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Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

"I remember everything..."

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a character in “Bleach: Dawn Of A New Discord”, originally authored by Sonicx00, as played by CookieRaiderEng


Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
Nickname(s): Nel

Type: Arrancar
Apparent Age/True Age: 19-25/130
Height: 176 (5'9)
Weight: 139 lbs
Hair Color: Teal (Bluish-Green)

Affiliation/Division/Faction – Ex Espada. She currently stands against the Arrancar only for Ichigo. However is still not allowed to step foot into the Soul Society yet. Shinigami still remain cautious of her wandering in Karakura too. In addition, she still holds a little fear of Shinigami excluding Ichigo.

Rank: Former 3rd Espada

--Physical Description--
Nel is a full-figured, light skinned arrancar with long teal wavy hair, beautiful hazel eyes and nice complexion. As seen Nel is quite tall standing at nearly six feet. Her hair goes down about 4 inches passed her waist. Between her forehead and nose she has a scar that is covered by her hair most of the time. Over her nose she has a is a crimson horizontal mark that crosses from one side of her face to the other. Last but not least on this gorgeous arrancar's appearance is her hollow mask which remains on top of her head. The mask takes the form partially of a gazelle with sharp horns, however half of the teeth are gone and its horns are slightly sharp. Her espada number is located on her back and her hollow hole (for RP since it is unknown where it is located) is located on over her heart.

Neliel no longer has her child form from an event that took part in her timeline. Her arrancar clothing returned to her as her new attire once more. This attire contains a lng sleeved white shirt. The shirt is designed with a zipper opening from the neck that goes down over the left side of her chest. Upon the sleeves look as though the material provides more defense as shoulder pads underneath however is the same type of cloth material. In addition to her upper body she wears white gloves. As waist and mid clothing she wears a skirt that seemed to circle around in 3 layers, over her waist is a black sash that holds her zanpaktou after it is tied. As lower layer this arrancar wears long white pants and black boots.

When it comes to standing, she usually stands with both arms to her side if not at least one hand on her hip. The way she sits is rather calm with legs crossed. Her tone when speaking is soft without much care when she's serious. However with friends and when not troubled by much stuff she has a more playful tone.

Nelliel being grown again has become much more mature, composed, logival, sophisticated and intelligent. She can often be blunt as opposed to those who fight just because they have power. She herself dislikes fighting and would rather avoid it. She has her own code to which she judges others by, thosewho seek battles are unworthy. She mainly fights when she has to, this often includes self-defense and protecting those dear to her. Often in battle she is very calm and controlled. Her quiet nature is often rare for Arrancar possibly due to her uniqueness is why she decided to fight against the arrancar when she has to for Ichigo's sake. Neliel enjoys reading, perhaps it could be something to pass time but often when nothing else there is a book waiting. Aside these traits Nel can be childish, cheerful, easy going, compassionate and humorous when she can be.

History/After Aizen's defeat

After the defeat of Aizen, Nel once again returned to the game of eternal tag with her friends. She did wonder where Ichigo could have gone and was missing him quite dearly. Often during the run she often wondered where he could've been. It was apparent to Dondochakka and Pesche but they payed no mind directly towards it seeing that they figured Ichigo may not come back.

Since Aizen died Hueco Mundo has became even more dangerous then before. Especially since Harribel returned, claiming the throne in Las Noches. Pesche and Dondochakka figured it may be best for Nelliel's sake to finally return normal. Before they feared she would be forced to engage in battle for Aizen's rule or for Arrancar's vigorous pleasure. Now times have changed and this also could be another way for her to decide on what she'd want.

To do this, the two loyal fraccion member's stopped the game and tell Nelliel everything. At first she was quite confused and fell asleep. PLAN FAILED! They hoped that would release her but instead something darker came forward. A lone arrancar appeared with more power then Presche and Dondochakka combined with a blood thirsty temper and obviously a lack of control... He rampaged towards the three and only to be blocked and protected fell Presche and Dondochakka before her eyes. This is what caused Nell to come back to normal and her true reality. On the edge before death she changed grabbing the arrancars blade and killing him quite easily.. She did not change back after this but tended to Presche's and Dondochakka's wounds. She recalled everything that was said by them and explained the reason she wanted to be left like this was for three reasons alone: To protect her friends, Find Ichigo one day and to basically find a better place for them. It would be a lie to say she never enjoyed being in Heuco Mundo and often she would rather be else where...

Name:Gamuza (Antelope Knight)
Release Phrase:Utae Gamuza
Bankai/Ressureccion Description

When using her resurreccion, Nel holds her Zanpaktou in front of her horizontally as she calls out the release phrase. The zanpaktou starts out glowing pink, as smoke emanates from it. Shortly after a tremendous amount of spiritual energy is released which is when Nel finally released into the centaur we remember.

The ibex is of a tan color with a black tail long horse tail. Middle of her body is normal however going up to her chest since her attire is white she wears a white shirt. She now has spaulders and black sleeves with the same two white gloves. In addition her arms contain two bands over her arm. Her hollow mask's cracks reforms, the horns even grow to be even larger. The gamuza forms into a double sided lance that looks to appear well for jousting and close combat.

Nel's power greatly increases. Her strength and spiritual level increases intensely. The new lance grants her the ability of "Lanzador Verde" (Jade Lance) Which allows her to throw the lance at her opponents and builds up spiritual energy as it collides with the opponent. This attack was even crucial enough to send Nnoitra flying and broke his zanpaktou at the time, had she not turned back into a child Nnoitra would have once again been beaten and that time killed.

--Sonido Master – Incredibly, her speed nearly matches that of Yoruichi's Shunpo tactics.

--Enhanced Strength – Nel is extremely strong even to the point of stopping a weapon bare handed.

--Expert Hand To Hand Combatant-- Nel Is extremely capable in hand to hand combat enough to where, she is even able to use her blade sheathed for combos.

Name: Sonido (Sound Ceremony)
Class: Utility
Range: Personal
Description: The Arrancar’s signature movement technique, using extreme speed and acceleration to overcome the eye’s capacity to trace movement. This ability can be used to travel quickly from one place to another, or in combat by a skilled practitioner to get a jump on the enemy. Using this skill repeatedly over the course of a battle is ill-advised, as it does not take long for the opponent’s eyes to adjust to the high-speed movement. An Arrancar’s sonido is distinguished by it’s rough static buzz, which gives a vague impression of its speed. For Nel due to being a Sonido master, her Sonido was even powerful enough to sneak behind Nnoitra multiple times.

Name: Hierro (Steel Skin)
Class: Defensive
Range: Personal
Description: Using this ability, an Arrancar can compress their spiritual power into the outer extremities of the body, fortifying their skin against cutting and piercing to better suit fighting bare-handed against armed opponents. A small amount of focus is necessary to create and maintain this defense, and while it is generally strong enough to block a sealed zanpakuto, a user who is surprised becomes intimidated may lose some of its effectiveness in battle. For Nel, her hierro was even able to counter Nnoitra's attack with his massive weapon with no problem.

Name: Cero Doble
Class: Offensive - Counter
Range: Long
Description: Absorb's the energy of spiritual/reiastsu abilities and is able to send them back mixing her own along with it. Sending the blast twice as powerful. In her child form this was unperfected but due to the fact she's back to her normal state. She's well.

Name: Cero
Class: Offensive
Range: Long
Description: Her normal green Cero's come from her hand, although she rarely use it.

—Combat Information--

Reiryoku Level: 25 - Immensed Spiritual Energy

Fighting Style: Nel is often calm in battle which allows her to counter attacks much easier then when a character is enraged. Often she doesn't mind taking the offensive and often she does with Sonido tactics allowing her to sneak up on her opponents easily. In defense, she fights often without her sword yet brings it out when need be or when serious. Her release isn't used unless she needs it or wants the battle to end quickly. As seen when she just didn't want to deal with Nnoitra anymore.


Ichigo Kurosaki – Strong Affections

So begins...

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck's Story