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Blame the Music

New York City, New York


a part of Blame the Music, by PrincessBoy.


PrincessBoy holds sovereignty over New York City, New York, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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New York City, New York is a part of Blame the Music.

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Choi MinSung [23] "You should listen to your elders"
Mi-Hyun "Mio" Kim [7] "Neh, neh. You promised!"
Eun Park [5] "D-do y-you need a-any h-help?"
Chou Tanaka [5] "It's not cheating, I just play by slightly different rules!"
Aurora "Aura" Higashima [5] I don't just rap. I tell a story.
Yamashita 'Yama' Bui [3] Uh, Um..
Gyeong "G.M." Lee [3] "Don't listen to him! I'm the older one!"
Dei "Ciel" Sumizome [2] "Yay, more friends?"
Rhinnie 'Maka' Watashima [1] "...Okay."
Sai Mikumi [1] "What? I can't help it!"

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Choi MinSung

Looking towards the clock, MinSung got off of the bed before stretching. Dinner was probably done by now, going upstairs he headed towards the dining table. The smell of food making a smile form on his face. Wait....did the others hear he wondered. "The food looks good," he stated flashing a smile towards Miranda. Getting some food on his plate, he stopped halfway to remember the other guests. There would be to many people to try and find, and by the time the food would get cold.

"Hmmm, the others probably didn't hear you. I'll go tell the others," getting up, he started downstairs again, only to stop at the end of the basement stairs. "Guys, dinner!" His voice echoing, hey, if they didn't eat. That was their fault, not his. Going towards the living room, he looked around to find Eun and Yama talking. The two were the quiet ones, but that meant they were less of a headache.

"Hey guys, dinners ready. Come on."

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Aurora Higashima

Hearing an echo of "Guys, dinner!" But, he thought that was something he thought he heard. He just confused himself, that thought, once left his head as the kiss with Mio clouded it. They barely got to kiss when they were at home, everyone always came in and bothered them when they tried. Now they were bother free, no one to bother them in their love moments, like at home. He was fore sure that he closed and locked the door, and he was too in the moment to get up and make sure. Moving his hand to the younger males neck, trying to get closer to him.

(Emogirl won't be here for awhile! So she told me to post for her, she's getting her braces taken out!)

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Yamashita 'Yama' Bui

Yama slowly looked up at Choi and nodded at him,"Um.. O-okay." He got up slowly, and bowed a little at Eun, and walked to the dining table, bowing at Choi a little before he sat down at the table. He looked around and saw he was the first one to sit at the table, he looked around to see if everyone else was coming to sit down. Yama was pretty scared of that, even though he couldn't stand to be alone, he could talk among a whole group of people, even if it was H.O.T.T. talking with him. The whole table would still here the shy, and quiet boy talk, and they would barely even hear him if he tried. Always mumbling over your words, Are you Yama? He thought that question to himself.