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Izzie Haniya

Cynic, the bassist and singer of [Band 2]

0 · 316 views · located in Tampa, Florida

a character in “Blast Beat”, as played by :Nagato:


Birth Name: Her birth name is Izumi Helene Alexander...but then she never much seemed to like that name, ostensibly because it was far too feminine and girly for her tastes; in addition, she had no like for the Anglicised name ‘Alexander’ that her father’s family had taken up, abandoning their ancestral Mohawk name.

Pseudonyms or Stage Names: She had her name legally changed to Izzie Haniya upon coming of age; Haniya being the ancestral surname of her Mohawk grandfather, meaning ‘Spirit Warrior’, and Izzie being a nickname she had always gone by from her childhood. Her brother is one of few people aware that her birth name is actually Alexander; as a result of their different names (and utterly contrasting appearances) people tend to disbelieve the fact that they are siblings. Izzie goes by the stage name of ‘Cynic’, however, as both a reference to one of her favourite bands and also to her own personality.

Birthdate: October 13, 1988; thus, she is twenty four years old, though for some reason Izzie has looked about that old since she was eighteen and she hasn’t really aged since then.

Role: Izzie is the bassist and lead singer of [Band 2]. She never received formal training for her singing voice, and in terms of the bass for the most part taught herself through various means--she used to scrape together what money she could to buy self-teaching books, and she would go to concerts and memorise the way a bassist played or made a certain effect. Then she would go back home and spend hours trying to perfect it herself. It was a hard, trial-and-error process, but it paid off, and she was able to learn on her own and create her own personal style of playing. She also recently took up the Chapman Stick, and has begun to achieve some proficiency with it, though it has yet to make an appearance in [Band 2]’s music. As a bassist, she has a certain degree of capability with the guitar as well, but her style of playing really doesn’t translate over to the guitar and she isn’t really good with playing with a pick.



Izzie’s appearance tends to cause her to stand out quite a bit in a crowd, and she certainly doesn’t seem to conform to the wiles of contemporary feminine fashion and style. Most of her physical characteristics are almost unilaterally inherited from her Japanese mother, though her Native American heritage from her father’s side does show through in some places; as such, most people will say she looks nothing like her brother, who seemed to inherit all the Mohawk traits of their heritage. At full height, Izzie stands at about 6'1, or a little more than six feet even, which is rather tall for a woman her age; a fact that used to cause a bit of insecurity to her, because she was always taller than most people her age, even in youth. Her strong and firm body build is similarly atypical for a woman--lean muscles are clearly visible in the pale, porcelain skin of her arms and abdomen, indicative of a considerable measure of upper body strength; this has been built up through years of physical activity and sports in her youth, as well as, more recently, actual exercise and work-outs. To say she is fat would be a completely false overstatement, but it is true she is somewhat big-boned and therefore on the comparatively heavier side; it is similarly a point of insecurity to Izzie, because she can’t really do anything about it. She doesn't come off as chubby or overweight so much as a bit husky, and her muscle mass is more than enough to offset even the possibility of it being taken as fat, but it remains that the easiest way to enrage Izzie with a word (many ways though there are) is to call her fat. In terms of facial features, Cynic possesses sharp, attractive features, with high, prominent cheekbones (a clear indication of her Mohawk heritage), a small, sloping nose, and thin dark lips, though the signs of stress and cigarette abuse are quite evident on her features as well. Her eyes, when she dons the stage make-up around them, can seem to be just as pitch black as the darkening around them, but will be proven in fact, upon closer examination, to actually be a dark green colour. Her hair is a faded black colour, rather straight in tendency and falling down to around her neck; the bangs are very long, and her typical style is to let a large portion of her bangs cover up her left eye. It used to be that her hair would just naturally do that, and it annoyed her to no end, but at length she began to actually like the way that looked, and she let it happen. Various scars can be found on her body--some from fights she got into, others from accidents; Izzie doesn't go into much detail, merely muttering about 'stupid decisions' when asked about them.

Cynic possesses a number of tattoos on her body as well as piercings. Coiling, hissing cobras are tattooed running up both hands and arms, while, tattooed over the snakes on her left bicep is a large, flaming ankh; on the right bicep, an Uraeus. Across her collarbone are tattooed thorned, coiling vines; directly above them, in the centre, is a tyet, directly below her throat. On the very back of her neck, where the spine ends, the symbol of a wedja, symbolising wholeness, is found; under it, in arcing, faded letters, her stage name, 'CYNIC'. Finally, tattooed on the back of each hand is an Eye of Horus; across the knuckles of her left hand, the letters IZZY, and across the knuckles of the right, the letters ZOSO, the sigil of Jimmy Page. Her lip is pierced with a single lip ring, a smaller nose ring, she has two studs pierced into her left eyebrow and a ring around the right; from each ear hangs a single ankh earring. Some of these tattoos she's had for years--the 'IZZY' tattoo she actually did herself, when she was fourteen years old. Note: some of the tattoos and piercings are, obviously, not shown in the image given. You have an imagination, right? Use it :D)

Izzie is a stickler for all the stereotypical, traditional clothing of metal. She can most often be seen with a tight tanktop or t-shirt, usually showcasing any of her favourite bands, from Judas Priest to Motörhead to Atheist, to the t-shirts of her own band. This is followed by a pair of regular-fit, often slightly torn jeans, and finally, the outfit is topped off by a pair of knee-high leather harness boots, adorned with metal buckles on either side that make a metallic clink as she walks. She will often don her beloved black leather jacket as well. Izzie typically wears a number of accessories to top the image off; she will often wear a copper bullet belt, as well as various spiked bands and gauntlets around her wrists and forearms. She loathes girly clothing, especially anything 'cute' or frilly, and has literally never worn a dress in her life--and that's not an exaggeration. In terms of make-up, she is practically in love with eye makeup, often utilising heavy black eyeliner (she'll utterly annihilate you if you dare whisper that it might make her look emo) and, on occasion, deep violet lipstick. [images provided do not show the kind of clothes she normally wears, so don't use them as a reference for that :v]


Personality: Izzie is, as it happens, not an easy person to get along with, and an even more difficult person to know and understand. Izzie comes off quite simply as a toughened woman who also manages to be wild and unpredictable at the same time. She has a love of the fast life and everything about it; from the alcohol to the drugs to the loud music, she is wont to take part in it all and never slows down. Her persona is abrasive and aggressive--she tosses about swear words and curses as casually as adjectives and verbs, and she'll turn a verbal disagreement painfully physical before you have time to see it coming. She's very headstrong and stubborn, immensely protective of her friends and bandmates for fear of losing them, as she has lost many friends previously. Her sense of humour is very dry and sarcastic--upon first meeting her it can be hard to tell if she's joking or if she's being fully serious, because she tends to say it with a straight tone and face before she breaks into a cunning, mischievous smile that lets you know it was indeed a joke.

This personality similarly translates on stage--if anything, she becomes even more wild and passionate while playing, prone to moving around the stage as she plays and interacting with her bandmates and with the crowd. And as the co-leader of the band, her decisions and style of leadership are similarly erratic. Sometimes she'll be the kind of leader who wants to hear everyone's opinion and talk everything out...and sometimes she wants to run Katori like an iron-fisted dictator, taking every decision upon herself. And sometimes, her decisions are made when...well, decisions should not be made. ie, when drunk, after days of sleep deprivation, when highly pissed off, etc. It then falls to Jesse to make sure she doesn't fuck everything up.

However, ultimately Izzie does regard Katori as their band, their music and their struggle, and is extremely stubborn and averse to what she perceives as attempts to take that away from her and Jesse--something she refuses to tolerate. In creating Katori the two siblings set out with a clear idea of what they wanted to do (something of a first for Izzie), the kind of music they wanted to play and the kind of lyrics they wanted the music to accompany. Katori, from its very intended ideals and meanings, is nearly sacred to Izzie, and she regards attempts to change what Katori is simply supposed to be, in her mind, as a priest would regard someone attempting to change the content of their holy book.

Izzie tends to be quite cantankerous when she's near a bad mood, and her ill-tempered demeanour means it isn't difficult to get her to that point either. Even when she seems to be having a good day, it’s no guarantee she won’t completely blow her top the next second, because it doesn’t take much to put Izzie in a very bad mood; why she hasn't tried to kill Lee already for this reason is entirely unknown, given the lead guitarist's blunt nature and how easy it is to piss Izzie off. She loves having her way, and hates it when that doesn’t happen; she’s also markedly terrible at being anything but the leader, the person on top, because she loathes having to take orders and will make life difficult for those who try to get her to do things their way just for the hell of it. As such, most people find her behaviour off-putting, scary, sometimes offensive and violent.

It's a generally very well-known act that Izzie acts entirely on her whims regardless of what anyone tries to tell her, no matter of what she's about to do is entirely foolish and regardless of how much her bandmates caution her against it; the one person who can actually get through to Izzie when she sets her mind to something is Jesse, and he's the one person she'll listen to. Izzie also doesn't seem to put much stock in what other people around her think or want--as her unfortunate neighbours will attest to when they are awoken yet again at two in the morning to the thunderous sound of Izzie's guitar.

Under these layers of careless living, casual drug abuse, and apparent joy in the fast life is a very different sort of person--a much more conflicted and vulnerable person. Izzie knows that with the way she's living her life she's probably going to end up dead in a hotel room with a syringe in her arm at age twenty four, but by this time it's like being on a high speed roller coaster where the track eventually cuts off--there's no getting off of it at this speed without the risk of suffering just as much, in her mind. She's headed straight for self-destruction and subconsciously she knows it. Izzie is plagued with fears, sorrows, despairs and anger exacerbated by her use of drugs and lack of true connection to others. They have festered within her, as she has never truly had an outlet for them besides music, refusing to grant her peace and calm for a moment. At this point, she hardly remembers the pain that first drove her to begin using drugs because it has become mired with many other pains that are only intensified by the drugs that she previously used as an escape from reality, a way of dealing with stress and sadness. And she's afraid to lean on Jesse for support because she, first of all, doesn't want to be just another annoyance to him--and also because she's afraid she'll become too much of a bother to him, and he'll abandon her (why no what are you talking about she isn't paranoid why never no).

Though she's never told anyone, Izzie was diagnosed as having inherited a genetic proclivity for major depressive order and passive-aggressive behavioural disorder from her mother, and from a young age began to display some of the symptoms. Though she is prone to depressive episodes, it is not particularly severe--it does tend to make her become very sulky and dejected, however, under certain conditions. When she realises what her actions, driven by her whims and impulses, could possibly result in, when she is actually told the consequences of what she is about to do, she suddenly becomes very sullen and almost depressed. Izzie, at these points, starts to think of herself as an idiot for, as she sees it, always screwing things up for everybody--and yet it always repeats.

Her abrasive and wholly unpredictable personality mirrors her fear of personal pain and abandonment--Izzie has convinced herself that if she keeps others at arms length with her wild and aggressive attitude, she can avoid making connections, and thereby the pain of the inevitable severance of those connections. She has come to fear the pain of losing those she loves and cherishes, and believes that by avoiding true friendship and love she can remain untouched by this grief. The only person she remains attached to in a personal way is her brother--and her debilitating fear of abandonment refuses to even let her take faith in that connection, because Izzie goes through life with a constant background fear that someday he will leave or be taken from her as well.

Izzie has had several relationships--with both men and women--over the years. However, her 'intimate romances' tend to have more in the way of intimacy, and less in the way of actual romance. As she says it, "A good relationship is like fireworks: loud, explosive, and liable to maim you if you hold on too long". In other words, the majority of her relationships last for a month or so at the maximum, and exist mostly for the temporary, fleeting pleasure of sex rather than the actual, true happiness of love. Again, this is because of her fear of losing those whom she loves--instead of risking that pain, she would rather just accept momentary, fleeting happiness. She's long since forgotten what it feels like to be with someone because she genuinely loved and enjoyed being with them on a personal level rather than simply physical pleasure...she isn't sure she remembers what it was like to actually fall in love without being afraid of the consequences of it.


Likes and Dislikes: Cynic prides herself on an extensive taste in music--especially for someone who looks at first glance like she listens exclusively to extreme metal that would make most people shit their pants. Classic rock, heavy metal, thrash, technical death metal, grindcore, power metal, groove metal, crust punk--and then it goes straight to jazz, funk, and blues. She'll listen to it all. Her favourite bands include, of course, her namesake Cynic, Celtic Frost, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motörhead, Atheist, Death, Jimi Hendrix, Weather Report (yes, Weather Report), Megadeth, Sleep, Anthrax, Gallhammer, Amebix, Rush...the list goes on and on and on. For a really long time. There are, however, a number of musical genres Cynic will avoid--namely, pop, rap, and 'pop-rock' (which she sees as just pop attempting to masquerade as rock music). She also isn't a big fan of genres such as metalcore and nu metal, though she isn't as closed off to such genres as she is to rap or pop.

Izzie is a stickler for all things metal and punk--leather jackets, boots, bullet belts, studs and spikes, muscle cars--she owns a '68 Chevy Camaro of which she is extremely fond. She also has quite an apparent inclination for cigarettes and smoking.

As for thing she dislikes...well, there's a rather long list. First and foremost, anyone who threatens her brother or her band will be broken down to their composite molecules in the most brutal, violent manner possible. She reacts very badly to people who disparage either of her cultures, Japanese or Native American--despite her experiences in youth, she is still very proud of both her heritages, and regards those who blindly criticise a culture as ignorant, or at worst racists. She is also known to possess a specific hated for sexists, and for homophobes, because she herself is bisexual.

Izzie hates figures of authority, and people who try to exercise control over her and her actions. She enjoys being free to do whatever the hell she wants and is of the firm impression that anyone who disagrees can go to hell. She hates people who think that because she's a girl she can't kick their ass (she'll promptly prove them wrong), she hates 'pompous assholes', and she hates people who try to manipulate or trick her (especially because it isn't too hard to do most of the time). She hates sluts and girls who diminish themselves as females into nothing more than objects for the pleasure of men. And above all, she hates being lied to and betrayed.


Playing Style: Cynic plays with a very technical approach to the bass guitar, rather than playing with a pick or using the instrument as just a background to the guitars. Using a four-finger galloping style of playing, she can play at exceptionally high speeds, more than matching a guitarist using double picking; she also utilises slapping techniques, a rarity in metal, and bass chords. Izzie typically plays at very high speeds, and, also a rarity in most metal music, performs bass solos as often as the guitarists play their own solos; her solos will typically utilise chromatic scaling, slide playing, and two-handed tapping.

Rather than use a clean tone, like most bassists, Cynic turns up the bass and gain on her amplifiers to full capacity, making her bass sound more like a drastically detuned guitar. She dislikes the idea that the bass is there merely to follow along with the guitars or just to provide backbone to the guitars, and will often sculpt her own melodies and riffs to play opposite the guitars’ riffs rather than follow along with them.

In terms of vocals, Cynic's normally raspy, scratchy, husky voice seems to disappear in favour of a smooth, smoky, almost silvery tone, adopting at first a style of lilting, hypnotic vocals. However, she does not use this style often--switching quite frequently to adopting a vicious snarl, a sound driven by pain and rage; when singing like this, Cynic completely lets go of herself, giving herself fully to the music and the lyrics and feeling everything she sings of. For a reference point in terms of the smoother vocals, look here. The more visceral vocals are reminiscent of Human-era Chuck Schuldiner (and not much higher in tone either, considering how low her voice can be)--being one of her role models in musicianship, she sought to take inspiration from his style of playing and vocals. Oh look, a reference.

As far as her lyrical style, the lyrics written by Izzie for [Band 2] often call upon imagery and symbolism to paint feelings of sorrow and anger. Her writing will often involve injustice, the unfairness of life, ignorance, the dangers of living a skin-deep existence, and spiritualism. In contrast, her style of writing music is often highly technical while retaining a modicum of the viciousness and brutality characteristic of death metal; it also contains many inflections of jazz and blues, and will sometimes involve transitions to fusion-style breakdowns. It is also not unknown for her to integrate slower, heavier, doom metal sections into her writing.

[note: the style of writing music is highly dependent on what genre people decide for Band 2 and is subject to change]

History: Just like her brother, Izzie prefers to keep her history to herself, skirting the question when anyone asks about it, or plowing right through it if they persist. All she will ever seem to say about herself is that she is half-Japanese and half-Mohawk Native American, and that her last name, the ancestral surname of her Mohawk grandfather, means 'Spirit Warrior', a name one of her ancestors gained for himself.

Instrument: Izzie plays a 5-string black Mayones Patriotbass guitar with rosewood lining with a Gallien-Krueger MB 800 amplifier. She tunes the bass down a full step and a half, and utilises various effect pedals while performing.

Other: She is fluent in Japanese, and has proficiency in the Mohawk dialect.

So begins...

Izzie Haniya's Story