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Bleach: Dawn Of A New Discord

Bleach: Dawn Of A New Discord


(open)It's been a year since Aizen's defeat and the some of the arrancar still want to destroy/take over the Soul Society. How will the war unfold as unfamiliar enemies appear?

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Bleach: Dawn Of A New Discord

The plot takes place a year after Aizen's defeat. There will be no fullbring.. This is our story. After Aizen's defeat, The arrancar now feel free and unbound by Aizen's will. Most among them run free as other's band together to take down the Soul Society once and for all. As any hollow vs. Shinigami battle their will always remain that hatred for each other which can not be taken away. The dawn of a new war is beginning and a new age arrives... How will this unfold with new foes appearing defying both factions...

Know that for the most part, this RP will take place among Karakura, Hueco Mundo, Soul Society. (These can/may include sub areas).

Know, that there people will/may die in this, No one is god.. We're not gonna keep the style where nearly every character lives... Ichigo will be balanced and like the rest, In the anime/manga he could nearly overpower everything or get stronger somehow. In this, It's not like that... Also know that Hichigo (White/Dark Ichigo) is currently sleeping until his Shinigami powers come back or his Hollow powers reaches a point where he wakes.

As a GM for Ichigo, after reading your post and following you, I will PM you for Hichigo's lines. That way you will not have control of him, you can however fight him off/get your mind back of course but overall. (I'll go into detail for you the first time it happens)

Ichigo has lost his power's and only his hollow power remained (slightly), they are slowly/gradually growing and unless he can get help soon on getting his Shinigami powers back then he'll be fine. Yet remember this knowledge that he lost his memory and only his friends can help him before its too late. (Keep that in mind if you choose to roleplay Ichigo).

Reserved Characters for 24 horus

There are 3 canon Arrancar (If I forgot one that didn't die tell me).
NellielTaken by Sonicx00
Grimmjow - OPEN
Tia Harribel - Taken by Alazuli

Gotei 13 Open Captain Positions
1st Division -
3rd Division
4th Division
5th Division
6th Division
7th Division
8th Division
9th Division
10th Division
12th Division

Open Lieutenant Positions
1st Division
2nd Division
3rd Division
4th Division
5th Division
6th Division
7th Division
8th Division
9th Division
10th Division
12th Division

Character Sheets
You may have up to 2 characters. This includes both custom and canon.Please be sure to message your sheet before actually submitting it. I will tell you your Reiryoku level after examining the profile and then I can assist/discuss your profile so it can fit and will be balanced before hand. Also don't be afraid to post your character in the OOC if you want a review from the public. We're all fellow Rpers and we should help each other. Do not disrespect people when they do this. They only want feedback/help on their characters.

Code: Select all
[size=200][u]Character Name[/u][/size]
[left][img]IMAGE LINK HERE[/img][/left]
[b]Nickname(s)[/b] – Optional

[b]Type[/b]: Are you Shinigami, Human, Arrancar? No Fullbringer (It does not exist... in this). If you want to be a Vaizard character (Canon only) – Custom characters who are Shinigami and may want to become a Vaizard can do so... through RP. Know I/nor anyone one will  not swerve the direction of RP just so this can happen and I will not expect it.

[b]Apparent Age/True Age[b]: /
[b]Hair Color[/b]:
[b]Eye Color[/b]:

[b]Affiliation/Division/Faction[/b] – Were you part of a fraccion, What squad are you on, Do you have any groups if your a human? You may need to come back to this after you're history. Also there are exceptions through profiles for unusual factions but they must be explained.(Can be updated through progress of RP)
Occupation (Human): What do you do in normal life in Karakura?

[b]Rank[/b]: What is your rank in the squad? Where do you stand as far as being in the group? You may need to come back to this after you're done with History. (Can be upgraded by progress) Note: There is a limited amount of spaces for those who want to be “custom” captains. As in filling the spots of others. I consider those who want their canon lieutenants to be promoted for some reason after Aizen's defeat  the same thing. Custom Captains will need a bit of description as to why too.. I will be looking at your entire profile for this, especially in history.

[b]--Physical Description--[/b]
Explain your character well, excluding outter appearance, explain natural stances, postures, etc. At least as much as you can... You don't need to be an over achiever or a novelist but I mean we've all seen the show and can read to where we can describe physical traits of characters we love. Don't forget... Arrancar's always have a hollow hole and Hollow mask.

Again please be descriptive... explain your character's overall emotions, what he/she may like, how one feels about certain types of people/groups/squads/races.

[b]History/After Aizen's defeat[/b]

For canon characters –  I will say you do not have to give us a history...  unless you feel it's important. Focus mainly on your part after defeating Aizen... Remember that we're not going by the manga. Where we start is when Aizen died and Ichigo lost his “shinigami” powers.

For custom characters -  You will need to do a history and After Aizen's defeat.

For Ichigo specifically -  Remember although Ichigo lost his “Shinigami” powers... his hollow powers are slowly growing. Please place this somewhere among your story If you decide to be Ichigo.

[b]—Zanpaktou—[/b] (Shinigami/Arrancar only)
[b]Ability Type:[/b] (Shinigami Only) What is it specialized in, combat, Elements, Kido?
[b]--Zanpaktou Spirit--[/b] (Shinigami Only)
Explain who he is, his personality, his looks, give a picture too.
[b]—Inner World--[/b] (Shinigami Only)
What does your inner world look like?
[b]Shikai Description--[/b]
Give us a paragraph on how it looks and then give another paragraph explaining the functionality of the Shikai and what it does.
[b]Release/bankai Phrase:[/b]
[b]Bankai/Ressureccion Description[/b]

First in one paragraph explain  what changes occurs when the character releases/uses bankai... what happens to their appearance?

Second paragraph: Explain the functionality/affects other then appearance that occurs... for example power. Perhaps a ability they obtain through this form too.

[b]—Qunicy Bow--[/b]
[b]Bow Name:[/b]:
[b]Quincy Cross[/b]: What does your cross look like?

[b]—Manifestation--[/b] (Humans)
What encounter did you have with a hollow? Was anything gained by this certain encounter? (Examples Chad/Orihime). Make two paragraphs with this.

Be honest to your character.. we're not mary sue's and what not. What does your character know? What abilities does she/he use.  Note I will not allow custom character's to get the abilities of canons. Perhaps through RP they MAY be able to learn it through a canon but starting out is a no and you can already assume I will most likely deny the character.

Arrancar: They can use their own specific Reiryoku/Reiatsu abilities
Shinigami:  They can use Reiryoku/Reiatsu, Kido – I don't expect anyone to be insanely powerful with kido. If your character isn't specialized in Kido I expect you to only know that of #1-20.
Quincy:  They can use Reishi/Ginto abilities
Humans: Although they have to be trained in this through RP they can use Reiryoku/Reiatsu abilities although it doesn't compare to those of other types. Their main ability is mainly their character's manifestation.

Write down your passive/skills and then write down your abilities that follow. (you can get this from Wiki if you're unsure)
Templates below. Use these for actual abilities.


I trust you will limit yourself, I will not accept character's who know everything or anything crazy outside of canon knowledge. I will be looking for balance, If your character is highly experienced in Kido but only knows basics in combat, Ok. But being excellent in combat and Kido with no downfall.? No way.

[b]—Combat Information--[/b]

[b]Reiryoku Level:[/b] Leave this blank. I will give you the level of your Reiryoku fairly after examining your character. Note I will be fair to this and do not try to argue about it. Do expect some characters to have more then yours.

[b]Fighting Style:[/b] Describe your character's fighting style.

[b]---Relationships--[/b] (Optional and constantly updating)
Now this doesn't exactly have to be filled out but Incase your character's develope a RP relationship or perhaps you may want to list the character's your character knows and want give a little insight on what he/she may think of them put it here...

[b]Character Name[/b] – Relationship
“Quote something your character thinks of them use their personality for this”

I will hold reservations for 24 hours, and then your profile will be available for those who want it. This includes open captain positions...

Toggle Rules

- No Mary Sues
- No Godmodding
- Make your post at least 3 paragraphs long (Dialogue has its exceptions). Just remember the more you have in your post the more detailed and better our replies can go, granted of course don't cram it.
- Romance allowed (keep it pg-13).
- Keep up with the OOC.
- Try to post often, you can tell us in the OOC if you'll be delayed and thats fine but not posting for a week but actually being on is not so great...
- Please be nice and respect those you roleplay with.
- Take opportunities to roleplay with each other!!

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Character Portrait: Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
Character Portrait: Ichigo Kurosaki


Character Portrait: Ichigo Kurosaki
Ichigo Kurosaki

"I'd figured that this would happen."

Character Portrait: Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

"I remember everything..."


Character Portrait: Ichigo Kurosaki
Ichigo Kurosaki

"I'd figured that this would happen."

Character Portrait: Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

"I remember everything..."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

"I remember everything..."

Character Portrait: Ichigo Kurosaki
Ichigo Kurosaki

"I'd figured that this would happen."

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