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Kenta (Kenny) Sohda

"Phizzy" (Lead Guitarist/Vocals - Band 1)

0 · 369 views · located in Tampa, Florida

a character in “Blast Beat”, as played by affliction


((Sorry if you were looking for complexly designed profiles - I like to keep them simple.))
Birth Name:
Kenta Sohda

Pseudonyms or Stage Names:
"Phizzy", "Pop", "Kenny", and references to soft drinks are used a lot when referring to Kenta.

07/05/1990 (21)

Lead Guitarist/Singer. He plays keyboard too, but only for recordings or working out new riffs to go with a song.

Although Kenta is of Japanese descent, he was raised in the states from age three. Standing around 6'2", he has long, black hair, and brown eyes. He also fairly lean. A traditional garb for him consists of rugged jeans, some sort of promo shirt, and always a black hooded top with kanji on the back; only he knows what it means.


Kenta can be seen as somewhat of a joker. He isn't in the band for the serious side of it (the money, the perks), because he has enough money banked to keep him in the black awhile. He joined the band to make great music, entertain the fans, and make a name for himself that doesn't come from his father's leftover business reputation. His sense of humour is great, if a little dark, and if anyone is going to slip in a euphemism, it will be Kenta. He treats his band-mates like family, because after being on tour with them so long, they pretty much are. In conversation he will eagerly listen, no matter how boring or off-topic it is, and try to be helpful. He is also very protective of the 'family' and will try to act if what's happening threatens their safety or the reputation of the band.

Likes and Dislikes:

+ Metal, Punk, Punk-Rock, Alternative
+ Drinking (could be seen as an alcoholic). Pizza is a favourite dish of his.
+ Writing (he is secretly somewhat of a poet/amateur novelist)
+ Womanising (He's a guitarist. Chicks dig that, and he knows it.)

- Dubstep, Trance, Modern Pop
- People smoking around him.
- People not taking responsibility for their actions/mistakes
- Losing his plectrums.

Playing Style:
Originally a classical guitarist (he began by learning classical guitar playing), he grew more and more interested in the rock and metal scene over time. Gradually he started learning bits of metal riffs and solos on his semi-acoustic, before saving up to buy his first electric and amp. From there his love for guitar grew (at the cost of his schoolwork), and he became a professional metal guitarist. He plays with a variety of sounds, depending on the overall feel of the song. When working on his parts, he will listen to the combination of drum, rhythm guitar and vocals before deciding on the sound he wants for his part. He's not the world's fastest guitarist, but he is more than capable of some pretty nifty solos, that he can nail every time, unlike some other lead guitarists. Singing never really occurred to him as an accompanying role until the band's previous singer quit to pursue personal projects. His singing voice is somewhat deeper than his normal speaking voice, and has been likened to the vocalist Chris Daughtry.

Born in Niigata, Japan, Kenta's family moved to the states when he was just three, where his father had expanded his accountancy firm. Settling down in Tampa, Florida, no expense was spared in Kenta's education, until he developed an interest in music over mathematics, which was much to his father's distaste. After a two year feud with his father over his choice of lifestyle, his father finally came to accept that this was his choice, and assured him of his support in what he wanted to do with his life - he's also attended some of Kenta's gigs, just to prove it.

Ibanez RGA8
An 8 string guitar with extra bass capabilities. Helpful when you don't have time to bar strings.

So begins...

Kenta (Kenny) Sohda's Story