and for all intents and purposes that is exactly what he's doing. For all Madi knows he is sending one of his generals to welcome them. She can't know the truth that instead of sending Tryvellian, The king himself will go in his place. As he turns down the last hallway before his room, he dismisses the guard and tells him to call his son to his bedchamber. He was intelligent enough to know not to tell his son until the last possible minute of the adventure he was about to embark on, and he knew that if Madi had ever caught on there would be hell to pay. He strode over to his wardrobe and grabbed his large, black cloak. He quickly dawned it and put his long-sword on his belt. He put away his crown in his bottom drawer where he knew Madi wouldn't look and turned to head toward the door. He grabbed lucitar from his bedside table. Just as he was about to head out the door, Nasyrk stepped inside. " My King?" he asked as he wore a puzzled look on his face. The king just smiled and handed him an extra black cloak. " Put that on and follow me. " he commanded as he headed out the door.

Without looking back to be sure Nasyrk was following, he made a dash for the side window of the castle's second story. He quickly hopped up on the outlook and jumped over the side. He hit the ground with a slightly loud thud and looked back up to see Nasyrk looking down in annoyance. " Not this again." The young man says as he mantles the wall and jumps down as well. He hits the ground with almost no sound at all and follows the king out of the castle. As Aldenaz begins to get farther from the castle, he puts up his hood and hides his hammer within his cloak. If anybody see's his face or the hammer he will be caught before his escape even occurs. They follow the wall of the courtyard until they reach the end, where there is nothing but a straight shot to one of the castle gaits. All they have to do is get through two guards and the're free. " I need a favor from you my boy." the king says with a smile as he pushes Nasyrk in front of him. Without saying another word Nasyrk walks up to the guards. They salute and greet the Royal Champion as he slowly leads them inside the watchtower next to their post. As they step inside, the king makes a quick dash across the courtyard and sprints through the gate. He then quickly makes his way to the first building he sees and hides behind a column. The most difficult part about breaking out of the castle was now over and he was now in the rich part of the capitol city. All that would be left of his escape is to walk the rest of the way to the main gate and easily slip out with the crowd. He waited for Nasyrk to meet him outside the castle main gate and they both headed to the town gate. It was a fairly simple walk to the gate, and just like the king knew, the security was much less severe there. They easily made it out with the crowd and set their sights on the small fishing village of xurex.

The path to Xurex isn't too long of a journey, but bandit activity has been greatly increasing because of all the refugees Taramire had been taking in. Bandits were no big deal for Nasyrk, so the king wasn't worried about the trip in the slightest. They quickly made their way to the village using main roads. If there were any bandits in the area, either they were smart and picked their targets well, or they didn't yet know they were in the area. Before the two of them made it to the village, the king stops and gets Nasyrk's attention. " This is very important. " The king says as he makes eye contact with the young man. For the rest of the day you will call me by the name Tryvellian and I am a general of King Aldenaz's army. With a nod from Nasyrk he happily turns and heads into Xurex. As he looks around to try to get a feel for the people of the town, he spots a large, lively building on the edge of the river. He immediately notes it as the tavern and points it out to Nasyrk. The paladin brightens up a little at the thought of warm food and a nice cup of ale. They head into the tavern and the king walks over to the bar. As Nasyrk attempts to sit beside him, the king stops him. " No sir, today I need you to watch over me from afar." he said as he points across the room to an empty booth. While ignoring the protests, Aldenaz orders a nice cup of ale and sparks up a conversation with a random bar patron. His plan is to wait patiently for the adventurers as he slams down some ale.


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Sir Blue Adavahr

Blue was having a rough first visit into Farador. He had been inside Farador for two weeks now, and not a day has gone by where he wasn't attacked or in a battle of some kind. This place was riddled with war! He was attacked by bandits when he traveled on main roads and by beasts whenever he stuck to the forests. There seemed to be nobody free to keep the wild beast population at bay with times as they were. He ended up running into slavers again on his last trek through the overgrown forest. They were in no mood to talk and demanded his blood. He did what he could to not kill them, but they were persistent. After the death of their leader, the rest seemed to scurry off. He freed the small amount of slaves they had captured and placed in cages and went along his way. He was just making it back out of the forest when low and behold, A bandit attack. His day just kept getting worse.

" Look what we have here boys," an ugly one said as he looked the knight over. As soon as he spoke all six bandits turned to look at Blue. One of them chuckled and said, " looks like breakfast's on him today." While he showed off his lack of teeth. Blue thought to reason with the men, cause that has worked so well since entering Farador. " Look guys." he said as he stepped to the side, not even bothering to bring his hand to his sword. "I don't want any trouble. Ill give you some gold and you can let me be on my way." he said with his hand up in a 'stop' gesture. " Ok, I think we can come to some kind of arrangement." The one Blue assumed was the leader spoke and Blue couldn't believe it was working. " Give me all the gold you have on you Mr Knight, and we'll let you pass." he said as he held out his hand. Blue tossed him a small nearly empty gold pouch and began walking forward, hand on sword. " Woah Woah Woah, Mr Knight. I'm sure this isn't everything you have on you." he said as he took a step closer to the Knight. Blue drew his sword. " I was really hoping you would just take my gold and leave, You can still get out of here if you still value your lives." he said as he took a step forward. He was watching each bandit, seeing if any were willing to back down. One looked slightly frightened but when he saw the leader advance and draw his axe, he steeled himself. Great, Blue thought as he prepared for yet another attack. So far Farador was a very fun place to be. (sarcasm)

The entire fight all Blue was thinking about was Kael and the others. He wondered where Malik had gone to as he dodged a hammer blow from his left that just barely missed his shoulder. Tanis, Thalin, Avadara, Isari, Poor Div, Luxan, even Dante. But mostly the one who he couldn't get off his mind was Kael. He had sworn to not leave her side until they finished the quest, and now everyone had split up. Kael was one of the first to leave and she did it in the middle of the night. Blue didn't know what he did wrong, but she left without a word and that hurt him. Just as he dispatched his third enemy, he thought about all their time together and he got a little angry. Now he would never see Kael again and he couldn't help but feel like it was his fault. Maybe if he was a better knight or if he wasn't as weak as he was, she wouldn't have left. The next three enemies were easily taken down, and Blue couldn't help but feel bad for the poor sods. He pulled the bodies to the forest next to the road and took any gold they had on them. He wasn't really fond of looting from the dead, but they didn't need the gold and their death was their fault to begin with. He collected his wits again and re-sheathed his sword. With a heavy sigh, he headed towards the last stretch of land before the fishing village described in the letter, with thoughts of Kael still on his mind.


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Dear Adventurer, 

You are one to receive this letter for a simple reason. You are a strong, independent and experienced individual who I believe can assist Taramire in a dire situation. As you may know, Farador is under attack. I will not lie, the enemy is relentless, merciless and the outcome of this war is as of yet unclear. The purpose of this letter is to request assistance from adventurers such as yourself in Farador's time of need. Will you come to Taramire's aid for honor, glory, righteousness, fame or riches? If any of these interest you follow the map provided and speak to a man named Tryvellian.

With hope,
King Aldanaz

Kael put the letter down and frowned at the grinning blonde sitting at the table. She crossed her arms and her eyes narrowed.

"So? What do you want me to do about it?"

Freyas grin only got bigger. "We could go there and help! Please Kael we can try and fix things!"

"We dont even know what the enemy is, how the hell do you expect us to--"

"That doesn't matter what matters is we would actually be doing something instead of hiding."

"I'm not hiding. I just refuse to get involved in these sorts of things."

The girl raised an eyebrow. "That is the same thing as hiding."

"No. No it's not its just - ugh." This was getting annoying. Kael should have just thrown the damn letter out as soon as it arrived. "We arent going."

Freya stood and pointed at the letter. "This letter arrived four days ago, and you kept it hidden so you didnt have to 'get involved'. Why are you so afraid of this?"

Kael growled and walked towards the door. "Im not afraid and we are not going! I will not discuss this anymore."

With a slam the half Dragon left the hut, leaving Freya to stare at the letter while trying to figure out a way to get the other to agree.


'Crazy child doesnt know what she's asking. I didnt save her just to have her run off into battle like a justice crazed lunatic!' A rock became the target of Kaels' frustration as she kicked it across the grass. 'Why can't she just stay safe, I accompany her to the village to heal people when they need it isnt that good enough? What does she think she will accomplish by dying? She's not a hero, she's just a child! Why in the world would she--' Coming to a stream she stopped and glared at the water.

Freyas' family had been killed by...whatever this enemy was. Her village was destroyed. The humans she had healed before Kael found her had tried to run the girl off the land, resorting to violence once they were healed enough. She ran her hand through her hair with a defeated sigh. 'At least she hasnt resorted to slaughtering innocents for revenge.' A strained smile lined her face as she remembered everything that had happened before moving to this land. Was she really just afraid?

Her lip let a drop of blood loose as Kael ran her teeth over it repeatedly. "Dammit." She supposed it might have been time to stop 'hiding'. And if things got too crazy, she could always put a sleep spell on Freya and arrange for the two of them to escape. She sat on the ground and watched the water for a while; she wanted to enjoy the peace and quiet before it was gone. It wouldnt take long to get to the village mentioned in the letter, a full day if they rushed, a day and a half if Freya would agree to take her time.

The sun had started to set by the time Kael began walking back.

Back at the hut Freya had gotten nearly everything she needed for the trip. If Kael didnt agree to this then she was just going to have to chase the Elf to the village. 'That woman is far too protective to not follow me. The king wants help and he will get it from us one way or another.' At the sound of the door opening she pushed her bag under the bed and headed to the kitchen to start dinner. The letter remained open on the table and glancing over she saw Kael frowning at it before taking a seat.

"Freya I-"

"It's fine. You don't want to go, I guess I won't push you. Are you hungry?"

The Elf grabbed ingredients and started cooking. She almost didn't hear the other speak.

"We will leave in the morning."

A full minute of shocked silence filled the residence before Freya dropped the mixing spoon and practically teleported to Kaels' side. "Do you really mean it?!?"

Kael refused to look at her but nodded once. The hug the girl gave her was nesrly strangling and Freya could have sworn she heard the woman growl again." 'I forgot, she doesnt like being touched.' "Thank you Kael, I promise you won't regret this!"

The rest of the night was passed in excited babbling from Freya and worried silence from the Half Dragon. Kael hoped that the person they were meant to meet was already gone by the time they got there.


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Kael was exhausted. For some reason she had listened to Freya when the girl insisted they leave right after dinner. Something about them having left the letter long enough and needed to get to the village as fast as possible. The horses had been saddled and the small amount of supplies packed. The Elf said they could buy more supplies later so they didnt need much now. Kael calculated that using the horses and travelling light, they could get to the village in half the time than if they were walking but still. She had hoped to delay this journey as long as possible.

"Don't look so sullen Miss Kael, everything will be fine." One of these days she was going to smack that stupid victorious grin off her companions face.

"If you say so."

"I know so."

The next few hours were spent riding fast in the direction of the village. If they continued at this pace and didn't run into trouble they would be an hour or two outside of the village by dawn. Kael had spoken a spell for light to float above and slightly behind Freyas horse, while the elder took the lead. She could see moderately well in the dark and usually Elves had decent eyesight as well, but possibly due to previous trauma Freyas' night vision had pretty much disappeared.

The longer they rode for the more Kael was convinced this was a bad idea. She had half hoped that they would encounter bandits or something to delay them, but for the majority of the ride they continued on without interruption.


Approximately 2 and a half hours to dawn Kael stopped their journey. She smelled the area to locate water and led the horses to the source. It wasnt an overly large stream but it was moving fast, probably close to connecting to a river.

"I think we should stop for a bit, let the horses rest and get a drink. We've been riding them pretty hard tonight."

The girl thought for a moment for nodding and dismounting. "Yeah you're probably right. We dont want them to die on us before our 'adventure' has even started" Kael grit her teeth ar the word and the chuckle that followed.

"You understand this isn't a game right? We could both very well die on this expedition you've signed us up for."

Freya snorted. "We won't die. I can heal you if you get injured and I'm confident in your ability to protect us."

'Well. That makes one of us. I have failed in the past.' "Regardless, I think we should be careful. Try not to get too involved and don't form attachments to every person you meet. It only makes things more difficult."

Kael could tell the girls' eyes were on her but she ignored it to watch the horses drink.

"Kael you've done something like this before haven't you? That's why you're so worried."

She was silent for a few heartbeats before sighing and turning to pat Freya on the head. "Don't make assumptions, it could get you killed. I'm giving you advice and I would highly recommend you listen. I've agreed to help this king because it's important to you but make no mistake, if it looks like you are in over your head I will remove us from the situation."

The two mounted the horses after a couple more minutes and were about to start riding again when the reigns on Kaels horse were grabbed. She refused to look at the Elf.

"You're not from this land so I understand why its easier for you to detatch yourself from what's happening. But this is my home. I had hoped maybe one day you would consider it your home too. The people need help, this enemy needs to be eliminated and if I have to give my life for that to happen then I would gladly do so. My only regret in the matter would be that your hopeless with cooking and so I shudder to think how you'd survive."

At the laugh she gave Kael sent a glare and a growl. "I'm not hopeless I just prefer your cooking."

The two continued on towards the village at a slightly slower pace. As they got closer the smell of dawn became more prominent and Kaels anxiety only increased. 'How do I always get myself into these messes?'


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The sky was getting lighter, though the sun hadn't yet started to rise. The road had started looking softer the closer to the village they got, and the smell of fish had set an annoying tickle in Kaels nose. They weren't too far now.

She couldn't think of any more advice to give, nor could she think of any way to get out of this especially since they were so close to their destination. Her agitated state eventually caught Freyas' eye and the girl moved her horse next to Kael.

"Shall we get a drink when we arrive to calm your nerves?"

The thought was tempting. Kael could get really drunk and then the man they were supposed to meet would refuse to work with them. The two would have no choice but to return home. The half Dragon chuckled quietly before shaking her head. If she was drunk she couldnt use her magic. No way would she take that big of a risk just to get out of something unpleasant. She turned to speak before freezing, all humor gone from her face.

Something was not right. The birds should have started with their songs. The wind should be even the smallest amount present. The horses were starting to grow restless. Kael smelled  a hint of fear and blood, though it was difficult with the salty fish tickle in her nose. 

"Stop." She grabbed Freya by the shoulder and the two of them stood their horses completely still while Kael tried to get past the fish smell to find out the source of her unease. She looked in every direction and frowned as the terrible feeling grew worse.


It was as if someone had opened a dam and stood to feel the water rushing free. Only in this instance, the water was the being she could now sense moving quickly towards them. She had sensed someone like this before once, though she couldn't place her finger on it exactly.

"Ride. We need to get to the village quickly." Freya simply nodded and the two rode fast as the sun finally inched into the sky. A movement out of the corner of her eye made and then Kael smelled fire. Before she had enough time to position her horse to block Freyas' before burning meat filled her senses for a second. She vaguely registered Freya stopping and yelling. Then she was thrown off, hitting the ground momentarily as she jumped up to escape the horse that had now been engulfed in flames. No fire burned as fast as that except...

"Freya ride to the village and stay there I will meet up with you soon."

"Are you crazy I won't leave you to fight this whatever on your own!"

"It's a witch. Please listen to me."

The Elf yelled in frustration before setting her horse in the right direction. Freya had always been better with the damn things. With her companion gone Kael could concentrate. She scanned the forest line and cast her senses out again. Just as she had pinpointed the location the damn thing ran out screeching. Kael could smell blood and a faint tinge of metal.

"I knew there would be a Dragonkin here. Don't bother fighting just give up your heart."

The witches voice would probably have sounded musical had the creature not been injured and seemingly enraged. To Kael it sounded like death and insanity. Still the magic thrown into the witches voice did make Kael pause for a moment. But only a moment.

Kael smirked and raised her hand. "Like that's ever going to happen. Hetha wer thaczil persvek xarzith!" frost raced from Kaels hand and shot forward covering everything. The frost hardened in seconds to make the distance between the witch and Kael a sparkling field of ice. Kael discreetly rubbed warmth back into her hand. She hated ice spells.

The witch looked ready to scream out another spell but this time Kael but both hands out. "Whedabra tomosha sia irlym. " As soon as her words were finished a cloud of darkness enveloped the area, cutting the witches sight off. Kael sighed in relief as she got her book out and quickly flooded her intent into it. She needed to somehow secure the creature far away from her.

"God damn Knights and now this silly Dragon is denying me her heart! Everything must burn!"

The witches words set everything on fire; somehow even the dark cloud and ice had exploded into flames. The force in which everything around them went up launched Kael back a few feet.

She fought through the smoke enduced haze and grasped at her magic as the witch fire started circling where she landed. "Fethos ve de wer ibafarshani." Her magic poured over her body creating a nearly transparent armor. Kael couldnt fight with this armor up, her spells wouldnt work until she dispelled it. She pushed herself off the ground and ran out of the flames. At least Freya wasn't stuck in this mess.


As soon she approached the village gates Freya launched herself off her horse and ran to pound on the door. A guard opened it with a weary look. He seemed relieved and slightly confused to see the Elf.

"Please I need help my friend is in trouble, I need to find a man named Tryvellian." How she managed to speak through the labored breath she had no idea.

The guard squinted in thought before nodded. "I think I know who youre talking about." Without another word he led her through some of the building to reach what looked and sounded like a tavern. The guard took her inside and scanned the crowd. Pointing towards a knight and a cloaked man he nodded. "He has been buying drinks for people." Freya was gone before his sentence had finished.

She paused a short distance away. How could she approach them? If the people heard there was a witch then they would panic. Just as she took a step forward a mans voice rang above the crowd.

"Theres a fire outside the village!" The crowd quieted to murmuring as a guard came to the bar and continued to speak. "It looks a fair way away but the smoke is really high. Its probably a really big fire." Freya thought quickly on how fast the horse had caught fire and how big the flames were. While the townspeople were grouping together and figuring things out Freya took the opportunity to walk up to the knight and hooded man.

"Um. Im not sure which one of you is Tryvellian but my friend and I received a letter telling us to meet here. That fire theyre talking about thats where she is please I need someone to help her she's stuck fighting a..." she looked to make sure the stressed villagers weren't looking. "...witch. My name is Freya." Her words nearly tumbled over each other but hopefully she got the important information across. Now she just hoped Kael wasn't going to be angry at her for getting help. 'Hold on Miss Kael.'


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Sir Blue Adavahr

Sir Blue and Nasyrk exited the forest and re-entered the village. Both were silent, but the knight was lost in thought. He was thinking about the witch and all the bad things a witch could get into if you let it roam free. It wasn't just their screw up that was unnerving Blue, it was all the questions. What made the witch so much more powerful then her kin normally are? Where did she flee to and for what reason did she not finish the fight? Why was there a witch in this area anyway? This place was peaceful and wasn't far from the capital city. There shouldn't be any reason for a witch to be roaming these parts, they usually stick to secluded places. Most of these questions Blue assumed would be answered in time, but for now he had to find the witch and make sure it couldn't hurt anyone anymore. As soon as the duo entered the village, A large man exited the tavern and headed towards them, followed by cheering townspeople. They seemed to be cheering on the return of Nasyrk, but the large man knew something didn't add up. " She isn't dead is she?" The man said quietly as he stepped closer to the knight and the paladin. Nasyrk looked nervous when confronted with the large man. "No sorry; however, I cannot sense her near. I believe we are safe for now." The paladin said as he didn't break eye contact with the floor. "Tryvellian, this knight stood against the witch alone before I arrived. I say he has earned a few rounds, eh?" He quickly changed the subject as he kindly introduced the knight. Blue once again placed his gauntlet to his chest in salute as a respectful gesture to the general. The king did the same as well as a slight bow. " Indeed." he said as he turned to lead the way into the tavern. The three men walked over to the bar area and the man know as Tryvellian ordered three pints of ale. They all sat down and waited for their drinks. Just as the drinks were placed in front of them, a guard and a young girl entered the tavern. Soon after another guard entered and rather loudly yelled something about a fire. Blue Tryvellian and Nasyrk all stood in unison, all seemingly thinking the same thing. As they all turned, the girl appeared in front of them. "Um. I'm not sure which one of you is Tryvellian but my friend and I received a letter telling us to meet here. That fire they're talking about that's where she is please I need someone to help her she's stuck fighting a..." She said as she looked around cautiously. "...witch. My name is Freya." she finished in more of a whisper then anything. " Don't worry." Blue said with a smile. " I'll take care of it." he said as he turned and ran towards the fire.

The knight left the tavern and looked to the sky. He saw large plumes of smoke rising from the far away forest. That must be where Freya's friend is, Blue thought as he headed towards the impending threat. Once he received direction, he ran to aid the woman being attacked by the witch. Blue didn't know who this person was, but he hoped she was strong or at least intelligent enough to stay alive long enough against such a strong opponent. The knight knew of only a few who could easily fight against such a powerful witch with no backup, which meant it wasn't likely Freya's friend would survive. Blue pushed his negative thoughts away and focused on quickening his pace. He needed to get to the area Freya described as quickly as possible. As he ran through the forest at an extremely fast pace, he didn't care about all the thorny branches slightly damaging his armor. A few stray branches hit the exposed flesh of his neck as he ran, although he didn't care. He could finally see the plumes above him after a good amount of running. The knight slowed as he saw a large black crater in the ground. He came to a stop near it as he took a closer look. While analyzing the burning hole and confirming it was the same witch as earlier (he would now know those fireballs anywhere), he heard a loud screech and the sound of magic being cast.


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#, as written by Nasy
Watching Blue run out the door, the King turned to Nasyrk nodded and ordered, "Go!" The King then turned toward Freya. "Can you make sure he doesn't get lost. His temper from earlier may get the best of his senses." Freya nods and turns toward Nasyrk. Nasyrk replies, "Lead the way M'Lady." Just before they were out the door the King added, "Keep her safe and make haste!"

Nasyrk followed the young elf girl as close as he could. "No matter what happens Freya, I will protect you and your friend will be safe. I haven't fought with this Knight much, but I know he will keep his word."

After a good bit of running Nasyrk noticed the smoke pillars and increased his speed. "Quickly can't be too much farther." Nasyrk said as they burst out of the tree lines.


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'How in all the hells does this woman have so much damn magic?!' Kael had been able to quickly dispel her armor to send tendrils of magic to block a few incoming fireballs, but the witch seemed to be only just beginning. It was strange considering Kael could have sword she smelled an injury when the damn fight started. She cursed and dodged some more fire. One small flame licked her arm and the pain was instantaneous. 'Damn witch fire.' She grabbed at her right arm to put the flames out just beneath her shoulder.

"Civip pok wer morne de lesotir. " Frost once again came from her hand to stop the heat from doing further damage to her arm. Without two hands she was only able to use a few spells now. 'She's clever, that much is certain.' Kael was breathing heavy as she shoved her book, thankfully undamaged though it had been dropped, back into her bag. The smoke was getting thicker and she could no longer rely on her sense of smell to aid her. Things weren't looking good.

Perhaps a darkness spell again would help her to put some distance between her and the smoke. It wouldn't do much but at least she would be able to smell again and the smoke was giving her a headache. She was about to cast it when she stopped dead in her tracks at three presences coming from the trees. 'If that's more Witches I am so screwed.'

"KAEL!!" That was Freyas' screech and Kael could feel her heart stop. What was she doing here? She couldn't have...of course she had. The damn girl had gone to get help. She groaned as the witch emerged to glare at the newcomers. Kael couldnt see properly through the haze but she mustered the energy to yell.

"YOU IDIOT!!" What was meant to be intimidating came out a bit broken as she coughed and her knees nearly gave out. "I told you to wait for me in the village you stupid girl why don't you ever listen--" with the distraction brought by Freya and the others the witch took the small amount of time wasted to rush at Kael. 'Damn it I'M the idiot who took my focus off the enemy!' She jumped to dodge the fingernails that reeked of poison and ran away from the smoke. If only she knew a damn wind spell to get rid of it. Thankfully it was moving away from her direction, if slowly, and her nose cleared up a small fraction.

She wished it hadnt. She really wished it hadn't. The scents of the people with Freya assaulted her and she started struggling to breath at the familiar scent. Her voice croaked out "No. That's not possible" as she kept dodging the slashes the witch aimed at her. She knew that scent, and she hoped that she was wrong and it was only similar. It simply was not possible that it was who she suspected. The seconds it took for her process all this was all the witch needed and Kael was stunned when she felt a solid punch to the left side of her face. Blood filled her mouth and she stumbled backwards. The witch grabbed the half Dragons' neck and hissed in delight.

"Poor little Dragon. Now I will consume your heart" Kael grimaced at the chuckle and fought through the choking to pull her dagger free and shove it into the witches arm. The shock and pain filled the angry screech and Kael scrambled away while spitting blood. She would not get distracted again. She had to protect Freya.


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Sir Blue Adavahr

Blue stood up from the crater at the sound of movement coming from behind him. He turned around to see Nasyrk and just barely Freya as she sprinted past. She ran through the brush in the direction of the witch and her friend. If they did nothing this girl would get herself killed. Nasyrk and Blue shared a look of annoyance while they both simultaneously followed the elf. " Kael!" The girl said as she drew closer to the battle. Blue was sure he was hearing things! There was no way this was THE Kael! Either it was a different person named Kael or by the seven they were playing a mean trick. Either he was wrong and he would have to save Freya's friend, or he was right and he absolutely needed to save Kael. Either way they had to get in there and deal with that witch. Blue followed her in at full speed, followed closely by Nasyrk. If the knight knew nothing else of the paladin he knew he was almost as fast as Blue, if not just as fast with his heavy armor. The two of them together caused the witch to withdraw (although he would rather not explain the details) As soon as Blue cleared the brush, he saw the results of what had transpired here. It was chaos! There were scorch marks everywhere. It was clear this was a heated battle with Freya's friend on the losing side. Freya's first thought seemed to run to her friend's side, and besides Blue's curiosity, he knew he had to distract the witch before he could quench it. " Protect them." he said to Nasyrk as he unsheathed his sword. He had no title over the paladin to give orders, but the only thing on the knight's mind right now was defending the two innocent people. Well ... that and the simple fact that one of them might actually be Kael. Lucky for Blue, Nasyrk understood the situation and didn't complain as he followed the knights word. Blue would have to apologize later, but the most important thing was keeping these two alive. With their protection out of the way, Blue was free to only worry about the threat. He steeled himself and took a good look at the witch. She had somehow healed from their earlier fight, and she seemed more angry then the first time. She also had a dagger lodged deep in her arm. While the witch was attempting to remove the dagger from her arm with her knife like nails, Blue decided to crash her party. He readied his sword and charged in.

It was a good thing she was looking the other way. If he had tried this while she was paying attention to him it could have ended horribly wrong. The knight charged shoulder first into the witch at full speed, causing the witch to be sent flying hard into the ground beside her. She was clearly not ready to fight more then one opponent, and they were going to take full advantage of that fact. Blue knew that once Nasyrk made sure the girls were ok he would be assisting in the fight. He would just have to wait for that time to satisfy his curiosity. The moment that Blue and the witch made contact, The knight readied himself for his next blindingly fast blow. He quickly recovered from his tackle and slashed a long, hard gash across the entirety of the witch's back. The knight quickly jumped backwards and began putting his energy into his blade. His blade immediately heated up and began shining a brilliant blue. In the last several months, he learned to control this form of magic extremely well. Since it was the only magic skill he knew and out of all he had tried the only one to succeed, he would have to master it. He now knew how to make the fire more powerful, more potent, or even nullify magic attacks. He also learned that depending on his emotions, the spell would become increasingly more powerful. For now he set his magic in the very familiar position to deflect other magic, which was an infinitely handy trick. It turned out it was a smart call as the witch let out a loud screech and sent a fire bolt larger then anything she had as of yet right in his direction. He quickly cut it diagonally, but the sheer mass of the magic was so vast, as it dispersed it caused his left and right shoulder blades to sizzle. It stung for several moments before he realized how bad that would have been if he hadn't blocked. He again rushed the witch, knowing since the first encounter how she would react. She did exactly as he had expected and attempted a heavy slash down the middle of his torso. What she didn't realize was the fact that the knight wasn't in front of her anymore. He quickly sidestepped and got behind the rage filled witch. He slashed his blade in a wide arc, aiming for her calf muscles. He was awarded for his efforts by a heavy hiss and a nasty spray of black blood all over the ground in front of him. He jumped back another time, once again setting nullification fire to his blade. The witch suddenly did something very intelligent and instead of sending another volley of fire, decided to go on the offensive. She rushed the knight with all her might, causing his conviction to slightly waver. Her first slash was heavy, causing him to loose his guard, followed by her second slash. The hit connected, denting his armor and causing him to fly backwards. He just barely landed on his feet, hardly having the time to readjust his guard before her next attack. As she rushed, she sent a bolt of fire at the knight, hoping to distract him before her fatal claws could come into contact with his head.

In a flash of light, Nasyrk was there to deflect her attack and send her flying back. Blue was happy he didn't have to die today! With the two of them they just might be able to pull this off. With that thought coming to mind, Blue decided to take the seconds Nasyrk had afforded him to look back at Freya and her friend. It was Kael! Realization hit him all at once. He was happy, sad, mad, and a little confused. Whatever he felt, he was just happy to see her again. After she left Luxin's villa, he never thought he would see the purple haired dragoness again. He wouldn't dwell on the past, but he knew they would have to talk about it eventually, preferably when there wasn't a hungry, angry witch after their lives. Now that he knew it was Kael, he was suddenly more concerned about weather or not she was ok. He thought to check, but Nasyrk wouldn't be here if they were not at least in stable condition. Blue quickly took into account what he knew of all the people involved, which adding Kael, increased his strategic possibilities ten fold. He took a second to collect himself and stepped up again to Nasyrk's right. " Kael." Blue said as he once again set nullification fire to his sword. " Do you have enough energy to do the soul steal?" he said as he didn't break eye contact with the witch. "If you can make it work, we can hold her off." he said, hoping she would cooperate. To the best of his knowledge he didn't do anything to make her angry with him. Everything was going good between them before Luxan got kidnapped. The only thing different was his brother Dante. Grrrr! He didn't know why but that name made him so angry in the pit of his stomach. Without his intent, his blade began to shine a deep, dark blue. Without waiting to hear her reply, Blue and Nasyrk began fighting the witch with a new ferocity, never letting her unleash any attacks. They had only ever fought together once, but they were matching blow for blow. The two swordsman were so in sync they could make the goddess of war herself take notice and look after them with respect. Blue didn't know how long they could keep it up, but they would make it work for however long she needed to cast her spell.


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Almost as soon as Kael got away Freya was at her side working to heal the damage. She growled at the Elf but resolved to yell at her later. The witch grew angrier and angrier as the other two had placed themselves between the girls and the witch and Kael watched in near awe as the knight battled. 'It is him. It really is.' Her confused throughts were only broken as he looked at her and spoke. He and the other man would act as a distraction. Kael nodded dumbly and turned to Freya.

"I know itll be tiring but please keep a steady stream of healing magic on me. I think I can manage this with those two helping." The girl nodded and Kael tested her arm. It wasnt perfect but it was usable for this spell at least. She watched the battle for a second to gauge how much time she had. 'He's gotten stronger.'

Closing her eyes she pulled any magic she had to her hands, she had to gather a large amount for this to work.


Kael would definitely give her an angry lecture later if the growl was anything to judge by but Freya was confident she made the right choice. If they had been a little later or if she had actually listened and waiting Kael might have... She shook her head and continued healing. Kael was fine now. They would get through this.

She watched the fight silently and wondered how long it would take before Kael was done. The witch only grew angrier the longer this went on. And her friends energy was depleting almost as fast as it was being restored. Kael would need a lot of food and some sleep after this. Maybe she might save the angry lecture until after they had all recovered.

Her concentration broke when Kael pushed herself to stand, her eyes were glowing red and there was a large ball of purple magic inbetween her hands. Freya stood back.


Finally it was finished and in good time it seemed too. Both Blue and the templar looked exhausted, though they had managed to do some damage to the witch. Kael took a breath and prepared herself.

"Move!" Locking her sight on the witch she spoke her spell. "Arcaniss voenllyl sia geou, clax sia irlymi sepa de astahi vur sulta sia vargach!" Her magic shot forward and connected with the witches body. Kael could feel the creature struggling against the Soul Steal but she continued the assault. The witch screamed and a circle of flame erupted around her as if she was attempting to attack Kaels magic itself.

Gritting her teeth against the dizzyness Kael forced the last bit of her magic into the spell and bit by bit the witches soul was pryed from her body. In a moment the spell was done and the body feel to ground whithering into a husk. The spell brought the soul to Kael and she closed her eyes at the angry dark magic it contained. Barely standing she secured it in her hands and spoke.

"Freya...I need a bottle please." Kael could hear how tired and ragged her own voice sounded but couldnt seem to care. As soon as the bottle was taken from her bag and opened in front of her she opened her eyes again. Her magic surrounded the dark red soul and pushed it into the bottle. It spasmed furiously and pulsed against the tiny container, she would need to find something bigger than her palm to hold it but for now she closedit tightly and sealed it with the remaining magic from the spell. It was secure for now.

She finally allowed herself to breath and found no more strength left in her legs. Freya caught her as the half Dragon landed heavily on her knees and returned the bottle to Kaels bag. She started to heal again but Kael put her hands on the girls wrist.

"I'm fine. Those two have injuries. See if they need healing." With the threat taken care of Kael finally managed to gather the courage to look at Blue. He was real. He was there. She would no doubt be asked to explain herself but for now she simply put a hand on her head to settle the dizzyness and waited for Freya to finish healing them. Her eyes closed again as she focused on breathing.


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Sir Blue Adavahr

Nasyrk and Blue were fighting intensely for awhile. They took turns attacking, one after the other so the witch could never land a real hit, but boy did she try! There were points in the fight where either Blue or Nasyrk should have died, but at the exact moment the other parried the blow and countered. There was no reason for them to be so good at fighting together, besides the possible similarities with their upbringing. Blue had no idea what Nasyrk had been through in his life, but he could tell whatever it was caused him to train vigorously. Together they brought the witch to a weakened state, just weak enough for Kael's soul steal to work. The only thing Blue was concerned about besides keeping Nasyrk alive was Kael. She had been fighting the witch for who knows how long and now he was asking her to do a very draining spell. The old Kael wouldn't have had enough energy to do both, but somehow he could tell she wasn't the same as she used to be. Blue had absolute faith Kael could defeat the witch, so it allowed him to give his all to the fight at hand. That and the fact that Nasyrk was such a great fighter made the fight seem almost natural. Besides the simplicity of the fighting style, They clearly grew more and more tired by the moment. The longer they fought the greater the possibility of them making a mistake, and for this fight one small mistake could mean death for all of them. Luckily as soon as they both felt like they were about to drop, Blue heard movement from behind him. Kael stood, eyes glowing red and holding a large purple ball of magic between her hands. " Move," she said as she spoke words in dragon tongue, which he could secretly understand, and sent her energy at the witch. Not long after being hit by the spell, the witch attempted to de-spell it by summoning a wall of fire around herself. She didn't succeed and Blue could see the soul being ripped out of the witch and dragged into the dragoness's hands. Whenever Blue saw Kael like this he knew that if it ever came to a fight between them, he would surely lose. Not just because he couldn't hurt Kael, but because she really was a powerful Mage. The second they saw the soul leave the body, the witch's body began to wither down to a husk and disperse into dust. Blue and Nasyrk were both on a knee, attempting to catch their breath. They were sweating from head to toe and exhausted. As Blue took account for his and Nasyrk's injuries, he saw Kael quickly lose strength and fall to a knee, being caught by Freya. " I'm fine. Those two have injuries. See if they need healing." she said as Freya attempted to heal her. Nasyrk had taken slightly more damage then Blue throughout the fight, but he quickly healed himself until he was good as new. Blue really wished he had an ability like that, it would be so much easier then sewing up and bandaging wounds. Luckily for this fight he wasn't hurt too badly, nothing a good nights rest wouldn't fix anyway. The knight respectfully declined the offer to heal him and walked over to Kael's side. " I know we have a lot to talk about." he said with a small smile. " I'm glad your ok but I think you should take it easy for awhile. " he said as he knelt down. " I know you don't like being touched, or at least you didn't, but i'm going to carry you back to the village." he said as he picked her up by holding her under the knees and behind the back. "If it pleases you, later you can punch me." he said with a small chuckle as he remembered their times together. As he walked past Nasyrk he gave a small nod as thanks, which he would give proper thanks at a later time. It was quite the walk to the village, and he was pretty tired. Once they came into view of the pub, Blue lightly put Kael down. He bowed his head and apologized and headed into the establishment. He didn't wait for them to come in, but he walked over to the tavern keeper and asked if they had any rooms he could rent for the night. The Innkeeper's response was slow at first, trying to gauge if the knight had the money to pay. " I have three rooms for 8 silver a night. How many do you need?" he asked. " I'll take them all." Blue said as he handed the man the money. Luckily he had taken enough from the bandits earlier that day to more then pay for the rooms and dinner. He recieved the room numbers and Keys from the Tavern innkeeper and headed back to the group. He handed one to Kael and one to Nysrk and decided to sit down at the empty table in the corner of the establishment.


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#, as written by Nasy
Nasyrk nodded at Blue and watched him pick up Kael before they headed off to the village. Nasyrk turned toward Freya and said, "Freya." He slightly bowed, "Thank you, the village will be happy to hear this witch is finally gone." Nasyrk pulled his cloak back over his body and headed toward the village, eager to have a nice meal with ale and relax.

When they arrived at the tavern Nasyrk overheard Blue buying out the bedrooms but paid no mind to that. He announced to the villagers the witch is dealt with and preceded to make his way to his king.

Nasyrk sat down next to his king and quietly spoke, "I believe your adventurers have arrived. The elf girl's friend is a very powerful mage. She isn't human nor is she evil. She stole the witches soul and put it into a bottle. I believe the witch said she came for the mages heart? A dragon heart. Freya can heal wounds much like I can myself but to others at a much faster rate. And the knight he is mighty with a blade and..." The King stopped him, "I'd love to here the story but I have a favor for you." Nasyrk replied, "But of course? What is it?" The King looked down knowing Nasyrk wasn't going to like what he will say. "I want you to go with them on this Journey." Nasyrk was shocked, "But Sire... I..." Before Nasyrk could say much the King continued. "You have been my champion for quiet some time and are like a son to me. This is not what you are meant to become. You are trained for so much more. Besides, You have an unanswered past and I can see it troubling you. It kills me to see you suffer so. Go on this journey and then free yourself." Before Nasyrk had any time to rebuttal the king went up to the bartender and yelled out. "How about a few rounds for every body, huh? Nasyrk sat quietly and at the table to collect his thoughts.


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When she finished supplying what healing she could, Freya turned back to Kael...only to find the Knight had picked the half Dragon up and was carrying her to the village. If that wasn't shocking enough 'who the hell would be crazy enough to pick miss Kael up?' Kael seemed to just let it happen. Freya frowned and felt something grow in the pit of her stomach. Everytime she had even put a hand on Kaels shoulder the woman had nearly bit it off. It had taken months before Freya was able to hug her and only receive minimal growling in response.

'Who the hell is he?!' She fully intended on following them and get some answers when she was stopped by the other man. Had he mentioned his name to her? She couldn't think clearly to remember. Well regardless, he was speaking to her. Thanking her? She didn't do much except beg for help. Her cheeks flushed in slight embarrassment. Maybe now Kael would teach her some offensive spells or at least let her train with a weapon. She smiled at the man and bowed lightly. After he as well turned to the village Freya started to head back as well.

At the village gates she was greeted with the pleasant surprise of her horse there. He had waited. She smiled and apologized to the animal for riding him so hard and then leaving him. Poor thing. Conflict rose when she saw Kael standing outside the tavern down the road, but after a moment Freya chose to tend to the horse before joining the others. Kael was a grown up, she would probably have scolded the elf for further neglecting an animal. She led him to some water and began taking the saddle and their bags off.


She must have been exhausted. If she wasn't then there was no way she would have allowed Blue to carry her, carry her quite a distance even, without at least a witty remark. He had told her she could hit him later, and she had been so out of it she hadnt even been able to think of something to say. And then he had apologized after putting her down, and heading into what looked like a tavern or an inn. She watched as he went up to the bar and had an exhange, barely registered the other man joining him as Freya stayed outside to tend the horse. Lost in her thoughts Kael laughed softly.

They had first met at a place similar to this. Only at that time Kael had wanted to kill the Knight because of his family. Somehow her anger and distrust of him had vanished, partly because of Malik and mostly because of the mans damned persistence. She laughed again and sat on a bench to wait for Freya. She was way too tired to be thinking of the past. She should have found a way to erase her memories of all of them, after leaving the way she did she didnt deserve to remember.

"Miss Kael?" Her purple eyes stared at the girl in front of her for the longest time before Kael finally woke up enough to respond.

" the horse settled?" She cleared her throat and stood to walk into the building.

"Yes. Hes a good horse. But I think now you should have some food and some sleep."

"Hmmm." Just as Freya had said that Blue walked over to them and handed Kael and the other man keys. The man had been telling the villagers that the witch was dead before moving speak with a hooded man. Kael was too tired to register more than that. Blue had walked to a table, probably to wait for food.

"Oh! Thats Trevelyan! We should go introduce ourselves. Hes who we were supposed to mee-- ....Kael?"

Freya had started to drag her over to the hooded man. They got halfway before Kael took her arm back and steadied herself. The Elf looked back with a worried expression on her face.

"That fight was only the first. I warned you this wasn't a game. If you still wish to go along on stupid quests and 'save' people and form a team or whatever fool idea you have, I wont stop you. I'll follow you to keep you from dying. But I will strongly urge you every day to give this up and simply go home. We aren't heroes Freya. We aren't adventurers. We can't save everyone and I sure as hell dont want to form friendships with people just to have them die on me!" Kael stopped and pinched the bridge of her nose before continuing with a slightly lower voice. "I will go to sleep. My appetite can wait. Think about what I said. If you still wish to join them when I wake then fine. Also don't you dare think I've forgiven you for ignoring me earlier and running like an idiot into battle."

The entire time that Kael had spoken Freya had flicked her gaze between where Blue was sitting and the Half Dragon. The woman frowned and realised the elf had to have guessed that they knew each other by now. Oh well. She would deal with it later. For now she gripped her bag tightly and left the main room before Freya had a chance to respond. No doubt the elf would choose to stay. She had always ignored Kaels warnings when it came to 'fixing things'.

Finding the room Kael didnt bother to lock it behind her or even put a blanket over herself. She simply closed the door and fell on the bed, all energy gone as she passed out with memories flying through her mind.


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Sir Blue Adavahr

Blue had taken a seat at a mostly clean table in the back of the pub. He ordered the pubs main dish, which happened to be some form of bass, as well as a large helping of potatoes and veggies. Along with his order he also asked for a nice large cup of mead, as well as a pitcher. As the knight waited for his order and after the waitress brought out his drink, he couldn't help but look around the pub. He saw Kael and Freya enter the Tavern and speak to each other, before the dragoness went upstairs presumably to sleep. Freya had looked over to him several times while the conversation went on, which he caught out of the corner of his eye. The knight also noticed the man he fought alongside earlier talking to a hooded figure, which he had assumed was the man Blue came here to meet. Both the conversation with the paladin and the conversation with Kael were just out of earshot, so even if Blue wanted, he couldn't eavesdrop. He was curious, but it was already a long day and no matter his curiosity, he decided to concede defeat on the idea of listening in. As the cloaked man ended his conversation with the paladin, he stood and offered another round of drinks, which was followed by a loud cheer throughout the tavern. Blue noticed a large portion of the noise coming from a table not far off to his right hand side. There were four men drinking and having a merry time. It seems they had devoured a large amount of alcohol and were telling some pretty interesting stories. Before his food was delivered, he grabbed his ale, stood and walked over to the group.

" Do you mind if I join you?" he asked as he gestured to an open chair.

" Of course yah can," A friendly looking man said as he pushed it out and offered it to the knight.

As the knight sat, he listened to the many joyous stories the men were telling about funny things they had seen and done. How they were proud of their sons and daughters for standing up to some no-good bandits on the roads just outside of the village. One particular story caught Blue's attention about the state of the continent and he learned some useful information about his new enemy. After hearing the news one of the men decided to tell a story of his wife leaving in the middle of the night and all the things she could have possibly left him for. Besides the fact that every other man had berated him for dimming the mood, Blue took the story to heart and thought of how Kael had left their group without a word. Without even finishing his drink, or waiting for his food he stood up and left the table. He tossed several copper coins onto his original table and headed upstairs towards his room.

As he was about to ascend the stairs leading to the rooms, he was stopped by Freyah. "Umm," she said, as she decided how to ask her question. "I need to ask you something," she said nervously. The elf was playing with her hands as if she wasn't sure where to put them. "How do you know Kael?" She finally spit out. Blue saw the desperation in her eyes and her expectation as he thought to answer. "We ..." He started to say before he stopped himself. " If Kael didn't tell you yet she has her reasons. Just do me a favor and don't let her carry all of her burdens alone," he said with a smile. "She might not show it, but compassion is good for her," he finished as he turned and headed upstairs to his room. After entering the dark, lonely feeling room he tiredly removed his armor, laying it piece by piece onto the bedside table. He looked over his armor, admiring the tough assortment of steel that constantly saves his life. It recently received a new blemish, only further proving the Knights need for additional intense training. He would have to continue with his training if he wanted to protect people. That thought got him thinking about Kael. Just that morning he thought he would never see the young dragoness again, and now she was across the hall. He wondered what would come of tomorrow as he laid down and drifted off to sleep.

The first thing he could sense was power. A being of immeasurable power could be felt in the back of the knight's subconscience. Blue couldn't see anything besides darkness at first. It felt like his eyelids were too heavy to open and he would be forced to see nothing but black for eternity. He didn't want that! He was raised in the light, and he believed that everything he did was a form of light added to the darkened world. The Knight had seen some awful things while doing his duty, and to him everything evil was represented by the darkness. He frantically looked around, trying to find anything other then the extreme black. He continued to turn and to strain his eyes, until he saw it. One small, dim light in a sea of darkness. Normally this light wouldn't even be enough to light up a room, but in the nothingness of its surroundings it seemed like the brightest beacon of hope. He didn't know how, but he knew this meant to never lose hope. No matter what enemies he would come to face, he just had to hold out hope that everything would be alright. Even in a sea of darkness, as long as there is a small amount of light there was always a chance. Then the scenery shifted, turning from the darkness and the light of hope to a vast chasm. There were rock walls on all sides of him, as high as the eye could see. He quickly felt another presence besides the original feeling of power and he turned to look. "Kael?" he said as his eyes widened with shock. "I have so much I want to speak with you about," he said as he tried to take a step towards her. All of a sudden he couldn't move his limbs. Every time he tried to move his leg, Kael moved farther and farther away. He could tell she was trying to say something, but he couldn't understand what. The only words he thought he could make out were Mother, and Priestess. Every time he would strain to hear her she would seem more quiet. "What are you trying to tell me," he yelled as she grew further away, even shrinking into the wall. Finally, with her gone he could move his limbs again. He sprinted full force to the wall she was just at and banged on it with both hands. On his third hit, the wall gave in and he was bombarded by rubble from all sides. Like a rock slide gone wrong, he was burred alive, only to be then standing on a flat plain surrounded by lively green grass. The grass pedals blew strongly in the wind, causing the normally invisible breeze to create a serene scenery. Blue felt that same powerful presence again, this time coming from somewhere above him. He looked up to see a massive shadow with bright yellow eyes. It had the vague shape of a dragon, with its long tail and wide wings. The shadow looked down on him and despite what he should be feeling all he felt was a mutual respect. He wasn't sure what the shadow wanted, but he knew it was waiting for something. All of a sudden, the earth fell from under him and he was falling. He fell for what felt like hours until finally, he could see the ground that he was barreling towards. He hardly had enough time to panic before he would have splattered against the rocks. Right before he hit, he woke up with a fright. He sprang up in his bed, sweating all over and breathing heavily. He looked around his room to try to see if anyone or anything was there. After finding nothing out of place, he laid back down and slowly went back to sleep.

Blue awoke the next morning to the sound of chatter coming from outside. He must have fallen asleep with the window open because it was fairly loud. The first thing he thought about was how vivid the dream was and how he remembered every bit of it. Normally he wouldn't dream at all, or if he did he would hardly remember anything about it the next morning. This time however he remember the feelings, the smells and the textures. This didn't seem just like a dream to the knight. Blue figured he would have to figure out exactly what he just went through later. He pushed his covers off his body and kicked his feet off the side of the bed. He stood up with a long yawn and a stretch, preparing for the new day. He walked over to the table holding his armor and began to put it back on. One piece at a time until all he had left were his gauntlets. After finishing, he remade his bed and gathered his things. Blue assumed the general would be awake early and wanting to speak with him. He quietly walked down the corridor and down the stairs, trying not to wake up the other guests. As he descended the stairs, he saw that his hunch was right. Travellian was sitting alone at a large table in the middle of the pub. Travellian, The innkeeper, and Blue were the only three in the room at that exact moment, but Blue had a feeling it wouldn't last for long. He also realized he had never truly introduced himself to the general. The knight walked over to the table until he was about five feet away from the general. He raised his gauntlet to his chest and bowed slightly. " I am Blue Adavahr, Knight of the sword and defender of justice. I received a letter asking for my assistance, and I have come as soon as I was able. I do not require payment of any kind for my assistance, and I hope you can trust that I will do whatever it takes to uphold justice," he said with a semi-confident smile.

King Aldenaz

The king almost introduced himself to the knight properly. That would have been a terrible mistake, which could have been a serious problem. He really didn't want Madi to learn of this, and He wanted to know how these adventurers acted without knowing of his pedigree. He gave a slight nod back and introduced himself for the first time. "I am indeed general Travellian," his booming voice said as he looked the man over. "Knight of the sword you say?" he said as he sized up the knight. "My king will be happy to receive your help and I guarantee we will be needing it," he says as he gestures to one of the empty chairs. As Blue took a seat, he began to see the other adventurers waking and coming into the pub's main dining area. As they all introduced themselves and he did likewise, he was sizing each and every one of them up. Once everyone was gathered, he decided to begin by getting right to the point. As he looked around the table at the knight, the mage, the healer, and the paladin, he could tell they would eventually make a great team. He decided to just go for it and began explaining their quest.

"My king wishes to thank each and every one of you for coming this far to aid Farador. He will be happy to reward you all with whatever you desire at the completion of the overall mission. First we need to make sure everyone that got the letter is here. It seems as if we're missing one," he says as he looks over everyone again. "Of course!" he said as he hit his fist against his palm. " We're missing the frog man," he said as he looked everyone in the eyes one person at a time. "Well I guess that mission was a bit too much for one person, despite how slippery that one person is," he said with a chuckle. "In that case I sure do have a first mission for you!" ..........


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The Frog in the Cell

The room was dark and the air was stale. There was only a single torch to keep the small dreary cell lit. Within his cell, Edric remained motionless as he hung three feet off the ground, suspended by the shackles on his arms. His body had been beaten and bruised. There were cuts running along his left arm and a gash above his right hip. His captures were nice enough to stop the bleeding, but they only saved his life so they could interrogate him.

As Edric regained consciousness, he shifted his gaze around the room to examine his surroundings. The room outside his cell didn’t appear much bigger. There was a small weapons rack holding a couple polearms and spears on the left hand side of the room and a table had been placed in the center. There were two goblins sitting at the table outside his cell.

“I’m telling you, we should gut him and cook him up, I’m sure the Warden wouldn’t care!” exclaimed the first goblin as he waved his knife in the air. “No! The Warden said to keep’em alive.” objected the second goblin as he sat polishing his blade. “Can’t we just have a taste, maybe a bit of his legs! I could really go for some frog legs” retorted the first goblin. The second goblin gave a sharp glance to his companion. “Tell ya what! You can go ask the Warden yourself if you’re brave enough, but until then, don’t touch the damn frog”

Edric stopped listening at that point. He shook his head as he thought ‘Why does every enemy I come across want to eat me!?’ Edric gave a sigh and turned his attention to his shackles. Edric knew he could easily melt the shackles, but he knew he wouldn’t get much further than that. He was to weak and wounded to pull off such a feat.

“Well look who’s waking up!” Edric looked back towards the goblins to see his guards staring at him. “You’ve been out for awhile little frog, but don’t worry! The warden will be more than happy to play with you a bit longer.” Both the goblins began to burst out in laughter as they enjoyed peering at their prisoner. Edric looked at the goblins and gave a smug grin “I wonder if you two will still be laughing once I hang you off the battlements by your entrails.”

“He’s a little shit talker isn’t he!?” One of the goblins exclaimed as he opened the cell. The goblin grabbed a spear from the weapons rack and approached Edric. He placed the tip of the spear right against Edric’s throat. “Now look here Mr. Frog. The only reason you’re alive right now is because the Warden wants you alive.” He pulled the spear back and exited the cell. “You might as well make yourself at home. You’re going to be here for awhile!” The goblin locked the cell and placed his spear on the rack. The two goblins resumed their conversation once they returned to the table.

Edric gave another sigh. “I’m going to need a miracle to escape this one.” He muttered under his breath. While he remained bound to the wall, Edric tried to recall how he got into this mess to begin with. ‘I knew I shouldn’t have taken a reconnaissance job from that old miser.’ Edric had taken a job to sneak into the mountain fortress of Mt. Terran. He was short on coin and needed a petty job to get by. However, Edric met a strange old man in a cloak a few weeks back that offered a good bit of coin if Edric would infiltrate the fort and evaluate the forces within the walls. Unfortunately for Edric, he had terribly underestimated the size of the forces inside as well as their tenacity; thus leading to his capture.

There is still one thing I don’t understand. This Warden that those damned goblins keep talking about is the closest thing to a leader that I’ve seen.’ Edric pondered on the subject a bit longer. ‘If I do make it out of this alive, I need to pay a visit to the warden and see what information I can squeeze out of him, but first I really need to regain my strength and tend to these wounds.

*Clank!* *Clank!* *Clank!* Edric quickly looked up as he tried to identify the source of the sound. It sounded as if someone large in size garbed in heavy armor was approaching. Both of the goblins jumped up in attention, someone big was coming. Someone that the goblins feared. The clanking of footsteps grew louder and louder until they were just outside the cell.

“I take it our guest is comfortable?” Spoke a deep voice. A large orc stood before Edric’s cell. The orc stood 8 feet tall, no perhaps 8 and a half feet tall. It was hard for Edric to tell, his vision was still obscured from his poor condition. The orc was huge, that much Edric could tell. The orc wore thick plate mail armor and wore a thick steel helmet garbed with two large horns on top with a series of smaller horns running along behind them. A massive battle axe rested on his back. It looked as if it was 9 feet tall on its own and the blades were thick. It was clear to Edric that this orc was strong and its sights were narrowed on him.

“Take my guest to the torture chambers; I have some questions for him” The orc turned and began to walk down the hall. “Yes warden!” Squealed the goblins. There was only one thing on Edric’s mind. ‘shit.


Time was passing slowly, seconds felt like minutes, and minutes felt like hours. ‘How long have I been in here’ wondered Edric. Suddenly Edric was slashed across his chest. He let out a loud painful cry of agony. At that same moment, a goblin mage began to seal his wounds shut to avoid Edric dying from bleeding out. “You should just answer my question frog, I could make your death so much painless.” The warden stood in front of Edric, relishing pain he was inflicting. “Where did the Monks of Knarish move the keystone to?” asked the orc with a low toned growl.

Edric had remained silent up to this point, content with not answering. Edric looked up to meet the orcs eyes and gathered his breath. The Warden’s expression began to change as Edric was getting ready to talk. He was ready for Edric to cave in and answer his question.

After gathering his breath, Edric finally spoke. “Go fuck yourself.” And he spat his acidic spit right in the orc’s face. The Warden jumped back and howled with rage as his skin burned. “Bash him! Smash him! Beat him within an inch of his life and throw him back to his cell!” Roared the Warden as he walked out of the chamber enraged.

The goblins did not hesitate to lash at Edric. He screamed and howled in pain until he couldn’t take anymore. Everything went dark as Edric lost consciousness. As he slipped into darkness, one last thought crossed into his mind ‘I hope my sister is safe.


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#, as written by Nasy
It was late no one was in the tavern so Nasyrk finally decided to get up from his seat and go for a walk as he was not quiet tired. Just before he was able to get out the door he noticed Freya coming down the stairs.

"Evening M'Lady" as he bowed and started to go out the door. Freya stopped him and asked. "What do you know of Blue and Kael?"
He looked some what confused, "What do you mean? I only met him just before you with the first encounter with that witch." She seemed frustrated with the answer but continued. "Oh.. well what brings you here are you with Travellian?" Nasyrk smiled and chuckled, "You ask many questions. Are you not tired it is very late." She replied, "Are you not as well?" "Not really, I plan on going for a little walk. I advise you try to get some sleep. We can talk more later. Now good night M'Lady." He bowed once more and went out the door.

Nasyrk checked back to make sure she did not follow and he could be alone for his walk. He walked up to the stream not far from where he and Blue fought the witch and knelt down at the edge by the water. He pulled his hood back and took his helmet off to see his reflection in the water. It's time... so many years and I can finally go forth and do what I have trained my whole life for...He..will pay... Many hours have passed but the moon was still out. Nasyrk figured he could just sleep here.

He dreamed, he could see the sunshine bright on a calm day. His mother smiling at him while he played. He was in a familiar place, his home town Vishe and then he saw flames and a man walking through the town. Nasyrk was helpless he couldn't do anything but watch everyone he ever knew die in front of him. He wanted to help them but he couldn't move. Then the man grabbed his mother. Nasyrk's anger grew more and more as he witnessed the tragedy of his past. He fought with himself trying to move trying to do anything to save her. Just before the man drove his sword into his mother. He heard her saw quietly, "I love you Son." Everything went black.

Nasyrk woke up, breathing very heavily and sweating. He felt extremely hot as if he was on fire his hands burned the most. As he regained his surroundings he jumped into the stream to cool off. He looked toward where he laid and saw small remains of ash and smoke as if there was a small fire. He was confused but disregarded it. He pulled himself out of the water and looked up. The sun was starting to rise. I better get back to the tavern. he thought to himself.

He arrived at the tavern just in time to see everyone else sitting down. He nodded and yelled out to everyone joyfully. "Good morning everyone. Sleep well?" He took his seat and listened to what Travellian had to say. When he heard him state that a Frog man was the missing adventurer, he cocked his eyebrows and gave Travellian a wierd look. "Excuse me you said a frog man? As in a frog that turns into a man? Is he a prince? Or is he some sort of Battletoad?

Travellian then told us. He sent the frog man to scout out a fort a few days trip just north of here. "Well lets hop to it shall we? Nasyrk said with a smile and began to grab his things. He waited for everyone else to leave before he stood up. He walked to his King and nodded, "Good B.." he said quietly. The King in return grabbed him and hugged him. "It is an honor to of had you at my side. Thank you Nasyrk. Make me proud Champion." Nasyrk could feel tears in his eyes, he has spent years protecting his king. This was the first time since he finished his training that he would part with his king. The king made him feel like he was family. This gave Nasyrk comfort and encouragement.

Nasyrk ran up to Blue, Kael, and Freya and kneeled down. "It will be an honor to fight along side with you all for this journey" He stood back up and smiled as they began to walk north.


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Kael woke hungry. It was the only thing she could really register as her eyes opened. The first few minutes of waking was just hunger. Her limbs ached and her stomach felt like a wasteland. For a moment she was confused as to why she wasn’t looking up at the roof of her and Freyas’ house, but that confusion soon melted away with the memories from yesterday breaking through the hunger. They were ‘fixing things’. Joining adventurers and fighting ‘bad guys’. Blue was there. Freya had ignored Kaels’ warnings and rushed into the middle of a fight with a witch. There was a second witches soul in the bag next to her. With a sigh she finally sat up to get ready for the day.

Freya was asleep on the other bed in the room, their few bags were piled neatly near the window and a glass of water had been placed on the table next to where Kael had been sleeping. The key to the room was there too and so Kael assumed that Freya had locked the door. ’Damn. She took care of everything again. Now I feel terrible for wanting to yell at her.’ Her head spun as she drank some water and moved to get clean clothes out of the bags. A simple blue shirt and black pants would do, Kael suspected that they would be travelling soon and figured that a comfortable outfit would do best. At the sound of her companion waking Kael turned to her.

“Morning miss Kael.”

Something was off, Freyas’ smile was barely there and the girl wouldn’t look at her. Was she expecting to be yelled at first thing in the morning? ’Well, I did say I hadn’t forgiven her.’ She sighed again and shook her cloak off, laying it on the bed next to her bag. She turned to the Elf.

“Good morning. You can relax. I’m not going to lecture you just yet, I think I got my point through mostly yesterday. Should we have some breakfast?” She was about to exit the room when Freya spoke softly.

“You and the knight….”

So. They were going to talk about this now. Well Freya wasn’t known for being the most patient person in the world, especially if something was troubling her. And that was clear to anyone who looked at the girls’ face. Kael sat next to her and thought about her words.

“He has a name, it’s Blue. I knew him before I came to this country. I didn’t think I’d see him again. I was wrong. Some god is probably dying laughing at me right now.” Freya nodded but still wouldn’t look at her. “He’s …a good person. He is persistent as all hell, and loyal? He stuck with the group far longer than I expected anyone too, myself included. No one asked him to, he just felt it was the right thing to do and so he stayed with us.”

“Yeah but. He picked you up and carried you. I can’t even give you a hug without you threatening to bite you. And he wouldn’t tell me anything!”

She chuckled at her companion. “Are you jealous? You’re silly. I’ll be sure to punch him, he knows I hate being touched. But I’m guessing that fact wasn’t enough to override his need to take care of people.”

“I’m not jealous!” At this the Elf glared at Kael with such intensity that she was sure the wall behind her would catch fire. “I just… You won’t tell me anything about your past. I figured eventually you would feel comfortable enough to tell me but then your words yesterday about people dying and that guy Blue and just I don’t know!” At the end of her rant she hid her hands in her face and grumbled.

Kael was silent for a few moments and scratched the back of her neck uncomfortably. She should have probably explained everything before they set off on this journey.

“Well you know how I can’t transform into a Dragon? And how sometimes my magic doesn’t work? That’s a result of me doing something terrible to a lot of innocent people. The High Dragons punished me by sealing half of myself away until I completed the tasks they had set for me. My mentor, Screthin, helped me start this. I was a very, very angry person back then.”

“Why were you angry?” Freya was at least looking at her now.

“I felt betrayed by someone I never thought would turn on me. I was hurt, I was alone, and I had no idea how to handle all these emotions. I acted out in my anger and was punished for it – rightly so. If they hadn’t stopped me and if Screthin hadn’t found me I have no way of knowing where I would be now. Probably dead, hunted down by Dragon hunters.” Her eyes turned a light blue remembering her mentor. “Screthin sent me to a village, and I met a boy there. I guess the easiest way to describe him was to say he was an angel, though it’s not completely accurate. He was the first person I could really call a friend. And it was the first time I willingly chose to stay by someone other than one of my own kind. After Screthin died I was lost and he was there to pull me out of it. Then we met Blue.”

Freya was watching Kaels eyes as the woman explained. “I wanted to kill him. I smelled his blood and recognised his family line, a bunch of Dragon hunters. I’m still not sure how he was able to convince me that he had nothing to do with him but I supposed it helped that he didn’t smell like death.”

“You could tell by his blood what family he belonged to?”

“Well yeah. It wasn’t the first time I had smelled his bloodline before. I had come across Dragon remains before that had the scent on them. I didn’t know exactly who they were, of course, but I knew enough to recognise a dragon hunting family.”

“So you, a Half Dragon, became friends with a guy from a Dragon hunter family.”

The return of Freyas smile was suspicious and Kael narrowed her eyes while nodding. “Yes, that’s pretty much what happened.”

“Aaaw Kael! That’s like something out of a romance book! That’s so adorable! I can’t beli—“ Her gush was interrupted by a hand smacking her upside the head. Freya laughed at Kaels red face.

“It w-was nothing like that stop coming to conclusions on your own you stupid girl or I’ll stop telling you what happened!” She cleared her throat and glared to cut off more of Freyas giggles. “Our group gained more weird members that stayed a while and left on their own ways. Malik, Blue and I remained together for quite a while before things got really crazy. There were demons and werewolves and an apparent god of death at one point. For such a mixed and large group we did pretty well together, I even helped a witch get her soul back.” ’Granted, I was the reason the witch nearly lost her soul in the first place, and Dara attacked me first anyway, but Freya doesn’t need every detail.’

“So what changed? Why did you leave?”

Kael wasn’t sure how to answer that one and she screwed her face up in thought. “Too many things happened all at once I guess. A friend….died and I couldn’t help but think that I could have done something to prevent it. If I had been stronger, acted faster, got there sooner. Logically I know that it was a tough battle and if it hadn’t been her than it probably would have been someone else, but that didn’t help matters. Then Malik disappeared, as did our crazy Elf and his Witch wife. Dante….well his brother got kidnapped and he became someone I no longer knew. That hurt. And I just couldn’t handle it. I had promised him nothing would happen to his brother, I had promised Malik I would protect him, I had promised Blue I wouldn’t leave. In the end I couldn’t keep any of my promises. I left while everyone was asleep and travelled as far as I could. I abandoned my responsibilities and the people I cared about and I came here. I swore I wouldn’t get involved in things like that again.”

As Freya took it all in Kael got up to grab her bag of coins. The hunger was becoming unbearable. “So does that help ease your mind a bit?”

The girl stayed silent for so long Kael was beginning to wonder if hitting her in the head had been too hard. Before she could check her companion, there was a blonde elf gripping her into a hug. Kael fought every urge to growl and shove her away to listen to the girl speak.

“It makes sense now. Why you were always so protective and worried. You didn’t want to lose anyone you cared about again. I understand.” When Freya pulled away she had a giant grin on her face. “But Kael you can’t keep running away because no matter what I’m going to keep dragging your stubborn ass back. And I think you can’t simply throw your friendship with Blue away either!”

’When did you become the mature one out of the two of us?’ Freyas words, though a lot brighter, reminded her of Screthins. “Maybe you’re right. But I think before anything else we should really get some food. I’m about ready to start eating the villagers.”

“Kael no. We talked about that. Eating people is bad,” the elf said with an amused expression.

“Yeah yeah. Lets go eat then.”

Entering the main dining area Kael and Freya saw Blue and Tryvellian introducing themselves and sitting at a table. Kael sighed and walked to the bar to order some food while Freya took the hint and went to interact. The blonde elf bowed lightly at the two and smiled.

“Good morning. I know I already said this but yesterday was a tad exciting and so I felt I needed to introduce myself properly. My name is Freya and I generally stick to healing people while my friend, Kael,” she nodded in the direction of the Half Dragon. “is very strong with magic. We received your letter and have decided to come help.” The other man from yesterday walked in and Freya smiled at him as Kael finished placing an order and joined them at the table. “Also thank you very much for coming to our assistance yesterday. It wasn’t … the preferred way to introduce ourselves but thank you again.” Freya chuckled and sat.

“Yes, thank you for saving my idiot charge as she ignored my warnings and rushed straight in the middle of a fight with a witch.” Kael smirked softly at the elfs red face and patted her on the shoulder to let her know it was only half in joke. “For now gentlemen I will rely on Freya to speak for the both of us as until I have eaten I am more likely to bite you than answer any question asked.” She started eating as soon as her food arrived.

Freya groaned at the tone of Kaels voice and shook her head, choosing to ignore her companion to listen to the last introduction. Once they were all acquainted Tryvellian became speaking to give them their first mission. Kael continued to eat silently, listening but not offering any input into the conversation. Freya had the suspicion that the woman was going to try absolutely everything to get the two of them out of helping. Well, the elf resolved to simply try even harder to keep them around the group and help out. Dragons were stubborn but Freya was more so.

((OOC: I apologize for the EXTREMELY late and lower quality than normal post. I have gone through a whirlwind of events including a cyclone in the town where I live and have not had even a tiny bar of internet until just recently. I’m trying to get things fixed and back on track but for now just continue on and use Freya as much as you need. She’s basically an NPC for now until I do up a character sheet for her eventually. I will try and post as frequently as I can. Again sorry guys!!!))


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Sir Blue Adavahr

After everyone introduced themselves in turn, The general explained the details of the mission. Tryvellian dutifully explained how he had sent this frog-man to a heavily guarded enemy fort several days travel to the north on an extremely important mission. He wasn't kind enough to explain the mission, but he did tell them about the assassin that was sent to complete it. The assassin himself wasn't well known, but once Tryvellian mentioned the weapons he carried Blue knew of several of his deeds. The knight didn't like assassins. He didn't think they should be trusted, but this assassin didn't seem as cut-throat as the rest. With the frog-man's background explained Blue couldn't help but feel slightly sorry for the poor creature. The entire time the general was talking, Blue took slight glances at Kael. He really wanted to talk to her but he didn't know just how to approach her. He knew after yesterday's events she would be hungry and he hoped she received a good rest. For now he would have to save any questions for later. As he was thinking, he realized he wasn't entirely paying attention to the general's briefing. " Let's hop to it shall we," he heard the paladin say as Blue rolled his eyes. Great, we have a court jester with us, that ought to come in handy; he thought to himself. Everyone gathered their things and began to head outside to gather around the entrance to the tavern. As soon as Nasyrk exited the tavern he keeled down in front of the trio. "It will be an honor to fight along side with you all for this journey," Nasyrk said with what looked like excitement in his eyes. " The honor is ours my friend," Blue said as he bowed back. As Nasyrk stood, the knight smiled and they all began their journey north.

As they walked, the Knight kept vigil of his surroundings. He had spent weeks travelling through these lands and no matter what terrain he traversed he couldn't help running into things that wanted to kill him. After the first several hours of walking he began to get confused. Not even the animals came out to attack. He couldn't tell if it was because they were in a larger group or if this place just hated him, but he assumed the ladder. There was little small talk between the group throughout the first day's walk. Blue still didn't get to speak with Kael yet, but he knew he would get his chance tonight after they ate. After walking for most of the day and only taking a couple small breaks they found a nice area to set up camp. It had a decent source of fresh water and the Knight saw what appeared to be Elk tracks. If he could track it, he could easily shoot the elk for their dinner that night. The group began to set up camp, which consisted of several small tents while Nasyrk began to set up the fire. As the paladin was attempting to light the fire, Blue pulled out the pieces to make a bow from his pack. He had purchased the bow from a merchant when he first arrived in Farador. The bow was compact and could easily come a[art so it could fit easily into his pack. All he would have to do if he needed to hunt was to take about a minute to put it together and it was ready to go. The knight had only used the bow once or twice since buying it, but he was well versed in archery. It took him much longer then it should have to put the bow together, but once he was done he was ready to enter the woods and find the elk. It only took about twenty minutes to track, and once he found it it only took one shot to take the creature out. He aimed for the Elk's Vitals, waiting for the perfect shot so he wouldn't cause the creature any unnecessary pain. The elk didn't get very far after the strike and he was easy to follow due to the blood trail. The Knight prepared the meat and properly disposed of the leftovers and headed back to where the group was camped. He walked over to the fire where Nasyrk was seated and sat beside him. He set the meat in his leather bag dedicated for food and lowered it onto the ground near the fire. " Are you any good at cooking? " Blue said as he began taking the cooking utensils out of his pack. He stoked the fire, waiting for the paladin to answer.


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#, as written by Nasy
The last time Nasyrk wasn't at the King's side was when he left to become a paladin. The adventure excited him although he was more excited about not needing to wear his cloak anymore. He loved seeing is armor shine it made him feel bold and confident. However, his dream last night still bugged him and he wasn't very focused on if anyone was talking. Occasionally he would interject with a few words. Hours upon hours passed the Paladin couldn't tell how long they have been walking. The sun wasn't quite setting but it was getting late. He grew hungry and tired hoping that they'd stop soon so he could eat. Eventually he heard the Knight ask if Nasyrk could make a fire while he went off to hunt for food. Nasyrk was relieved, Food yes!! Finally!. "Gladly" He replied to the knight.

Nasyrk went off to gather some wood and stones to make a fireplace, which didn't take him very long. Nasyrk placed everything accordingly and began attempting to make the fire. He had no clue what Kael was doing as he wasnt paying much attention but he noticed, Freya a couple of feet away watching. Many failed attempts which began to frustrate him, he heard Freya comment. "Do you even know how to make a fire?" This pushed Nasyrk's temper just enough to snap. He stood up and glared at her while he laughed on the inside. He answered back, "I'll show you.." He raised his right hand up as if he was holding an invisible javelin. It only took a few moments a bright light began to form from the hand. Lightning and fire began to form into a spear shape.
Nasyrk laughed out maniacally as he threw the spear into the wood, bursting it into flames. "SEE!! I can make fire easily.." Freya chuckled. Not long after Blue appeared with an elk and started preparing it to be cooked and asked Nasyrk if he knew anything about cooking. He answered "Not much a few soups and such, just enough to survive." Shortly after Freya commented, "I wouldn't want his cooking. He can't even make a fire." Nasyrk retorted, "We have a fire don't we?" Freya just laughed.

Nasyrk talked with Freya during the meal while Blue and Kael talked with each other. Freya and Nasyrk talked for hours about many things dragging on late into the night. Kael and Blue were already asleep and the two still continued. Eventually Nasyrk told the elf to go to bed it was getting late and didn't want her to be exhausted for the next days walk and that he would watch guard. She immediately questioned, "Why don't you sleep?" The paladin smiled as he said, "I am a paladin, I'm trained for war. I can go days without sleep and eating. So go to bed don't worry about me M'lady. Sleep well." Nasyrk knew it was't good despite the training to go without sleep, but they are in an area that the Paladin is unfamiliar with and he is taking precautions.


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An unexpected meeting

*In Raven Form*
The wind grew cold as the night grew darker. Sarium had been flying through the night, for reasons he didn't even know. All he knew was that he was restless this night and he would honestly prefer some good company. Sarium scanned the dark earth beneath him, looking to see if there was any activity beneath him. Much to his disappointment, there was nothing.

'Maybe I shouldn't have pissed off those drunks at the tavern' Sarium thought to himself. 'They may have been idiots, but atleast they were entertaining'. Sarium tended to find himself getting into trouble alot. Mostly due to his mischievous personality.

Sarium's thoughts were only interrupted by the grumbling of his stomach. He had been flying for awhile and he did forget to eat dinner. Frustrated by his stomachs outburst, Sarium focused again on trying to find some sort of shelter or activity. It wasn't long until a dim light was visible not too far from where he was at now. Now excited, Sarium tilted his wings to adjust his course and began to glide down towards the light.

As Sarium got closer, he could see that the dim light was a small campfire. He could see multiple tents that had been setup and there was only one person that was awake and visable. 'Everyone here must have fallen asleep, perhaps that big bulky fellow could make for some entertainment'. Sarium smiled at the idea of confusing the armored man. 'or i could ask real nicely and maybe he will spare some food'. Sarium liked the second idea much better. His stomach was killing him at this point.

Sarium landed on a branch just on the rim of the small camp. He perched himself 10 yards away from the man. Sarium took a moment to observe the man, he appeared to be deep in thought. Sarium pushed off from the branch and landed no more than 6 feet away from the man. The man turned his gaze upon the bird with his hand already on his weapon. The two paused for a moment, finally, Sarium broke the silence. "So, you wouldn't happen to have any extra food would ya?"