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Ichigo Kurosaki

"I'd figured that this would happen."

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a character in “Bleach: Dawn Of A New Discord”, originally authored by XShishioX, as played by CookieRaiderEng


Ichigo Kurosaki

Nickname(s) Responds to Ichigo, Kurosaki, and Ni-chan, but the latter is only acceptable when it’s coming from his sisters, Yuzu and Karin.

Type: Human (Shinigami/Vaizard)
Gender: Male
Apparent Age/True Age: 17/17
Height: 5 feet 9 inches (181 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Brown

Affiliation/Division/Faction – Soul Society. Before he lost his powers, Ichigo was accepted by the majority of the court guard squads as a valuable ally and friend. Even the Captain Commander Genryuusai has acknowledged him.
Occupation (Human): High School student/part timer. Ichigo is in his junior year of high school and is working in the family clinic.

Rank: Substitute Shinigami

--Physical Description--
Ichigo is a lanky boy with spiky orange hair, brown eyes, and sharp features. He usually dresses in tighter fitted clothes with a number fifteen and skull motif when not wearing his school uniform. Due to his Soul Reaper training, before he lost his powers, he’s become much more muscular and not so skinny.
While in Shinigami form, before he’d lost his powers, Ichigo wore the standard Shinigami attire with a red strap slung across one shoulder to hold his sword when he wasn’t using it.

Ichigo’s most driving personality trait, when not in battle, is indifference. He tries to keep up a reputation of the stereotypical, “cool” guy who plays things close to the chest. This indifference extends even to his closest friends, not wanting to bother them with his troubles and trying to do everything on his own. However, underneath it all, Ichigo is a very stoic, very reliable person. He works hard in school to overcome his teacher’s assumptions about his orange hair, not wanting to be labeled a trouble maker. He is willing to go to the ends of the earth for his friends, attempting to take on the burden of rescuing Rukia and Orihime when they were taken from him by himself. This attitude has actually caused those close to him a lot of pain. They wanted Ichigo to share his feelings with them when he would rather protect them from the world’s harsh realities. He always tries his hardest for his friends and family, the people he wishes to protect. He’s done so ever since his dad told him that his name meant “to protect one thing” as a small child.

In Battle, however, Ichigo’s personality changes rather drastically. He becomes very analytic, always trying to create a battle plan that is five steps ahead of his opponent and looking to read their moves to form a perfect counter attack. Further, his sense of honor is very complex. He won’t fight without equal terms, once offering to Grimmjow to cut off his arm so the pair of them could fight evenly because Grimmjow’s arm had been destroyed. Further, he despises those who treat their allies poorly, and exacting equal revenge against those who’ve hurt his friends. For example, Ichigo sliced off Yami’s arm after Yami ripped Chad’s arm off, and he became very angry when Byakuya was willing to sacrifice his sister for the good of the Soul Society.

History/After Aizen's defeat
Ichigo slept for almost a month after the loss of his powers, his memory, and the defeat of Aizen. Currently, Ichigo is re-attending high school, his mind subconsciously making up excuses for his horrible grades and repeated absences. Though Ichigo doesn’t know it, his Hollow powers are slowly growing. They weren’t entirely lost after his battle with Aizen, and stabilized after the loss of his Shinigami powers.


Name: Zangetsu
Ability Type: Combat, Zangetsu is a direct Combat type. Focusing on directly engaging an enemy, or enemies, and overwhelming them with raw power.

--Zanpaktou Spirit--
“Old Man Zangetsu”, as Ichigo calls him, is a mysterious individual, who appears apathetic at first, but this is mostly because Ichigo didn’t start taking the time to get to know Zangetsu until well after he’d awakened. Zangetsu appears to be a middle aged man wearing a black cloak, which is very similar to Ichigo’s Bankai’s cloak, and sunglasses. He has a short cut beard and long, curly, dark hair. Zangetsu, like Ichigo, is a very physical combatant. After engaging him one multiple occasions, Ichigo has remarked on his Zanpakutou’s raw power on multiple occasions. Saying, “If he’d really wanted to kill me, he would have done so a long time ago, so big was the difference in our power, I could feel that he wasn’t serious with me.” Or, “Was Zangetsu really such an amazing sword? It’s a monster! It’s spiritual pressure is burning up the air.”
However, Zangetsu is very attached to Ichigo, wanting to, “make it so it never rains here.” Referencing the fact that when Ichigo is sad, it rains in the Inner world. Further, what Tensa Zangetsu wanted to protect, more than Ichigo wanted to protect his friends and family, was Ichigo himself.

—Inner World--
Ichigo’s inner world was once full of massive skyscrapers, reaching up to the sky with hope. It’s since become a replica of Karakura Town, the place where he lives, and so desperately wants to protect.

Shikai Description--
Ichigo’s Shikai appears to be a six foot tall, elegant butcher knife. It has no proper hand guard, no tsuba, and what Ichigo is actually holding, when he weilds it, is the blade’s cloth wrapped tang. Zangetsu is in a state of permanent Shikai. When Ichigo first gained his own Shinigami powers, his Reiryoku was much too large and unstable to be sealed into a traditional katana-like Zanpakutou. Youroichi commented that the sheer level of his Reiryoku was so massive, that it forced his blade into a permanently released state. Meaning that unless he were to undergo intense training, he wouldn’t be able to achieve a sealed state like most other Shinigami.

Release/bankai Phrase: There is none. Instead, ichigo takes a stance directly facing his enemy. He raises Zangetsu with one hand and points it toward his opponent, placing his other hand on the sword’s tang, as if to weild it with two hands. The cloth wraps around his arm and his Reiryoku surges massively. The resulting explosion hides the transformation into Bankai, but he usually disperses the dust with a single wave of his sword hand.

Bankai Description:

In Bankai form, Ichigo’s outfit top changes to a cloth wrap around his chest and a tighter fitting jacket, much like Zangetsu’s cloak. The jacket is a direct representation of the amount of Reiryoku he’s got and the amount of damage he can take.
Ichigo’s sword itself is massively altered. Unlike most Bankai, which summon a massive creature of effect and are an expansion of power, Ichigo’s bankai is a compression of his already massive Reiryoku. This is highly irregular, and remarked on by many of his opponents. Ichigo’s Bankai more closely resembles a daito, or long sword with a manji, the character for “full” and “release”, as a hand guard. In this state, Ichigo’s compressed power allows him to wield the full power of a Bankai at hyper speed. For the most part, Ichigo gains no new abilities in Bankai. Instead, it augments his already formidable physical prowess. Further, the compression makes his body, Zanpakutou, and Reiryoku much more dense and durable. For example, Ichimaru Gin has mentioned that Ichigo’s blade is very strong, feeling like, “[his own blade] would break if he were to hit [Ichigo’s blade].” Ichigo has been known to use his sword to block a large variety of attacks.


Name: Getsuga Tenshou
Range: Short to Long.
Description: Ichigo can create a crescent moon shaped wave of Reiryoku that burst forth from the tip of his blade while making a slashing attack. The blast travels quite quickly and can do massive damage if it hits. Further, in Bankai, the Getsuga is greatly augmented, turning black with a red outline and moving much faster, and hitting much harder than his Shikai Getsuga. A getsuga can also be stored within his blade to vastly increase its cutting power.

Name: Shunpo
Class: Utility
Range: Personal
Description: Ichigo is a very capable Shunpo user, and while in Bankai or hollowified, Ichigo has been known to move at speeds faster than Shunpo, outstripping and surprising much more experienced foes, including the notable Byakuya Kuchiki, who was only slower than Youroichi Shihouin, the, “God of Flash.” Ichigo moves so quickly that he is able to make afterimages and move faster than his own Getsuga, allowing him to fire multiple Getsuga Tenshous and use them to barrage an enemy from all angles.

Name: Hollowification
Description: Ichigo is able to call upon the strength of his inner Hollow to gain massive power. While Hollowified, Ichigo’s already massive Reiryoku skyrockets, becoming denser, more heavy, and darker. Harribel has noted that, while fighting Grimmjow, Ichigo’s Reiryoku was so dense, so heavy, and so catastrophic in nature that she appeared to be watching a battle between Espada. Ichigo’s fighting style also changes drastically while Hollowified, becoming much more reckless and instinctual, but simultaneously much faster and stronger than before. His Hollowification only lasts for exactly ten seconds. However, due to the imbalance in his current state, if/when Ichigo's Shinigami powers return, conjuring the hollow mask will provide an increase in the amount of control his hollow form has over him.

—Combat Information--

Current Reiryoku Level: 4. Ichigo, as of right now, is a human. He has no spiritual awareness, no powers, and absolutely no substantial Reiryoku to speak of. He's healthy, and lively, but he has none of his former power, save for his hollows powers, which currently lay almost completely dormant.

Fighting Style:
While a Shinigami, Ichigo’s fighting style was something that was learned on the go. He’s had no formal training with Kido or swordsmanship, and instead picked up everything he knew as he was fighting. This is due to Ichigo’s massive growth rate and adaptability. Ichigo has been shown to learn incredibly difficult Shinigami techniques in a fraction of the time it would take an average Shinigami.

In combat, Ichigo relied heavily on flash steps, using them to outmaneuver and outwit his foes. During all of his training, Ichigo became an expert hand to hand combatant and swordsman. He uses these skills effortlessly while fighting, switching from hand to hand combat and sword fighting with much fluidity. Further, while he has no finesse with his Reiryoku, he makes up for it with the sheer amount. It’s been commented on that Ichigo’s a one trick pony, using only one attack, however, he is a master at unleashing his Getsuga Tenshou and has formed several strategies for its use.
In combat Ichigo is no slouch, easily a captain class fighter who focuses on reading his opponents moves and reacting to them with the appropriate counter.


Nelliel Tu Odelschwank – Friends

Though Ichigo doesn't remember her anymore, Ichigo was very fond of Nel, protecting her from the Arrancar in Hueco Mundo and calling her his friend. "Don't give me that face Nel. Don't worry, I'll protect you."

So begins...

Ichigo Kurosaki's Story