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Blake Holsey High

Guy's Dorms


a part of Blake Holsey High, by Midnight's Work.

These are the guy's dorm rooms

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Welcome to the guy's dorm room area.
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Guy's Dorms

These are the guy's dorm rooms


Guy's Dorms is a part of Science fiction. Boarding School.

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Apollo [0] He is a deep, poetic soul. He is normaly very shy and the new guy at Blake Holsey High, He spends most of his time playing on his guitar in his room then hanging out in town, and he is also gay

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Well it seemed that Blake had finally made it to the guy's dorm. It seemed pretty much the same as the girls dorm. Blake took some pictures of the entrance way and the emergency exits and then finally entered the building.

Blake looked up as the bell rang. "I'm glad my first period is a free period" He continued on his way at his own pace. He thinking about Becca and the aggressive girl. He lifted his camera and went back a few frames he studied them for a bit but realized he would have to talk to them, and to others about them, to really get to know who they were.

He noted areas with less illumination and decided he would have to make a map of the place and create several routes for safety, speed, confusion, and mark several places where one might hide. "First days are always the busy days" he muttered as he made his way up the stairs. According to his key he appeared to be on the second floor Room 13. There seemed to be a total of eight rooms on each floor.

"11 ... 12 ... ah thirteen" Blake turned the key and opened the door. The room was decent and he had plenty of room to ..."oh crap..." Blake determined which way the entrance to the school grounds were and he went to his window and opened it up. He made his way quite briskly down the fire escape until he reached the bottom. He then took long and quick strides back to the entrance and turned around the entry way and saw what he was looking for. "Ah, that's a relief" He walked up and grabbed his luggage, that he had forgotten, and lazily meandered back towards the guys' dorm again